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  1. And thank the good lord for that. Subs got tougher for me to watch because the screeching was beginning to hurt my ears. Got more annoying than an episode of House Hunters. Yeah, having a 10 year old girl sound like a 30 year old woman is much more convincing </sarcasm>
  2. *ahem* I love to watch subs. Especially if the dubbing company is complete and utter crap. I first watched the 4kids dub butchery of One Piece and absolutely hated it. I just shoved it to the side for a while until one of my friends was watching the sub over at his house when i was there and after a bit i watched a bit and saw how epic it actually was. Now, I'm also not saying that dubs suck or anything. . . I prefer to watch the dub of Cowboy Bebop because of how spectacular they casted the voices and such. Anyways. . . Right now i'm watching Full Metal Panic! The problem with dubs is there are differences in the way Japanese speak as supposed to English speakers. They have to make the words match the mouthes and many times it just sounds awkward as strange. The huge difference though is the females. English females cannot make their voices reach the pitch that Japanese females can, so animes like Card Captor Sakura make Sakura sound like a 15 year old valley girl rather than a 10 year old Japanese girl. I'm not bias to anime though. If a movie is recorded in Spanish and it becomes popular, I'd rather watch it in Spanish than have dubs. If I was a fanboy I'd be saying "oh I watch Japanese Mickey Mouse cartoons because it's so much better!" well not really, that's my only beef with Kingdom Hearts...original Disney character voices or original Squareenix character voices. Just because my Japanese isn't fluent I lean towards the NA version. The voice acting in Final Fantasy IV DS for NA was horrible...
  3. Because dubs are not the original vision the director or whoever had. Movies, anime, music, I prefer to watch it in the language it was meant to be watched because this was what was invisioned. Especially given the fact how many great East Asian movies have been DESTROYED and MANGLED to rat $#!& by American directors who don't understand the original premise in the least bit: Ring, One Missed Call, Shutter, The Eye, Ju-on...I'm sure there are many more but I tend to erase them from my memory as they are an insult to the movie industry.
  4. The only anime I've watched for the past 10 years is Naruto (up until when the manga stopped, so after the Naruto vs. Sasuke battle) and Naruto Shippuuden. Oh yeah, I also watched Lucky Star because one of my GFs loved it and asked me to watch it with her. I used to be into anime back in the 50MB RM days but since then it's just been bland and boring. I only watch Naruto because hey, I spent 10 years watching it already, why stop now? Might as well stick with it until the end (I even watched all the movies which are mediocre at best). While dating a Japanese girl I gave Chobits a try and I enjoyed it but I never finished it. She was suppose to come back to Vancouver in one years time and never did so I moved to Korea, I guess it was never meant to be right?
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