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  1. so my GF's mom just sent her a box of the new Crystal Monsters series (for me of course) and after an unboxing I did fairly well.  This series consists of 18 Mediums and 2 Larges.  Assuming you can snag the two larges in one box you should be okay as the previous sets have always given me problems with the larges.  Here is what I managed to get from one box of 12 (each box will contain either 2 M or 1 L)


    Metal Slime x2

    Slime x4

    Slime Besu x1

    Armirajji x1

    Ikkakuusaki x1

    Goorudenkoon x0

    Monmonjyuu x1

    Ketamon x1

    Pinkubonbon x1

    Noroinoiwa x1

    Bakudaniwa x1

    Megazarurokku x2 (this is strange because the kanji for "iwa" means rock, but they actually spelt "rokku" in Katakana unlike the other two)

    Daakuhobitto x1

    Shirudokosou x1

    Biggufeisu x0 (NO! one of my favourites!)

    Nasubinaara x1

    Buruberiiso x0

    Meranzaana x1

    King Slime x1

    Queen Slime x1 (!!!)


    The King Slime and Queen Slime are the two L's.  King Slime I could do without, I have him and his variations from other sets, but I was very happy to get the Queen Slime.  If you aren't aware of the Crystal Monster series, ALL of them have blue slimes and his variations, however if you hold them up to the light they are a slightly difference shade (I've tested this with multiples), however I haven't checked that with the King Slime from this series.




    I've always made a point to get at least one box when they are first released as they sell fairly fast in Japan and if you wait longer than 2 months it will be very hard to come by.

  2. It's hasn't come out here in the States just yet. Just one more month though. I've been itching to play Bravely Default since I heard it was coming our way.


    the demo was released on the e-Shop on January 2nd in North America, that's what I've been playing.  You can actually complete 7 quests (I'll leave those for your to discover) and what you play is NOT part of the full game.  The reason for doing this is that when you buy the full game, certain aspects you complete in the demo will carry over to the full game and you don't start empty handed.  The demo has 9 jobs to toy with (capped at level 4) and your characters are capped at level 20.  The character jobs and stats don't carry over however up to 20 street passes, your town, and your quest items do carry over.

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  3. This is everything good about my child hood and more, reminds me of the original Final Fantasy for some reason.  I've already maxed out all jobs and beat all quests except finishing my town (I only have 5 street passes and I chose not to cheat the demo into getting 20 people) so I just leave my 3DS on while at work.


    For anyone playing, please share your builds


    Here is what I'm using


    all characters are Ninja class using 2x Kunai, Feather Hat, Mythril Plate, and Venture Badge


    three characters have White Magic Job Command (for Protect and Cura) and Angelic Ward Support Ability, meanwhile one character has the Singing Job Command so I can spam Love Power to get 150% ATK








    I beat Dragon and Automaton by using the same method

    Agnes: Protect Agnes, Protect Ringabel, Attack x2

    Tiz, Protect Tiz, Attack x3

    Ringabel: Love Power x2, Attack x2

    Edea: Protect Edea, Attack x3


    Seeing as Agnes was the weakest of the 3 with White Magic she would occassionally use Cura but it never got past 3 rounds as I was dealing 250 normal/500 critical damage x2 per BP .

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  4. Hi everyone.  Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays and have a great New Year.


    I've been on hiatus but I'm on vacation for a few days and I received this for Christmas.  I actually had no idea it existed, I believe it came out early December.








    Blue Slime, Green Slime, Pink Slime, Yellow Slime.  I'm missing the Blue and Green large versions




    Slime Tower, Lonely Metal, Bubble Slime, Medal Brothers, Golden Totem




    Dark Slime, Angel Slime, Wonder Egg, Tamagoron




    Slime General, I'm missing the Green variation (God Rider)




    Madou Slime...like religious slime?  I'm not sure how to explain.  There is only one of him but for some reason the two I opened had completely different staff colours.


    Hope you enjoyed!

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  5. Back again.  I was only able to get a hold of one box seeing as these are discontinued (and I'm not going to pay over 5,000Y/box) and I scored 14/20 including the most important of all (and the first one I opened) Ryuuou.I really wish I had obtained a Hydra or King Hydra but you can't win 'em all.




    Here is the complete listing (as this one came with a check list)


    I will note if you hold this blue slime up the light along with the blue slime from Zoma Appears there is a very distinct colour difference, this one is lighter and a bit more washed out.  It wasn't a printing error and I have 3 blue slimes from Zoma Appears and 2 blue slimes from Ryuuou appears and it's the same across the board

















    18.やã¾ã ã®ãŠã‚ã¡ï½˜ï¼ï¼ˆL)



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  6. Why do people hate piracy so much?  It's fairly simple, it deprives the developers of potential money.  What happens when you sell a game to Gamestop?  They sell it at 100% profit and deprive the developers of money.  If you sell games to Gamestop, you are only helping make things worse.  If you buy from Gamestop, you're no worse than the guy who downloads the games, except you've been duped into paying for it.


    What can be learned from all of this?  Buy the game day one (preferably not from Gamestop because 90% of their employees don't know a video game for their ass hole) and never sell your games unless it's to a fellow gamer, never sell to Gamestop, Best Buy, Future Shop, etc.


    I myself haven't sold a game in...I can't even remember how long.  All my PS3 games and DS/3DS games I've kept.  I did (and still do) have an R4 because I would use that to try games since at the time Nintendo never had downloadable demos and if I liked the game enough I'd go out and buy it.  Piracy isn't all bad.

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  7. Maybe I'm old fashioned as I grew up playing the NES (I was born before it was released) but I really don't get/like all this new DLC.  It's not that I care about the money, money isn't an issue for me.  It's the fact that I don't actually OWN it.  I was so disappointed when it was announced Ducktales Remastered was getting a retail release with a slip of paper in it.  I saved the $5.00 and bought it online, as I did Dungeons and Dragons Chronicles of Mystaria, but that is pretty much all I've invested in as a retail version isn't a reality (at least in North America).


    I'm a PS3 gamer, so lets run with this scenario.  Years after the PS3 is dead (which won't be long with the upcoming PS4 which I have absolutely no intentions to buy) if my console dies, not only do I lose my digital titles but all the stuff that is ON THE DISC ALREADY is gone because maybe you can no longer download that 1KB unlock file.  As I said, I don't buy DLC, but a lot of DLC isn't really DLC.  It's included if you buy the game day one and they give you a code to unlock it, losing access to content already there because they no longer want to support a system is horrible.  This is one of the primary reasons I don't like where gaming is going these days, or maybe I'm just too old.

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  8. Most of my streetpass tags are my sister and nephew. Oh, and the next door neighbour; his counter says almost 300 tags, but I actually know it's more - they only went past 99 after one of the upgrades.

    Some are from my local EB Games (GameStop)

    Occasionally I get a random person, very occasionally.

    And I only managed to get all of the Quest and Quest II hats this week - so perhaps soon I will buy the other StreetPass titles.


    EDIT: My Plaza population is 325, and apparently I've garnered 1037 StreetPass Hits.


    that sound reasonable, how long have you had your 3DS for?


    I found my receipt and I bought my 3DS on July 14th so I've had it for just over 2 months and now I'm at 244 Tags and 202 Plaza Population


    I'm a bit confused...tags are how many times you've passed people overall and population are unique people?  'Cause my GD and me have met 40 times and all my co-workers are at Level 7 in FInd Mii, which means I've passed them all at least 7 times and there are 4 co-workers...so 202+40+7+7+7+7 = 270, not 244

  9. I thought I'd just make this for fun because I'm guessing unless you speak Japanese most of this might be new to you.


    Most people know the story behind Mario's name, and the fact it's based off a real person, but a lot of the other names are not, they have meanings in Japanese only.


    For the sake of this, I'll only use Japanese if needed


    Luigi is romaji is Ruiji and Ruiji in Japanese means 'similar'.  While Luigi is a real Italian name, it was more of a convenience than intentional.


    Wario has nothing to do with the appearance of an M and W.  Wario is a play of the word warui which means 'mean'.  However they did change it to Wario to have a similar sound.


    Waluigi is probably the biggest mystery amongst Western gamers, it sounds ridiculous.  Waruiji is a combination of warui and ruiji meaning 'similar evil'.


    Bowser is Japan is know as Kuppa.  This is a play on the word kappa seeing as Kuppa is a turtle.  Kappa's are Japanese mythological creatures that like to cause trouble, as for why Kuppa has a full head of hair is beyond me though.


    Toad in Japan is know as Kinopio.  Kinopio is another play on words relating to kinoko which means mushroom.


    Toadette is the exception.  In Japan she is Kinopiko,  While it can be written in katakana, it is assumed that ko is å­ which is commonly used in female names, which would essentially mean female Kinopio.


    Koopa Troopa (god I hate that name, it's so stupid) is called Noko Noko in Japan.  Noko Noko is simply the noise the shell makes when hit, just like Pacman makes a paku paku sound.  This is used fairly often in Japan for various things as far as carbonated drinks.


    Another misconception is Goomba is Kuribo in Japan.  Kuri means chestnut, meaning he could be a chestnut instead.


    Why they chose to call Noko Noko Koopa Troopa and name Kuppa Bowser is beyond me because it loses all association.  Just like Rock became Rockman, why the hell did Rock become Megaman?


    With the exception of Wario (a Japanese friend told me) this is all from my own knowledge, so I can't verify 100% they are assumptions that have some validity, but one of my friends agreed that Kuribo was a chestnut when we were just talking about Super Mario Bros. and I mentioned it.

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  10. everyone come to Vancouver!


    I imagine people working at electronics stores get a lot of street passes.  I met a guy in Warriors Way (street pass game) from France and his army was 9,999,999


    doesn't mean he's met that many people (far from it) but I only have around 9,000 troops and the most I've met from a single street pass in 2XX

  11. I can't take any pictures of my room right now, but I can describe it.


    Enter room. Walls chocolate brown(faded now).


    To your left it the wall and a small shelf with Archie comics. Above that shelf are my awards for Junior Achievement. To your right is my double bed. It features blue sheets, a Pikachu blanket and several stuffed characters from Nintendo(including two Yoshi's and a DK)


    Take a few more steps in. To your left is my closet, full of various things.


    A few more steps in is the window, with beige curtains. Under it to the left is another shelf with some of my DVD's, books, and more Archie comics. Next to that is my laundry basket. Next to that is my dresser, with my small flatscreen tv, a DVD player, and a rotating shelf with my CD's and DS/3DS games.


    Turn and face my final wall. Pinned on it is my Hunger Games calendar. Under that is another shelf with more Archie comics. On the wall is a shelf full of figurines and such. Shuffle next to my bed between it and the wall and you will find my garbage bin and a nightstand made out of a wire shelf. It contains my Garfield comics, my sketch books, my lamp, and my alarm clock.


    And there you have my room.


    You sound like a huge Archie fan, care to elaborate?

  12. This was brought up in an unrelated topic so it got me wondering how everyone else has been doing with the StreetPass feature on the 3DS.  I've had my DS for just over a month and since then my Plaza Population is 121 and my StreetPass is at 210.  Now given that will be much higher because my GF and co-workers have 3DS' and I meet my co-worker 5 days a week and my GF almost every day.


    I'm living in Vancouver Canada and I've passed people from all over the world (Canada, United States, France, Germany, New Zealand, Spain, United Kingdom, Japan, and Brazil) but that's probably due to the fact that well over 50% of downtown's population is international students.


    How is everyone else doing?  If you live in the USA, what state do you live in?  Maybe other states are busier than others (I'm thinking California is probably the same as B.C.)


    How long have you had your DS? What's your StreetPass population?


    Thinking back to when DraQue IX was released and if you lived outside of Japan and didn't go to conventions your only means of expanding your hotel was with a 2nd DS and a flash cart.  I wouldn't mind having the same kind of system seeing as my Fire Emblem StreetPass is almost full and I have some with Animal Crossing...I just don't know how to access it (maybe I should read the manual).

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  13. I went to the Atlanta Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia, on Labor Day.


    I got 0 Streetpasses.


    I went to Underground Atlanta the same day.


    I got 0 Streetpasses.


    You're lucky you get any at all in the US. I believe I've ranted on it before.


    I suddenly feel so fortunate to live in Canada (even more so)

  14. I live in downtown Vancouver and not only does my GF and 5 of my co-workers have 3DS so I can meet them on a daily basis, if I go out walking for an hour I'll get at least 5-10 street passes.  I thought everyone used street pass.


    Also, if you go to places like an Aquarium it's extremely easy to go street passes.  I went a couple days after I got my 3DS (not because of that) and I met 9 people within an hour.

  15. you have a pretty cool room.

    Mine is pretty boring.  It's usually somewhat disorganized.  On one wall, I have my piano.  Above it are two paintings:  One my best friend did of a Slime General (I forgot what they're called in the US version) and a tower from Mother 3.  The other is a painting I made of the final shot you see in mother 3.  


    On my next wall, I have a game stand and my tv stand.  The TV stand is currently TV-less.  I'm currently between TVs.  Above it is a poster for Gundam Unicorn Ep6 and an autographed picture of John Rhys-davies as Gimli from LotR.  My uncle met him while working on a project and JRD was nice enough to do it for my uncle.  


    Next is my desk, which takes up a corner.  My desk is pretty much useless.  My desktop PC is broken down.  I work from my laptop on it.  On the top part of my desk is my Gundam models.  I have them organized by series.  All of them are Universal Century-based.


    I'd love to see the paintings and models if you have time to take some pictures, it sounds interesting.

  16. I really like to get into the more personal aspects of people's life and it's sometimes fun to see how everyone lives.  I'll start it off (I'm moving in January so maybe I'll post new picture then)




    OK I admit this isn't really a picture of my room, but my room is where I do majority of my gaming and my GF recently got this imported for me so I wanted to show it off




    Approx. 1/3rd of my PS3 collection.  Some I've passed, some I'm working on, and some are strictly for parties (Dragon's Crown and Tekken Tag Tournament 2)




    North west corner of my room, queen sized bed, my closet which is mostly full of clothes, luggage, and boxes and in the very corner my bluray tower which has no more space. The very bottom is where I keep my 3DS collection which is fairly limited (Animal Crossing New Leaf, Fire Emblem Awakening, Mario Kart 7, Project X Zone, Shin Megami Tensei IV, and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy)




    The Mario and Luigi figures and Dragon Quest Anniversary Collection were from ex-GFs who live in Japan and the drinks and bottle caps were from my trip to Japan in 2010




    Smoking is bad for your kids!  This is my mini fridge with majority of my Dragon Quest blind box toys on display and the notebook is pretty much full of Japanese notes




    South east corner of my room, which is pretty much the main attraction.  It's modelled after a multi bang (multi room) that are available in Korea.  I have a 40" 3-D 1080 Samsung LED TV, cable box with all channels (I work in an office for a cable provider), PS3 with 4 controllers, Wii with 4 controllers, and my computer hooked up via HDMI to a Samsung sound bar...oh and a PS2 I rarely ever touch




    Oddly this is the part of my room that Japanese girls go CRAZY over, seriously they love it.  I've been collecting Super Mario Bros. Choco Eggs for just over 5 years now and there have been a total of 6 complete sets, I'm missing under 10 to complete them all.  Some random DQ stacker toys, a complete set of Mario Kart figurines, a complete set of Mario Party 9 cards (they were blind with a gummy), some Super Mario Bros sound makers my ex-room mate imported me (one makes the bing bing bing bing 1up 1up 1up 1up noise, the other does the pipe), and a Hudson Shooting Watch, the 2nd run of course.  If you are curious what Super Mario Bros. Choco Eggs are, imagine Kinder Eggs with toys that are actually cool


    That's it, I'd really love to see everyone else's rooms and they favourite things.


    A very small note to all of you guys out there.  I'm not an otaku, seriously.  I don't consider myself one, nor would I ever call myself one, but I do enjoy gaming and I grew up with Dragon Quest and Super Mario Bros. (hence my love for them).  All of my friends are Japanese and majority of them are girls (I'd say 90%) and they actually love my room.  Don't be afraid to invite girls over because you have geeky things lying around or be embarassed, you'd be surprised what a girl thinks of a guy who is himself and doesn't care what others think.  Of course it could also be a cultural thing, in Japan gaming is a normal hobby like sports or exercise.

  17. I'll probably post mine eventually, but I definitely need more Public Works Projects.  The one MAJOR gripe with this game IS the Public Works Projects, it's so counter-intuitive.  You shouldn't have Shizu following you around blindly, it should switch to an overhead grid view of your town letting you know exactly where you can and cannot place your projects.  It's so annoying to hear here bark over and over again about the size when that literally means NOTHING to me.

  18. I'm seriously thinking of donating for some of the goodies that you get but I only play PS3 and 3DS these days so I can only hope they reach the 2.5M goal (which I'm sure won't be a problem).  This isn't really a sister game to the Rockman series, this IS Rockman had Capcom not been little $#!&@es about it.  I'm sure Infune already had all this planned out in his head and just replaced Rockman with Beck.  I've been a huge fan since Rockman 2 (3 being my all time favourite) and I really enjoyed all the 2-D pre-PSX X games.  I don't know why but the jump to 32-bit just didn't have the same feel, and I'm not talking graphically.  Mighty No.9 looks to have the same feel as New Super Mario Bros.  same gameplay and feel, but a prettier coat of paint.  2015 can't come soon enough for this gem.

  19. Democrobot: oh how I envy you, that is what I'm currently trying to achieve


    eal: believe it or not, it's my first Fire Emblem game and I only bought it because of the $30.00 eShop credit. Having said that, I'm only around 5 hours into it, but I love it.

  20. That's really amazing ! I'm impressed !

    In what materials are they ?

    Since I'm relatively new to the DQ fandom, I'm always pleasantly surprised when I learns about all these DQ goodies...

    they are made from PVC


    excitemike: they are easy to find, the price is the problem. In Japan a box typically goes for around 4,000Â¥-5,000Â¥, but online from North America they go for 1.5x to 2x the price, which is a major rip off. The best way (which thankfully I have) is a friend(s) in Japan or a Japanese credit card and mailing address.

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