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  1. http://www.woodus.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=21935 - Come join my RP and roleplay with some of the best roleplayers on the forums! Bout to kick back off for the new year!
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    2. Mattcraft


      This RP is currently in a "Transition Stage" where folk are able to join and just pop in. :)

    3. Kalmana


      Will i have to actually read up on the RP to be able to understand everything thats going on?

    4. unabletowatchmits


      It'd help, if you wanted to know what other characters were in play already, or the game's pace. It's in a 'search for X token macguffin' phase at the moment. If you made a character, Ryu could fill you in on the status of your character's hometown, or you could make one up and be a wayfarer with no clue on the recent goings of the kingdoms. (Or in one player's case, an otherworldly origin. XD) Other characters can fill you in on plot points as needed.

  2. http://i2.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/769/734/031.gif - Anyone mind helping me resize this GIF so I can use it here and it be animated?
    1. Soulerisn



      This site is awesome for crop and resize. You can also distort the quality of an image to lower the mbs.


      Can't use an image more than 12mb in size, though it shouldnt be a problem for you.


      Unlike my signature gifs..

  3. https://www.youtube.com/user/RyuKisargi - Back to doing LPs! This time? Zelda! LTTP!
  4. Damn, I've been here almost 8 years now.

    How time flies...

    1. Democrobot


      I know that feeling. We are old

  5. No, you do not see me looking at your profile. I am a ninja.

    Silent and deadly to myself.


    YAAAAAAAAAAY - It won't likely show on front page. Kirby, Breath of Fire 2, Crystalis, and lesser games coming to Switch!

    1. ignasia


      For the love of God, Capcom better replace that god awful translation for once.  At this stage it's cheaper for them to do so.  The moment word gets out it's an improvement, that will get a lot of attention from RPG enthusiasts as word spread on social media.

  7. After many years, I have a new profile picture.

    1. Slimeknight


      So the time has come as foretold by the prophecy...

  8. Been playing a lot of Animal Crossing. I found a pilot goggles set I can use later to cosplay as Prince of Midenhall!

  9. Do you have to have a powerful PC to play DQXI?

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    2. ignasia


      Not even close.  You can run Heroes 1 and 2 though.  I can't run it and my graphics card is an R7 M460, which isn't even on this list, which has yours:



      You require a minimum of 2GB of dedicated graphics memory to run on low settings, 4GB maximum.  Your system I believe is only 256MB, mine is 512MB.

      Intel does not make a graphics card that is even remotely equivalent.

      Oops, not even 256.  No dedicated memory, just shared, which won't work in this case:


    3. Cesar Hernandez-Meraz

      Cesar Hernandez-Meraz

      The hero starts weak but can become a powerful PC if you level him up. Heheheheheheheh..

    4. ignasia


      LOL, smartass.

  10. Downloaded that demo, I'm gonna try to find a cheaper copy of DQB.


    1. KibaTheBarbarian


      cool seeing you on here yes DQV MOVIE DQV MOVIE DQV MOVIE

  12. Dragon Quest XI - Very Special Edition - "Alexa, I use Puff-Puff on the Dragonlord!"

    1. ignasia


      That would be pretty awesome.  Dragon Quest Alexa.

      "A Slime draws near!  Command?"

      Alexa, I use Kafrizzle!

      "Not in spell list."

      Alexa, I use Falcon Slash!

      "This is Dragon Quest 3, not 11."

      Alexa, fine, set to Auto-battle, auto-movement, and auto-inn for the next 3 hours.

  13. Everyone be safe out there.

    1. eal


      You’re not the boss of me

  14. Final Fantasy Opera Omnia needs Dragonlord and... Somnia.

  15. Hi. :wd_coolslime:

    1. ignasia


      Hey Matt, welcome back.

  16. How in the crap do I get a lot of StreetPasses without Miiverse now?

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