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  1. My mom passed earlier today. It's weird, I have no tears yet but the ache is only just beginning.

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    2. solo


      sorry for your loss but she will never truly be gone as long as you remeber the good times you had togheter she will always live on as a part of you

    3. Madrigal


      A very sad time indeed!  No one will love or support you like your mom.  I'm very sorry for your loss, I don't know what your faith is, but it's at times like these that faith can help comfort and diminish the pain some.  The only other thing that will help you is time, it will hurt for a while and that's normal.  Is your dad still living?  Perhaps getting closer to your father (and siblings) can also help you cope.

    4. Mattcraft


      No, no dad in the picture. My mom took me in about five or six years ago and basically adopted me after I had to move on with my life after extreme personal turmoil.

      My momma wasn't blood, but we somehow became family. I loved that woman like a mother, and she loved me like a son. Her family is my family and I'm blessed for it.

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