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  1. Alright, I look foward to it! By the way, I'm HR 47 now.

  2. Okay, I'll try to find you tonight if your on.

  3. I'm HR 23, if that's ok with you. My name Akisame.

  4. Yes, all those + All the sad V scenarios+ III ending did it for me. I never beat I and II so I wouldn't know any from those (lost my copy before I beat them). And I never played IV, VI, or VIII.
  5. Lmao!

    How quick does that level them?

  6. Did I ever give you that Mew?

  7. Thanks again mi lord!

  8. Totodile adaptively evolves!

    Your Totodile evolved into Volgator!

  9. You clever shrew.

  10. It sure would! Give me the friend code and we could try to work out some time. My friend code is Diamond: 1763-0865-2557

  11. Hmmm, you don't have any for the DS?

  12. Wat it doooo, Dark Baramoooooo!

  13. Do you have wifi? I can trade you one if you want.

  14. You've been on Cloud Nine for quite some time!

  15. What world do you play in on MapleStory?

  16. BTW, I meant Mews. I have 5 Mews.

  17. I have 5 of you.

  18. Totodile is evolving!

  19. I remember when Goku beat Uub.

  20. Totodile wakes up! Totodile uses Surf!

  21. Yea, well I use Hydro Pump!

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