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  1. http://www.gamespot.com/users/behindtheword/show_blog_entry.php?topic_id=m-100-26037011 My official blog post of the article. Starting a blog now to help with this, and in the future DQ7. I'm going to contact rpgamer, siliconera, kotaku, tinycartridge, and rpgfan to see if they'll either link to it or post their own articles covering it. I'll do my best to get the ball really rolling. http://www.gamespot.com/users/behindtheword/show_blog_entry.php?topic_id=m-100-26037011 My official blog post of the article. Starting a blog now to help with this, and in the future DQ7. I'm going to contact rpgamer, siliconera, kotaku, tinycartridge, and rpgfan to see if they'll either link to it or post their own articles covering it. I'll do my best to get the ball really rolling.
  2. <p>I know it's not it, but the closest I can think of is Toejam and Earl. Headdy's design elements for the maps more closely resemble what you're talking about, but I don't recall it having an overworld, nor do I recall one for Toejam and Earl for that matter. It's not Ristar either.</p> <p> </p> <p>I think I've played this game ages and ages ago, but I'll look around to see if I can find it. Don't count on anything.</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>Hmm, I wonder if it's Pop'n Twin Bee: Rainbow Bell Adventures.</p>
  3. Ok, some major edits to this post. Deleted the bulk because it's no longer necessary. After a response on Gamespot's GSWRT forum, I'm going to turn my new account there into a blog, for now solely devoted to this topic. I'll send submissions or rather, news and feed to Siliconera and Kotaku to see if they'll bite, along with Dwaine's idea of Tiny Cartridge. Stoke some flames and whatnot. Faolan, not really what I was thinking of, but lol, thanks.
  4. Ok, so my article, as completed, edited, and with credits at the end: All that is left is to shop around to see who will take it. Going to see if IGN, 1Up, or Gamespot will, maybe Kotaku and Siliconera. Any other sites, maybe some more popular in Europe? I'll try to also convince at least one or another writer to help take up the case in their own words.
  5. This is the last ticket I wrote, number 4 mind: When I'm done with the editing work on the article, and thanks redneckpride, that's pretty awesome, I'll post a copy here and on GFAQs. Then shop around. I have a follow up concept in mind if this gets posted and if there's no official answer of (yes it will go back up, or yes, here's the code so you guys can continue it ad-infinitum). I should have been more politic, but this is getting ridiculous, and frankly, this is a rewrite after reconsidering my exceedingly angry rant laced with insults. I'm hardly done though, this will continue. As I wrote up above, the only other reason I ever had for wanting to continue playing is DQVC. Granted I could use an AR, but I would prefer the real thing in this case. It's just so bloody cool! =D..I mean
  6. Ok, so the basic ghist: Nintendo reconfirms that they have no data on DQVC, no help sections, no information on troubleshooting except basic wi-fi connection errors to the router or between systems. No history of it either. No history of ever running the servers. No clue as to why SE would continue to insist Nintendo runs servers they do not and have never run. The article campaign must go on...even if I have to continue this crusade alone. Also sending me an email to their support to further this by me sending my response to S-E (email). So this should build a larger case.
  7. According to the Nintendo board member, the Tech Forums aren't capable of helping me, but stated I should use the other number instead. So I'm going to call the 1-800-255-3700 general support number instead. Also pointed out that in the manual it states they (Nintendo, SE, or both) reserve the right to take down any service without warning: "We reserve the right, at our soul discretion, to change, modify, add, or delete portions of this Agreement and to discontinue or modify the Service at any time without further notice."
  8. Alright, I left the following message in the Nintendo tech forums: I'm going to call tomorrow. Please guys, for those still wanting to see DQVC back up, and for those who gave up, let's see this through, at least till an official response. It's possible that Nintendo does actually run the servers now. For those who never thought anything would come of this, consider that it's bugging and a form of rudimentary browbeating and foot biting of two...well right now focus on one, corporate power. Granted Nintendo is more fan friendly by a long shot, but the fact this has gone on this long is beyond ridiculous, especially when new copies are still at the same prices they've been the last two years, and there are still copies out there, meaning either still prints, or just a lot of excess but unsold prints.
  9. Ok, so in response to my email I sent around a week ago, I received the following reply from Square-Enix: So, it's time to start a Nintendo campaign. I'm rather shocked how quickly this lost momentum. I know this game is old, but consider that new copies are still in retail stores. There are still new players to DQ9 both here and on Gamefaqs, and likely other sites who will not be able to fully appreciate the complete DQ9 experience. So here are two Nintendo numbers: 1-800-255-3700 for basic support 1-800-895-1672 for online support Probably better to call the Online Support hotline. Thankfully it's 800 either way. I'm going to call up both.
  10. Edit: Not really sure what I was thinking beginning this endeavour. Not quite right to use "we" when it's really my own message. The game is pretty much dead anyway, even if new copies can still be purchased at the original price from major retailers. Even if it did amount to anything, SE is not likely to budge on anything and about all I should expect to see is admittance that DQVC is gone for good. Edit2: F*** it, I'll just write it anyway, see where this goes.
  11. Woodus and Dragoon, right right, it all depends on what is contained in the cart about connection data, and what is in the server, and whether, yeah, if they use a special key (hopefully not one universal to that particular server, but just to access the game...or would it not work that way?). Ryu...dude, ya, that's somewhat true. "long, long" is a bit of a stretch, don't you think? Especially when they pulled the plug after 23 months in the US, 22 months in the EU and 21 months in the AU regions back in 2012, until we complained. Considering Japan has had the game since 2009, their server is still up, there is at least one quest that requires a DQVC ONLY item to complete, and several other quests are difficult to complete without the DQVC (well, ok, we can use yab's chest system, but it won't work on every map, and very few people will have the ability to access those uber maps that make chest farming grottoes such a breeze). This also bodes poorly on whether roughly 20% of the actual game will remain in place, and by that I'm talking about the Guests and Quests. Recall that several quests require certain items only available through Guests during birthdays and holidays, and DQVC. The fact that SE won't even tell us that they have shut down DQVC, and that they've lied this time multiple times in their claim they do not run it, not only bodes poorly on the future of Quest and Guest downloads, but on future releases with online content. Given the penchant is now to release single player games with online-only content, this behaviour should not be tolerated and needs to be nipped in the behind now. Not saying the endeavour will amount to any fruit, but it sure beats doing nothing, and if I can actually get some online staffers to see the point in this, there is always a chance of a ripple effect. SE cares more about it's bottom line, and as redneck points out...they oh so deserve it. Ok, so the current status of my article. I wrote the following so far, and this is my third draft. I'm only posting this thus far, as I've since come up with a better outline model I posted on GFAQs, but I'll repost here as well, because it's comical and I can't believe I actually wrote it how I did: Instead my current model I'm going to use, and I will keep just the subtitle of the above, will be the following: I'm a bit tired of starring at my computer screen, so I'll come back later. Tell me what you guys think of the format and general direction.
  12. Woodus, if you're still paying attention to this thread, one suggestion by Liamland on Gamefaqs was over asking SE and Nintendo (at least Nintendo to push SE) to release the server code so we could form our own server. 1) Would this be feasible if this were to actually occur. 2) What is the maximum bandwidth and average monthly bandwidth usage, so we can get an idea of calculating if this would require somehow expanding, thus maybe a kickstarter campaign (Branfowl on Gamefaqs suggested this as a possible way to keep it going here should the cost prove too high). Or if you'd rather not publish that data, what about running an equation on whether this would be possible, by considering 100,000 people possible daily visits at only 2KB per connection, at, assuming equal distance of time with a few overlaps, is roughly 1.335GB per week and a rough average of 5.802GB per month. This is assuming even 100,000 people would connect (a fairly high number now considering) each and every day. Also bear in mind the likely file type is basic text, and if any formatting, basic XML, so packets could be MUCH smaller than 2KB, and therefor use far less bandwidth per month per 100,000 connections a day, as I'd estimate they're anywhere between 2kb and 5KB in size, depending on how much formatting data is present. So assuming just around 256bytes or 2kb, we're looking at, with a consistent daily stream of 100,000 people, roughly 170.898MB weekly and 742.603MB monthly. Now, another way to look at it would be, if they could and would release the code, what about creating a player side LAN based server, where the exe to setup and run it is stored here. Tell me what you think Woodus. Oh, I'll post this in the DQ7 3DS board as well, in light of the article, for those there that haven't paid any attention to this thread here, on whether I should, and I want to get the opinion of anyone on this site, in bringing up SE's treatment of DQ fans in general, and how they sabotage game sales by depressing fans and never release info until just before actual release. Though perhaps this is better used in a follow up, assuming this article IS accepted. I have to take care of some stuff, so I'll post that on the DQ7 board later. Cheers all.
  13. Thanks for the support buddy! I figured too, that it will be difficult finding a way to get any of the major game info sites to post it. Perhaps making the point that going into the future it seems as though SE is becoming more and more enamoured with online-based content for single-player games. The treatment of DQVC in international releases bodes poorly for any game not a mainline-FF with such content. Especially given single player games will likely run along similar lines of small one-time downloads per day, meaning cheap, exceedingly limited bandwidth, and even at 100,000 or more connections per day, this would amount to less than 1/4th a % (assuming around 5kb) of total server bandwidth for one server, and less than 1/10th of total bandwidth allocated to the entire server group from the ISP (depending on how many servers, what types, but I'd have to use generic and basic server builds likely less powerful than what SE uses to make my case). So why not nip them in the butt now, especially when I'm asking for the article to be posted for free. See if some of their own writers might not want to chime in (perhaps in this light it's better if I make it sound like it should be their own personal crusade to at least get some ground support amongst the ranks of writers, perhaps an editor if they can be made to feel personally attached). This goes a step further when one considers DQ7's remake has online content, does it not? Another point to certainly add some fuel to the fire. What about possible future sales, and building a fanbase off people reluctant to buy at first, but who will want to buy the game later, only to find portions cut off due to unreasonable decisions to cancel services, despite the obvious lack of business sense it makes given they cannot make any reasonable argument on cost cutting measures. Does anyone know where SE's servers are, and what the file size is per DQVC transfer? If they use a separate company to run their servers (makes it even easier to write out and then plead the case to post the article).
  14. I'll repost what I wrote on Gamefaqs, and hope it doesn't necessarily come to this, but perhaps it is what is needed: So as I asked on Gamefaqs, what do you guys think of this idea?
  15. This sounds pretty cool. A bit of a lesson though. Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z are anime based on the Dragonball Manga, and all created initially by Akira Toriyama, who also helped with the animation, storyboarding, and directing of the two original Dragon Ball tv shows, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Akira Toriyama formed Bird Studio, his personal studio where his animation team has worked on Dragon Quest since the first game. You'll notice Bird Studio copyright markers on every cart and cd (and the jewel case), much like Koichi Sugiyama for music, and Armor Project (Yuji Horii's company) for scenario. So not that "some of the people from Dragonball worked on Dragon Quest 9", but the original creator of Dragonball is the original art designer for Dragon Quest since it started. I'll watch when I can, but good luck with your questing.
  16. Yep, got the same. It's a completely BS response though. I responded directly to this email, as it says we can in the fine print, with the following:
  17. I'll just answer this directly to avoid confusion. DQVC exclusive equipment is only costume. It's just another means to access the better equipment in the game. Note that each week offers different equipment. It has no bearing or relevance on getting the best gear in the game. Or the multi-tiered weapons and armours for the highest of each weapon and armour type. For these things, it offers convenience and only convenience in that you can get extra sets without going through a grotto if you know what week has what rare equipment.
  18. DQVC has a few items that are almost never found in the game save in very unique instances, such as talking to guests on particular holidays for a chance at cookies or cake. Or talking to guests on your Hero's chosen birthday for a chance at similar items. It can be far easier to access via the DQVC. There are DQVC specific equipment, and these comprise nearly 5% of all equipment, however they're costume only, and most of them are headgear. A few pieces of costume gear that cannot be found in grotto chests or in blue chests in story dungeons/towns, cupboards/drawers/pots/barrels can be bought for extra pieces via DQVC during certain sale weeks. All equipment in the game can be had through DQVC, as with all items. This includes Orbs, and this week was supposed to have been Orb Week. Makes farming a lot easier, especially if you only have access to level 99 legacies, no AR, no way to remove and replace your save in your cart to use the save editor, and prefer not using a ROM+emulator on your computer. Also helps at times with gathering extra ingredients for rare alchemy. Other than that, the best weapons and armour are found through grotto A and S-rank Chests (a few good pieces of gear can be found in B ranks), and through killing grotto bosses (weapons). It's pretty much one of the best ways, especially if you start a fresh game, for whatever reason, to access some of the best weapons, armour, and some of the most unique and fun costume sets with little effort. @Dwaine...aye, it is kind of a middle finger, but it's still better than nothing. We're sending in a third ticket. If no response I'm going to start a campaign to call up Nintendo, get them to get on SE's asses. Even if the only answer is an official, "Oops, sorry, we forgot to mention we've permanently shut down a service that costs us absolutely nothing to keep going."
  19. North American Square-Enix reponse: Gotta love generic responses, especially the idea that somehow we can all do our part locally, aside from openly complain, but at least it's a start, hopefully this is fixed, or someone gets a real response indicating the continued status of DQVC.
  20. Maybe it has to do with embedded xml formatting code, and it's conversion to these forums when copying? Anyway, at least the EU team is responding, SE's US branch is still silent, and after 3 days I sent in a second ticket. It would be nice to get some word on this, but all in all, though I spend virtually no time on this site, I am well aware of the community we have, so we'll come up with something, be it meetings, or using Melon's various saves, or getting people who can't find an AR an AR. It would just be nice to get some official statement. Shame they never reinstated Slime Knights, or created a second domain for all DQ. I seem to recall a thread discussing that here. Some official hub to reiterate any important information like "sorry guys DQVC is ending at this point, but we will be continuing the quests and guests, and for those who still want DQVC, here's the source code for the server on our end so you can make your own." Or something like that :/.
  21. Sweet, finally remembered my password. Ok, I do suggest anyone here who hasn't submitted a ticket into SE, and who at least wants the service to continue, to do so. Mean reason is, it has only gone down ONCE before. Exactly one year ago from this past Thursday, the day it went down this time. That last time an organized call to send in tickets demanding it's continuance was set in motion at GameFAQs first, and spread to a few other places (not sure if it was directly based off Gfaqs thread, or if they organized with the same idea independently), and after a little over a week and multiple complaints, and even multiple tickets sent in by several people, SE brought it back online. The cost to run is too miniscule, and DQ9 wasn't exactly a flop or even in niche category for sales. It wasn't a million seller, but around 500k is pretty darn solid. So sure, we could just use an AR, or a save ripper, but not every has that, or even has a second copy, or a second DS and even an R4 or R4 like device for such saves. Plus we still get people new to the game on the GFAQs boards, and you can still find new copies out there, whatever is left of the new stock. Then there are plenty of us who haven't completed the game, or haven't been present for every single week, and some (like myself) who are insanely lazy about using the map method for getting the creme de la creme of the items available in the week. It's had a good run, but that doesn't mean it should not be kept up. Financially it would not count as a burden by any standard, nor a burden to system resources for their servers. Last time they planned to let it go quietly, and this time they plan the same. Though it seems the Quest and Guests will remain from this point forward. So I'm going to keep sending in tickets until I get at least a response. If they official tell me they will not bring it back online, then so be it, but from a customer standpoint they should...indefinitely. If anyone here who hasn't sent in a ticket is interested, here's the method to complain:
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