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  1. https://youtu.be/WW3a8GnzAXc Since this is only posted on their social networks this went under the radar.
  2. Some cool slime trio xylophone(I guess) playlist I found today.
  3. On the bottom menu > Quest Book > Daily
  4. Also dropped by Anteater boss at Guardian Eldertree L2.
  5. Initial 5-pull has it for sure. I've been told the lucky draw from sub can net one, too. It doesn't seem to be part of the regular pool.
  6. Is that only available once every day? Yes. but the reset is weird. Like 7PM atlantic. Not the same as the login bonus.
  7. I haven't lurked here in a while. Just came back the other day after a good reroll, so... ANAKUA6994
  8. Dailies unlocked after you clear Alltrades Abbey. Book icon > Daily.
  9. http://club2.nintendo.com/3ds-pokemon-promo/ Just register any 3DS system and one of these 6 games between March 1 and March 31: - Mario Kart 7 - Super Mario 3D Land - Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D - LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins - Yoshi's New Island Only for US/Canada folks. More details on the link up there.
  10. I did 40. Tried to beat that, couldn't and haven't touched it since. It's just a casual game.
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