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  1. How is the formula you have now? Does it base each answer on a number from 1-(question amount) for each end result (girl in this case), based on how well it would likely fit the end result (in this case the persona of the DQ girls)? The winner is who gets the most points at the end? If the points add up to more than one tied with the highest count then an algorithm picks one of them (shouldn't be if the questions and point awards are properly set, but it can till happen with careful planning)? So in taking the second question in Democrobot's post: What do you look for in a girl? 1.Personality. She should be fun to be around 2.Looks. She should be a sexy beast 3.Money. Money, money, money Just going with Maribel, Nera, Red, Flourette, and Bianca: If 1) is chosen, Maribel gets 2 points, Nera gets 1 point, Red gets 2 points, Flourette gets 2 points, Bianca gets 3 points. If 2) is chosen, Maribel gets 1 point, Nera gets 2 points, Red gets 3 points, Flourette gets 3 points, Bianca gets 2 points. if 3) is chosen, Maribel gets 3 points, Nera gets 3 points, Red gets 1 point, Flourette gets 1 point, Bianca gets 1 point.
  2. Good question Erdrick, but I think the obvious answer is that his first post response in the comment section of the blog is a blanket response. Not really intending to say anything because for now the company position is likely they're unsure about Dragon Quest, and with the number of requests for Dragon Quest being nearly 1/2 of all comments in the comment section, there's no way he could ignore it entirely. Anyway, awesome Woodus. I wonder how he'll respond to my own personal email. I think it's actually a good idea for the copy-paste campaign to instead do short business like statements indicating a personal statement indicating each individual wants to buy X game. Pledging that to do so means Square Enix must pledge to support Dragon Quest directly, even if they do not publish the games, at the very least through cheap and simple media plugs in twitter, facebook, and short videos on youtube. So something like: Each with a similar title: Pledge to Support (Dragon Quest Game) I think this is actually far superior to my initial concept, since it is just about business and shows there is a willing crowd. If we can can start these as individual campaigns, one game at a time here, and link as many people as possible to this support pledge for future Dragon Quest titles, I think we can really get something going similar to Operation Rainfall's success. Afterall businesses are all about making money first. So I would suggest for each one, a new topic. The question is, what game to start with first, and I don't care even if I think it will come out, that is not the point, the point is to get some positive response from them indicating to us if a game will come out, and hopefully start a cheap, simple campaign that will increase public interest and hopefully spur new sales. So let's list off the various games that still have a chance of release first, and go from there. Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden Dragon Quest X Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland Dragon Quest Monsters 2: (I haven't checked into this yet, are they remaking both games? Or just one of them so far?) I forget the title to the third Slime Mori Mori game, so any others you guys feel like adding. Then I think we should do Terry first, then VII, then X, and so on.
  3. Rose (DQ IV) Red (DQ VIII) Medea (DQ VIII) Selma (DQ IX) Flourette (DQ swords)
  4. How does that have any impact on the board? Is it just your way to vent? As for those "other" photos, no, no I would not rather see those. So long as this is a phase and that awesome photo with the 'stache is back sometime in the future, I can suffer looking at the shaky one.
  5. Stepchan, do you mean the one where they accidentally used the castle picture from Final Fantasy V?
  6. Thanks, and I'm surprised you were able to read it with my shoddy editing. All fixed now though.
  7. If you are currently in Generation 2: From threetimes FAQ on gameFAQs:
  8. Yep, very much in agreement. Please change Dwaine. While I'm very much an unknown here, the shaky graphic and the lack of a mustache is almost a sacrilege. It's almost like going from a cocky, stalwart, handsome, and bodacious individual with one line wondershots ran headfirst into a wall, and became a dork. Don't be a dork, be that cocky, bodacious, one-lined wondershot.
  9. OK, but that's the same old link. China is "overseas". I don't see how this is anything more than a tease that possibly might not mean an US release. At the very least I don't see this going to the EU because of this article. Very good point, but a few things. The question is where is the game marketable. Korea...maybe, but Korea has never been huge into Dragon Quest, there is still a lot of bad blood with Japan, and it doesn't help that Sugiyama is on record stating there were no atrocities committed by Japan in WWII, much of which was directed against the Koreans (if not the must brutal campaigns). China though, China has no market for MMO's, and is usually considered a black hole for them. International laws regarding copyright halt at the border, piracy is rampant, and even if they could get an MMO going, even with the now existent Middle Class, the cost to live in China is still significantly lower than every other industrialized nation, and their wage earnings on average are still well under average, making the market shaky. To top things off, China is the largest piracy market, next being Russia. So effectively both China and Russia can be ignored as possible markets. That leaves Singapore, Philippines, Australia, South America, Thailand (Vietnam has no market for games just yet, and the other two countries are far too volatile to even consider opening offices. Perhaps Malaysia as well, Mexico, and Canada (but any Canadian market is automatically considered part of the US market). Since we're ignoring Europe, that's it, since Africa is too dysfunctional now, and has no real market outside of South Africa, and maybe parts of Morroco. India is a puny market for games right now, but it's growing, just that the number of computers per individual homestead is quite small. So the real question is where do the Dragon Quest market's lie? There are so far only three major markets: US, EU, and Japan. The rest of the world, while there are fans, is very sparse, and Asian countries have far too few regulations, have no real market, are too small to be a mainstay for an international release and thus are more likely to be forced to use servers in larger markets, the market is far too saturated and the success of external games is very limited, and/or there has never been a strong market for Dragon Quest. Basically the only logical market with any viability, especially at the price SE is looking for, and to ensure high quality servers, and where the market allows for growth, would be the US, and very possibly, Europe. Europe doesn't have much of an MMORPG craze at the moment, and the US market is saturated mostly with FTP Korean RPG's and a few US/EU options. There's still plenty of market share here, and there is a core fanbase, where at least some are likely to try. There's also more capital per capita to go around, despite the economic conditions and current Jobless rate of anywhere from 15-20% depending on what demographics are being counted. That and US gamers are more likely to purchase a subscription MMO than any Asian country, and there is FAR less likely chance for any piracy, on top of that far more laws protecting company copyrights. The EU is also in much the same boat, and while DQ is not as well established there as it is here, the EU market can be run off a single server, since language is handled client side. I don't know, I could be wrong, what's your assessment?
  10. The DQ4 PSX translation was never finished as far as I know. It was never even officially announced on romhacking.net, and I don't believe on the other major translation/cracking site (I always forget the name). I can't recall if they lacked community support, or if they were afraid of SE, or if they just wanted to stay low until they had cracked the game fully to get enough work done to present something, or at least show that they could get a translation underway. I used to have a link to the translation group (it's on another computer that I can't access atm), and if I remember they stopped because they couldn't decrypt the text or maybe it was properly inserting text back into the ISO? I can't remember, just that it was cancelled, but it did exist for a short period of time. As for NeoGAF, it's an iffy place. Some people definitely have insider information, like Aeana. Many though, will rumour monger, or will misread details, or mistranslate Japanese twitter/facebook/posted email feeds, so unless you know the person has connections, or has a very good track record, then yep, grain of salt. Yeah, that is a crazy idea, isn't it. SE would actually have to promote DQX in the West. With no pre-packed FF12 to use in commercials and magazine adds, nor any planned PC FF games to use as the carrot on the stick, it's an odd thought. Perhaps they're negotiating as well with Nintendo. Heck, we could even get a Wii U version, or just a PC. They could even decide that the expense to market and complexity is too great and decide to just scrap the project. I would also have to wonder if Nintendo wouldn't want at least the WiiU version to see an overseas release, and boy would that likely complicate things, lol. I'm not busy helping that project out, so Platty would be the one in the know. For now the only two things I'm working on are finishing my long-overdue to finish DQ6 faq on GFAQs, then work on a DQ7 3DS faq, then see about adding some stuff to the Wiki for DQ6, and maybe 7. Then see about fixing some of the missing data, and fill out with more specific data stuff on the DS DQ's for this site, along with some missing equipment in the DQ7 PSX section. While not the group I was following back in 2005 and 6 for the PSX translation, Partial Translations also attempted the PSX version: http://dragon-quest.org/wiki/Partial_Translations Not sure how far they managed though, and I can't find the site of the group I was following. Sorry Erdrick. As far as I know there are no DQ4 PSX translations ever come close to completion, but I do know there was a lot of buzz about wanting it and some groups contemplating it back in 2004-5.
  11. Hold on, let me find it. http://www.polygon.com/2013/7/10/4510088/dragon-quest-10-producers-discuss-the-pc-port-and-eventual-us-release Now, granted, people have made formal requests into SE to ask about a DQX overseas release, and have been told no, but these are the producers, men in the know, and even if this part of the conversation was poorly translated, the tone and direction of the two producers is clearly to continue talking about overseas markets in light of a release. Given SE stated, up until the release announcement for every DQ game that has thus far been released, that "no, there are no plans to release," it's safe to assume that due to the ease of these producers discussing a Western release, and going further about future plans for 10, even 20 years, that we are definitely going to see a release sometime. To go even further into specifics, the discussion of server breakdown and a desire for an international server, with the obvious statement that the company position is for a US standalone server, almost cements the idea, that internally it's not a "maybe?," it's a "how to implement?" Of course, even with this, I should recant my statement, there are no guarantees of anything, given they could decide not to in the end, but MMO's are easy to support with a hundred thousand consistently paying players. I just have to wonder if it's just going to to be PC, if we might see an alteration of pay structure (I would hope not, FTP games are about as "free" as going to an ice cream parlor, sampling, and then demanding the full cone with two scoops and sprinkles for free).
  12. The DQ4 PSX translation project started well before DQ4 DS was even a dream. There was enough info out there to suggest plenty of people wanted it and were interested, yet SE went ahead and published DQ4 DS in the US anyhow, despite the ease of emulating the PSX, and the high availability of ISO's. I don't think companies look at it like "if players are going to translate it, why should we?" Since there's no precedent for it, it has not happened yet, nor has there been any influence. It's not like the various CT projects had stopped SE from making an enhanced port of CT, though those games that were intentional sequels were effectively pulled from the market due to court orders, basically meaning if SE thought it was a threat, they would pursue legal actions. So really, since the last interview the producer has outright stated DQX is a guaranteed release in the Americas and EU. It's in the works already, and the translation project has been going on for quite some time. So from their perspective, if they even KNOW about it, they certainly couldn't care less, as the only real threat would be a player made server, not a translation. Last I checked, DQ9 and DQ6 DS both had fan translations in the works well before their official announcements, from fans worried those games would never come. Yet both were officially released. I don't even see how this would fall into a reason why Nintendo picked up the publishing duties, as it was clear from months prior to DQ9's announcement, that Nintendo wanted to see DQ see success in the West, and SE had never been actively interested in any serious marketing campaigns for either DQ4 or 5, both with half-hearted, shoddy, and wasteful attempts to advertise in a way that never actually reached any audience (only one person I know saw the DQ5 commercial once, at 1am on Adult Swim, on a Thursday, not even a Saturday where viewership is typically much higher), and let's face it, the US DQ5 commercial was God awful, and it was focused on selling the product as Logos (that SE was selling it and it's a Dragon Quest game), not as Pathos (that Dragon Quest represents a polished and sophisticated, yet simple and elegant game for kids and adults alike), nor even an Ethos (that Dragon Quest V follows the tragic story of a son's loss, his rise to power, his drive to find his family and avenge his parents). So the reality is, fan translation have never, and as far as I can see, will probably never have any impact on whether a company will bring a game overseas. That said Erdrick, you're an aspiring game developer, but the outlook and position of a developer versus a businessman is very different. A developer, being an artist of sorts, especially as young as yourself, looks to life from your perspective, that if someone else is handling the work, why bother, there's no money in it? A few years, even as as developer, and you'll understand the business perspective, whether you'll agree with it or not, that it's irrelevant if a free version of your game is present, if anything it might even help sales, as people tend to prefer physical media copies, or at least legitimate purchases if they actually do like something, even while making the legal argument that this is wholesale untrue, and piracy is ruining the industry (that my friends is pure greed). If a businessman saw the free version as a threat, believe me, they would go to court for cease and desist orders, and sue if they weren't adhered to, and if they really saw early fan translations as a threat, they would convince other game developing company CEO's to join them to lobby as a large group to multiple governments for new laws to make fan translations illegal (forever, if some time period has passed, or possibly only after the system has gone defunct). Since there has been no attack on translators, and no attempt so far to make fan translations illegal it's safe to say the translation of DQX, and even DQVII should continue! (ToP had more than one fan translation long before the GBA version came to US shores, and the PSX fan version was underway).
  13. I'm not sure how offering to buy the service, when technically we already have by purchasing the game, is a good option. It does not really "sweeten" the deal in convincing them of our intentions, if anything it shows less care and concern for the product itself, and hints that we may have ulterior motives that include finances. No, money should never be brought into this save to indicate the cost analysis of running the server, as a means to convince them to keep it running indefinitely, or that if they do release the code, we are perfectly capable of handling that end and would require nothing else on SE's part to maintain it independently. No, I'm quite sure that idea would backfire with drastic results. I'd rather they ignore us than consider us possible pirates, which would literally destroy any possible chance of any possible open line of communication at any possible time unless some major celebrity endorsements, a buyout, a complete managerial shift from SE Japan all the way to the US where more open minded executive officers and board members run day to day operations. That I would not want to risk, and the possibility is considerably high. Thanks for the idea though, I do appreciate the effort, but it has too much risk, and the reward chance is a flat 0.
  14. I am going to put in another ticket afterall. They still haven't answered my 4th, but why not. It's sad they're already changing direction from "We're working on it" to "It's off, maybe the techs will deal with it, maybe the management will say to turn it on, but don't hold your hopes up." Thanks for that Woodus.
  15. Sadly I did not enjoin with Nintendo Power until 1989, and so I was not privy to Dragon Quest until after the Final Fantasy craze and alongside it was the continued chance to get Dragon Warrior 1 for free with a new subscription. Oddly enough I also got a copy of Dragon Warrior 2 through NP. I have no recollection of exactly how that came about, and I've always thought that somehow it was a two-for deal. Dragon Warrior 3 being the first game of the series I picked up in store, day 1 of release. I still remember that Software Etc., hidden deep in one of the two South wings of a mall in Southern California. I think it was Calabasas? Maybe Woodland Hills? I still recall the first day I opened that package. All of those maps, that laminated card of levels, stats, where I should be, and what I should have purchased, that special booklet, and of course I sadly missed out by a month that Dragon Warrior 1 strategy guide buried in a Nintendo Power, but thankfully, due to the ability to purchase all prior NP's with the 50th anniversary edition, I have that guide . Those were some great times playing through Dragon Warrior 2. I actually NEVER beat DQ1 until the GBC version. Why? I managed to get up to the Dragon Lord, made it to his second form, but my levels were two below the recommended, and I never bothered to exit the dungeon to save after snagging Erdrick's Armor, so my MP had already run out, and it was not three rounds before the true version of that boss took me out. Not so with Dragon Warrior 2, which I played all the way to the end, and that was the first I beat. After that it was repeated attempts to get two WaterFlying Clothes from that old Sage, all after grabbing that little book of Secrets, that puny DW2 strategy guide of pure awesomeness, including secrets on how to get fight that mage in Midenhall's dungeon more than once, and to avoid the Dragon Killer in favour of the Light Sword, and the consideration of not 1, but 2 Falcon Blades, which actually does improve damage potential for Midenhall near max level. I still have that gigantic map for DW2, though it's now frayed, with several of the creases having burst open. One day I'll grab a clean copy somewhere, and laminate it. As for DW3, I actually have 2 maps, the first having torn in half on accident, and the second took several months and several phone calls from my parents to find a copy. That copy is still in the condition it was sent in: near perfect with a slight fraying on the upper right end of the spell section. Though sadly my booklet has long since lost it's cover, all the other pages are intact and unharmed, though obviously from some minor ridges, clearly very used. What a sad day when such treasured bonuses were no longer available, and I had to figure all the details out myself. Then there was DW4. . I still have the Tokuma RPG Strategy Guide, and while my two fold outs are split down the center, they're still very readable, and in otherwise perfect condition (I had a habit of running my nails across the creases to keep them as creased as possible, and bam, the paper just split with all the opening and closing). Shame the DW4 booklet was nowhere near as fantastic as the DW3, but then, DW3's goodies were just...wow, and I mean just wow. What a way to package a game. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
  16. Only DQIV DS had hidden text. What Cain is saying isn't that text is hidden in every Dragon Quest released since Dragon Quest IV on the DS, but that the games are programmed to automatically accept a language file where that language file will have all the prerequisite hex values for each and every piece of dialogue, just written in that language. Likely that means there is some existing format code such as font, and the various acceptable letters, numbers, symbols, and the likely size of that font along with some code for things like word wrapping (maybe). It's just that if a game is not built with various language calls, programmers would have to go in, create whole new code for font size, spacing, indexing, word wrapping, font type, and things like that. At least that's what I understand from what Cain is saying.
  17. That...wasn't Enix's fault. Might wanna take that up with Electronics Boutique! I feel pretty bad for Enix for the amount of blame they directly took for DQ4 PSX. It seemed, once they reopened their offices, that the company had altered how it handled international releases, and that was just a blunder that forced a sad business decision. EB really should not have started preorders prematurely, but then there wasn't much precedent for it. Source? Me because I've been ripping them apart lately. I'm currently working on DQMJ2Pro with a few others and they can verify my claim. I have also looked at the DQ IV-VI and IX and they too were programmed to support multiple languages. I haven't looked at DQMJ but it's probably the same. EDIT: You can also verify this yourself by picking one of the games, changing the ds system language and running it. The game seamlessly switches from one language to the next. Wow, another notch in SE's boot. I really have to wonder if the issue lies in SE US and EU, or in Japan? Given this is the case, they really don't require any programming team. Maybe one or two at max to extract, insert, and alter the format as needed, unless the translation team is already capable of this. I'm guessing a combination of the three, except greed doesn't sit right with me, simply because of the abundance of free press, and even rudimentary knowledge of market behaviour would dictate no one will buy a product they don't know about, and TV commercials are only useful if the target audience is easy to correlate, time slots are easy to correlate, and the company is willing to spend the excessive costs of 15 and 30 minute spots at peak hours over an extended period of time, in multiple markets, across multiple cable and satellite company channels. So given the blundering with DQV...ya, I don't really know about the greed factor, unless they're simpletons and hired marketing directors who've either been lucky, or who have no formal education or experience.
  18. Bullshit. If I can reverse engineer a game and have someone translate it in our spare time, there's no reason why it can't be done by someone else in the company. Imagine what I could do if I had the source code to the projects I'm currently working on, which these people would most certainly get, along with any in house tools that were built to create the game. It's laziness and wanting to maximize profits that prevents them from localizing games for a western audience. Thank you! Glad I'm not the only one who caught that line of disrespectful BS.
  19. Ok, I totally get the DQM issues. We were passed over for Professional, despite that it was released BEFORE any possible localization work could have taken place, though probably the decision for DQMJ2 standard was made much earlier and once Professional came into the picture they never even considered it. DQM1's remake being passed over is unbelievably ridiculous, since even if they really don't care to push the game (such an easy selling point using a slogan like "from the series that inspired pokemon"), they could still take a note from Atlus and release in small quantities based on DQMJ and DQMJ2's sales. Then there's the likely the chance that due to DQM1, we might not even see any other spinoff title from this point forward, or if we do, it will be sporadic and between times. However, his statement makes no sense, as by the time DQMJ2 was released, the team that initially worked on it had long since moved onto other projects. Just as the team for EVERY Square, Enix, and now Square Enix title has always moved onto other projects during the localization process. The only time Horii was ever involved at all, and he being the only member involved with more than one Western localization, the other being the producer of Dragon Quest IX. He was barely involved with DQ8, and that was the first one he ever took interest in. So to suggest that anyone from the development team needs to be involved in localizing is beyond ridiculous. So for further posts in response, please point this fact out, or if it were, than no localization could ever happen as it would force the entire Japanese gaming industry to halt in the middle of other projects to go back to the previous project for it's localization. This is beyond intellectually insulting to even insinuate that such a factor is ever involved, or HAS ever been involved. Thirdly, DQ7 is different, as the original, while some people may say poor sales, was 1)a limited release, and while never stated, I lived in LA at the time and it was sold out pretty quickly from the 8 Software Etc.'s in my area, and this in a town with a good volume of RPG fans, and no back stock that I can recall or limited if any. 2) Limited release or not, it's last official count was at 200k(197k close to 198), and that was within 3 weeks after release from MagicBox (can't find the archive of it), so numbers would be over 200k, and that means it outsold all the DS DQ remakes, on a system that was defunct, being over 1 year past the PS2's official release, with virtually no media campaign, but some heavy internet and a few smart magazine ads. Thus it was still reasonably successful by business standards. 3) The 3DS remake upgrades graphics greatly, and enhances gameplay in a way that will more likely draw in new blood, one of which was started with DQ9: on screen enemies. I'm not even going to say it "might or might not" come out, I am sure it is 100% guaranteed to come out here. I'm going to repeat this: Dragon Quest 7 is 100% guaranteed to come to US and EU shores. Let's look at some facts about SE for a second, because it seems some people are very forgetful, don't know, or just don't pay attention to details. 1) SE never, and I mean NEVER tells until it wants to. This is typical of most Japanese game companies, with the sole exception of Final Fantasy 7 and 8 on the PSX, where info was leaked for a LONG time prior to release, leading me to believe Wada fought this tooth and nail, but was somehow convinced to allow this one exception. Given this was not even repeated with FF8 or any other game after, and the only leaks available were unauthorized, therefor unofficial, for all games since, it is not company policy to even admit a game will come out, even if it is in the works until the company is ready to official declare it. 2) Given (1), and given the above false statement that localization depends on the original development team, it is best to say the CEO is just passing information aside because he is following the SE company line, which is to give no official info unless there has already been an official press release. So to take his word as a "oh oh, that's bad news" is ridiculous. Even if DQM:TWr was to be officially announced the next day, he would still pretend it wasn't coming out, and still give a similar statement. So we cannot take this in any way but this is typical SE behaviour. Even Nintendo and Capcom engage in the same. The only difference is Capcom's US and EU divisions are more accessible, and are willing to have genuine conversations with actual players: probably because they have little else to do given Capcom's release schedule. Even Atlus is pretty tight lipped when asked about specific info on releases, until the company has already released specific info through formal channels. 3) Dragon Quest wait times have reduced substantially since DQ7's release, and remained rather consistent after the merger. So in not hearing anything at this point, with a game released this February, and Dragon Quest IV DS, V, VI, VII PSX, VIII, IX, DQMJ, DQMJ2, Slime Mori Mori 2, and Itadaki Street having official release info coming out anywhere from 7 months to a year and 3 months, with no increased wait time as time progresses, meaning wait time variation for each title varies with no particular pattern, I would say we're nowhere near the point of worry, and instead sound like petulant and over worried children. Now if we want to argue that SE SHOULD make more mention of DQ, and DQ7 in this case, in order to spur sales, incite the core fanbase, drive up attention that sparks free press and renewed interest from public sectors not as familiar with DQ, then we're talking money-shot, and that is one of the main points of writing to the CEO. Likewise, if you want to talk about a way of using this to further the unnecessary, but still VERY USEFUL campaign for DQ7, then fantastico, because frankly, even though I don't feel it's necessary to actually get DQ7 published, I do feel it's necessary to improve relations with SE, get them to perhaps see their own personal responsibility in pushing DQ, and perhaps opening new channels of communications with fans as a whole on the DQ experience. As well, the further advancement of interest in DQ releases pushes the agenda that DQ has a strong core fanbase, and might spur a desire to release other spinoffs, like the missing DQM:TWr, and the upcoming remakes of the DQM2 duo. For those who disbelieve, the way to find out if a game is or is not coming is to find sources with insider information. Companies don't care much about small leaks like these because it almost never gets press, and when it does, EGM's Quartermann has defamed the process of leaked sources into the niche corner of lies and conspiracy. Even when he was giving information, that he would make stuff up to add more interest destroyed credibility for the process. Even worse is GamePRO and other mags used him as a source for a good period of time, further ruining the concept. However, such people do exist, their information is good, and I personally trust it due to credibility and integrity over accuracy. In this case Aryllies and Aeana of NeoGAF, both confirming with their own insider sources DQ7 is in process. Oh, one last bit: DQ7's "ungodly" huge text. Consider not just the time spent translating it, but then localizing, then editing, then maintaining name consistency, then maintaining name integrity between various equipment, monsters, NPCs, towns, story items, etc. Then ensuring it reads well, is understandable, and tests bug free or as bug free as can be. This monster makes FF12's text body look like a child's book report of DQ7's Pride and Prejudice (in size, not integrity Platy).
  20. The lack of responses on the two letter ideas and the obvious slow down of this particular campaign for DQVC has me thinking it's time to take a pause myself. There are a number of factors leading into this. 1) We're a very small community, and very VERY scattered. 2) Most of us play other games, and unless we're playing DQX or DQVII 3DS still, the heyday of a new release is done, so we're even more scattered as a community than ever before. 3) It's not easy to start a campaign when you're as lazy as I am, many of you have been helpful, especially redneck, Woodus, and several very key members of the GameFAQs community, but I'm not as committed to the time and effort really needed, nor do I have great resources to handle this. 4) Life, that most important element gets in the way of this. Most of us have families to take care of, work, and given this is the middle of summer, I'm sure business has picked up worldwide by substantial margins. Anyone in the entertainment industry is likely really busy with new release schedules from music to movies, to books and tv. So, my apologies to everyone I've so far let down, and my apologies for grossly mismanaging this thus far. Let's be honest, no pleasantries, no "no you haven'ts" As I have. I'm also not an influential or well known member here, so that has to play some factor, let alone a well known public persona. Maybe one day I can fix that. For all the support and help so far, thanks. The campaign isn't over though, it's just on pause, and since I really blundered on the formal email campaign letters to phil rogers, I think it's best to just postpone that.
  21. Please excuse me if this has been posted somewhere before, but I'm trying to pinpoint, early, what likely names would be for every weapon and armour. So far I've done all weapons. Any more specific info like where found info would be greatly appreciated. I do not speak or read Japanese, so this is a guess and check between the various DQ translations since VIII, including my FAQ on gamefaqs, and so far FFsky's DQ73DS page. Any other good wiki's for Dragon Quest 7 3DS would be greatly appreciated. This is all for a planned FAQ down the road. I'm not sure how far I'll take it. Might just go for a game mechanics FAQ and leave it there. Weapons for now, Armour I'll do later: & = Unknown English name ^ = Likely English name ? = Unsure Copper Sword 11 Atk 9 Style 220B 110S H K G Me A ^Falcon Blade^ 22 Atk 15 Style MDropped *cannot be sold* H K M A 2 Hits (maybe 75% per?) Steel Broadsword 33 Atk 16 Style 2800B 1400S H G Me A Cautery Sword 42 Atk 23 Style 5400B 2700S H Me A Use in battle: Sizz Saw Blade 54 Atk -2 Style 8800B 4400S H K A &Bounce Sword& 55 Atk 35 Style 6200B 3100S H K A Use in battle: Bounce ^Faerie Foil^ 58 Atk 30 Style 8500B 4250S H K Me A Use in battle: Buff Platinum Sword 60 Atk 45 Style Found 1500S H Me A Dream Blade 65 Atk 28 Style 7300B 3650S H Me A On Hit: Sleep ^Uber Falcon Blade^ 65 Atk 32 Style C:10000T ?12500S? H Me A 2 Hits (maybe 75% per?) Siren Sword 70 Atk 51 Style 9800B 4900S Ma A On Hit: Confuse Zombiesbane 80 Atk 5 Style 15000B 7500S H Me A +50% versus Undead Dragonsbane 83 Atk 35 Style 20000B 10000S H A +50% versus Dragons Fire Blade 87 Atk 33 Style 22500B 11250S H A Use in battle: Bang , On Hit: Frizz (50% of base damage) &Deja Sword& 90 Atk 45 Style Event *cannot be sold* H Me A On Hit: Confuse Massacre Sword 95 Atk 15 Style MDropped 14500S A Cursed: Def = 0 , Hits all enemies ^Sunderbolt Blade^ 95 Atk 40 Style 24000B 12000S H Me A Use in battle: Lightning &Godeus Sword& 97 Atk 40 Style 23000B 11500S H A Use in battle: Kasap Miracle Sword 100 Atk 38 Style 65 Medals 1000S H Me A 25% of damage returned as healed HP Blizzard Blade 105 Atk 38 Style MDropped 14500S H A On Hit: Crack (50% of base damage) ^Bastard Sword^ 109 Atk 32 Style 31000B 15500S H A ^Hell Sabre^ 110 Atk 0 Style Found 22500S H A Cursed: ~25% chance to become paralyzed for a round ^Double-Edged Sword^ 117 Atk 13 Style MDropped 2500S H A Cursed: ?1/4 or 1/6? of damage reflected back to user &King's Sword& 120 Atk 55 Style Found 22500S H A &Aquagon Sword& 125 Atk 52 Style Event *cannot be sold* H Use in battle: Tidal Wave ^Metal King Sword^ 130 Atk 40 Style 74000B 37000S H Ma Me A ?+1 versus Metal Monsters? &Oceano Sword& 140 Atk 60 Style Found *cannot be sold* H Me A Use in battle: Oomph , On Hit: Zap (50% of base damage) Poison Needle 1 Atk 15 Style 45 Medals 1450S Ma G Me On Hit: Instant Death , always does 1 damage at 95% chance to hit (1 damage criticals) ?Dagger? 1 Atk 17 Style Found ?S? Ma G Me On Hit: Instant Death , always does 1 damage at 95% chance to hit (1 damage criticals) Bone Stake 6 Atk 3 Style 110B 55S G Bronze Knife 9 Atk 8 Style Found 75S Ma G Me A ^Divine Dagger^ 14 Atk 7 Style 200B 100S H Ma K G Me A Poison Moth Knife 23 Atk 13 Style Found 475S Ma Me On Hit: Paralysis ^Assassin's Dagger^ 30 Atk 11 Style 1500B 750S Ma On Hit: Instant Death (does not work on Metal Slime Types) Falcon Knife Earrings 45 Atk 32 Style 11000B 5500S Ma A 2 Hits Icicle Dirk 62 Atk 31 Style 9000B 4500S G Use in battle: Crackle , On Hit: Crack (50% of base damage) Stone Axe 19 Atk 4 Style 810B 405S K G A ?Iron Axe? 38 Atk 6 Style 4000B 2000S H G A Battle Axe 49 Atk 15 Style 6500B 3250S H A ?Demon Axe? 108 Atk 20 Style MDropped 250S A 37.5% chance to Crit or Miss Giant Mallet 14 Atk -5 Style 410B 205S K A Sledgehammer 31 Atk 6 Style 2100B 1050S K A War Hammer 64 Atk 19 Style 12000B 6000S H A Hela's Hammer 115 Atk 33 Style C:750T 7500S H A 37.5% chance to Crit or Miss , Cursed ^Megaton Hammer^ 120 Atk 37 Style Found *cannot be sold* H A 66.7% chance to Crit or Miss , Cursed Bamboo Spear 5 Atk 2 Style 50B 25S H Ma K G Me A ^Iron Lance^ 23 Atk 1 Style 1000B 500S H K G Me A ^Holy Lance^ 36 Atk 17 Style 3300B 1650S H Me A Demon Spear 99 Atk 19 Style Found 12500S Ma Me A On Hit: Instant Death Iron Claw 21 Atk 15 Style 920B 460S G Fire Claw 53 Atk 21 Style 7700B 3850S G Use in battle: Frizzle , On Hit: Frizz (50% of base damage) &Dragon Claw& 85 Atk 35 Style 21000B 10500S G Cobra Claw 90 Atk 29 Style 35000B 17500S G On Hit: Poison ^Beast Claws^ 95 Atk 25 Style Found 275S G Stone Fangs 12 Atk 3 Style 340B 170S G Steel Fangs 35 Atk 8 Style 4200B 2100S G Ferocious Fangs 73 Atk 25 Style 17000B 8500S G On Hit: Paralysis Orichalcum Fangs 135 Atk 37 Style Found 15000S G Cypress Stick 2 Atk 0 Style 10B 5S H Ma K G Me A Oaken Club 8 Atk 5 Style 110B 55S H K G Me A ^Wizard's Staff^ 15 Atk 11 Style 1500B 750S Ma Me Use in battle: Frizz Staff of Salvation 15 Atk 16 Style Found 315S Ma Me Use in battle: Midheal &Shepard's Staff& 27 Atk 21 Style Found *cannot be sold* Ma Me Use in battle: &Tamer& Lightning Staff 28 Atk 24 Style MDropped 1650S Ma Me Use in battle: Sizzle &Sleep Staff& 32 Atk 15 Style 4200B 2100S Ma Me Use in battle: Sleep ^Staff of Sentencing^ 35 Atk 20 Style 50Medals 500S Ma Me Use in battle Swoosh ^Staff of Divine Wrath^ 37 Atk 22 Style ?Found? 1450S Ma Me Use in battle: Woosh ^Rune Staff^ 39 Atk 21 Style MDrops 3150S Ma Me Use in battle: Kabuff Staff of Antimagic 40 Atk 18 Style 6800B 3400S Ma Me Use in battle: Fizzle ^Sage's Staff^ 50 Atk 12 Style 15000B 7500S Ma Me Use in battle: Midheal Magma Staff 63 Atk 30 Style MDrops 4750S Ma Me A Use in battle: Magma Blast Staff of Resurrection 66 Atk 38 Style Found 22500S Ma Me Use in battle: Zing Watermaul Wand 74 Atk 42 Style 14000B 7000S H Ma Me Use in battle: Tidal Wave &Staff of Life& 79 Atk 44 Style Found *cannot be sold* Ma Me Use in battle: Kazing ^Tsunami Staff^ 88 Atk 46 Style Found *cannot be sold* Ma Me Use in battle: ?Coral Rain? , Minimum Level 20 to Equip &Hero's Staff& 103 Atk 60 Style 37000B 18500S Me Use in battle: Insulatle , 3MP ?Absorbed or Consumed? per Attack Thorn Whip 18 Atk 7 Style 770B 385S Ma A Attacks Group ^Leather Whip^ 25 Atk 13 Style 1300B 650S Ma A Attacks Group Chain Whip 33 Atk 18 Style 2500B 1250S Ma Me A Attacks Group Morning Star 43 Atk 14 Style 5500B 2750S Ma Me A Attacks Group ^Sidewinder^ 52 Atk 33 Style 7500B 3750S H Me A Attacks Group Spiked Steel Whip 65 Atk 22 Style 9500B 4750S Ma A Attacks Group &Wizardly Whip& 115 Atk 52 Style Found *cannot be sold* Ma A Attacks Group , Minimum level 30 to equip Flail of Destruction 125 Atk 26 Style C:300,000T 10000S H G A Attacks All Gringham Whip 145 Atk 57 Style 15Medals 5000S H Ma Me A Attacks Group Boomerang 15 Atk 5 Style 650B 325S H G Attacks All Edged Boomerang 26 Atk 19 Style 2300B 1150S H G Attacks All Flametang Boomerang 65 Atk 25 Style 13000B 6500S H G Attacks All Chain Sickle 27 Atk 13 Style 1700B 850S K G Me A &Slime Stick& 28 Atk 8 Style Special *cannot be sold* H Ma K G Me &Power Claw& 40 Atk 20 Style 7100B 3550S H G A &Skillet& 44 Atk 9 Style Special *cannot be sold* H Ma Me A &Shears& 47 Atk -1 Style 6000B 3000S A Lunar Fan 60 Atk 30 Style 7700B 3850S Ma A Great Bow 110 Atk 25 Style MDropped 18500S H A Solar Fan 110 Atk 49 Style Found 11000S Ma A Attacks Group
  22. The idea with the second version is to do more than one email campaign, and have this one be focused on social media to sell DQ so they can feel like they're making money and communication with fans. The second one would be about specific games we want to hear information about, and DQVC, and whether we can be given the server source code for it to keep it going forever so everyone can fully enjoy the game into the future without their company being burdened by fixing it, and instead focus on newer games.
  23. Ok, so rather than edit, I basically wrote a second version, and I'm not sure which I like more, so let's see what you guys think? Second Version: First Version:
  24. A complete change in the type of response is typically a good indicator. You really do enjoy being a crotchety old man that lives in a cabin in the woods, waves a cane, and distills the wisdom of an embittered and wizened fogey who wishes all to know they too may end up the same way. LOL, I can certainly see your appeal Ryu. It's not just based on nothing, the change in dialogue is evidence that we're not getting cookie cutter messages, and resonates with a year ago. That doesn't mean the battle is over if DQVC IS indeed put back online (wasn't when I checked this morning).
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