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  1. I'd love to see this done somehow. I started earlier in March, and with the service shutting down, I'm not gonna bother playing further.
  2. There's a recent re-translation somewhere on Romhacking I played not too far back. It's a rewarding title.
  3. Been trying various reposado brands of Tequila. Is nice.
  4. Just why in the hell would someone try to DDOS here? O_o That makes no sense.
  5. I prefer liquor. Specifically tequila if I can get it. I prefer Lunazul. Whiskey? Either rotgut or Jim Bean Devil's Cut. Vodka? Stoli. Not a gin drinker, nor a scotch. Tried both, meh.
  6. I NED FRND ABWLBF7223 - Terra. Gonna Terraize the monsters.
  7. So, anyone else find that Wombo app?

  8. I want my display and user name to be changed to Mattcraft, I will be updating my signature appropiately, thankya in advances.
  9. It'd be nice to see DQ4-6 come to Switch this year.
  10. We would find you if you trashed the forums, Woodus.
  11. Mattcraft


    I'm kind of... 40% into Grandia 1, got past the insurmountable wall, but haven't gotten much further. It's in the backlog currently. I like the remaster, but they should've put speedups and stuff in it.
  12. Think about all the games. ALL OF THEM. Something genre-defining, like... Jesus man. I didn't know that Virtue's game was so... wow. And I forgot about Lara. :w
  13. Doom & Destiny and Doom & Destiny Advanced are on Switch now.
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