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  1. Hmm, I would suggest taking trips out then to Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas during the winter. Problem is Arizona is really cold in the winter, especially at night. Deserts tend to be especially cold at night, as I'm sure you're aware from your time in Nevada. If your arthritis has started acting up, I think it's a good idea to see how you fare during the winter months in these states. I've had horrible knee pain since I was 16, after a basketball game where I was slammed from behind by two people attempting a layup. There was no padding on the pole and my right knee was slammed into
  2. The problem with the water is it will be difficult to split it off as a separate layer, but it can be done in Gimp, but other than sequencing that so it's all in one uniform direction, it looks pretty good so far.
  3. So, in other words, its an infomercial designed to look like a Nintendo Direct...no mention of ANY other game, be it Mario, Zelda, DQ, Metroid...you get the idea. Its an infomercial. At least my son will be happy. He's wanting this. Yep, that's what it looks like. I don't see any reason to panic yet. Panic? I'm too happy to see the excitement in my son's face for the new Super Smash to panic. My point was that I agree with you, I see no panic, if anything I see a man who is resigned that there's nothing to see here. The panic was more for Mr. RPG who seems downtrodden and a
  4. So, in other words, its an infomercial designed to look like a Nintendo Direct...no mention of ANY other game, be it Mario, Zelda, DQ, Metroid...you get the idea. Its an infomercial. At least my son will be happy. He's wanting this. Yep, that's what it looks like. I don't see any reason to panic yet.
  5. Indeed, in being a precocious ass, as he often is, doing something opposite of what should be done to trigger the reaction he wants to see, and is yet so sublimely successful at it, Platty has nailed it. They're synonyms of one another .
  6. No Dawn, I cannot fathom Wada has anything more than a stoic face of indifference. SE has had to backtrack after learning all about the number of fans who wanted FF7, not FF7 sequels or prequels, but FF7. This after years and years and YEARS of fan demand going completely unnoticed, even on their own forums in the US and Japan (assuming Europe as well). With this, it's still an open question of how much they really understand. The problem is SE doesn't take the time to carefully evaluate their market and how to market a product. They're like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut of
  7. Heh, Gintama spoofs Dragon Quest in episodes 167-169.
  8. Heh, well said Erdrick. We may disagree on a few points here and there, but overall, it is one heck of a game. Easily one of the most unappreciated PSX releases (outside Japan anyway).
  9. Yep, Gabo is one of a kind for sure, at least in the gaming world. Especially since, for all his ignorance of humanity and youth, he has tremendous wisdom, is quite calm at the right moments, and has some of the best dialogue. I'd say he even trumps Carver for hilarity (though you have to love Carver's party chat after talking to Pigs and Cows in DQ6).
  10. Eh, I haven't written one. Might as well. I'll do one DQ at a time, since I don't have too much time to spend on this, and I can't help my unbelievable urge to write a ton (yes, I've actually tried pain therapies to force myself to be concise and to the point in such moments, it doesn't work, but then I have very high pain tolerance). My favourites list, the reasons for why, and my timeless quest to figure out why I spend time I don't have typing things like this up! 1) Dragon Quest VII (PSX version)- Where to start. I'll cover my actual ratings for the game, then discuss why, given
  11. FAQs are awesome when such information is conveyed within. Though I haven't finished the locations of everything in every single instance (and I should), here is my weapon and armour faq on GameFAQs (the only uptodate versions of my FAQs are here, and I should get the rest up to date, but then my main faq is still an ongoing project). FAQ: http://www.gamefaqs.com/ds/942424-dragon-quest-vi-realms-of-revelation/faqs/61648 The data you need: Platinum Sword - Medford's Manor (30 Mini Medals), also Dropped by #158 Dragooner at a 1/64 chance (you can also dig these up on the maps they s
  12. LOL, you are certainly a source of immeasurable entertainment and a class act robotnik.
  13. Battery issues should just be the save file isn't even there. I need batteries replaced in several games, never once have I seen anything indicating the game was "corrupt", rather they simply weren't there. I can save a game on them, but if I don't replay it within a week, the battery won't continue to store it. Come to think of it, I've never had a "corrupt save" except on the PSX. Redneck, given what you've said, I know the general statement from Nintendo is to hold reset and turn the power off, and the game even says that. I have never done this for any game on the NES, ever.
  14. You know, I've had over 100 plays of NES DW3, 20+ of DW4, maybe 20+ of DW2, and only 2 of DW1 NES, and I have never known about this. Ever. Never seen it. Same with any DQ actually, I've just never encountered this problem. Hopefully I never do. That would be pretty scary. Though honestly, it's a great way to mark the occasion of absolute horror. I do find it funny the reaction is negative about the music played and not the actual loss of data.
  15. I'm trying to. My goal is to become an author. I have quite a few projects currently in the works. Nothing published yet, but I have two that are relatively close to completion (9 total, one trilogy of which I've started on two of the books, a set of four books interconnected, two standalone novels, and the start of another trilogy). I've had to postpone things a bit due to life changes, but just a temporary postponement. Other than that I write videogame FAQs on the side, and while nothing is completed, I have three guides on GameFAQs right now. Two for DQ6 DS, one for DQ3 GBC, an upcom
  16. You don't seem to understand what "brief" means. But your all your points here are vaild to the point that my sleep-deprived brain can understand. LOL, I remember one time someone asked me if I could provide Cliff's Notes. At another point someone asked me if there was a supplemental booklet to help break down the assorted word jargon and word puzzle I developed. Oh ya, and happy birthday man. Many happy returns, good cake, and one day when you're a bit older, a future full of good wine and women!
  17. This list is rather accurate in showing the actual sales figures. http://dragon-quest.org/wiki/Worldwide_Dragon_Quest_Sales There are disputes as to overall sales due to lack of information after certain points in the sale cycle where Enix, and later Square-Enix won't post because they've already hit the significant milestones and average sales have dropped off to a trickle. What could be 3.893 million for Dragon Quest VII, I've also seen as 4.12m for Japan alone on other sites, and it is difficult to say if that 4.12m figure is based on an algorithm and continued sales over time pas
  18. Well, we don't really know. What we do know is this: At the time Enix had a newsletter, at least Enix of America did (they were actually pretty open, and willing to talk if you sent in any letters/mail/etc.). This was like a 3 or 6 month newsletter (to my memory it wasn't consistent, and I have only the last two, the rest I threw out). Anyway, the final two talked about DQ5 and 6. Second to last was like a year prior to EoA closing its offices. It had a whole article covering how DQ5 was being localized as Dragon Warrior 5, and they were talking about Dragon Quest 6 in-house,
  19. LOL, well, I suppose you'll post as you see fit. We're all a product of ourselves or so the saying goes. I never said classes were not optional. Simply because classes are optional does not mean the system as devised is not flawed. I don't have the energy to cover the various flaws inherent in the class system of the original Dragon Quest VII, maybe at some point if I have time and I remember. Helps to have several TV shows I watch (really only Tuesday and Wednesday nights).
  20. Wait wait wait. Let me get this straight. Square-Enix is "greedy" because it choose to make a costly remake, that you feel took away from new Dragon Quests as Horii could have devoted more time and energy to X and XI (whenever we hear word of that), instead of a cheap cash-in like a digital download release that is bound to have numerous bugs given S-E's history with digital download releases? Are you sure this is your line of reasoning? I'm not trying to be condescending here, I'm just saying perhaps you should rethink your analysis. There are a few things here that must be address
  21. *scratches head* Wow. I'm not exactly sure what your position is though Robotnik. It seems you feel as though the original game was pristine in all its original glory, and was difficult enough of a game that it required the class system as is, with all its broken aspects, that were balanced in the sense it allowed for defeat of a boss at lower levels. That somehow the act of class mastery does not in and of itself create an over-leveling bubble, which in your own estimation is wrong and bad as THAT, not having class skills that deal 300 and 600 damage regardless of level, is the defi
  22. I have to admit, while I'm not always on the same page with Saigan in terms of his game choices, he's got a great dynamic, and while I don't often watch his videos, it is a pleasure to do so. Ya, me too Alexandrious, me too. I already knew I'd like it after watching people play and comparing it to my own experiences, etc. yada...bleh, lol. That and while he hasn't posted in awhile, Tiael's a huge fan and we tend to share commonalities in gaming habits.
  23. Ryu, you actually played RO2. Oh I feel for ya man. I really really feel for you. I've been an RO fan for a long long time now (will remain one forever, though in many respects its best years are long behind), but RO2...oh dear. I'm glad the Korean servers are closing, that game is horrid. Not that FTP models can't work, nor can work well, but ya, the quality and completeness of a P2P model offers a lot more. Sure you may not spend much in FTP up front, until you get into it, then even in the games where it's not Pay to Win, it's still, do you want to spend $100 a week for roughly 2-3
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