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  1. Step...darn I knew I missed one game. I had 7th Saga on my mind, but somehow thought I had put that in. I really wish they had released the sub-story, semi-sequel Mystic Ark. Oh well :/, thanks for fan translations. Though I do prefer 7th Saga. Easily one of the most unique twists in any story before or since in videogame history. Saigan, about 30 minutes, and looking back I really wish I had gone over it a bit more. I never mentioned the negative of FF7, but that point was made before: style over substance. A few other missing bits here and there, and some slight tangent thoughts n
  2. Wow, after reading that, I should have prewritten and edited. LOL. Ouch. Ah well, it gets the point across.
  3. Redneck's idea of sending in an email through the Edenverse site to the PR manager of SE is brilliant in the meantime, until I can build a main website to stage this campaign. So this is what I wrote. It's long winded, but I believe poignant:
  4. I hate to break things to you Apheleon, but the "backlash" over the ARPG elements of DQIX's initial unveiling was actually a VERY small but VERY vocal subset of the 4 and 2chan troll patrol. Not even 200 people, though even AFTER DQIX changed to a more traditional route, the same people went on a rampage still bashing the game, all over Amazon Japan, and some forums here and there. Vocal minorities, and I mean very very very small minorities always look like large packs, especially when a few other posters will post in agreement with some positions without fully contemplating it. It's calle
  5. I will say the slime hill trick is slightly easier and more reliable than grotto forced spawning of MKS, so at times it CAN be slightly faster, but if you have the rythm down, MKS grotto forced spawning is a tad faster. Overall they're pretty close, especially since Slime Hill LMS spawns can number 4-7 rather consistently, which is an even higher count than I've typically found in an LMS only grotto.
  6. Behold the secret to Slime Hill, the spawning RNG manipulation map trick (I think there's a version posted in this forum, or in the DQ9 section of the main site, but I'm too lazy to search): http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/937281-dragon-quest-ix-sentinels-of-the-starry-skies/56916246 Basically it was the first place people learned to force LMS slimes to spawn. This is actually NOT the fastest leveling, but it is the fastest without MKS grotto RNG manipulation, a grotto with an LMS only spawn floor, and especially a grotto with an MKS only spawn floor will surpass it (in that order).
  7. I just realized that my efforts are too unfocused, and I've so far blundered big time. What I really need to do is start a campaign website. I'll see if Operation Rainfall will let me start something there. There it's more neutral, it has some exposure from other gamers, and the group still works as a further continuance of it's original mission, just for other games. I don't see how this won't be much different, despite DQ9 being a game long since released. Just a different area of pushing game companies to respond to players. So I'll contact them later. Monday, I'll be out all day
  8. Nice job Redneck . Sorry, had to take a break. I wish I still had my phone and my old computer, but whatever. So I'm going to work out a new post in both blogs. I'll try to make it really solid. I still have to send emails to the other DQ sites, but the main wiki now has info on it on the front page thanks to Flyingragnar.
  9. LOL, I feel kind of bad about that. FF12 is my second favourite game of all time, but it could always use a few good jokes and laughs nevertheless.
  10. Right, WE know that, but not everyone does. SE by default puts on all DQ6 and 9 questions onto Nintendo, and Nintendo has virtually no data for either game to answer there questions, implying that they published only and that was literally it. The point though, and I'll just reiterate, is that this behaviour on SE's part should not be allowed to stand. I don't know if over time I'll be able to make them even pay the slightest attention to my blogs, rants, posts, and any articles in credible news sites that may cover this. Even if they do, I can in no way guarantee they will even lift a
  11. So far Siliconera is the only one to message me back. Taking the journalistic route of contacting Nintendo first. Hopefully something happens with that, like an article, or at least some mention somewhere...twitter feed, forums, shoutbox, whatever.
  12. Wow, that is some killer collection there. As happy as I am for you TC, I'm quite sad because I would have to import to get any of that. I really wish they gave a rats behind about Dragon Quest in the west. It's almost like Square Enix tossed away all common sense, figured that given DQ8 and DQ9's success, all other Dragon Quest releases would naturally gain attention. This is the culture that CREATED commercials, where the first concept of ADD and ADHD came into being. Has there ever been an FF that sold well without commercials and heavy internet campaigns? No, as FF4 DS can atte
  13. Great ideas. I sent a PM to Woodus just now. Finally sent in emails to RPGFan, RPGamer, and Siliconera. No idea on TinyCartridge's status on whether they want to participate, but I'll send them another message later, along with some messages to ask for help from DQShrine, RealmofDarkness, DQHQ, and I'll ask FlyingRagnar if it's OK to post something about it on the Wiki front page (or if he wants to). Back to life and all that.
  14. Thanks buddy. Ok, so I'll repost my last two gamefaq's posts for those who don't frequent there as much: I started a blog at Kotaku: http://behindtheword.kinja.com/the-dangers-of-single-play-with-online-components-884926597 You know, I can't do this alone. I really need as many people as are still reading and keeping up on this topic to facebook, twitter, linked in, reddit, whatever you can this stuff I'm posting. We need this out there, and I cannot do it without the help of the community here. With this in mind, I'm going to post links to this in every Dragon Quest forum I can,
  15. http://www.gamespot.com/users/behindtheword/show_blog_entry.php?topic_id=m-100-26037011 My official blog post of the article. Starting a blog now to help with this, and in the future DQ7. I'm going to contact rpgamer, siliconera, kotaku, tinycartridge, and rpgfan to see if they'll either link to it or post their own articles covering it. I'll do my best to get the ball really rolling. http://www.gamespot.com/users/behindtheword/show_blog_entry.php?topic_id=m-100-26037011 My official blog post of the article. Starting a blog now to help with this, and in the future DQ7. I'
  16. <p>I know it's not it, but the closest I can think of is Toejam and Earl. Headdy's design elements for the maps more closely resemble what you're talking about, but I don't recall it having an overworld, nor do I recall one for Toejam and Earl for that matter. It's not Ristar either.</p> <p> </p> <p>I think I've played this game ages and ages ago, but I'll look around to see if I can find it. Don't count on anything.</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>Hmm, I wonder if it's Pop'n Twin Bee: Rainbow Bell Adventures.</p>
  17. Ok, some major edits to this post. Deleted the bulk because it's no longer necessary. After a response on Gamespot's GSWRT forum, I'm going to turn my new account there into a blog, for now solely devoted to this topic. I'll send submissions or rather, news and feed to Siliconera and Kotaku to see if they'll bite, along with Dwaine's idea of Tiny Cartridge. Stoke some flames and whatnot. Faolan, not really what I was thinking of, but lol, thanks.
  18. Ok, so my article, as completed, edited, and with credits at the end: All that is left is to shop around to see who will take it. Going to see if IGN, 1Up, or Gamespot will, maybe Kotaku and Siliconera. Any other sites, maybe some more popular in Europe? I'll try to also convince at least one or another writer to help take up the case in their own words.
  19. This is the last ticket I wrote, number 4 mind: When I'm done with the editing work on the article, and thanks redneckpride, that's pretty awesome, I'll post a copy here and on GFAQs. Then shop around. I have a follow up concept in mind if this gets posted and if there's no official answer of (yes it will go back up, or yes, here's the code so you guys can continue it ad-infinitum). I should have been more politic, but this is getting ridiculous, and frankly, this is a rewrite after reconsidering my exceedingly angry rant laced with insults. I'm hardly done though, thi
  20. Ok, so the basic ghist: Nintendo reconfirms that they have no data on DQVC, no help sections, no information on troubleshooting except basic wi-fi connection errors to the router or between systems. No history of it either. No history of ever running the servers. No clue as to why SE would continue to insist Nintendo runs servers they do not and have never run. The article campaign must go on...even if I have to continue this crusade alone. Also sending me an email to their support to further this by me sending my response to S-E (email). So this should build a larger case.
  21. According to the Nintendo board member, the Tech Forums aren't capable of helping me, but stated I should use the other number instead. So I'm going to call the 1-800-255-3700 general support number instead. Also pointed out that in the manual it states they (Nintendo, SE, or both) reserve the right to take down any service without warning: "We reserve the right, at our soul discretion, to change, modify, add, or delete portions of this Agreement and to discontinue or modify the Service at any time without further notice."
  22. Alright, I left the following message in the Nintendo tech forums: I'm going to call tomorrow. Please guys, for those still wanting to see DQVC back up, and for those who gave up, let's see this through, at least till an official response. It's possible that Nintendo does actually run the servers now. For those who never thought anything would come of this, consider that it's bugging and a form of rudimentary browbeating and foot biting of two...well right now focus on one, corporate power. Granted Nintendo is more fan friendly by a long shot, but the fact this has gone on thi
  23. Ok, so in response to my email I sent around a week ago, I received the following reply from Square-Enix: So, it's time to start a Nintendo campaign. I'm rather shocked how quickly this lost momentum. I know this game is old, but consider that new copies are still in retail stores. There are still new players to DQ9 both here and on Gamefaqs, and likely other sites who will not be able to fully appreciate the complete DQ9 experience. So here are two Nintendo numbers: 1-800-255-3700 for basic support 1-800-895-1672 for online support Probably better to call the Onl
  24. Edit: Not really sure what I was thinking beginning this endeavour. Not quite right to use "we" when it's really my own message. The game is pretty much dead anyway, even if new copies can still be purchased at the original price from major retailers. Even if it did amount to anything, SE is not likely to budge on anything and about all I should expect to see is admittance that DQVC is gone for good. Edit2: F*** it, I'll just write it anyway, see where this goes.
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