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  1. More responses that indicate they're actually taking this seriously. Awesome, thanks for posting Woodus
  2. Ok, so this is the ROUGH DRAFT of the formal email to the Square Enix America and Europe CEO, Phil Roger. I'm not good at formal writing, and never have been, so while I'll be doing further edits myself, anyone with any experience in formal writing within or to a company, please feel free to submit corrections, changes, suggestions, etc. Once this is complete, we'll do a formal email campaign. So, here it is:
  3. Ok, now this is JUST a rough draft. I royally suck at being businesslike, because frankly I write like a novelist with a hint of a poet, so I'm putting this up for corrections in the "what the heck happened to DQVC topic": http://www.woodus.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=27016&page=4
  4. That's the idea. Go ahead and send one now, and we'll just do a more formal email spam later. I want this to be good and effective. The thing is that if we go in angry, we'll never get anything done, or get anything out of it. It's one thing to bombard a staffer, a manager, or even a technician with a ton of our personal feelings. However CEO's, however nice and open one may seem, is walking tall on a high horse and because s/he managed to make it that high commands some measure of respect. So in order for him to listen, we need something that says what is necessary, grants said respect, shows him some measure of dignity, and is something he is less likely to ignore. Of course, he could be a very well rounded, down to earth, and personal type of guy, but I somehow doubt Yoichi Wada would allow someone he didn't outright respect...as in someone who at least showed a certain level of ruthlessness, to head the American and European branches. So despite outward appearances, I think in the end a formal letter will work out best for us all. Each one with a different title, our own name, and at the very least our country of origin (I'll be putting my actual address into the email for some extra oomph of legitimacy). Anyway, still working out a lot of kinks, and trying to weed it down (it's LONG so far....like 3 pages long).
  5. Ah, ya, you have to have at least a full page of Grotto maps.
  6. Thanks for the help . I think we can expand this, and move to even greener pastures with your other post of Square-Enix's CEO's email. So anyone who wants to participate on this level, who has not yet done so, or who has, but wants to continue it, refer to this topic, and the idea of addressing all DQ concerns all at once: http://www.woodus.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=27515
  7. LOL, nice vid drop Dwaine. Ok, so here's what I think we should do: This should not be done with a series of basic emails written individually, but should instead be approached with a formalized email spam, with some blank boxes for names and information. Something akin to the formalized email's for Operation Rainfall to Nintendo. A formalized email bomb with a very respectful tone that indicates concern over Dragon Quest in the US, covers this current debacle in Dragon Quest 9, and covers our fears of Dragon Quest's future in the US, outside of main series games, along with our fear of SE and Nintendo dropping the ball on main series releases by being so secretive until just prior to release, really hurting the overall sales chances of the series. How does that sound? I'm going to work on a formal version tonight, and get a rough draft ready, so this looks solid. I'll do as much editing as I can. This should of course include mention on Terry's Wonderland, our understanding that Dragon Quest 7 has a tremendous amount of text but it should still be whispered about so it gets player's stirring in anticipation and DQ fans mentioning in blogs, vlogs, facebook, twitter, and other free press avenues (maybe trigger some minor articles written by long-time fans of the series), and of course the upcoming remakes of both DQM2 releases (which will eventually lead into Caravan Heart's remake...but I'll leave this point out only to say something along the lines of other DQM releases and remakes going forward).
  8. Gonna repost this all over GameFAQ's DQ pages, get some friends to push this, and I'll write a blog post over this.
  9. Sorry all, if anyone has been wondering where I've been at. Busy, tired, life. So, maboony from the GameFAQs forums posted a response to a recent ticket he sent in. Linked to my blog post . Anyway, their response was a real response, and something that says perhaps they are not taking this seriously. Even if it does mean something has to change with Square-Enix's PR, regardless of whatever the real situation is. I'll just reprint what they told him: Going to hold off a bit on building a site for now. See what else they say and no response yet from SE's PR manager for the US yet, but that above response is promising. If DQVC is turned back on, I'm going to continue the campaign anyhow, just alter the message. Something more akin to changing how SE handles DQ, promoting DQ, and how SE communicates with fans.
  10. Damage formula is the same for 6 as for 7. There are a few changes from 7 to 6, but mostly in terms of additions. Some of the flag checks in that FAQ aren't 100% correct, and are more speculative, but it's close enough to get an idea of how it works. V's works the same as 6's and 7's, the only augments are the powerup skills which boost, other than that it's just the basic: Base = Attack/2 - Defense/4 Variance = +/- Base/16 Critical attacks just deal Attack +/- Variance. When powered up, it's (Attack/2)x(powerup boost) - Defense/4 +/- Variance Where "power up boost" = 2 to 2.5
  11. He means the treasure map/Grotto map menu. When you open the menu, select "Items", and at the bottom is "Treasure Maps". LOL, and everyone is a noob in life, even the most wise and knowledgeable. The sole exception being myself of course . Just kidding. I'm a massive noobie myself at all hours of the day. Even in games I'm quite familiar with, and tasks I know by wrote.
  12. Step...darn I knew I missed one game. I had 7th Saga on my mind, but somehow thought I had put that in. I really wish they had released the sub-story, semi-sequel Mystic Ark. Oh well :/, thanks for fan translations. Though I do prefer 7th Saga. Easily one of the most unique twists in any story before or since in videogame history. Saigan, about 30 minutes, and looking back I really wish I had gone over it a bit more. I never mentioned the negative of FF7, but that point was made before: style over substance. A few other missing bits here and there, and some slight tangent thoughts never fully realized. Ah well, the nature of rants, or perhaps it's just a factor of being just over 30 . Aphelion, yes, yes it is. Very sad and tragic indeed. I still have yet to be able to buy DQMJ2, but isn't there a translation project for Professional? Terry's Wonderland is yet another missing piece. If they actually bothered to sell the DQM series as the direct offshoot of the game that inspired Pokemon, and the awesomeness of the breeding system...who knows where the series would be now in the West. LOL, and yes I agree, it is boring and petty. I think people should just learn to appreciate the merits of a game, what it brings to the table, and how well those aspects are implemented. For this reason I actually enjoyed FF13, though I find it by far the weakest FF title, and my least favourite by far. That and the more complex game systems become, the more is expected from the developers, and the more likely one aspect of another will go awry, right?
  13. Wow, after reading that, I should have prewritten and edited. LOL. Ouch. Ah well, it gets the point across.
  14. Redneck's idea of sending in an email through the Edenverse site to the PR manager of SE is brilliant in the meantime, until I can build a main website to stage this campaign. So this is what I wrote. It's long winded, but I believe poignant:
  15. I hate to break things to you Apheleon, but the "backlash" over the ARPG elements of DQIX's initial unveiling was actually a VERY small but VERY vocal subset of the 4 and 2chan troll patrol. Not even 200 people, though even AFTER DQIX changed to a more traditional route, the same people went on a rampage still bashing the game, all over Amazon Japan, and some forums here and there. Vocal minorities, and I mean very very very small minorities always look like large packs, especially when a few other posters will post in agreement with some positions without fully contemplating it. It's called mob mentality and it's one of the worst aspects of the human condition. Not to mention there was sentiment that somehow said "backlash" triggered a complete reversal of the system. Which wouldn't fit given the timeline. There was no apology, no word, just the system changed a few months later, indicating they had already fleshed out two games, because it would take FAR longer to complete rewrite the code to account for the traditional system, and have it working well enough to make videos. Horii has never once shown even a whit of care for Japanese gamers, as even in the late 90's, when he was first contemplating both Action elements and Online elements, these did trigger unrest in some subsets of the DQ population, some of which spilled over into the US. Horii only cares about what he wants to do with his beloved series, period, unless things change. To the kid who thinks that FF is going downhill? Really? The PSX years saw as much fan hate and disgust with changes between games in the PSX era as we see now. This during the early years of the internet. The only difference is we don't have any existing message forums from that time, because most of those discussions are deleted in long since defunct chatrooms on AoL and other old-school chat room services. Heck, that was the original way to get FAQs and cheat codes before GameFAQs was formally created (people actually DID create FAQs before GFAQs). DQ as an MMO being a bad thing for the company? Someone doesn't know his math. MMO's don't make money up front, never have. It's all about base numbers, and so far DQX has outstripped FFXI and FFXIV. By outstripped, I mean they're nearly double the numbers on just the Wii and Wii U releases in just Japan over FFXI on both PC and PS2 worldwide. Not to mention these are monthly payments, and while it's slow to build player counts, especially given competition, there's always curiosity, and with the PC release, I'm sure those sad Wii U counts will be made up for rather quickly. Like falcon, stepchan, and saigan have said, along with another, we're not even close to the dark ages. Also the dark ages was Techmo's RPG? Really, I thought we were talking Enix releases, since I mean, we did have Secret of Mana, Evermore, Chrono Trigger, FF6 (FF3), Earthbound, and a host of great RPG's from OTHER companies. From Enix we were instead given: 1) Brainlord (one of the best top-down dungeon crawlers ever made, even today), 2) Paladin's Quest (ok, so Lennus 1 was...meh, but the story was unique and magic system added a certain depth to strategy), 3) Robotrek (want challenge? This is your game. A lot of great gameplay elements, but overall the story lacked), 4) Soul Blazer (Quintet = awesome. Soul Blazer still rocks to this day), 5) Illusion of Gaia/Time (Quintet again rocks, and this time with a far more complex story, and some awesome, if simple, puzzle elements that put even Lufia to shame), 6) Actraiser (While this should be first given it's the first release of any form of an RPG on the SNES and SFC, I couldn't recall if Enix published it, and they did, and what a game, what a score, what a great way to start the SNES era), 7) Actraiser 2 (Ok, NOW we have a game worthy of complaint. Decent story, but the platforming elements, distances, and that the camera was panned in too close for such a fast-paced game made this one of my least favourite of all time. Score was subpar, and all RPG and simulation elements from the original removed for a lackluster game), 8) E.V.O: Search for Eden (platforming elements are subpar for those who don't understand how the evolution system actually works, and therein lies the genius of this classic and truly revolutionary game. Sadly only a single game on the Dreamcast attempted to improve upon the original.), 9) Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen (Another great game). Europe saw Terranigma, though I believe they were forced to skip out on the awesome Soul Blazer :/. Still, they were luckier given Terranigma is probably my favourite of the Heaven Sword/Soul Blazer trilogy. Still, it's not as bad as seeing Secret of Mana be a commercial success and then watching as Seiken Densetsu 3 is passed over, and the only plausible reason being Secret of Evermore's crashing and burning despite it's sheer awesomeness (I'd go so far as to say I like it more than SD3 and even Legend of Mana, my favourite Mana). We also missed out on some other fantastic games other than just DQV and VI, like Star Ocean and Dark Half. Afterall, if we're going to make statements about what we did and did not get, let's cover the releases from just the company that promised DQV and hinted at DQVI after the fact, but was then closed due to mismanaged funds and Enix not getting their press department and marketing departments in order. Granted, it was sad we saw no DQ during the SNES era, but we were given some fantastic games to play instead, and overall I think the remakes were superior. It was a very sad era, mostly because they actually DID release good games, and never once hinted that their funding was going to be pulled, after that awesome newsletter indicating DQV was being localized for I think like 1995? and DQVI was being considered. We had to wait how many years as a result? Like 8 total before a new DQ release. After the tantalizing promises, and unknown blunders of the US division in marketing that triggered poor sales and was the likely reason the plug was pulled, since after all Enix did reopen it's doors a few years later. No, this period is NOTHING. I will say one thing though, we don't have any compensatory awesome smaller releases of various genres to compensate. Not one Enix produced game has been touched since the merger save Star Ocean and Dragon Quest. Not one. None of Quintet's gems. This I feel, as a gaping whole during such a short waiting period, and between DQ releases is the true travesty of the current era. That and no info on Terry's Wonderland :/ or the last Slime Mori Mori. Now, if you want to talk about passing over Dragon Quest V on PS2, ok, there's a worthy quandary, as why would SE decide just DQ8 after the merger, but no DQV, especially given DQV's text is so tiny, and they could have gone back to back to piggy-back properly off DQ8's success (something both SE and Nintendo dropped the ball on with DQVI's release being nearly a year after DQIX, and no reminders in between). Dragon Quest VII is also going to be released here, mainly because, even though they weren't stellar sellers, the DS remakes were by no means unprofitable. Given it will be the only major DQ release on the 3DS from the mainline series, the only question is, will the higher ups see a need to actually market the game internationally? Oh, and FFX didn't suck, it's just different. My only issue is I don't like the characters, but I do enjoy the battle system, and while hokey, I thought the story added some nice elements. FFXII though, is most certainly sublime, and easily my second favourite and the game I most desire to replay but can't do to several factors. FFVII was the largest change to the series, and certainly has both the most positive (making JRPG's popular and actually ensuring the PSX era saw the highest ratio of JRPG's coming to the US with a few to Europe. As others have said, and it needs to be reiterated and drummed into minds...Final Fantasy has always been, and always will be about change and adaptation. Though not one has fully diverted from a Turn-based variation, always using some form of the ATB system since FF4, everything from elements to stats, to equipment, to video/gameplay ratios, class systems, to how leveling works is always changed, altered, and done so enough to complete separate each and every game as wholly independent, despite connections. There are about as many in FF3 to FF2 as there are between FF1 and any and all FF-copycats of the Famicom era. DQ, like FF, has always seen changes. Usually additions, and always very small and discreet, but over time the amount of alterations and additions have grown from one game to another. Yet it's still all DQ. Still feels, sounds, and looks like DQ. The stories still play out much the same way in terms of how the hero's connect to the world and how the party uncovers the woes of every subsection. Sorry for the long post, but after reading through this thread, I just felt like some knuckle heads needed to be knocked around a bit. Given that's not possible, I ranted. TL;DR This is a rant over DQ, FF, and Enix during the dark times.
  16. I will say the slime hill trick is slightly easier and more reliable than grotto forced spawning of MKS, so at times it CAN be slightly faster, but if you have the rythm down, MKS grotto forced spawning is a tad faster. Overall they're pretty close, especially since Slime Hill LMS spawns can number 4-7 rather consistently, which is an even higher count than I've typically found in an LMS only grotto.
  17. Behold the secret to Slime Hill, the spawning RNG manipulation map trick (I think there's a version posted in this forum, or in the DQ9 section of the main site, but I'm too lazy to search): http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/937281-dragon-quest-ix-sentinels-of-the-starry-skies/56916246 Basically it was the first place people learned to force LMS slimes to spawn. This is actually NOT the fastest leveling, but it is the fastest without MKS grotto RNG manipulation, a grotto with an LMS only spawn floor, and especially a grotto with an MKS only spawn floor will surpass it (in that order). http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/937281-dragon-quest-ix-sentinels-of-the-starry-skies/58659306 Using the first link, once you understand the process, this one will expand it into using it in grottoes.
  18. I just realized that my efforts are too unfocused, and I've so far blundered big time. What I really need to do is start a campaign website. I'll see if Operation Rainfall will let me start something there. There it's more neutral, it has some exposure from other gamers, and the group still works as a further continuance of it's original mission, just for other games. I don't see how this won't be much different, despite DQ9 being a game long since released. Just a different area of pushing game companies to respond to players. So I'll contact them later. Monday, I'll be out all day tomorrow.
  19. Nice job Redneck . Sorry, had to take a break. I wish I still had my phone and my old computer, but whatever. So I'm going to work out a new post in both blogs. I'll try to make it really solid. I still have to send emails to the other DQ sites, but the main wiki now has info on it on the front page thanks to Flyingragnar.
  20. LOL, I feel kind of bad about that. FF12 is my second favourite game of all time, but it could always use a few good jokes and laughs nevertheless.
  21. Right, WE know that, but not everyone does. SE by default puts on all DQ6 and 9 questions onto Nintendo, and Nintendo has virtually no data for either game to answer there questions, implying that they published only and that was literally it. The point though, and I'll just reiterate, is that this behaviour on SE's part should not be allowed to stand. I don't know if over time I'll be able to make them even pay the slightest attention to my blogs, rants, posts, and any articles in credible news sites that may cover this. Even if they do, I can in no way guarantee they will even lift a finger to change policy, become more open and at least honest that they made the call to shut it down. It feels rather helpless right now, especially given the long and exasperating periods of time between their answering my emails and the long, thorough tickets I write out. Let alone answers to tickets sent by others. The game is made more difficult for us because DQ9 is long since for many players, and for those new to the game, DQVC is an unknown, and while they can become frustrated a feature is gone, they cannot comprehend it's significance on play value. As well, those with an AR, and those with a tool to rip and copy-over save files on the DS cart can use yab's translation of the save state hacking tool. Yet even so, these are more likely the minority, and for every person who posts here, on other DQ fan sites, and in gaming general forums with Dragon Quest sections or specific DQ game sections (GameFAQs, IGN, 1UP, etc.) will be curious why nothing happened after talking to Sellma for the first time, and will be unwilling to compromise or unable for various reasons, to use these, effectively cheating, tools. It's not like there aren't still new copies. Even if there aren't, I have to try. Then there is, again, the implication on other DQ games...like DQ7's upcoming release (assuming it is coming, and I am 100% sure it will). I don't know Ryu, it might be a hopeless cause, but in a way that makes it more fun to continue, and who knows, if this really GETS off the ground, guess what that means for us and for the future of DQ? The word gets out, and the series might get the free publicity to boot that it should have gotten from both Nintendo and, most especially, Square Enix's hair brained notion that DQ should sell because somehow it should (DQ4's sales...and I never saw anything personally indicating release beyond a few stories here and there). Anyway let the campaign continue! Oh, I'll be gone probably all day tomorrow, so I'm hoping things move along without me, but if not, I'll write two more blog posts, and send more emails out to other gaming news sources and repeats on the ones who haven't responded back. Cheers guys, and have a good night.
  22. So far Siliconera is the only one to message me back. Taking the journalistic route of contacting Nintendo first. Hopefully something happens with that, like an article, or at least some mention somewhere...twitter feed, forums, shoutbox, whatever.
  23. Wow, that is some killer collection there. As happy as I am for you TC, I'm quite sad because I would have to import to get any of that. I really wish they gave a rats behind about Dragon Quest in the west. It's almost like Square Enix tossed away all common sense, figured that given DQ8 and DQ9's success, all other Dragon Quest releases would naturally gain attention. This is the culture that CREATED commercials, where the first concept of ADD and ADHD came into being. Has there ever been an FF that sold well without commercials and heavy internet campaigns? No, as FF4 DS can attest to given its lackluster media campaign on the internet (oh wait, did it even have one?) compared to FF3's. Look at all Pokemon, Halo's, and Call of Duty's. Each new release has a media blitz because that's how it sells, that's how people know to look for it, and these are very well established brands. Yet virtually nothing for Dragon Quest, and when we do get media blitz, it sucks. It's not intelligent, it doesn't sell the product to parents, nor do we see any aim at long-time players, or even older fans. No real direction in any of the campaigns, much like the Japanese campaigns have no actual direction, because there the selling point IS Dragon Quest because the series is long established. Yet what little we do treats the series as though it has a strong foothold here. Yet if it's a commercial, maybe 1 or 2 a month, if that (I never even saw the DQV commercial, and the only person I know who did saw it once around 1pm on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim), if it's online, unless that title was Dragon Quest IX or VIII...a new release of the main series, it had maybe a few days on the front of just the page devoted to either the genre or the system. Hardly long enough to gain any real attention. Granted, we as a fan base are in part to blame, as we're a scattered group of wandering individualists, but the responsibility to sell these gems is not ours to bear. Frustrating as always. I will say this though: Dragon Quest VII will come out here. I'm about 100% sure of this, especially given Aeanna and another response from an insider. We have to remember that the body of text is ginormous (yes, it's a stupid word, but enormous, gigantic, and gargantuan just don't convey the sheer volume). Like...the amount of dialogue puts FF12 to shame, and even has some WRPG's blushing and fanning their faces to keep the rush of jealousy from bursting through. Even if it doesn't I certainly commend the group working on a fan translation.
  24. Great ideas. I sent a PM to Woodus just now. Finally sent in emails to RPGFan, RPGamer, and Siliconera. No idea on TinyCartridge's status on whether they want to participate, but I'll send them another message later, along with some messages to ask for help from DQShrine, RealmofDarkness, DQHQ, and I'll ask FlyingRagnar if it's OK to post something about it on the Wiki front page (or if he wants to). Back to life and all that.
  25. Thanks buddy. Ok, so I'll repost my last two gamefaq's posts for those who don't frequent there as much: I started a blog at Kotaku: http://behindtheword.kinja.com/the-dangers-of-single-play-with-online-components-884926597 You know, I can't do this alone. I really need as many people as are still reading and keeping up on this topic to facebook, twitter, linked in, reddit, whatever you can this stuff I'm posting. We need this out there, and I cannot do it without the help of the community here. With this in mind, I'm going to post links to this in every Dragon Quest forum I can, and even some non-DQ forums. We need a groundswell of people, or this will never make it beyond a few posts and some frustration amongst the community that's left. This game, whether you love it or not, is not the only significant factor here. Online content is vastly becoming popular in today's gaming environment, and this means we have to put a stand now, state that the gaming community as a whole, is worth something, that we have a voice. For games with limited online content, companies who want to take such content down, no matter how much gameplay can be claimed to be lost, should open up dialogue. If they really have to take down content, then offer alternatives for those who want to continue playing, or at very least to be honest and forthcoming with information regarding these present and future of online content. I'm going to to reuse the above two in a pseudo-spam campaign. For now I have a lot of stuff to take care of here, but I'll be back. I'll repost this on Dragon's Den. Oh, I also left a message with TinyCartridge. I'll contact RPGamer, Siliconera, and RPGFan later tonight. One last thing, for my fourth ticket, Square Enix has yet to send their response. I have a feeling it will be the same, one thing I will make note of, even if SE decides to reinstate DQVC, this new campaign continues. This is not just about DQ9's present anymore, this is about it's future, and beyond that, Square Enix games in general going into the future (well, non-FF games anyway). Cheers. Oh, for Dragon's Den, I won't be spamming this all over this forum, I will only be doing that in GameFAQs.
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