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  1. Here is mine: (also, still waiting on awards for buying DQ1, 4 and 8 ... Submitted proof screenshot quite a while ago.)
  2. On this mobile version, Metal Slimes are only 750xp. Also, the Golem gives 2500xp, but you can only do that once.
  3. Looks like DQ1 save data is in: /data/data/com.square_enix.android_googleplay.dq1_gp/files/ I haven't tried to copy or remove any of it yet to verify, but I'm pretty certain this is it. Too bad I don't have adb access to my old phone.. <sigh>
  4. Yea, mine was always weird about connecting as well, especially with adb. The screen is completely broken, doesn't turn on at all, and digitizer doesn't work, so I either have to resort to a MHF + OTG cable swap type thing, or just getting one of the samsung smart docks. On my new phone, it only lets me move DQ4 and 8 to the SD card, but not DQ1. Not sure if it moves the game save data with it though, haven't checked. Starting to be a little less excited about running these games on a mobile phone after this.. If no one knows offhand, I'll try and dig around later this week if I have some time, and will post up what I find out about the save data.
  5. I broke the screen on my phone, with 20+ hours in DQ4 and 10 or so in DQ1. The digitizer is also broken, and for some reason the phone is unauthorized via adb over usb on the computer I rooted it with. Does anyone know where the save files are located for DQ1 and DQ4 for Android? Also, any good (ideally free) tools I could use to export and import it from my old phone to the new? (They are different phones, so I know that for instance Samsung's Kies backup tool wouldn't let me import it to my new phone..) I'm considering buying a docking station for it that pushes the screen to hdmi, and allows a mouse+keyboard hookup to try and pull the save data off (plus a few other random things), but I probably won't bother if it's not possible. My broken phone is a Samsung Galaxy S4 (rooted), but that's probably unimportant information for this (unless someone has ever bypassed the adb -> unauthorized issue). Thanks in advance!
  6. What?! Japanese version? DQ3 is the one I'm waiting most for. Please tell me they left the medal system intact! Also, can anyone confirm which DQ1 version we're getting on mobile? No, I bought DW3 on the game boy color last night. I forgot to mention how ironic it is that I was looking for dq1s release last night, too. Cool I probably put over a thousand hours into that version. If it worked when the DS came out, I probably would never have put it down. Going back to the GBC/GBA screens was torture. I'm really hoping the mobile release has those same features, at a minimum. Bought DQ1 this morning when I refreshed and saw it there. Can't wait to give it a go later on today.
  7. What?! Japanese version? DQ3 is the one I'm waiting most for. Please tell me they left the medal system intact! Also, can anyone confirm which DQ1 version we're getting on mobile?
  8. How long did it take the other DQs to come to Android after they were released on IOS?
  9. Making good progress, about half done with the zone traversals.
  10. Got the area traversals working, just have to go through each and fill in the coordinates. Will send you an updated package soon, Woodus Another big todo is finishing data entry for various items (armor defense, star rarity, classes that can equip), but this isn't a huge big deal overall. I also still need to add the "3rd drop" for grotto bosses (their grotto rare drop), which isn't even displayed ingame in the same manner.
  11. Hello! Good to see you're still around! I actually was finishing it up during my new play throughs, added some more content and features, and cleaned up some of the old ones. Not sure how many people still play the game and would find it useful. I think I sent it to woodus a couple years back, but not sure if he wanted anything to do with it or not. Gonna send you a message here (couple graphics requests), and see if I can't push through the last big features, and crank out of the rest of the data entry.
  12. So I picked DQ9 up again a few weeks ago, and have been playing different party styles and tactics. One thing that always irritated me about this game was the 100% drop rate of the random treasure maps from grotto bosses (non-legacy). I tend to be a completionist when playing games, so not being able to explore every found grotto is a huge nuisance to say the least. Obviously at high levels this is less of a problem as most maps will be junked just by the name alone, but early game it sucks, if one doesn't want to continually grind the same map again and again and never explore other maps. So I made an action replay "cheat" code that makes the spawn chance 25% instead of 100%. (it's actually two, but maybe can be combined..) :: 25% map drops (for 10% main item droppers) 920FD822 00000A64 220FD822 00000A19 D0000000 00000000 ::25% map drops (for 5% main item droppers) 920FD822 00000564 220FD822 00000519 D0000000 00000000 The reason for two codes is because there is apparently no 8 bit value matching, and DQ9 stores things on 8 byte boundaries, so you have to check the +1 offset as well, and account for either 10 or 5 (which corresponds to the drop rate of the main item drop. +1 offset from here is the rare item drop rate) This is not tested on legacy bosses, but it should not impact them. In case anyone is interested, my play style was first solo only (got to atlas in grottos, then got bored), and reverted back to a "no caster, no item buying" party, where I only use melee characters (primarily, and excepting to level up their skills), and only using gear you can find via monsters and chests/quests. It's been pretty interesting, and fun. I'll probably start buying the low gear to complete my alchemy recipes once my gear is sufficiently stronger than what I'll be able to make from said bought items. I'm obviously also not interested in any other cheats, and so this code actually makes the game a little more difficult (and in my opinion, fun). It's how the grottos should have been in the first place, IMO! Anyway, wanted to post this in case anyone was ever interested in this in the future.
  13. New guest today, same general practices follows, appears to be no quest on her though. Here's the class gift, don't click if you don't want it spoiled (ie, to figure it out on your own) Also, two new quests today. That said, my DQVC today is awful awful awful. First time I haven't bought anything off it.
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