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  1. Ya, it works on the old randomizer system, with personalities altering the stats after the randomizer. Vain is one of the worst of the worst of the worst. Kindly and Worldly are...meh, not great, but not terrible, while Solitary is the third best in the game for all-around growth after Sexy/starting Lewd. You can use books to change them permanently if you want. I suggest reading this FAQ, it explains the system on the SFC: http://www.gamefaqs.com/snes/564402-dragon-quest-iii/faqs/60082 It's missing certain elements, most importantly, starting stats, which Sk8erpunq figured out: Another thing to note, if a character begins the game with Lewd as their personality (male only), it does NOT use the Lewd stats from that FAQ, it uses the Sexy stats (which are FAR superior). Lewd gained any other fashion, such as through a book, or through an accessory, will use the Lewd stat alterations in that FAQ. Anyway you can also read this: http://dragon-quest.org/wiki/List_of_personality_types_in_Dragon_Quest_III#SFC_to_GBC_personality_translations It includes the starting stats as well as the personality shifts, and can be easier to read, also helps that the list can be sorted. Tip: The first Smart Book (permanently changes a personality to Sharp) is found in Romaly. So read that and your Hero should be aok for MP for quite a few levels. Down the road you can equip the Rockstar Ring for the Solitary personality (most accessories change personalities while they're equipped). By AoK, I mean your MP growth will hit the maximum possible. It's a good idea to make a group of 3 Thieves for seed farming later, but don't worry about this now, it's only important for the post game.
  2. The Hero's stat growth in the SFC version is one reason why I consider it hard mode. Just one. It'll pick up anywhere from 12 to 20, and whenever it does the initial boosts are high, but don't expect to come close to matching a Level*10 HP growth that's possible in the NES or a Level*8 that's possible in the GBC. How's your MP? If it's low, and you're not a Sexy or natural Lewd personality (since Lewd at the start = Sexy stats, but Lewd from the accessory = the Lewd stats in every FAQ), then maybe consider going for Sharp for that extra MP, which can be a huge help down the road, especially versus Baramos. Solitary is the bee's knees it is, but I usually find better results with Sharp.
  3. Nice Yangus! People really underestimate the power of the Dealer. For all things are but dealings, and the dealer be the master of deals. No one can out duel the deals of the dealer when the dealer is at his/her dealing darn best, doing one deal then onto the next. There really should be a new remake of DQ3... So where are you at now Yangus? How about yourself Black Raven? How goes your play so far?
  4. LOL, now we just need to get a gif rip of those hula dancing monsters from Dragon Quest V, splice that little poem, bit in Flute_Warrior, and bam! @Zenith...NOOO, thou canst not go against thy protocol! A king thou art, looking on high, traveling from realm to realm, and gifting thy view of the world below in the form of maps for thee and those hearty adventurers who would be lost without. Ahem, well uh, no, no....NOOOOO, time says no! I cannot forsake my works! I have partaken of the quest of Eight, and perhaps I shall do a full accounting after, going from 8 to 3. I dare not play 2, nor 1, for of those worlds I am finished and done...and darn you flute warrior for striking a cord within me, a past buried deep and long since forgotten. Pray I release no more horrors of my failed attempts at poetry. Run children...RUN!, for I shall soon break out in song.
  5. *tips hat* Fantastic work as always, I can't wait for the finished product. You've done justice to such a splendid game Zenith. I'm kind of avoiding this topic due to bursts of nostalgia and keeping away the "must play NOW!" bug that is slowly infesting my system. I wonder if there isn't like a special badge for like...Uber Mapmaking Machine!
  6. It's really time for some hot Slippy action. I expect the roster to hold true to SMB standards, larger than the previous, so I'm hoping Star Fox sees another member added to the ranks. Hmm, speaking of even more love for character groups from a series (I'm with you on that Eal), I hope we see more love for Mother series characters.
  7. Yeah, just be careful though, in the end game, your Merchant will have a harder time due to lack of armour, unless you made it female. OH, and definitely, SNES9x on the Wii is probably my favourite version of that particular emulator. I'd go so far as to say sound emulation is as good if not better than Zsnes on a Computer. I just wish I could make my own codes there instead of having to transfer, and that the character limitation for Game Genie/PAR code descriptions wasn't so limited. Other than that, oh ya. Personally I use my GC controller, but maybe I should get into using a Classic or a Classic Pro.
  8. You'll find this is quite doable. I did a similar party (Merchant, Thief, Fighter), and it was glorious. Hero was my main healer in bad times, Thief was my main Herbalist and the first Sage Stone holder when it became available. Merchant's Strength pool is surprising, and can nearly match a Warrior (about 75-90%), and is definitely superior in my experience anyway, to Torneko (strength wise only, not in other categories, probably since Torneko is a mixed bag of Thief + Jester + Merchant)... *spider webbed cogs turning in head* ...hey wait a minute, LOL, essentially you're just playing the Hero + Taloon! That's awesome, make up a story line, how he was either split into three beings in this Dragon Quest universe, due to his sheer awesomeness, and the world of Lemia being far too weakened from Baramos' onslaught it could not handle such a bodacious character as Torneko Taloon, or these three will be sucked into a worm hole that combines and traps them in a single body, that of a young Torneko, and their adventurous spirit pours into his soul, driving his need to seek treasure and wander the world in search of riches and powerful swords! Well anyway, if you're lucky, your Thief can dish out substantial damage. The best part is it is entirely possible to skip both Orochi AND Troll face until after getting the Justice Abacus! It just takes a lot of work to find all those extra mini medals lying around. Afterall, the mini medal list for both the GBC and SFC games are the same, and there are 76 up to Baramos, while the Justice Abacus requires only 60. You should find it surprising how effective both the Thief + Jester are (until level 17 for the Jester), at clearing out mobs. If you're willing to farm a little bit to get your Jester up to 26 prior to Baramos, the frequency of the auto-paralysis dies down to a semi-manageable level in a party.
  9. Agreed. I love 8 and will always love 8 on my PS2 + TV. But if we're to get anything, let it be VII or X. We can think of this in these terms: SE is unsure of success in the US for Dragon Quest, and they've clearly never understood the US and EU markets right? They are a company that seems to demand a game/series sell 500k or higher (or whatever arbitrarily high sales number they assume meets their standards), since afterall, they're Square and Enix combined, and nothing less will do! So, they want DQVII to see a release here, and I would bet DQX, since being an MMO, if they can get a substantive consistent user base regardless of upticks in hardcopy sales and turn-around, that would be another long-term profit driver to add to FF11, 14, and the upcoming Star Ocean MMO (few sci-fi MMO's reach any serious success, so this has promise due to limited competition). Thus perhaps the gameplan is to release DQ on mobile, and hopefully entice new customers, by using the one tool in their arsenal with arguably the most well known title, and the most enticing and appealing eye candy of the series? I really have no doubts we'll eventually get VII, and I don't think there's even a concept of a "window" for DQX's release as some have said, given the time window between many releases in Korea and Japan of an MMO, and the US/EU releases. Maybe I'm reaching, but as much as I want just 7 and 10, what I most want to see is some measure of success for the series as a whole that has SE feeling more comfortable with releasing Dragon Quest in the US, and give them an idea of need, drive, and level of marketing required to properly sell without worrying about profits. Since at least in that light, perhaps we'll be able to talk about Dragon Quest with the word "assured" and the word group "released outside Japan" in the same sentence. What do you think?
  10. Well it's certainly not a renewal, since it's a brand new trademark. That said, I think they're going to bring us DQVIII first on mobile, see how that works out, then slowly work into other Dragon Quest releases. I'm going to say YES. I mean, it's not like we're talking about Ancient Aliens or anything, and you're saying no, and I'm saying yes. DQVIII mobile's US release possibility isn't that obscure...
  11. Hmm, I would suggest taking trips out then to Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas during the winter. Problem is Arizona is really cold in the winter, especially at night. Deserts tend to be especially cold at night, as I'm sure you're aware from your time in Nevada. If your arthritis has started acting up, I think it's a good idea to see how you fare during the winter months in these states. I've had horrible knee pain since I was 16, after a basketball game where I was slammed from behind by two people attempting a layup. There was no padding on the pole and my right knee was slammed into it. Never been the same since (literally felt like my leg was bent the other way, and I actually told the story this way for awhile because I literally believed that happened as I was carried up to the nurse's office). My left knee, to compensate for my right, has just deteriorated. They're fine if I keep up with exercise and stretching, but it only takes two weeks of sluggishness before they're hurting all the time. Out here in Santa Fe, when we get rain, which is rare, my knees explode outward. Granted when I'm very active I barely feel it, but any lull, and I can't bend the at all. Oh, another thing, check into the Wheat Belly book. Early arthritis has been linked to wheat for quite some time, and generally GMO based foods (Wheat being the first and most prolific GMO product), but mostly wheat based. It's in just about everything. That may help you, as I know several people it has done wonders for. My mum, for the period of time she actually followed it, within a week and for the three months she followed it, had no arthritis problems, and actually had substantial hand, wrist, and thumb strength. Other problems also disappeared. Sadly she's not prone to sticking with anything and is on a mediterranean diet with some arthritis problems (and some of her other issues are back again, though not extreme, which is good). I know a lot of others who have experienced a huge rash of physiological problems disappear as well under the same diet. It's a difficult one though, since it means literally no bread and virtually no bread substitutes but what you make yourself, as no company on the market produces a "glutten free" or "wheat free" based bread that's actually healthy, they're almost as bad, and your sugar levels will spike a LOT on them, almost as much and sometimes more than on "whole grain" or especially "white bread". One good thing though: it's kind of a hunter-gatherer diet, but has more options, so there's a good amount of cheese, meat, and fish. Edit: Oh right, another major and VERY important reason to take trips out. Arizona and New Mexico are between 3,000 and 12,000 ft depending on where in each state you move to. This is more so an issue in New Mexico, but even in Arizona the decreased pressure of the upper atmosphere is actually helpful to arthritis, but you CAN pass out and tire out easily when you're not used to it. Your heart works a lot harder to keep your body in sync up here, especially early on. Once you do get used to it, you'll be fine, but some people can never handle the lack of pressure, so it's a good idea to get an idea of how well you can handle it. Just don't push it. My first day moving here from Los Angeles, CA, and I passed out after 10 minutes of trying out for Basketball (at the time I was heavy into sports and would spend probably 6-8 hours a day on sports), needless to say I came back the next day apologized, and asked to tryout again, but was told no, so as a result I stopped playing High School sports and became a bit more of a computer nerd (was before this, but at this point in my life vg and computers became my focus).
  12. The problem with the water is it will be difficult to split it off as a separate layer, but it can be done in Gimp, but other than sequencing that so it's all in one uniform direction, it looks pretty good so far.
  13. So, in other words, its an infomercial designed to look like a Nintendo Direct...no mention of ANY other game, be it Mario, Zelda, DQ, Metroid...you get the idea. Its an infomercial. At least my son will be happy. He's wanting this. Yep, that's what it looks like. I don't see any reason to panic yet. Panic? I'm too happy to see the excitement in my son's face for the new Super Smash to panic. My point was that I agree with you, I see no panic, if anything I see a man who is resigned that there's nothing to see here. The panic was more for Mr. RPG who seems downtrodden and already sold on the premise that due to nothing in this Nintendo Direct, it's done and over with, no DQ7. Anyway, as for your situation. New Mexico is not that bad, and Arizona can be difficult. One thing to note, overexposure to the sun can be just as bad as underexposure. Premature aging, so bring a hat . You'll have to deal with harsh allergies, but once you get around them, you'll be aok. Chamisa and Pinion (pine in Spanish), being the two main contributors in both states. I don't know about Texas though, but anything south of Austin is miserably humid. Almost as bad as Louisiana. So it depends on whether you prefer wet or dry heat.
  14. So, in other words, its an infomercial designed to look like a Nintendo Direct...no mention of ANY other game, be it Mario, Zelda, DQ, Metroid...you get the idea. Its an infomercial. At least my son will be happy. He's wanting this. Yep, that's what it looks like. I don't see any reason to panic yet.
  15. Indeed, in being a precocious ass, as he often is, doing something opposite of what should be done to trigger the reaction he wants to see, and is yet so sublimely successful at it, Platty has nailed it. They're synonyms of one another .
  16. No Dawn, I cannot fathom Wada has anything more than a stoic face of indifference. SE has had to backtrack after learning all about the number of fans who wanted FF7, not FF7 sequels or prequels, but FF7. This after years and years and YEARS of fan demand going completely unnoticed, even on their own forums in the US and Japan (assuming Europe as well). With this, it's still an open question of how much they really understand. The problem is SE doesn't take the time to carefully evaluate their market and how to market a product. They're like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off for all the disjointed efforts put into marketing other games. This one actually had a lot of facebook and twitter exposure. A ton of free marketing on top of a decent campaign. So BD does well. I actually have my doubts they'll really learn from this, but I hope I'm surprised. That said, I still think either or, Dragon Quest VII was and is slated for a US/EU release. The question is, how will this affect that release, and what involvement will Nintendo have, if any? The other question being, what other quality products will they consider relooking into? There's a ton of Quintet stuff. There are long-since promised FF5 and 6 remakes on a proper system, with a proper remake, not the half-baked mobile remakes (and yes, they're half baked). There's a ton of other SE brands to draw from. KH3 has been passed up for a long time, for little to no reason. CC, while underselling CT, was still a major success, so they could simply look at a third Chrono game without requiring the big three. Then of course there's the Dragon Quest universe. See the problem here is, will SE overblow things, and pull a DQMJoker, where they try to oversell the game to magazines and websites, effectively turning them off. Or will they be smart about it and release to smaller groups, but tidbits over time. Maybe do some smaller twitter releases or a facebook campaign with instagram sharing linked into it, and perhaps rethink their approach to gamers marketing on their own (ala Saigan's debacle)? I'm skeptical. Squenix's track record for reading a market and playing it right is bad, their inability to consider lower sales for games, and allow the games themselves to build their own fan base, all while pushing smaller games that just grow over time is kind of null until this series, and BD's clear success. It's so far seeing the same type of success as EO did for Atlus. First one was small, limited, did well, but draw in a lot more gamers over time by word of mouth, then the next game did better, offered a lot more, but had a ton of complaints despite warm welcome. So in came the third game to much better reception and even better sales, and had some marketing. Then number 4 and a remake of number 1.... So maybe with the 4 Heroes of Light spin off we might see SE begin to view from the perspective of start small and build up a series. However, the last bits of that interview have me scared that they're already looking at it from the classical Square and SE perspective of "go big or go home", where they'll oversell one game, and when sales don't quite hit expectations, even if close, they'll just go back to underselling and keeping their fan desired games in Japan again.
  17. Heh, Gintama spoofs Dragon Quest in episodes 167-169.
  18. Heh, well said Erdrick. We may disagree on a few points here and there, but overall, it is one heck of a game. Easily one of the most unappreciated PSX releases (outside Japan anyway).
  19. Yep, Gabo is one of a kind for sure, at least in the gaming world. Especially since, for all his ignorance of humanity and youth, he has tremendous wisdom, is quite calm at the right moments, and has some of the best dialogue. I'd say he even trumps Carver for hilarity (though you have to love Carver's party chat after talking to Pigs and Cows in DQ6).
  20. Eh, I haven't written one. Might as well. I'll do one DQ at a time, since I don't have too much time to spend on this, and I can't help my unbelievable urge to write a ton (yes, I've actually tried pain therapies to force myself to be concise and to the point in such moments, it doesn't work, but then I have very high pain tolerance). My favourites list, the reasons for why, and my timeless quest to figure out why I spend time I don't have typing things like this up! 1) Dragon Quest VII (PSX version)- Where to start. I'll cover my actual ratings for the game, then discuss why, given the ultra low rating, I qualify this as my favourite Dragon Quest, and my favourite game of all time (literally, I could actually feel comfortable with ONLY Dragon Quest VII to play with, forever, and a gameshark). My ratings: Graphics 6/10 Yes, it's ugly, but it's like watching a Ray Harryhausen stop motion animation. It's just so darn charming and likable, and the funny looks, costumes, and completely out of place character designs in this more realistic, but topsy turvy town maps, with odd angles, curves, and wall shapes that no building could rightly stand up on. Yet, the curves, the bends, the colours, the music, and just the feel of the full experience, combined with the lighthearted way of telling some of the most tragic, depressing, and horrific stories written for a game actually make all of these seeming mishmash of artistic ideas blend beautifully. I actually like it immensely. Music 9/10 While there are few tracks that are memorable in and of themselves, unlike many of the previous games (Dragon Quest V's battle music, or Dragon Quest II's town music for example), I would say it fits every element of the game at every point a particular track is used, more so than any Dragon Quest before or since. This game could not work with any other soundtrack (I've tried, it just doesn't feel right). Sound FX 5/10 You know, I love Dragon Quest sound FX, but after a time they do get old, and some of the more high pitched squeals, while some may enjoy this, I like the updates in DQVIII and IX, which actually sound like a slight progression of many of the old rehashed, ad infinitum sound fx since the original trilogy. Characters 8/10 I love Hobo Link. Hobo Link IS my favourite RPG hero, for a silent protagonist type anyway. The hood and Link dress-alike clothing actually added a certain flair to the game that took away from the knowledge I'm playing as a child, and puts into place the idea I'm playing as the hooded wonder boy with a sword that is quite physically fit, quite adept at puzzles, and while genuine and kind, is clearly an intellectual heavyweight (based on 70% of all NPC dialogue...of course Maribel's opinions counter the entire known world, since she can't but put him down at every opportunity as she refuses to admit to herself her feelings for Hobo Link). Kiefer is one of the best examples of a Prince gone rogue and desiring for exploration, and the initial combination of the trio makes for some great in-party dialogue, and their personalities just work quite well in-sync, since it's clear as day, from Kiefer's perspective, that he would not have the guts or ability to do all this himself without Hobo Link as a friend. Maribel is a treasure and a half. Mostly for her rancor and complete lack of ladylike candor, while still forcing everyone to treat her like one. Like that first girlfriend we've all had, who is completely smitten, but in her fear of admitting it she would prefer to tear you down, Maribel's snarky commentary and posh attitude surprisingly brightens up the party. Helps that she is surprisingly insightful without actually meaning to be, which is a first and an only for a Dragon Quest character. She is still one of a kind. Gabo...and the two extras. What I can I say, but I don't feel like carrying this forward any further due to time limitations. So I'll make this short: Gabo is AWESOME. The other two hold their own, but Gabo is thus far my favourite sidekick in any game, ever. Why the 8 out of 10? Not enough development, not enough party conversation. This game, and these characters deserve more. 8 Years ago I would have given a 10/10, but given the remakes of 5 and 6, and the foreknowledge of more party chat in the remake of 7, the original gets an 8. Darn, it's 2pm already, I have to get going, I'll try to remember to finish this later. I have returned! Story 10/10 What can I say that hasn't been said already. What a story. There are two overarching story quests that overshadow the subplots, and are interwoven in between one another. The first being, why is there but one lonely island with a shrine that no one has any clue about, and no historical record to indicate the true purpose of the shrine, just smatterings of bits and pieces? This leads into the second half of this first arc, after unlocking the tomb and saving Rexwood: what happened to the world! This eventually ties directly into arc number two. The second arc being the story and history of God, and how this relates to the current condition of the world. Where'd he go? This is eventually answered in grand fashion with a twist that wasn't quite hinted at, but could be seen coming, and yet would be hard to fully realize until hindsight kicks in. In the climax of this arc is the first arc finished. Then there are the innumerable subplots. Some are wholly independent, meant to display some semblance of reality as every realm deals with their own problems. Others are tied into the core two arcs, either directly or indirectly, and yet others serve to develop the characters (assuming one reads the party chat ). They cover almost every aspect of adult life, and are shockingly direct and brutal, but written in such a way, as to maintain that Dragon Quest flare of old, where there's a slight sense of lightheartedness interlaced throughout. Some humour thrown into even the most horrible scenarios, but never a tasteless jab or out of place joke. Hori is a master of his craft, and DQ7 is for me his magnum opus in story telling. It even improves every replay, as new details and hidden meanings in carefully crafted dialogue spring forth. Gameplay 7/10 Ah, I'm sure many will find this the stronger element, at least for those who prefer class systems. I'm a huge fan of class systems myself (my four favourite DQs all being class based: 7, then 3, then 9, then 6), however this system, while grand in scale, and certainly ambitious, is lacking in any real balance. Little wonder, it would be different to properly balance the various skills, and repeated skills (so many skills have their exact double with another name!). It's also entirely broken at points, given bonuses from some class are so extreme, while others are left high and dry with no purpose beyond gaining skills. To top things off, most skills are rather pointless and there for fun. Then there are complications with the monster system, most notably hearts, which until Loomin' are rare and subject to the few accessible in the first Casino's Lucky Panel (at a low rate and low success rate), and the rare few found in chests. It doesn't help that the Monster Park's housing system was clearly designed to increase heart drop rates (or at least drop/steal chances) and yet provides no noticeable help and no known website can tell me what filling a house with 4x of a particular monster type will do, making heart drops incredibly difficult. Nor does it help the steal/drop system overwrites hearts. Then there are the innumerable skills that are easy to pass up due to better versions, often with greater universal usage. Do I find any positives in the job system? Plenty! As flawed as it may be, jobs offer a lot of variety, and some of the most obscure skills and job passive bonuses offer some interesting play mechanics. The sheer number of options and paths, and with hybrid skills, I can play 100 times and never have the same experience. While some skills may be not be as strong or useful as others, the more basic versions still offer a lot of value in battle. The game can be beaten without ever using the class system, and within reasonable levels. Battle system is slower than more recent iterations (DS releases) and predecessors (NES/SNES/GBC releases), but it offers some fun party chat that can prepare the party for what may come, which is especially useful in lower level games, or when the game forces a spike in difficulty. Slower, but also smooth, and the spell animations are simple, easy on the eyes, and often fun to watch. Helps to note how short they are compared to most jRPG spells, especially top-tier attacks, while still having enough flare to indicate the overall destructiveness of the spell or skill. Steal mechanics in this game are third to the remakes of DQ3 simply because stealing is tied to level in both, and DQ3 job level = character level, and with the mechanics, steal rates exceed DQ7 rates at high Thief levels. DQ9 having my favourite steal mechanics thanks to Thief Scroll, Thief's Medal, and the basic mechanics of stealing in DQ9, along with being able to steal more than once, and allowing for drops even if an enemy has been "half-inched" and the auto-steal of the scroll triggers, not to mention auto-steal can trigger more than once, the Thief Coup De Grace guarantees a steal from all but Legacy bosses, AND there can be more than one drop...did I mention there are two items per monster rather than 1? As one can see, I love steal mechanics. They're a blast, and certainly help with character maxing, along with finding useful equipment! DQ7 has auto-steal AND a steal on hit mechanic! Plus given some weapons, and picking certain classes, damage can be taken down to a minimum to ensure maximum steal rates. Always a blast to max out in this game. Fixed stats is a major plus. Sure having random stats is great, and allows some manipulation on part of the player, but having fixed stats means using stat seeds with impunity. If this game had any form of randomized system, with such high maximums (first to 999), stat maxing would be a nightmare until level 99 was reached. Overall 7.5/10 For me, this is a very flawed game, with a lot of shocking potentials, and many of the flaws work for the game rather than against it, only adding to the charm. Balance aside, the class system has a lot of potential, and the sheer variety is as much a boon as it is a bane. I can see little room for balancing, with my main gripe being the inability for monster hearts to drop until Loomin (70% through the story), and the seemingly poorly programed housing system in the monster part, making it very difficult to do a monster class playthrough for one, let alone multiple characters (thank you GameShark and Xploder). Ok, I'm starving. Going to grab some food, and I'll write short but sweet bits and pieces of the other games on my list, from 2 on down to DQ1, which is my least favourite of the series (still like it though =p).
  21. FAQs are awesome when such information is conveyed within. Though I haven't finished the locations of everything in every single instance (and I should), here is my weapon and armour faq on GameFAQs (the only uptodate versions of my FAQs are here, and I should get the rest up to date, but then my main faq is still an ongoing project). FAQ: http://www.gamefaqs.com/ds/942424-dragon-quest-vi-realms-of-revelation/faqs/61648 The data you need: Platinum Sword - Medford's Manor (30 Mini Medals), also Dropped by #158 Dragooner at a 1/64 chance (you can also dig these up on the maps they spawn, one being there is one in the Underwater Castle in the real world, it spawns with an Uberkilling Machine and guards 2 treasure chests, you can't dig here because it's a "story" battle where the creature is literally on the map and you have to talk to it to kill it, later it can be fought in the final dungeon as a random battle, and that is where you can dig up more if you so choose to). So when you can go underwater, there are 2 possible instances of this weapon available. Medford's is the for sure deal. Platinum Shield - Somnia (RW) in the NE basement Chest [requires Ultimate Key, which requires being able to go underwater], also dropped by the following two enemies #153 Annihilantern @ 1/256 (late game enemy, near the final area of the game, outside), and #196 Octavian Sentry @ 1/256 (found in the outer oceans, all over, and SW inner ocean)
  22. LOL, you are certainly a source of immeasurable entertainment and a class act robotnik.
  23. Battery issues should just be the save file isn't even there. I need batteries replaced in several games, never once have I seen anything indicating the game was "corrupt", rather they simply weren't there. I can save a game on them, but if I don't replay it within a week, the battery won't continue to store it. Come to think of it, I've never had a "corrupt save" except on the PSX. Redneck, given what you've said, I know the general statement from Nintendo is to hold reset and turn the power off, and the game even says that. I have never done this for any game on the NES, ever. I wonder if that has any significance. Edit: You know, I cannot recall a single instance where I've turned off the game using the church to "turn it off". The only save corruption I've experienced with the PSX is two-fold. One was just a bad card where every game would corrupt after a certain point. the other was on a good card, and only after having a bunch of repeats in my township after using my own save to "trade with". Coincidentally, both saves corrupted after doing so. I believe I had over 4 merchant repeats.
  24. You know, I've had over 100 plays of NES DW3, 20+ of DW4, maybe 20+ of DW2, and only 2 of DW1 NES, and I have never known about this. Ever. Never seen it. Same with any DQ actually, I've just never encountered this problem. Hopefully I never do. That would be pretty scary. Though honestly, it's a great way to mark the occasion of absolute horror. I do find it funny the reaction is negative about the music played and not the actual loss of data.
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