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  1. A very very errant thank you for last year's "Happy Birthday", I haven't been on in quite awhile... so thank you!

  2. Alright, I look foward to it! By the way, I'm HR 47 now.

  3. Sorry, I haven't been on Monster Hunter Tri because I'm moving to a new house, so I don't have my things set up yet. I also won't have internet for quite some time. Darn, I really wanted to play with you. I'll let you know when I have everything ready again.

  4. Okay, I'll try to find you tonight if your on.

  5. I like helping people out, so don't mind the HR. My name is Jose and my ID is A1WD5V. I usually play after 9pm (Pacific Time).

  6. I'm HR 23, if that's ok with you. My name Akisame.

  7. Yes, all those + All the sad V scenarios+ III ending did it for me. I never beat I and II so I wouldn't know any from those (lost my copy before I beat them). And I never played IV, VI, or VIII.
  8. Lmao!

    How quick does that level them?

  9. no that never ended up happening

    but my pokewalker broke and my master plan was to pokewalk it!

  10. Did I ever give you that Mew?

  11. Thanks again mi lord!

  12. Totodile adaptively evolves!

    Your Totodile evolved into Volgator!

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