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  1. Well, I got mine way back on day one, having reserved it. Paid probably around 84 with tax given I bought the Brady Guide at the same time. Anyway, yeah, you'll like it, it's one heck of a fun game. Story is rather polarizing, running the gamut from one of the most well received to one of the least. It can be slow, and just due to load times, expect another 10-20% added time depending on the ps2 model (later fat and slim models have better lasers). Gameplay though is top notch, and the graphics/music are phenomenal.
  2. To make this more fun, and since I no longer have any standard way to record, I'll be recording at particular moments with my ancient Sony 5.1mp camera. LOL, ya, a 5.1, cost me several hundred at the time since it was pretty durable and had a load of features compared to the newer 7mp models that were just coming out...but ya. Anyway, all of these run will be under the name Ignasia. Dragon Quest 3, 4, and 9 will be as female heroes to take advantage of the extra equipment options. In my current DQ8 game, I just unlocked Baccarat (taking a lot longer than I wanted to, but most of that has to do with family matters and a very sick dog...or I'd be done by now and already started on the solo DQ3 run).
  3. Hey!!! Cool to hear you dive too! I don't really have the money right now to plan my own trips (my dad is paying for the only trip I have planned at the moment - we're going on a family vacation to Hawaii in July!) but when I do, maybe we could find a cool dive spot at meet there! I'm interested in meeting other Den members in person, and it would also be great to meet more divers, too. The second copy I planned on buying so I could do a complete 100% everything playthrough on one cartridge and have one to just play through the main game on when I'm bored... But now that you mention a collector's copy... I ought to buy 3! I'm sure if we get it it will be a somewhat limited release because SE is full of impotent bastards. (You know how I learned what impotent means? That fighter in Rexwood past... The things you completely miss in a game the first time you play because you are too young to understand lol.) Aye yie yie, sorry Erdrick, I keep meaning to send a response to this, but I haven't gotten around to it. I'll respond when I have some time tonight. Too tired last night, went to sleep at 10...anyway, I used to dive, way back in high school when I lived in California. No point in continuing my license, though I know they've changed stuff with the test and safety training since, so even if I did still have a current license, I would likely be forced to renew just due to new safety codes. Even then I don't have any scuba gear, so if I could make a trip out I'd have to rent. I'd love to come out and meet up, but it can't happen now. Definitely sometime in the future, and sure Hawaii would be awesome. I've always wanted to go. The furthest I've been out in the Pacific is Catalina. I've met King Zenith, and that was fun, if short lived, since we could only hang out for like half a day due to both his and my own schedules, but we had some great conversation and it was a blast seeing what the man behind the throne looked like. He's a really awesome guy. Anyway, we both agreed with the same sentiment, there should be some meetup at some point where we all get together, or perhaps a few of us should find some common vacation time and travel the country and possibly the world to meet up with other den members (would be sweet to head out to Poland and meet the punqster). One day. One day, hopefully sooner than later. It would be cool as well to do something like a lan party version of DQ...competition style! Or well, just play along, do our own thing...maybe even make a contest out of it . Anyway, whatever the case I couldn't come out these days, but I appreciate the offer, Hawaii is quite tempting, and if I could put that into my schedule I would take the vacation time. LOL, ah the things we learn in fictional works that are more readily and easily grained than through reading a dictionary, or an excessively wordy and boring piece of nonfiction, where authors rare use unique and interesting words in a fun and funny context. Go Rexwood!
  4. LOL, interesting points to make. I know these are all doable, though I fully expect 4 will be the hardest difficulty, not for the end (that'll be cake), but for the midgame bosses Keeleon and Ballsack. The other issue with 4 will be post-game, but this is doable, as I have killed both solo before. No Torneko abuse doesn't hurt by that point, only at the start, especially when the game hands out a free falcon blade. The lack of a Metal King Helmet shouldn't be that painful either (and who knows, I could get lucky). True, leveling post-50 isn't that fantastic, but don't forget the Hero of DQ4 DS has a special single target strike that deals substantial damage! Not to mention the rebalance of the game usually forces the Hero to go into the 60's to top off certain stats like Strength! MP and HP growth in the remake are also pretty solid post-50, unlike the original NES. So there are survivability benefits. I'd actually already say 6 is going to be MUCH MUCH MUCH easier than 5, and very doable. Even without the Casino for early levels, there's the Enchanted Armour for 7,000 in Weaver's Peak, which is a solid alternative to the Platinum Mail. Shield wise I'll certainly be hurt a bit. The other negative being I will have only the Staff of Ghent to heal myself with, but I have done a solo challenge, and frankly I'm not worried. I can go either Thief for Auto-Steal or Merchant for Dig for Seeds (in this case Dig is MUCH faster). There's also Dragon Class, which will be cake, and I can still win the monster Arena with the base stats and spells of Kingsley if he's properly equipped (I did not limit myself on that one on purpose). The only thing that may be necessary is seeding him (easy with Dig...seriously underwritten skill, it's just so BROKEN). So Cleric + Merchant + Dragon, now I just Martial Artist for Punch and I'm set! Or I can simply substitute Paladin in for Dragon and bam, set (since I will undoubtedly seed myself after a few hours to 500+ attack). Paladin's special trait and stat bonuses are highly useful (auto-kill works with multi-target weapons on a per hit basis, same chance every hit from extensive testing). the Sword of Remias already provides "Oomph" in DQ6 . Metal King Slime hunting for any excess levels will be beyond easy. If anything DQ6 will be the easiest of all of these. You really should play Dragon Quest VIII sometime. Really, it's a fun game. However you may feel about the story, and some details like the annoying camera angles when trying to hunt down every last hidden item in a town, or from being spoiled by the DS DQ party chat feature and hoping for party chat responses after talking to every and any NPC, rather than only dialogue in response to key story points like in DW7...well that's up to you. It's a worthy play, but this may actually top 4, or compete as the hardest challenge. Magic in DQ8 is quite useful, however, enemy party sizes are enormous for large and mid-sized monsters by DQ standards. Some small parties in a few spots can grow to about 8 per, with a grand total of like 18 on screen monsters (rare, but I have seen it happen). Most enemy parties from about 25% through to the end are between 6 and 9. Then there's the problem with resistances. Dragon Quest VIII initially caps almost every single skill in the game to 80% of its full damage. The reason is to grant extra potency to the character Angelo, who has the worst offense in normal battles, and functions as a utility + healer + tertiary backup boss damage dealer. Perhaps another core reason is the Tension system, which is both an upgrade and a replace of the 1-round boosting skills in Dragon Quest 6 and 7. You've played 9, so you know how it works, however in 8 there are two differences, one being everyone can tension up from the start of the game, and the boosts are a bit higher for the final 100 level tension (7.5 for DQ8 instead of the 6.5 for DQ9). Anyway, the resistance table and enemy party size posts a problem for mid-late game monster party slaying. The best two skills for this are Thin Air and the boomerang skill Super Throw, neither of which I can use. Zap and much later on, Thunder Storm (I'm classifying any skill that functions like magic as magic...I mean it pretty much is), will be my only Attack All abilities outside of Bang using the Magma Staff. While I have access to Swoosh through a Staff, and Lightning through another Staff, these won't carry me very far. This combined with 2 spots with enemies highly resistant to the element types of the Hero's element spell and spell-like-skills. At least for one of them, two enemies are strong versus one element, weak versus the other, and one enemy is slightly strong versus one and very strong versus the other, this is also the best Metal King hunting spot. Seed hunting in 8 is abysmal, with the sole exception of Strength/Agility/Resilience, and the bonus that Agility/Resilience are dropped by the same enemy that appears at a 1/8 chance in a particular forest, in massive groups, and the game has a skill that can frighten them away and allows each to individually roll a drop, enhancing my seed farming chances somewhat. Dragon Quest 9 will be doable for sure, but difficult. Very difficult to pull off in time, since I'll be forced to reset a few times, more than likely, just to fix a few problems like too much time spent here or there, bad luck in battle, walking too roundabout....etc.
  5. That is awesome. Congratulations on your marriage, and many happy years ahead.
  6. LOL, I wonder what would happen if you set the DS's date to AFTER the "Expires" date for the DQVC shop. I vote for the first "Nintendo pulls a windows and BSODs"!
  7. So, since I'm about 70% through DQVIII, time to start planning my DQ3 run. Dragon Quest III Super Famicom Solo Hero, No Shop, no Registration Abuse for easy early cash (not like it would matter since it's a no shop...why that thought had not occurred until now will forever remain a mystery) Will start as a Sexy Female, and will save scum a bit early on for optimal HP/MP growth, especially MP, aiming for around 100 by level 18, with 80 as my minimum accepted MP count at 18. HP preferred to be around 150 by level 18, with a low of 120. I'm not going to attempt to break the game or anything, and any level bug tripping in the Sugoroku tracks will be an automatic reset to the last save, but I will attempt to abuse the stat increase tiles with save states if I land on one, but only the first time through, anything after that will be game randomness. From my equipment FAQ, with a few pointers as to what I can and cannot use, this is for the GBC, but it works well enough here: http://www.gamefaqs.com/gbc/450388-dragon-warrior-iii/faqs/68368 ////<< Will be used to denote Shop only equipment! &&& Will be used to denote stuff I'll ignore, either because it's not as useful as other equipment, or it's pointless to get. _________________________________/|=_ [class.03a] Hero _=|\\|_______________________________|/Counts: 29 Weapons, 25 Body Armor, 13 Shields, 12 HelmetsStarting Equipment: Copper Sword + Traveler Clothes/o---------------------------------------------------------------------------o\(((> Weapons <)))NAME | ATK BUY SELL| SPECIAL-----------------+-----------------+-------------------------------------------&&&!Stick | 2 5 3|////<<?Falcon Sword | 5 25000 18750| Attack 2x&&&!Club | 7 30 22|!Copper Sword | 12 100 75| <<-Starting equipment!Knife | 14 200 150| <<-Tempt Cave&&&!Sickle | 16 320 240|!Spiny Whip | 18 - 240| Attack Group <<-5 Tiny Medals (before Romaly)!Wooden Boomerang| 19 - 412| Attack All <<-Romaly Pachisi Chest!Blade Boomerang | 24 - 900| Attack All <<-20 Tiny Medals (after Pyramid completion)&&&!Spear | 26 650 487|!Steel Sword | 33 1300 975| <<-Romaly Pachisi Prize&&&!Iron Axe | 38 2500 1875|////<<!Steel Whip | 40 3100 2325| Attack Group!Flame Boomerang | 42 6500 4875| Attack All <<-Rubiss Tower Chest&&&!Gaia Sword& | 51 - - | <<-Story and late game anyway =P!Dragon Whip | 52 - 4950| Attack Group <<-Dragon Queen Pachisi Prize!Orochi Sword | 65 - 750| U: Defense <<-Orochi Drop////<<!Zombie Sword | 67 9800 7350| +16-32 versus Undead////<<!Dragon Sword | 79 15000 11250| +16-32 versus Dragons!Thunder Sword | 82 - 5625| U: Boom <<-Gondo Cave (MAY be possible to do pre-Orochi)&&&?Snow Sword | 90 23000 17250| U: Snowstorm?Thor Sword | 95 65000 48750| U: Firebolt <<-May get lucky while leveling off Goopi's, otherwise Zipangu Pachisi Chest////<<?Bastard Sword | 105 31000 23250|?Ultimate Whip | 105 - 21000| Attack Group <<-Kol Pachisi Prize&&&?Devil Sword | 110 - 33750| 4.7% Crit, C: Paralyze(25%)&&&?2-Edged Sword | 115 - 3750| C: 25% Damage Returned to User?Kings Sword& | 120 35000 - | U: Infermost <<-Immediately after BaramosWreck Whip | 135 - 27750| Attack All <<-Second section of Bonus Dungeon Chest&&&Rubiss Sword& | 160 - - | U: Thordain <<-clearly not part of this game(((> Body Armor <)))NAME |DEF BUY SELL| SPECIAL-----------------+----------------+--------------------------------------------&&&?Tight Bikini* | 1 78000 58500| ChApr&&&!Cloth | 4 10 7|!Traveler Clothes| 8 70 52| <<-Starting equipment////<<!Leather Armor | 12 150 112|&&&!Leather Dress* | 15 420 315|&&&!Shell Armor | 16 350 262|////<<!Chain Mail | 20 480 360|&&&!Silk Dress* | 20 1500 1125|!Evade Cloak | 23 2900 2175| 12.5% Evasion (physical only) <<-May get luck from Hunterfly's while leveling around Baharata!Kilt | 24 800 600| <<-Noaniel's Inn Drawer&&&!Iron Armor | 25 1100 825|!Skirt* | 25 1500 1125| 25% Magic Reduction <<-Pyramid, Magic KeyBolero Robe | 30 - 375| Spells Cost 50%+1 <<-Zipangu Pachisi Prize&&&!Steel Armor | 32 2400 1800|&&&!Plush Suit | 35 - 262| ChApr////<<!Magic Armor | 40 5800 4350| 33% Magic Reduction&&&?Dragon Armor | 45 9800 7350| 33% Fire Reduction!Terra Armor | 50 - 9000| <<-Navel of Earth!Blade Armor | 55 6500 4875| Reflect 50% Physical Damage <<-Gondo Cave&&&?Magic Bikini* | 65 - 3750| 33% Magic Reduction, ChApr&&&?Devil Armor | 65 - 5250| 75% Magic Reduction, C: Paralysis?Light Armor | 82 - 18000| 33% Fire/Ice/Magic Reduction, 1HP/Step <<-Rubiss Tower Chest&&&?Sacred Bikini* | 88 - 24750| 1HP/Step, ChApr?Light Dress* | 90 19000 14250| 33% Fire/Ice/Magic Reduction <<-Kol Pachisi Prize(((> Shields <)))NAME |DEF BUY SELL| SPECIAL-----------------+----------------+--------------------------------------------&&&!Potlid | 2 50 37|&&&!Leather Shield | 4 90 67|!Bronze Shield | 7 250 187| <<-Shampane Tower&&&!Scale Shield | 12 600 450|////<<!Iron Shield | 20 1200 900|////<<!Magic Shield | 25 2000 1500| 25% Magic Reduction////<<!Dragon Shield | 32 3500 2625| 25% Fire/Ice Reduction!Expel Shield | 35 - 577| <<-Romaly, Final Key////<<?Silver Shield | 40 8800 6600|&&&?Sorrow Shield | 42 - 7| C: 50% of Physical Damage to Random Ally ////<<?Heal Shield | 50 15000 11250| U: Healmore////<<?Ogre Shield | 60 25000 18750|?Hero Shield | 65 - - | 33.3% Fire/Ice Reduction <<-Nail Mark(((> Helmets <)))NAME |DEF BUY SELL| SPECIAL-----------------+----------------+--------------------------------------------&&&!Leather Hat | 2 80 60|!Wooden Helmet | 6 140 105| <<-Najima Tower, Thief Key&&&!Crown& | 6 - - | <<-Story =P////<<!Fur Hat* | 10 250 187|&&&!Iron Helmet | 16 1000 750|!Silver Tiara* | 20 760 570| <<-Garuna Tower////<<!IronMask | 25 3500 2625|!Ortega Helmet | 30 - 6150| Sleep/Surround/Sap Resistance <<-Muor&&&!Misery Helmet | 35 - 13| C: Luck = 0////<<?Mythril Helmet | 38 18000 13500|////<<?Great Helmet | 45 35000 26250|&&&!NohMask |255 - 1| C: Uncontrollable Character\_____________________________________________________________________________/ So let's see, how does this break down. Single Target Weapons Pre-Baramos: Copper Sword >> Knife >> Steel Sword >> Orochi Sword or/and Thunder Sword Single Target Weapons Pre-Zoma: Kings Sword Multi-target Weapons Pre-Baramos: Spiny Whip >> Wooden Boomerang >> Blade Boomerang >> Dragon Whip Multi-target Weapons Pre-Zoma: Ultimate Whip >> Flame Boomerang >> Wreck Whip Backup Weapons for no MP spell casting: Possible Thor Sword, Orochi Sword, Mist Staff, Bolt Staff, Seduce Sword, Thunder Sword, Kings Sword Armor Pre-Baramos: Traveler Clothes >> Kilt >> Skirt >> maybe Evade Cloak >> Terra Armor >> Blade Armor Armor Pre-Zoma: Light Dress >> Light Armor Shields Pre-Baramos: Bronze Shield >> Expel Shield Shields Pre-Zoma: Hero Shield Helmets Pre-Baramos: Wooden Helmet >> Silver Tiara >> Ortega Helmet Accessories: Starry Bracelet, Crest, and Valiant Ring (when Agility is max or near max)
  8. DRAGON QUEST IV DS! Sort of, these are for the Japanese version. Still looking for the English. http://www.woodus.com/forums/?showtopic=10466 Codes in question: Here's another code I found, but it's unverified, and given the date, also possibly from the Japanese version: ... NEVERMIND, found some, thanks to kenobi from kodewerx: Code: Press A while walking to Walk Through Anything in towns* 0204CED4 BA000012 94000130 FFFE0000 0204CED4 EA000012 D2000000 00000000 * : through anything but NPCs. Release A to enter doors/stairs... Code: Press A while walking to WTW on the map Use with cautious, that code might break your game !* 52125DC8 E58D4000 02125DCC EBFFED2B 94000130 FFFE0000 02125DCC E1A00000 D2000000 00000000 * : If you somehow enable an event you're not supposed to reach yet, you might just get stuck forever... So I'd suggest only using the world map WTW code with a save at end/post-game.
  9. Excuse my harsh tone above, I was not intending to imply you or the TC is a fool. I just get impassioned and words flow, so please don't let the fact that it came out as a schooling be more like a scolding implying not to participate in discussions. Heck, I often cannot arrange my thoughts properly and come out sounding like an idiot (far more grievous offense given it implies my wilfull ignorance), and yet here I am, still participating now and again in heavy debates. The way I look at it, live and learn, you can't be expected to know or understand everything, and often the ability to fully comprehend a thing is not always granted at one point, and then at another...BAM, it's all there, genius personified! Even the most brilliant men in the world get things so wrong in their own fields, their own body of work, and often due to small foulups, but they fix it, then continue forward. There are certainly times that I've seen you post, read your reasoning, concept, and understanding of the subject and felt I need not participate because you've already stated what I was probably going to. I guess what I'm trying to say is this: Sure, I just corrected you, but that's life, man up, realize that there will probably be times YOU could take ME to task because I missed certain elements and wasn't able to realize it's not 1+1, it's (1+1+1)^((1+x)/(x-1)), and you were able to and were able to present it. Not participating in the future is ridiculous because you do contribute a lot, and even if you were the biggest fool in the world, I'd still say participate because a broken clock is right twice a day, the only difference is you're human and able to fix yourself . So you got knocked down, now stand up, brush your shoulders off, and go back to playing (participating in heavy discussions).
  10. I think the difference there though is that Jabba never succeeded at doing anything...plus, you don't spend a good half hour to an hour there slowly unraveling everything he does the way you do in Felonia (while you're trying to get the shield). Plus, Return of the Jedi didn't go nearly as in-depth in regards to what Jabba was doing with his women. This is all I really need to draw from for the only point that has to be made....and if you want to skip ahead, go to the last paragraph, it concludes and summarizes my key points. It's not about "making light" of any one subject, or a lack of appreciation for the horrible implications and ramifications we would associate with certain scenarios and behaviours. It's about taking something that is EXTREMELY heavy, and writing it in a way that allows children to read it, see the basic nature of it, understand it's bad, but not dish out the heavier bits directly, but rather indirectly, so children cannot fully comprehend the true nature. The underwriting and implied elements are still present and are indeed suggested AND implied as being 100% true but treated almost as speculation/rumour, in order to allow adults to read into the finer details and use our own experiences and knowledge to more fully comprehend and appreciate the gravity of the situation. It's a particular writing technique, and I forget the name of it. To actually answer your own question in your first post: Yes, it is 100% implied Milly was a sex trafficking victim and was likely rapped by the old King of Felonia. Not only that, but it is heavily implied that Milly WAS trafficked not as a woman, but as a very young girl, VERY young. It is also implied that the Queen Mother, when her husband was in control, had any girl tortured and killed that she caught with her husband, or noticed her husband taking an especial liking to. It is further implied that Milly was one such girl and she was smuggled out before anything could happen. This does not degrade the gravity of the scenario at all, and both you and Pantheon fail to appreciate the type of writing and the reasons these elements are used. We forget so easily in this day and age that not 60 years ago children were told they would die in their sleep if they failed to pray to God, brush their teeth, do their homework, respect their parents, as the boogieman would get them. If we go back another 100 years, the stories are even more brutal, and the fairy tales of Grimm and Anderson, written for children, imply all sorts of horrific elements to those who stray from a more righteous path, including sexual assault and touching of naughty parts. Prior to this, stories told to children were even more gruesome and horrifying. Not to mention the discussions and discourses in school about morals and teachings of possible outcomes for those who go down a wrong path, whether the child is Christian, Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, Hindi, part of some tribal structure with tribal rules. Of course some peoples have lighter and more lax rules due to having a harsher environment, and the very nature of the world as a whole, and the threats presented play a larger part in structuring a child and adults into learning and understanding the dangers inherent in their environment, and even those dangers present between tribes (this includes elements such as rape/forcibly taking of women/children into either manual labor/slavery or as wives for pretty young women who are likely virgins, and of course death). In Japan, yes, there is a different culture, but this was a factor and a major part of child rearing from Feudal Japan through to today as it was part of European and Mideastern societies from 1,000 years ago and beyond to recent times. Today, in the US and much of Western Europe, we have simply softened and cushioned child rearing to such an extent we have not used and have forgotten this manner of story telling is as ancient as humanity is, as old as any oral tradition and any written tradition. Though oddly enough we still use elements of it in children's books, like hidden moral meanings that become clearer down the road, as the rhyme's of early childhood are recalled in later development stages... I got a bit off track, and to get back to the point, this is a series that explored suicide in the third game. Heck, one of the three major story elements that is required to even progress through the game revolves around a lost soul that killed herself because her loved one never came back...to a child (myself when I first played it), it was a story of loss but I never fully appreciated the level of loss and the type of pain and suffering one goes through to bring oneself to suicide, and then for the desire to be reunited be so strong that the very soul cannot and will not leave the plane of the living. That is just as powerful, has as much meaning, depth, and is as dark as Milly's story. Dragon Quest V's entire story is one travesty after another befalling one child, and his ability to not only grow up whole, but rather than seek revenge for revenge's sake, he chooses to fulfill his father's own wish. Overall I think the focus on destroying his family, and the amount of things his entire life is caught up in, without his knowledge, is mind boggling, and just blows Milly's story out of the water in terms of the number of layers and context, and number of possible psychological problems. Not like V's hero becomes a sociopathic killer who picks on women due to mummy issues because no mum was there to take care of him. Or heck, there are plenty of references to slaves that are used for other things than building the church. DQ7's scenarios... For myself I think it's brilliant. It captures the essence without revealing everything, and allows just enough to sift through, with brilliant localization work that maintains those tenuous threads that walk the fine line between implied and out in the open. If anything it's exactly the opposite, it allows such elements to be brought to bear while still maintaining Dragon Quest's more light hearted nature, without destroying the full magnitude by allowing the reader to come to the appreciation and understanding on his or her own.
  11. 1) You mean Arp (Arb in the SFC translation I believe) Tower down in Southern Mexico? Yeah, there's a special flute there that "uncovers" hidden stuff, called the Echo Flute! 2) The only mini medals are found in the final two phases. However, I do believe that all hidden items from Phase 4 (second to last look, but this is actually phases 5-7 of the storyline) carry over the Phase 5 (the final look and phase 8, or the final phase of the storyline associated with the township). Phase 4 (the LOOK) lasts through to just before Baramos and after the Orb is gained and Lemia/Remia is born. Phase 5 will only appear after Lemia/Remia has been born and stays through to the end with a few minor changes to some NPC dialogue after Baramos. There is only one added Mini Medal in design Phase 5, the Jail is converted into a 2 story house. Medal is on the second floor. Here are two maps with item locations, both from Realm of Darkness. Design Phase 4 (this can only be triggered after either Orochi is dead or Lancel is beaten...I forget which is required): http://www.realmofdarkness.net/dq/img/snes/dq3/maps/new-town-4.png Design Phase 5 (Final): http://www.realmofdarkness.net/dq/img/snes/dq3/maps/new-town-final.png While you never asked, make sure to finish up events in Muor asap. The helm there is the best headgear in the game, and it's found so early! Also, like the GBC, the SFC Township offers the best weapons/armour pre-Baramos, especially armour for a Male Merchant (actually, the best armour in the game for the Male Merchant). Cheers.
  12. I vote scuba gear! Sure it would be more sales, but scuba diving is fun, and it's better to have your own gear, especially when you're already buying the game and a backup copy (or collector's copy ). If by that time I have enough money, I'll buy more than one copy (I have enough Amazon gift points for one DQ7 3ds copy that I'm saving), and a 3DSXL for sure (I have big pockets). The 2DS is just not appealing to me. Maybe if they make a flip version I may consider it down the line.
  13. Sometimes my mind wanders to that special place, and I fail to recognize what I'm doing...basically meant to hit the "edit" button above, managed to slam the Quote button instead. My brilliance knows no bounds!
  14. Thanks, you're badass as always buddy, I'll tack those in to the above, and I should edit them with size and colour, since I don't know if anyone else can see the numbered list as a numbered list (given I cannot).
  15. Interesting. Nice finish with the DW7 map, especially getting the ocean uniform. I'd post it there, but it took me 30 minutes to load the last page last time and I crashed (darn old computer), so, heh, I'll just post my thumbs up here if you don't mind. Anyway, so I'll see if I can't find solid codes for you. Dragon Quest VI (it's in my FAQ too , convenient, I didn't have to scour the board), contributed I believe by elixerdream on the gba temp boards, reposted on the gamefaqs boards by yab: {Walkthrough Walls} -Hold Select-52044B74 E280200012044B74 00002001D0000000 0000000052044B74 E280200194000130 FFFB000012044B74 00002000D2000000 00000000 Dragon Quest V DS, Codes By Elixerdream, Narin & Fa_Demion <<--this is incase you ever want to do this game. I'm still looking for a PS2 Walkthrough Walls code, but wouldn't the debug menu unlock make this possible without need of the cheap for the PS2 version? Walkthrough Walls/Objects (Hold Select) 1206a42c 00002001 94000130 fffb0000 1206a42c 00002000 d0000000 00000000 Strangely enough, I can't find any Dragon quest VIII walkthroughwalls codes either. You already have IX, so that's good.
  16. Weird....neither bullets or numbered lists are showing up properly
  17. Ok, so a few things to consider. Split EXP games (easier leveling between Metal Hunts): Dragon Quest III Dragon Quest IX I believe those are the only two games from 3 to 9 that split exp, meaning leveling solo is going to be hardcore in 4-8, with the exception of early leveling in 6 due to insane exp boosts and larger enemy parties (yay boomerang). So this means I have to be considerate of Metal Slime Hunting in the other games. Prime leveling spots: Dragon Quest IV DS ->> Cave near Lakanaba 1st floor of Lighthouse 1st floor of Crypt before Ultimate Key 3B of Crypt after Ultimate Key Tower of Zenithia 2F [the dead-end with the pool] or Tower of Zenithia top floor. Also around the base of Zenithia Tower, outside (actually the whole island has the same spawn rate, so technically just around the village there...oh, and ONLY at night, as daytime MKS spawns here are LOW comparatively). Dragon Quest V DS ->> I forget the best early game spot, but I believe it's the cave in the destroyed hometown in Gen2, the second part of it that leads to Papa's secret spot. As for childhood, it's going to be tedious Nothing great until the Ship and access to the Medal King island Path to Gotha, near Gotha exit and the bottom floor of the trial cave Outside Cave near Coburg (Gen 3) Outside the final dungeon and inside the final dungeon in the room with the flipping tiles Dragon Quest VI DS ->> Early game is all over the place, just need a boomerang Not one good Metal Slime or Liquid Metal Slime hunting ground in the entire game, so leveling while seed farming and class leveling should be more than sufficient. Greedmore tunnel and around the Well before the Prison Best two hunting grounds for pure leveling (probably won't need them) are around the Prison of Sorrow (second prison) and first floor of the final dungeon around the stairs to the healing tile (Satan's General = insane exp for a non-metal and are easy to kill) Dragon Warrior VII ->> I'll have to take a look and get myself reacquainted, as I can't recall the best leveling spots before Disc 2 (I don't think I ever bothered). Pre-Dharma, no idea... Post-Dharma, where I'll play it by the same methods I did in 6: farm seeds/items and job levels while gaining exp...that should suffice until Disc 2. Disc 2, Krage Dragon Quest VIII ->> Roam the first two areas looking in every nook and cranny while getting early levels. Tower of Alexandria has a slight metal slime spawn chance Around Pickham until Zap, then farm exp in the Swordsman's Labyrinth until about 25. The Forest near the Royal Hunting Grounds to about 34! Tower after Arcadia for LMS. Dragon's Graveyard Metal King farming! That should do it.
  18. Faster leveling, and slightly higher stats on the part of the player, along with a speedier system to make leveling go faster, and faster on-map movement to allow getting from one place to another. The GBC is actually more difficult, but you're more likely to be at or near max level. It's about 20 hours to Dragonlord at level 26 in the NES for me, but only 12 hours to hit 30 in the GBC, and this makes a massive difference. All three games use the same "random stat" system, where the total value of your name determines the core stats that grow at an exponential rate, but I'm pretty sure the GBC and SFC versions do provide higher overall stats under the same conditions. It's just a slightly longer battle, but of course getting to 30 in the NES is doable, and renders Dragonlord a faster kill. There are a few other changes I'm sure other people could mention. However, a level by level comparison, NES to GBC/SFC, would indicate that against the same enemies, in both DW1 and 2, the GBC/SFC is SUBSTANTIALLY harder, but you'll likely be at a higher level anyway, so this is totally offset.
  19. Here's a link to the guide of the original: http://www.gamefaqs.com/ds/937281-dragon-quest-ix-sentinels-of-the-starry-skies/faqs/61145 Bear in mind there is a LOT of missing and very pertinent and important information (such as times at certain saves, time spent doing certain things, average time per metal kill, methods of triggering faster spawns that were used, etc.). Including missing bits of equipment info, and a few spots that cancel each other out, which means it was written by wrote after the fact, rather than during, so it's hard to say for sure on a lot. No data on fastest methods of walking, preferred methods of avoidance, how many times he farmed Mythril, and a few other key missing bits towards the end (which is far more critical). So it makes a perfect repetition difficult. However, the choices clearly indicate a slower methodology that I believe can be vastly improved upon to shorten time AND gather more skill points, allowing for more class options, such as Ranger (I might skip this entirely though, stick with Minstrel, and just get Gladiator as the sole "unlocked" class, because Gladiator is CAKE to unlock...just unlock it while leveling a Warrior or Thief for skill point farming in Coffinwell...takes about 5 minutes max, minimum of 1).
  20. Simple, make a straight path, lots of luck (saving before and reloading for Bosses if things go sour), being selective with skill points, choosing opportune moments to level and other opportune moments to skill farm a little for those useful extra points (maxed Shields, and max or near max of preferred weapon, which for the only one to go for 7:55, was Swords). Another useful bit is knowing what weapons/armour are where, the fastest routes to any one destination, and having a good idea what to buy, when, and how many (if it's a consummable). Most importantly: never talk to pointless NPCs and NO Alchemy, or severely limited alchemy, and by severely limited, I mean finding what books with what specific recipes are found at one points, and when the best time to obtain them may be...OR picking very specific recipes (like Elfin Elixir) and figuring out all known ingredient locations that are NOT based on alchemy spawn spots on the world map. Since alchemy spawn spot farming can really slow things down, with one exception: Alchemy ingredients that are on the way to certain dungeons and sell for a decent amount, such as Mythril. I'll copy-paste the posts in my DW3 topic on gamefaqs referring to this. My thread there: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/450388-dragon-warrior-iii/67393743 Starts from post #110, sporadic posts interspersed amongst random blathering and dithering up to #186 Warning, may contain SOME spoilers (sorry I just don't feel like going over every line to break down the spoilers, so for anyone who has not completed DQ9, look away) Note: these are some highlights/important info. I warn you though, there is a LOT to read in here, but the above written is the basic ghist. I plan on doing a very specified path that includes spears, rather than swords, and aims for optimizing metal slimes... This is the actual outcome I plan to go with since by my estimates I should be at Bowhole far earlier than he was (he killed metal monsters with Metal slash...which is bloody insane to say the least it's so slow, whereas Spear should tip the balance in my favour by my estimates, and speed up Metal hunting. Route 2 (Ranger): Swords to 13 Shields to 100 Axes to 76 Knives to 3 Courage to 90 Guts to 100 Extra points: 18 Possible: Enlightenment to 4 (if I can fit it in), Acquisitiveness to 4, Litheness to 10 Those are the highlights. I also broke down, in a faq Woodus was kind enough to host, the pot/barrel/drawer breakdown per area of level type. Using a code yab gave me to determine what level, and using the gradient system yab already posted on this very site (and gamefaqs way back), as a way of determining best methods for medal farming as I go back and forth through Bowhole, leveling and class changing (or if my MP wears out): http://www.woodus.com/den/games/dq9ds/pot_barrel_cupboard_item_levels.txt Oh right, forgot another important element: abuse of Minstrel's Coup de Grace is how the original was done. Resaving until he had at least one Coup de Grace trigger in a boss battle, which really cuts down on time (counter attack rate is decent, and dodge rate REALLY helps given most game bosses prefer physicals).
  21. Well, for Dragon Quest 3, I meant at the start, of course I'll require making a merchant, I didn't really think through that explanation, and had plumb forgot about that detail. Thanks for the reminder. For Dragon Quest 4, you CAN go into the cave with a dead Meena/Maya, I believe so (I did one solo quest in the original NES, but I have not made the attempt with the DS, and I seem to recall I had them both dead, and the game simply revives them, but I'll have to deal with that). If for some reason the game blocks entry, then the simple solution is to revive both girls before going to the cave, buy extra herbs, then run from all battles. As for chapters 1-4, since it's only Solo Hero, I won't be playing those chapters solo, just to breeze through them faster. I don't want to spend 50 bajillion years leveling up just Meena until she can solo Sweaty Ballsack alone! The other negative for that is the DS versions prohibit inner-party targeting, so I'd rather they be as low a level as humanly possible to allow enemies to more quickly dispatch them. On another note, in my current DQ8 playthrough, prior to all this, I'm stuck on Monster Rank B (first time ever...I've beaten this this in the mid-20's once, but luck was on my side in the first/second battles). Having gotten all chests on the overworld available with the ship except those on the NorthWestern Island. Snagged all available monster coins but those on the Dark Isle. Hero's level is now 30, my monster recruitment list includes the following: Talos, Spike, Dumbking, Metaly, Hackzilla, Bladewolf, Potbelly, Brickman, and Goldman, with the active party being Talos/Dumbking/Bladewolf (bladewolf is the only interchangeable monster at this point, since Talos' being Oomphed is almost a requirement, now if only Dumbking actually Oomphed him by the third round of the first battle...). Going to level up around the Metal Slime forest. Level 33 should be enough, I'll stop there, see, if no dice after 6 attempts, level 35, and if still nothing, level 38 should be near foolproof. Back to the other discussion: Dragon Quest 7 Orgodemir tactics...basic plan: Orgodemir's first form will be HARDCORE, but his 2nd is Dragon, while the 3rd and 4th are Zombie. Or they're supposed to be (it's why he's classified as he usually is in the various Monster games). So it's all about surviving the first round, then abusing the heck out of DragonCut and ZombieCut with the respective Blades to deal the maximum possible damage. Even in is final form, he doesn't use Wave that often. Perhaps the harder battle will be the first battle 75% through the game. Since I'm limiting myself to only 2 Hybrid skills, I'll be picking the two most obvious: SwordDance and ThiefHit. SwordDance will be the saving grace, since his second battle has no classification, and I don't believe his second form is considered Dragon, despite being the same second form as the final battle. I'll have to seed farm a bit for a higher HP pool, and Fullheal will be a necessity, though I haven't worked out the exact path to take for Fullheal access. I'll deal with that later when I get to it. One game at a time for now, if I spend too much time with planning now I'll never get it done, heh. No Shop will be pretty easy given I'm not limiting the Casino in 7. 6's is excessively broken as we all know, given the Platinum Mail AND Dragon Shield, which are way ahead of their time, but 7's is nicely balanced, so I shouldn't have any trouble with equipment options and I've already done a no-shop challenge, just never a Solo of any form... The really and truly difficult game will be Dragon Quest V given the self-healing ability of fatguts Mcgee, and the cap of 255 str, on top of low str growth for the Hero, on top of limited seed availability (going to have to work out a game plan for Pachisi/T'N'T abuse to get my stats up). Thank Horii for the Miracle Sword! Also, Zenith, buddy, there is nothing that is impossible! I have done a Solo 3 multiple times, NES and GBC (never SFC, so this should be interesting since the lower growth than even the NES is capable of, AND Baramos has the uber stats of the remakes on top of the 100 HP per round healing!...fun fun fun). DQ4 NES is doable, and I anticipate the DS's only issues with Keeleon (especially since I'm going no shop, so I'll have to aim for the Zenithian Armour BEFORE Keeleon and Sweaty Nutsack). DQ5 I've already done in both versions, but DS is just painful with some of the changes (I would swear the SFC version's stat gains are higher), and the last time I didn't limit myself on anything, so this should prove interesting Mid-game. DQ6 I have done already, but I had no limitations. 9 I've already done solo, but no limitations of any kind (speed run kind of forces a ton of limits), and 7 and 8 should be most interesting, being a first time for both, with 7 I see as being by far the easier of the two, though I cannot take advantage of Mariner for the Gracos' battles unless I actually plan to level up Mariner (which I don't), however the fun will mostly be in abusing the Lucky Panel for monster hearts and equipment! I love that game, and unlimited Monster Hearts will mean I can take advantage of the natural resistances granted by those monsters: ie makes those armour resistances that much better, or better yet, helps with the Sacred Armor! I have to get going. This is rather exciting, and sorry, I was kind of upset with other things last night and let that affect my thread and that first line in my second post.
  22. Well, no suggestions, guessing this is not that interesting :/. So anyway, I've decided to do the following games: Given the recent attention to the SFC version of DQ3, I'm going to follow suit with my fellow Den members and go with that. I'm curious on how well I can handle the post-game bosses in DQ4, since I haven't tried yet, so DS it is. DQV is an easy one...DS, but mostly because I like some of the changes, and the game is harder than the original to somewhat balance the 4 person party, so solo should be rough. Still not sure which version I'm going for in VI, but given it's a solo game, and VI is arguably harder, and I've done a solo in both before, and I prefer the DS version...ya, I'll go there. Now for extra limitations. DQ3 SFC: Solo Hero, No Shop, cannot recruit ANYONE or abuse recruitment for easy Gold DQ4 DS: Solo Hero, No Bag Stuffing in Chapter 3 (Torneko can carry over whatever he can carry on-hand), No Shop, No Casino DQ5 DS: Solo Hero, No Casino DQ6 DS: Solo Hero, 4 Class Limit (No Hero Class), No Casino DW7: Solo Hero, 3 Human Class Limit (Monsters Unlimited, Hero Heart Allowed), 2 Hybrid Skill limitation (can include 2 classes NOT mastered, just no levels allowed beyond Maturity), No Shop (Casino is allowed) DQ8: Solo Hero, Magic Only + Thunder/Lightning Thrust (Dragon Soul allowed), No Shop, No Boomerangs, No Swords, No Monster Party use in battle (can finish Arena) DQ9: Solo Hero Speedrun, attempting to break the 7:55 or come within 30 minutes of it...going down a completely different path from the original. Going to skip the DQ8 Magic Only run, and just head into this the second this playthrough is finished, starting with DQ3.
  23. Well in point of fact I did (or else I'd never have known about the bug for getting a second water flying clothes =D), but I was referring only to this in terms of DQII which is a picture of the back of that map, other side is weapons/enemies/spells: http://www.ebay.com/itm/DRAGON-WARRIOR-II-2-Nintendo-NES-Game-MAP-POSTER-ONLY-/141195057440 Did want to point out you're spot on about that bloody Rogue Fastfinger. He was a hassle, and the NPC that actually tells you were he's hiding isn't even in the same darn town. I forget where and what that NPC said, but I will say that my first time through I actually ordered this because I hated calling into Nintendo's hotline. So I ordered the Secrets Guide.
  24. Well, back in the day, if you purchased a DQ game, it came with those maps that covered every enemy in the game, every piece of equipment including who can equip them, and every spell and when they're learned. DQIV as well, except for one part of the game: after getting the Ship and up to the Final Key, was very linear. After that point it's a big world and a lot of open space, as with any DQ, but the map displayed everything, so it was a matter of deduction. Dragon Warrior III NES was easier than that. While having two substantively long non-linear periods, it did come with a guide book that not only pointed out the best places to head to, but also indicated solid levels to survive those spots, hints and tips for hidden things, and a full store accounting to go with the map. Helps even more that there was a tip section at the end for several possibly tricky spots. Dragon Warrior II was another matter entirely. Mostly due to the sheer size of the world map, but the map that came with the game not only showed every town and dungeon, but also included dungeon maps of every dungeon and I believe showed all the pitfalls, which was almost a necessity to get through Rhone. So I'd say, feel free to use maps, equipment lists, faqs, etc. because we were all pretty much given the same thing way back in the day, and save DW3 NES, it was always a matter of simple deduction. For the original DW though, Nintendo Power released a complete guide, which was entirely unnecessary given the assortment of various maps, charts, and a level/equipment/boss chart to help determine what level to be at what point and what equipment one should have....simply astounding how helpful that one laminated card was.
  25. Hi all, so currently I'm replaying through 2 separate games of Dragon Quest VIII. Initially I played a normal game way back. Then a Fisticuff Only Challenge, then a Low Level Challenge (finished the Dragovian Trials at 43, so not THAT low a level, but eh, low enough). I had that little tickle that turns into a uncontrollable itch to replay Dragon Quest VIII. So currently I'm playing a more normal game, with slightly different skill builds than what's typically recommended: After this I'm going to do a second replay, but this time with a focus on Magic: All of this Dragon Quest VIII replaying, and after looking up various challenges, and given King_Zenith's recent Map for Dragon Warrior VII, I wanted do do a solo Hero quest in DQVII, but it didn't quite feel right, since I've had a hankering for a solo Hero Quest in DQ4 and 5. Yet 3 always needs some love, and while I've nearly finished preparations for my Solo Hero Speedrun in Dragon Quest IX, I have yet to seriously undertake it. Thus I've decided to create this thread for a Solo Hero Quest runthrough from DQ3 to 9. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do with each game, nor even which version of 3, 4, 5, and 6 I'll play, but I'm open to suggestions for when I start. Dragon Quest III - SFC or NES (I'm tired of the GBC, and I don't want to bother with Medal Collecting). Dragon Quest IV - DS or NES Dragon Quest V - DS or SFC (I cannot emulate the PS2 on any computer and cannot run burnt discs on my PS2) Dragon Quest VI - DS or SFC Possible limitations, nothing too extreme, to add further challenge? I'm totally open to suggestions for each game.
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