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  1. II: hearing the Alefgard music in Alefgard was a touching moment. Actually making it to the save point in Rhone. The first time I actually beat the NES version. III: entering Mour village, and getting the water pistol (Ortega's Helmet in the remakes), from the kid. Finding Ortega, only to have him die in the arms of his child, not knowing that was his child, as his eyes were burned and he couldn't see (that affected me deeply). Not being able to return home also affected me. IV: the destruction of the hero's village at the start of Chapter 5. The missing people of Santeem...poor Alena. Rosa's death. V: the end of the first trip with Bianca, and getting Sabre in the party, then saying goodbye to Bianca. Watching Papas die. The scene just North of Gotha, where the Hero and his wife get turned to stone. The revival of the Hero and meeting the kids. Finding the wife. Getting revenge on Gemma. Finding Martha (that one really hit home...especially the aftermath). VI: finding the Hero's real body and the sadness of Tania at his leaving. The background story for Terry and Milly. Watching all the villagers die in the world of darkness, after having just gained their freedom. VII: Greenthumb Gardens...the foolishness of one man and the condemnation of everyone else around him due to his inability to accept some personal responsibility in relation to love and instead putting his idiotic family and silly sense of honor first. Kiefer's leaving...that was rough, though I don't see him as the main character, I felt he was a great companion...having the best friend who clearly counted on the Hero to carry out mischief, but until that moment, it seemed like he would be there through thick and thin. Kiefer's family grief at the loss, and that his sister couldn't face reality for awhile...thinking he'd somehow magically appear. Providence...the sacrifice of the priest. Nottagen, the awesome Chibi, and his noble sacrifice. Gabo's initiation into the party, with his adoption by the woodsman initially, but deciding he would carry forth and be the type of defender and devourer of evil that is innate to his heritage. Mardra's king...the horrible event that led him down his self-defeating path. Maribel's father's sickness, though for me, because it meant less Maribel, but also because...Fishbel is a special town, it's the first time a starting town remains just that in the series (a place to always come home to). Several points in the Alltrade's scenario related to Nava and her brother, starting with the soul sword incident. The priest in Vogograd, and his suffering to protect his flock. Analise's sacrifice. Meeting Sharkeye for the first time. That time when the present day went dark, and I have to agree, seeing the once peaceful eden of Estard have its cherry popped and to experience fear and potential destruction was a palpable hit. They have no way to prepare given their innocence. Faraday's present town and castle removed of its people, without any trace after said darkness is removed. VIII: Seeing Alistair die. Watching a young Angelo enter the Abbey, and Marcello's violent outburst and facial expression. The moment the princess could speak to her not-so-secret crush. The whole King Pavan scenario. Watching Abbot Francisco die, given what a good man he was. The death of David...I'm not sure why that affected me, but perhaps because of the constant torture and his ever-present good nature towards the man who was supposed to look after him. IX: Coffinwell, watching Catharrina die after her husband and the party just saved the town...that was pretty hard to take. The whole funeral procession. The moment in Wormwood with the flashback to the young female ghost and the long-since thought dead Celestrian who turns out to be the bad-guy. The trigger point for his anger and madness in wrongfully thinking she betrayed him. Greygnarl's death. Meeting Celestria was very touching. XI: too many to name...roughly as many as with DQ7.
  2. Crazy Commie Commander Duck Donald, and his legendary chainsaw he stole from Edgar behind the scenes, and his cohort, Maniacal Mickey with his Mousekateer Kiddie Culling Cutlasses!
  3. I definitely see the Zenithian trilogy happening. Maybe DQ8 if DQ7 gets a port to the Switch with a slight HD upgrade. The script is already complete anyway. I can definitely see both for sure at some point, and the Switch having all DQ releases on it (including the eventual 12).
  4. Where and when did Horii ever state there would be no DQ3 remake after 12? You mean this interview, where several people are on stage, including Akahiro Hino, the president of Level-5 and the director of DQ9? https://gematsu.com/2019/07/dragon-quest-ix-staff-discuss-possibility-of-remake-during-10th-anniversary-live-stream I can't find a single interview where Horii explicitly states what you just said. Do you have a link or anything? Did you mean this: https://www.siliconera.com/2019/06/03/square-enix-is-currently-making-preparations-for-dragon-quest-xii/ Nothing there says no DQ3 at all after DQ12, though this is Yu Miyaki, not Horii.
  5. Release timing depends on a few things: 1) Asset reuse - most DQ releases use the same game engines, but rebuild from scratch. It's why they take so long. It's really the remakes that tend to rehash assets given how Arte Piazza handles them, and the timing of their releases (at least if THEY are remaking a game). The spinoffs also seem to rehash assets, thus the timing of DQH2 and DQB2 compared to their original versions. If they tracked to mainline, they would have taken another year or more. 2) Epic's Engine reuse or a new engine based on a new development house. Maybe they bring in Level-5 and Level-5 wants to reuse the engine they built for 8 and 9, and tweak it, due to lack of experience with UE4, thus adding extra time building new tools and retooling for higher grade graphics. --- If they reuse UE4 for Switch + PS5, or just stick to a single console, and reuse assets from 11 to build off of, production will speed up substantially. It's not the standard though, so likely 2021 we'll see first pictures in Japan. 2022, the first video release, and maybe a late 2022, or early 2023 release. Though if they reuse assets to build off of, to cut down costs and reduce production time (they might given SE is handling development inhouse now, and bringing in other groups to help with development), we could see some video at TGS 2020 and a late 2021 release. Though Horii is known to delay games (he just doesn't shout it out to the world anymore given what happened with Enix's stock dropping 30% by delaying DQ7 another year), for perfection reasons, story changes, etc. So early 2022 is still more likely. === I do expect to see something DQ unveiled very early next year, and teased again in October/November/December. Either a remake (9 or a new remake for 1 to move along to 3...or skipping 1+2 and doing just a remake of 3 again), Heroes 3, which has already been teased a year back, and no word. Or the new Action DQ RPG that SE is hiring for, is a new spinoff series...something I personally hope is true.
  6. Thanks, so it's just my browser's ability to pull up the embed. Thanks Woodus and Dakhil.
  7. Get to about 65, and you can blow him away pretty easily. The main objective is to avoid doubling down on buffs (1~3 buffs active at any one time, 4+ will trigger Disruptive Wave, so avoid Kabuff or Magic Wall, or Insulatle, and aim for Oomph, so if DW does trigger, it's random only, not due to AI, though he'd have to be in his pattern that triggers DW anyway, Focus/Muster Strength doesn't count, nor does Dodgy Dance). Buff + Focus Strength + Knuckle Sandwich for the win. At 65, it's possible to beat him in 6 turns. I tried that multiple times, no dice.
  8. It certainly looks like a dirty cloud of something. Maybe and couldn't hold it down? Given the level of deity, the resulting gaseos mix took on sentient form but was too weak to stay in place after a furious wing batting to clear the air. Hiding in the nether regions of the world, it bid its time to infuse the world with its being and ever present horrifying smell.
  9. Another new addition mentioned, a new super boss is added to the Switch, harder than either the original super boss, or the one at the end of the other DQ world's sidequest on the 3DS: https://twitter.com/DQ11_PR/status/1172725875835432960 I don't get why embedding won't embed for me... @Dakhil you mind reposting the link so it embed's properly. @Woodus I think I broke my account on your forum, since I cannot embed anymore, nothing shows up, not sure on your end. Been this way since two edits ago on the DQB2 sticky, with the youtube links. Hell if I try to copy a series of links as a single block text, even if there are obvious paragraph spaces in between, it treats them as a single link if I don't copy them now one by one. Not sure what that's about.
  10. I don't buy that story for a second, as only one producer mentioned it initially in one interview. The size of the campaign from the US end was FAR larger than the French side of things. There were far more people in the petition on this side, more writing campaigns, and more active participants, more participants in the facebook/youtube/twitter/etc. spam campaigns, all going to the same places as well. Nintendo of America, Nintendo of Europe, Nintendo of Japan, SE's UK branch, SE's US branch, SE's JP branch. I don't care how many people in SE claim after that point that France is the only country that made a difference, when we did more (we have a larger fanbase as well, and a longer running fanbase). I couldn't give less of a #$*!. It doesn't make sense unless they intentionally blocked US letters, or just tossed ours out, while SE's EU branch was open to the DQ fanbase because they're MUCH smaller of a general branch. So maybe that's true, but if true, that speaks volumes. The DQX campaign is twice the size here than in France. The 3DS DQ11 campaign had 2800 sigs vs only about 300 from France. The other DQ campaigns are similar in number differences, not just for the petitions either, just general participation. Hell, there were French and Germans joining the US campaigns because there wasn't dick going on in Europe. So that French letter could well have come from one of US letter bombing campaigns, including one from here. We don't know. I'm not sure if this is meant to be comedy, or you're trying to make a point that I should be appreciative of the French for my favourite version of my favourite game. Yeah, I guess maybe I should be. I am a little, but I'll be damned if I'm going to sit back and just suck on French cock given how much effort I put into that campaign, and just say...yeah, it was a wash, if it weren't for the French, nothing would have happened, I did nothing that mattered. #$*! that. F. U. C. K. I spent 8 months pushing various campaigns, and various segments of campaigns to push things further because they were half-baked in how they were run. They still didn't do half the #$*! I told them to, and they agreed needed to be done, but we still got #$*! done. Still wrote letters, still text bombed SE, etc. That said, Europe's numbers for DQ sales are going down, not up. As a fanbase, they're shrinking, not growing. So yes, I feel bad for Europe. Nor is France all of Europe. ==== Since the DQ11 campaign, the President of SE's US branch no longer has an open email box. I wonder why? Probably due to all the bombardment in the DQ7 and 11 campaigns (10 is too small to make any difference...sorry guys, but it's true). Even half-assing the 11 3DS campaign, I still managed 2,500 signatures in 2 months. It stopped growing after I stopped pushing it. No, #$*! that #$*!.
  11. https://www.marketingcharts.com/featured-24817/attachment/nielsen-traditional-tv-viewing-trends-18-24-yo-q12011-q22017-dec2017 Since 2014, trends show slowing in rates of reduced watchers from 2014 onward, so there's that, at least until 2017, and it's probably similar in rates. If you check Neilson ratings, there hasn't been much change since 2016 to 2018 in total viewership for the network channels, and only a slight decline in cable channels. I'll see if I can find a study rather than let you guys just look through the Neilson ratings. Online numbers are also misleading, as online counts are per view, not per individual viewer. So if someone rewatches the same media, each time = 1 view, and regardless of total length of session, like if it checks just on loading the video and playing it, or if tracking is done if the video passes a certain watch threshold, such as 5~10%?, or a fixed number based on general length like 1 minute for a video 3~10 minutes long, or something like that. Youtube, and most of the sites based on it's platform format, track when you start the play button and load beyond the initial loading point (used to track when you clicked on a video at all and started loading it as they used to load the full video up front), regardless how long you watch (they track that too, but that doesn't represent in view counts, only in detailed stats, such as average watching time, so creators can learn how to tweak videos to improve total full length viewership). That said, TV is dying, but it's a very slow death, and with new services that provide actual TV, like Youtube/Hulu TV and Sling, it's being reset and restarted with a fresh new face, and those numbers aren't counted in the TV ratings, which they should be, as they're not standard streaming services. Nevermind Xfinity starting the ballgame with their streaming services to co-op what Comcast saw as the eventual shift to full online TV. Though right now your ISP can't support this in full HD (avg bandwitch limits are 1~2 TB per month, and that fills up FAST these days if you stream a lot, not so much with online gaming as you'd think, but streaming high-quality Netflix/Hulu/etc. eats up the majority for most, Torrenting for others). Meaning while TV is dying, it's also reviving and taking a form that isn't being counted in the statistics. The problem is the cost per commercial hour is ridiculous for TV. Channels shell out WAY too much for top talent. Much like movies do, and we're seeing similar ad-space problems of costs going way up. Look at the Super Bowl. It was 1m for ad space a few years ago, now it's 5m two years ago, and who knows now? I wouldn't be shocked to hear 10m. There's also a lot more channels competing for an audience that's now just shy of 100% active, with the only new customers being people coming out of high school/college, which at this rate is a negative replacement value as the old customers die (death to birth rates teter below or just above replacement rates now in Western nations), those from outside the country moving in, or stealing customers from competitors. Same with mobile cell service. There isn't any real room for growth. There will likely be a happy medium, especially as large overarching services will likely take precedence over multiple accounts for mulitple services, with maybe one or two special streaming services. Maybe Netflix and/or Disney. Disney is definitely the big dog in the room, especially as they've swallowed up almost 40% of the competition, and have the largest market share of any studio, by far. However it's unlikely they'll devour all of television, and if Netflix has to switch to a channel instead of a standard service (they might have to at some point given lack of growth), it's more likely services like Youtube TV and Sling will pick up market share, and Xfinity will have to reduce prices to compete (right now they don't). Satellite will always be around for rural communities, or those who live too far away to run broadband or high definition TV (for now), or to properly connect to any area-wide wifi service. ==== Really though, I'll have to look into it...doubtful, too much on my plate atm, and I've spent too much time with this post as it is, but the biggest hurdle with TV isn't the customer base, it's the cost per commercial space for prime-time, and the blocks just before prime-time, when the kids get home from school. That costs a LOT compared to yesteryear. Plus predicting market's is more complex. Online marketing is cheaper, and for Nintendo, they tend to prefer using their internal network to market to the crowds who already pay attention, and only shell out for commercials for any game they know will sell 1m+ at the least. Xenoblade Chronicles X, 2, and Torna are the only exceptions, because it's a MINIMUM of 750k sales now for that series, so clearly they feel it's worth the cost.
  12. Ok...rereading it again, it's not as bad as I thought in the sense of monetization and limitations. I hate lawyer speak (the permissions paragraph). Though the limitations are ridiculous. No memes? I'm assuming by 2D format, they mean pictures. Maybe because it's harder to directly police on Nintendo's systems versus Sony?
  13. I'm a bit sad for Europe. Though I wonder how large a market representation Amazon is over there? I remember not long ago, finding online retailers in Europe was easy. Now? It's like pulling teeth, even from DuckDuckGo. Amazon is the easiest to find. Took forever to find a link to Scharwz actual site...Lidl (not big in the Videogame retail market though https://www.lidl.de/de/nintendo-spiele/c22041 ). I can't even find data sites that don't charge for information, on what the largest electronic and/or videogame retailers are in Europe. Used to be easy to access. Not these days. I wonder why? Maybe due to too much drop shipping, and trying to curtail that market?
  14. I wish I could get my wife into DQ. All she's interested in playing are Stardew Valley, Civ, and Minecraft. I've tried to get her started on Builders but we've been so busy with work and the kid that there's not much time for her to get into a new game. At least those are openings. Civ is fairly slow, methodical, and thoughful. Never played Stardew Valley, but it looks a lot like Harvest Moon, so that shouldn't be too hard to transition once you two have a little more free time.
  15. Yes! Hey, if she loves Sylvando, no hard feelings there. Sylv is bombastic and surprisingly well rounded and mysterious. Veronica is just the likely personality I'll end up with, since both my mum and sister are like her.
  16. Switch DQ11S Demo patch is now available in NA/EU.

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  17. I would take the Wii Anniversary package. At least those versions were good. Though definitely. I love those Pachisi tracks, and minus the monster medal hunting, the ice dungeon is one of my favourite bonus dungeons. I like fighting Grand Dragon, and every version of DQ3 deserves its own Rubiss Sword!
  18. You should read my nutty response to someone on the GameFAQs forums over this very thing. My whole thing being...uh, yeah, let's be practical, I do NOT want another DQ dark age. It's kind of buried now, and I don't recall the topic it was in.
  19. Will Nintendo make a statement regarding Dragon Quest ports to the Nintendo Switch that Square Enix has yet to make? I don't see that happening. Now, if at TGS, SE makes mention of Switch ports, then yes, I can see Nintendo making that announcement, assuming SE asks Nintendo to handle it for them. However I think it more likely that if there's a series of Ports on the Switch, it's likely to go PS4 as well, and SE is likely to handle any international release. The only exception would be DQ's 1~3, where maybe Nintendo might be picked because Switch + retro = sales. Again though, SE will be the one to announce this first, IN JAPAN. Not Nintendo.
  20. Since no one has asked the producers, I think it stems from SE, Horii, and the DQ team members in SE that DQ3 mobile's download numbers on iOS and Android are somehow indicative of a desire in Japan, not to have monster animations. Even the PS4 and 3DS versions of DQ3 lack them, though they are redrawn (and look odd as well given they do not look like Toriyama's style). I'm almost certain of this. I don't think they even asked the Japanese public whether they prefer the animations or not, since DQ3 iOS/Droid is a nearly direct rip with almost no tweaks, from the original mobile release, which had to remove animations due to cell phone processing power and RAM limitations.
  21. This should make @Shun 'Kanamee happy, as there's finally a game that reuses all the old SNES SFX from DQ6. Of course without the specific way the SNES handled the sound, like adding in a sense of reverberation, like in a large room. That would have been nice, but it is good to see they didn't make new SFX, or use DQ5's spell/skill set, as these are really well done. The only thing I find tragic is the lack of enemy motion. They could have easily added that in, even in a patch if they couldn't find room. The DS animations are magic. They're 2D as well, and use almost identical models to the original SNES versions, with a few upgrades to details, but nothing more. Even the DQ6 and 3 SFC animations were par excellence. The lack of their presence does make the 2D trip a bit less engaging, but it will still be fun, and I do like the screen shakes.
  22. One thing I'm really enjoying seeing...that loading bar. It's about 1/3 the time it takes my Pro to finish loading an area.
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