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  1. I saw this topic and wondered where felixrush was, lol. Looking forward to SMT5. Too bad I can't afford the special edition.
  2. You'd have to be VERY lucky to find it at a store now.
  3. On a serious note : Enjoy DQ8. It's not as long as hard or 7, but it's well worth it. Thank you for buying digitally when (ESPECIALLY) with a 3DS it's super-easy to just pirate.
  4. I'm not telling him he has to play it, I'm telling him if he's going to use the romhack, he should at least buy it. I mean shoot, you bought 'em. Platty bought 'em. I bought 'em. (( And in DQ4's case, I bought it on both iOS and Android. )) I'm not gonna knock too hard for wanting to play a ROM, but if you're gonna play 1-8 buy 'em if you're gonna download them. 7 and 8 (for now at least) are available on the eShop and you can sometimes still find the last few physical copies out there in the non-Gamestop wild. 9? Eh... Eugh... it's not as cosmically expensive as the others off eBay, but buying it from a scalper doesn't support the official release. I'm just for supporting the franchise how I can man. I still tout emulation. But don't be a pirate. This romhack is AMAZING and it'll let people who hate phone controls enjoy their copy of DQ4 on their DS or PC, but I still say that if you download it, buy a copy. Noone's gonna force you to play it, it'll just support the franchise. Offtopic: Seriously, just call me Matt. We've been here how long together?
  5. You bought DQIV mobile. My point still stands. Support the franchise, and especially support the people who even MADE party chat possible on IV mobile.
  6. After many years, I have a new profile picture.

    1. Slimeknight


      So the time has come as foretold by the prophecy...

  7. Favorite DQ game: DQV Least favorite DQ game: DQ9 Favorite DQ spin-off game: Torneko : The Last Hope Least favorite DQ spin-off game: Dragon Quest Monsters : Joker. All of them. I liked the original DQM. Favorite 1-off RPG: Radiant Historia Favorite other RPG series: Phantasy Star Least favorite 1-off RPG: Chrono Cross (I don't consider it a sequel to Trigger) Least favorite RPG series: Persona 3 and beyond. Just something about how they changed the series, I loved 1 and 2, but the others seemed like school sims. Favorite DQ character(s): With the introduction of 9? Gotta say Hendrick. Loved his development, especially with Act 2. Least favorite DQ character(s): Veronica. Too many people waifu about her. She IS a well-developed character, but... With her is also Stella. Just didn't like her vibe. Favorite DQ monster(s): Zoma. A true big bad, living up to the trope. Least favorite DQ monster(s): Metal Slimes. %@$&*! those things in the %@$&*! with a %@$&*! in the %@$&*!. Favorite other RPG character(s): Olberic from Octopath Traveler Favorite other RPG monsters(s): Always liked the Rabite and Mushboom from the Mana series. Favorite color: BLUE BLUE Favorite pet(s): Jellybean, my terrier. Favorite musical genre/artist(s): I love chiptune and lofi. Also the Gorillaz. Favorite song(s): Moonlight Sonata Favorite food(s): Steak. Favorite TV show(s): Record of Lodoss War Favorite movie(s): Jurassic Park Favorite sports team(s): ROLL TIDE Pet peeve(s): Everything.
  8. Support the franchise. They went through a lot of trouble to localize and add party chat. If you're going to download a rom of a reasonably priced, readily available game, get the game. ESPECIALLY IF IT'S DRAGON QUEST. I tout emulation because back in the day it was the only way we could play Dragon Quest 5 and 6. I will download a game any day of the week. But I will also buy the game if it's available. For example, I'll download a copy of Phantasy Star 4 to put the purgatory mod on it and play it off my Kindle and I won't feel bad because I have a copy of Phantasy Star 4 on Steam. But just saying "PHONE GAMES SUCK" is a huge copout. We've been saying for years for square enix to notice that we give a damn about Dragon Quest. They noticed. So if you're going to use this hack, spend the freaking 15 bucks, which cost as much as a meal at a restaurant, and support the franchise and the people who translated and localized the party chat that is coming from the phone version. Microphone drop.
  9. You should still get it on the phone to support the franchise.
  10. To open a discussion on this... Some of ya'll remember that I prefer emulating titles. DQ on the whatever makes it best, yo! But. BUT. I see on the various Facebooks groups that the original cartridges for DQ4-6 are horrifically priced, usually 50$ USD and up. I saw one for $120! Why don't folk just play DQ4-6 on mobile? They're priced premium, sure, but they are WORTH IT, touch controls nothwistanding! (( Keep in mind I am a lightspeed champion on a couple mobile titles. I'm biased. ))
  11. I haven't played DQ Heroes 2, but... I can see Red taking advantage of him for sure. Pictures show Lazarel to be a capable warrior.
  12. If I had my choice? 11. 11, like 5, is of royal blood, and has enough of a traumatic backstory to lore him in with V's hero. 6? BAH. Baby hero. 1? NOPE. 8? HAHAHAHAHA. No, to me, 11 is bes. The only one I don't know backstory on is X's hero.
  13. I googled Juliante... Bianca ain't a sub. :w I don't see it.
  14. It is when you're using Tapatalk Mobile and it hates you. Psaro X Medea? I can see it. He breaks the cure on Medea, and she fall head-over-heals with the bishie.
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