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  1. I think Dwaine has a picture. One of his reconnaissance missions to check on board members. *mouth agape* Not my Maribel!
  2. Good question. They're pretty private, which is very hard to do in Hollywood. I know she's done a lot on her own, seemingly independent, which is what triggered the rumour they had broken up, but who knows. It doesn't seem like they've really been seen together. So if they are, the it's just kept under the radar, maybe so they can explore their private lives in peace. I will say she looks more amazing than ever. She's definitely one of those timeless women. Alongside a clipping of red hair he changes out every new redhead he meets, until he finds THE ONE that looks just like her.
  3. I'll bet he has a secret shrine devoted to her. The walls covered in magazine clippings with her eyes cut out, and a wig of curly red adorning a giant paper mache statue he crafted himself. Her face angled downward with a malicious grin as her hands hold tightly to a whip. His special S+M costume hangs on the left wall, covering what was once the cornerstone of his former Emma Stone shrine, formerly housing a hand-made Emma Stone Plushie, having long since changed it after she went blonde and began dating Andrew Garfield.
  4. 1 - looks kind of goofy with the super chibi model, but it's the easiest way to play. It does suck that stats are fixed, but then they were with the mobile version. The NES/SNES/GBC/Wii versions all had a series of fixed stat growths based on the numerical value of the name. Some were outright horrible, one was great in every category, and the rest were either more MP or more HP, with varying degrees of Agility+Natural Defense, or Strength, where you'd get the high's of A+D and low of S, or vice versa. Now it's a fixed stat, the most balanced stat growth, not the optimal, which works. It'
  5. Nothing, unfortunately. There are no monsters that increase drop rates. No foods. No equipment. Good luck. Who knows, maybe your question and venting is the magic sauce, and it drops. Believe me, I've tried hunting that one for a very long time as well.
  6. It's been this way since the first game. However the strategy is different depending on the game: DQ1 - You're forced to grind. There is just no way around this, and leveling kind of enforces this. There are no tricks, and most speed runs are done with tool assist in some form (crits, dodges, encounters, metal slime easy farming). Generally, you want to jump from Club + Leather Clothes -> Copper Sword + Iron Shield (you can find this in the Mountain Cave West of Tantegel, bring herbs and come around level 10 or 11) -> Steel/Full-Plate Armour -> Steel/Broadsword + Magic Armour
  7. ...no, Mordegon is the Lord of Shadows. I'm not sure how you read that from that site, because nothing in the link indicates anything but that Mordegon is the Lord of Shadows, and the only being to have ever gone by that name, not the opposite of that. So where you came to that conclusion I don't get. He was developed as a result of
  8. Have you ever attempted Zoma without the Light Orb? Yes, Divine Dragon/Divinegon/Xenlon/Dragon God is definitely a rough boss battle. He's made relatively easy though if all three compatriots have Kazing and over 150 MP. Assuming over 180 Strength for each member, and 510+ HP, he can be taken down. 600+ HP, and you've got a nice cushion as he can dish out over 200 damage to each party member with his roll attack. That one is definitely devastating. Just going into that fight with normal HP and above level 50 is really rough going (so like 300's for the mages, 400~500 for your Hero +
  9. Ok, then the equipment resistances are the same as in the Mobile/Switch (for your own future reference, in case you ever play either)...GBC is the only one with improved resistances. First off, the question becomes, what do you want to do with the party? Just beat Zoma, or do you want to also defeat Xenlon/God Dragon (Xenlon is the new official English name), the boss of the bonus dungeon? After that, do you want to defeat full powered, no Light Orb Zoma? That is the hardest battle in the game (and arguably the hardest DQ boss battle until DQ9's Level 99 Legacies)? ==== Just
  10. The more I watch the Dai ARPG video, the more I actually like the design aesthetic. It's quickly growing on me. Given it's Action, it's very likely to come out here, so I'm looking forward to that. I just hope they build a solid more standard ARPG, not the Mussou style we've seen thus far.
  11. What version are you playing? NES, SFC / GBC, or Mobile / Switch? Yes, there is a slight difference in what I would recommend. NES vs remakes is a total changeup due to stat growth and equipment. SFC/GBC vs Mobile/Switch is based on equipment options.
  12. Heh, it's called being fair and being able to differentiate something you enjoy, a subjective position, versus objective reality, such as poor choices in game design, or good choices that aren't for everyone but work well in context with that experience. Not all games have to be a fast paced to tell a good story, which you get. I mean for myself, DQ7 is a 7.5/10, and it's my favourite game. In some ways I enjoy the flaws, as they're definitely unique (like the FMV sequences...dear lord they feel like Ed Wood returned from the grave for one last destructive romp, and chose DQ7 as his fin
  13. @YangustheLegendaryBandit Much agreed, Big-C is definitely not one of his best. Distinct, but it really doesn't fit. I was hoping for some shadowy figure, or a ton of bodily changes (afterall Cell's manga was started after DQ4, so likely Toriyama was inspired by the bug-like designs of Psaro, and the "evolution" of form). I like that as a base design, or maybe even the second to last form or something. The longest form to kill (let's assume he has 20k HP...seriously, that's something DQ11 needed, given how easy it is to hit 10k in a single round of Erik without seeds and even at lo
  14. @YangustheLegendaryBandit No he doesn't look like Cell. There are some similarities, but only in the sense of a carapace for each segment, connected with stringy joint tissue. That's about it: Cell has black spots, much like freckles. C*l*sm*s has indented bumps. Cell has a lot of black, Big-C is just two shades of green. Cell's carapace looks more like rubbery skin. Big-C's looks like a literal bug carapace, so very solid (and both behave in the way they appear...Cell's carapace is flexible, Big-C's is rigid). I thought Big-C was odd, but hardly lacking in cre
  15. Nice. Shame it's not on the US site. Probably won't be as Origami isn't nearly as popular here. Thanks for sharing. Um, thinking about this. You know what I'd love to see for Builders 3? Cross-over game packs. The Legend of Zelda and the Legend of Celda for the Switch (along with potential Mario, Kirby, and even Samus...would be sweet to run around DQB3 with Samus' suit and have two options, gun attack w/charge, and missiles :)), and maybe Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts for PS4/5, along with maybe Mana at some point for both systems. DQB's world feels so much at home with Zel
  16. That's not a glitch, it's just where he is at one point, then he clearly dashes to the mountain at another. This is evidenced as intentional by him having actual dialogue, and drinking specifically in a pub, to drown his sorrows and worries away. Afterall, he was rather melancholic in Moonbrooke, always looking at the glass being half empty, always moody and terse because he's constantly worried.
  17. Fair enough. I'm not saying it necessarily makes those villains bad. It just dispels their purpose, as it's not longer about some unmovable mountain and nearly unstoppable force wishing to do something, that in the process is infinitely harmful, but those in the way to them are of no consequence, or a bit of fun. It removes that pure sensation of the shock value of the unknown, of the mystery of not knowing why, or what little we have, is as simple as "I can, I will, I do." That's good, and in a way I do understand the sentiment. Until Dragon Quest IV we had no active villains. They'
  18. I think the more important question is, and you should ask yourself as this relates to the psychology of nihilism; why do you, and so many others, feel a need to empathize with a villain? Why does a villain in many modern beliefs, only stand as a well designed villain if one can garner sympathy on some level? The point being, in the general past, there wasn't a desire to do so, as harmful actions were seen as having direct ramifications. There are various points in time with complex origin stories, but once vilified, a warrior, king, even a god becomes permanently a force for evil, and
  19. I don't disagree, but I think my main point is, sometimes it's fine to experience stories without moral ambiguity. Something we've forgotten and lack appreciation for in modern times, is that there are absolute morals. They actually govern the world, and there is such a thing as Karma, which isn't a grey-area system, it's just a basic governing system, and there are people who actively choose at many points to go negative because they want to, no motivation. That boogiemen do actually exist, and not every individual requires any grand motivating element except that they can (almost all seri
  20. I've written several essay posts on this. Deleted each of them. I'm not sure if I really want to get into this without overcomplicating matters. Dragon Quest VII is my favourite game with good reason. It's a HEAVILY flawed game, and sadly, while the 3DS version is my favourite, while it addresses many flaws in the original, it creates whole new flaws on its own. The beginning of the game is slow on purpose. It's meant to be a slow burn built around the curiosity and intrigue of an island in the middle of a huge empty ocean. The ONLY island, and it's a veritable paradise. No one
  21. DQ2 Small = 1, 2, 4~5. DQ2 Medium/Large = 1, 2, 3. Small = 1, 2~3, 4~5, 6~8. Medium 1, 2~3, 4, 5. Large 1, 2, or 3. <- so DQ3/4 and maybe 5. Most of the other games is just guessing based on trial and error testing, and Sk8er's DQ3 info. I'll get to the rest of the post later. Try to anyway.
  22. Nicely done! Not something you typically think of, but Dragon Quest 2 has only one actual Dragon! Interesting to note the stat differences, and I never knew the FC original and NES versions had nearly the EXP difference they have. They definitely made the iOS/Droid/PS4/3DS/Switch version the easiest of all. I mean talk about streamlined and rebalanced, that's pretty heavy compared to the SFC and especially the GBC, let alone the NES. Cool stuff, I rather enjoyed the FAQ. There are more differences in specific damage and healing output, but that suffices (even differences in t
  23. I think it's a worthy thing to look into to get the specifics on the algorithm and formation data. I could be wrong in individuation from 5 onward, and it maintains group orientation. What surprised me is he didn't include certain data he uncovered when he first dug into it, similar data to what Paulygon had initially found. Related to how if you have Enemy A, there's a % chance to spawn another Enemy A or Enemy B. Which when further dug into, the number of instances of 100% for Enemy A #2, and maybe #3, and maybe #4, indicated a group orientation, but he never posted anything in betwe
  24. Formations in DQ aren't like in FF and Tales. They're not fixed from 2 onward. 1 is fixed clearly, as it's 1 monster per battle. DQ's, since 2, work on a randomization basis, 2~4 go by groups and individuals, 5 onward goes by individuals only. Battle triggers, RNG rolls for initial monster. DQ's 2~4 will roll for a certain group type for that monster depending on size. DQ2 Small = 1, 2, 4~5. DQ2 Medium/Large = 1, 2, 3. Small = 1, 2~3, 4~5, 6~8. Medium 1, 2~3, 4, 5. Large 1, 2, or 3. DQ3 mobile/ios/droid/ps4/3ds/switch changes this to more fixed values on SOME maps. Sma
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