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  1. Remember : Buying titles from EBay does not support the publisher, and in the case of older titles, they could have bad batteries. Emulation keeps retro titles alive!

    1. Proshall


      I'd rather have a real copy of a game, playing it on its intended platform than emulating. I don't buy retro games to support the publisher, I buy them to play the games as they were meant to be played.


      And in the case of a bad battery, changing the battery in a game is as easy as popping down to a local DIY store and buying a screwdriver and replacement batteries.


      I don't like the justification of emulation, especially when it's a game that isn't ra...

    2. JobClass


      But sometimes you just gotta emulate--you have no choice. I bring up Loveplus. I had to emulate and patch the game. I was really curious about it. Nevermind the fact that in the end I found it rather dull :/

    3. Proshall


      True, but I'm against emulating over a perfectly purchasable and playable game.

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