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  1. It does. The horns and wide range of low notes to high notes with little build-up or variance is still present, but it's less pronounced. The addition of both Dragon Quest VIII's overworld theme, and the Baumrun theme when riding a sabrecat (a casino object in Act 2 in the second casino) is refreshing as well (plus you can play DQ8's music in midi format as well, and it's the PS2 rendition, not the 3DS, which is a slight plus).
  2. That's never easy. Especially as it's a new game with so much content. I adore DQ11, and it's slowly creeping up on DQ3, and may overtake it as my 2nd favourite DQ game of all time. The only game that never set well for me was DQ1. I cannot for the life of me find any enjoyment. I ADORE the music. I LOVE the flow of battle, but it ultimately feels shallow and I guess I'm not upset at the original build, as I grasp that it's a classic, but I do not appreciate the lack of consideration for expansion of content with the remakes. There's so much to tap into. They could even do raids on
  3. That would be Horii's decision. I'd guess we might see a PS5 release of 1~8, the most current builds. So mobile 7 would be the most likely, and 8 with the dlc either added in directly, or tacked in through some offline system where you still connect and it auto cycles. Then that would see a Switch and PC port, probably a PS4 as well. This remains to be seen of course, but I do expect it before the next remakes. Horii isn't exactly anti-port anymore, as he was in 2000, given the iOS/Droid ports of 1~3 were so bloody lazy and half-assed slight updates to the original mobile releases. I
  4. In the case of CT, they had no choice. The game was unplayable, literally. The feedback was 100% negative at the time due to the touchscreen controls being so poorly managed. Even worse was the PC release, which was the mobile port. That took time to patch in proper controls and menus. He'll be fine. He's fairly active and healthy. The death rate in Japan is fairly low, given general eating habits there are far superior to the US especially.
  5. Actually, I think they would. DQ7 3DS was a very ambitious project, but one that was so rushed and intense, Arte PIazza took a literal 2 year vacation. Usually they take 1~3 months if they do rest between projects. When the DS remake projects were announced, there was about a 1~2 month gap before the first photos, then with each subsequent game, a larger gap from first photos to release. DQ4 was about 4 months, DQ5 was about 5 months, DQ6 was about 1 year of development. DQ7 was different. It was announced, but there was almost a year between announcement and the first photo
  6. Yet the words on the screen are written in English first, then Japanese. Not in French. This actually has the makings of a really good game storyline. I really hope Horii considers making a game based on it, or uses some elements unique to this storyline ( ). Very dark concept that has a lot of room to play around with. That skull in the background of the villain's base reminds me of the ever moving castle in Krull where the dark lord resides.
  7. With names like "White Hero" and "Princess" you can't go wrong. LOL. This was clearly a completely new storyline. I wonder if it will ever be adapted to a game? Sugiyama's music translates well to ballet. There are elements from DQ's 1, 3, 4, and 5 all rolled into this.
  8. Blue is better, but why not Red! We've already had green and blue, let's see blood red hair, and a dark backstory (hero was the son of the devil).
  9. Well, there is the challenge of making a Super Kiefer save, and exploit an easter egg with your other characters starting at level 1 from just prior to Alltrades, with some advantages (like all the DLC equipment obtained early, and a plethora of monster hearts)...to essentially create a perfect save where it's much easier to develop your own challenge. Dharma/Alltrades at level 1 (done this a few times), is rather painful, even with the gear the game provides at that point through the Casino (and easier to exploit Lucky Panel). Definitely allows for a rougher challenge than the original, esp
  10. If they reuse Epic's engine, I can see a 3 year development cycle, maybe as short as 2 years depending on how far they are at this point. What is interesting is the lack of data released. The typical period of time for first screens would be around a few months earlier. However this might have to do with COVID19 and the lockdowns in Japan. I do expect the following to come out first though: 1) Dragon Quest Dai 2) Dragon Quest IX remake 3) Dragon Quest Monsters: Erik and Mia's Adventure 4) Dragon Quest Heroes 3 5) Dragon Quest Builders 3 6) Dragon Quest 3's
  11. I'll write a simple answer for right now: you're not supposed to enter the large building in Hubble town that spans the West side at this point. Just use the section of my FAQ I ripped from to track where you're at, and what you have to do. Otherwise, you could try this one: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/3ds/688276-dragon-quest-vii-fragments-of-the-forgotten-past/faqs/74135?page=4#section263 ==== To better explain the bug, it has to do with two sections in the game: 1) Aeolus' Vale, which creates a permanent party size bug that removes the 4th member, and makes it imposs
  12. The game breaking bug isn't until after Maribel leaves. This is during the main Hubble chapter, before that point. The bug in question, which has two known affects: Q1: WAIT A MINUTE, PLAYERS/I PERSONALY CAN FIX THIS?: A1: YES! There's no patch, but you can fix this very easily! All of the triggers for the Maribel bug start at the end of the game, when the Cathedral of Blight is accessible. Just follow the steps below for the known trigger areas: 1) Make sure Maribel is NOT in the party: Hero / Ruff / Mervyn / Aishe 2) If The Great Level
  13. Going to be a lot of releases of info and changes coming soon...slow trickle.  Prepare for some disturbing reveals bit by bit leading into the next year, maybe longer.  I do mean gut wrenchingly disturbing.  Probably more EQs all over the world leading into May.  That which was hidden will be revealed.  Some of it anyhow.

    This post will seem odd but you'll understand soon enough.

    1. Sword_of_Dusk


      Odd does not begin to describe this. My guess is it's either super serious and important, or it just has to do with FF7R. 

  14. How's everyone holding up? 

    1. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Until we were furloughed at work things were the same for me for the most part. Now with the furlough in place until further notice I’m probably going to be stuck at home. We can file for unemployment so I’m going to take care of that this week.

      I guess now I can take care of some things I’ve been meaning to. Go back to my Yangus Thoughts on the Genesis Mini and the games on it, do some stuff on my computer I’ve been meaning to, look up new recipes to try, and finish off some RPGs I’ve put aside.

    2. Twinkie


      @ignasia We actually an online gathering last night to play some games online. We typically do on the weekends when no one is busy. So it does help out. I also been calling some friends as well. But nothing compared to having a Dungeons and Dragons night though lol.

      I have been going out for walks as well. I live in a rural area so I like to take walks in the woods every so often. Has been putting me in a good mood to do so.

      As for online games and binge watching. I have been watching some anime, but not too much. But I have been playing Age of Empires 2 a little bit in the past week to practice.

      It all helps out. But I still wanna go outside and do more lol.

    3. ignasia
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  15. No, unfortunately, PC, PS4, and Switch players can only visit worlds from their respective systems. Maybe one day they'll handle it that way. I mean it's not hard to pull off given every world is tied down only to the respective players, SE provides the connectivity architecture that allows people to see other worlds and vote on them, but that's probably going to have to wait until DQB3.
  16. This is the only game in the series, where I prefer the NES version. Mostly because I know how to exploit the two bugs, Two Waterflying Clothes, and infinite Staves of Thunder. However, I do like the additional changes to the remakes (more equipment for Cannock, Princess gets Revive). I haven't played the mobile version as of yet, though I do want to, it's just not on my plans atm, as I'd rather focus on other games. Do I like it? I love it. I could never get into the original game. Don't ask. I LOVE the music in DQ1, I LOVE the enemy designs and quirky language, and the ba
  17. I don't own DQH1, unfortunately, and I haven't gotten far enough into 2 (I've only played through the demo, despite owning it). Most of my time with DQ is devoted to 7 and setting up my ultimate Super Kiefer, and DQ11 and testing critical rates. I would say it's less chaotic than Dynasty Warriors. The skill pool offers more variety in combat, especially given the various number of available characters and the variety of play styles, from fast and speedy swordsman (Terry) to slightly fast (Teresa) to more like a standard hero (Razel) to really slow hard hitters (Torneko and Carver).
  18. Not that I made the up or anything. I can't help it if NPCs also call him PotPinchParry, and Randyhomeraider.
  19. His name is BowlcutBob. Though his nickname around Costa Valor is StrawhairStan, and in Hotto, LankyLarry.
  20. Oh, they shall indeed. It's very time consuming. Especially Chapter 2 and 3 in DQB1. Chapter 4 is really rushed, but there's a lot of hidden cool stuff. Like a special area on the first island that contains some really crazy equipment that began with DQ2, and the best accessory in DQB: Ring of Criticality, which is available in most chapters (kind of necessary, especially in Chapters 2 through 4). Oh, when you come upon places with furniture, if there's no special NPC there with a special quest (some of them appear as friendly monsters, like the Hammerhoods on the second island, and f
  21. Yes, yes it is. The second game is even better. If you need any help, go ahead and ask.
  22. Use that as a visual. If there's anything left of the spikes, use that to determine the outer two extensions, and note it's 2 high, and 12 wide. If you've destroyed the wall and spikes, and you have at least one spike, and since you know WHERE the ghost is, you can use the position of the ghost to determine where the spikes and stone blocks are supposed to be. Note you need 28 stone blocks and 10 spikes to remake it and get this quest done with. If the ghost soldier is one block underground, so his head is blocking laying down the final brick, try talking to him first after laying
  23. @DrippySlimeStar that's not just a hero in smash video. That's a love note of thanks to the overall general contributions of Dragon Quest. Mentioning things in ways even I haven't, nor have heard before (nor did I know Enix was a real-estate company prior to getting into videogames. I knew they predated the gaming industry by some years and the contest they held for game developers that Horii won, leading to Dragon Quest, leading to probably the widest and most widespread felt genre defining game series that virtually never gets credit for its contributions in the West. Really cool vi
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