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  1. In the last throws of my DQ8 playthrough. I finished all required alchemy, save one: Metal Wing. Hero is now level 99, and only Jessica and Angelo have any levels left to gain. I hate DQ8's drop rates, I don't like the intimidation system, and while it's great normal drops are 1 per group, it seems like 1/256 drops are less common here than in other DQ's. Or maybe I should say my luck has just been supremely bad, as I recall having like 12 Seeds of Strength my last playthrough, after only 500 Mimics killed, this game, over 2,000 and 8 seeds, which is in range of what 1/256 should be. I hate the stealing system, I don't like the lack of alternative hunting options, like in every DQ from 3-7 and 9...and while the voice acting is great, there is one glaring problem: I DESPISE the voice they used for Rhapthorne. It's not intimidating, it's not powerful. It's just annoying, grating, and is clearly one reason why my memory of the bulbous firefly is so lacking in respect. I can't respect anything that sounds like that. Though frankly it annoys me this is the first and only Dragon Quest where there are exactly 4 separate stories about the nature of Rhapthorne. I officially declare Rhapthorne my least favourite villain in DQ history. The most schizophrenic villain in DQ history, and I have to wonder two things: 1)who made the decision to allow that kind of a voice for a villain, and 2)Horii has always been consistent about the abilities and powers of every villain before this, so why so many inconsistencies? Clearly it cannot be localization issues. It's just interesting to note he really is the only villain who is treated as this all powerful thing, and yet he's not even close. Alright, I have to go and help a friend out. Hopefully I'll be finished with this either tonight or tomorrow night, and then I start on DQ9.
  2. You two are way too generous, but thank you kindly. Aye, those Seth Green commercials aired for about 2 months on several channels, including CN. I forget what other channels.
  3. Who does when you know Microsoft probably has one of these guys watching that camera that's always on, even when you think your system is off (unless it's actually unplugged from the wall): I can't wait for the VSA, Videogame Safety Administration. VSA Officer: "We gotta check your bodies to see that you're working out enough. Did you eat yer vegetables sir? Are you not angry sir? You are, well then I canst let you play that Grand Theft Auto sir. You might becomes belligerent and throw that controller." Console Owner: "Are you going to watch me play games." VSA Officer: "Sir, it's my job sir, to stay in your home 24/7 and watch you play games sir, and make sure you do your homework sir." Console Owner: "I'm 30, I don't do 'homework.' I get off work, come home, and get my stress off by slaughtering stuff on my console." VSA Officer: "Sir Microsoft and the Government has dem rules sir. You canst play violent games while being in an angry mood sir, now if you don't stop talking to me in such an aggressive tone sir, I will be forced to taser you..." Console Owner: "Look lady, all I want to do is sit here and get my mind off work for a bit." VSA Officer: "Just keep calm sir. Remember, killing too many furry creatures in the Elder Scrolls will put you on a ban for possible animal cruelty, sir." ...ah yes, and I can't wait for the day we'll see laws that do not ban content, but force users to behave a particular way in a game so as to not "trigger excessively violent and disturbing behaviour". All in an effort to protect us from ourselves of course. Nah, I'm just messin', it wouldn't get that bad, but it would make for good comedy as a just in case.
  4. Dude, in Amurka it's not about violence, never has been. We LOVE violence, we embrace it. It's only when violence is in horror films or can be claimed as a "terrorist training video/game" that suddenly the ultra conservatives go up in arms. The exception being if the good guys are American soldiers (maybe British), and the bad guys are terrorists, Nazi's, Communists, or paramilitary groups. No, it's when the subject is sexual in nature, or can be perceived as such. Either going down the extreme "even showing a hint of skin" as being hypersexual, or going in the opposite, and describing any and all girl outfits as symbols of typical male oppression as every feminazi loves to buzz on and on about. Given the recent ridiculousness of political correctness (where's a paper bag when you need one?), apparently Fiesta is racist. I wouldn't be surprised if soon enough we'll be seeing demands from some more radical elements of the left now demanding videogame's ban words from cultures if main characters do not look like members of said culture. "Oh no he said chinese restaurant, and he's a white guy," "too racist for me. No sir, that's not gonna fly no more in Amurka."
  5. It would be a LOT cheaper for an established localization company to handle the project. All Square has to produce is at least one programmer for the job, 3 at most given fan translation projects. The real cost for a kickstarter like campaign would be in dev kits, and the time spent finding people who have ample time to spend localizing a game with arguably more text than all other DQ games combined (including ALL spinoffs). For SE it would be probably in the 180-250k range for the localization itself, then marketing teams, beta test teams, etc. They'd probably be looking at around 750k-1.5m overall before actual marketing costs, depending on team size. Another 750k-3m for marketing depending on direction (could be effective 0 rate if go through certain channels and see if publications decide to pick up on their own, depending on social media frenzy and popularity of course). TV spots cost a LOT more, especially to hit prime time (6-9 brackets), and you need those commercials to be well done. Celebrity endorsement always helps, but adds a pretty penny. Then of course there's the issue of 15, 30, or 1 minute slots, the cost depending on channel, and you need a team that knows the demographics very well, and can predict the right channels, programs, and best cost to effect ratios for risk aversion. Don't want to spend money on say, Spike TV. Might be cheaper than Cartoon Network since fewer people watch it, might allow for a 3 month long run, at 4-5 spots a day from 6-9 pm at the same cost as CN for 1 month, 2 spots a day from 6-8. Even then the actual commercial has to be done in a way that tricks people into wanting it who wouldn't ordinarily want it (existing fans will already be interested once seen), so it has to be done smartly (Nintendo's DQ9 is the perfect example of commercials done right). So even if, any kickstarter would have to either have its own marketing team assembled, or SE would handle that end. That cost would run up a kickstarting quite a bit more...
  6. The menu in DQVIII only loads slow if your PS2 is on the fritz. It shouldn't be any slower than 7's. Occasionally, in this current replay, whenever I've been in the process of a lot of things on screen, like fresh out of a battle, and I click menu as the game is reloading the map, then it's slow to kick in, but that's only because the RAM is dumping all the battle data and writing in all the field data. If I waited just that extra second or two for it to fully load, or if I'm just running around in the field, then sure. Another time is if I hit the Trode menu for Alchemy, switch back to the field, then immediately try to switch back to the field menu. The load time is slightly less than from switching from battle to the field. However, if it were really a "slow menu" it would load slowly even in the middle of the field, having been standing still for 10 minutes, maybe 1 hour, and I click menu and it takes a few seconds...doesn't do that then, it's pretty fast, likely because the menu is pre-loaded by that point. Now loading up Trode's menu from the field at any point has a 1s time gap, because it likely is NOT preloaded (4mb of RAM is a very very very very puny number, even at that time for a VG system, and even for all that when there is a forced load due to RAM flushing and rewriting, it's pretty darn fast). Also, the PSX menu's of CT, if you don't feel like getting the DS version (the superior version, despite one new sidequest being bunk and a total bummer, though it does grant two of the best accessories ever conceived in the enhanced DS port), play it in a PS2. It's noticeably faster. That said, FF12 is my second favourite game of all time, and it's more so now than ever before...and much like DQ7, it's very flawed, but it's one heck of an amazing game if given half a chance. I know some people who hated it the first time through, were convinced to replay by myself and others, and who came out loving it. So Yangus, if you haven't played it at all, just consider it, though maybe waiting out the eventual HD release would be best, since that will likely be the International version, and is an overall better experience (even if some major glaring flaws are still present, like the basic simplicity of gambits not allowing for complex setups, but then you can override at any time and play it like a normal FF, even while gambits are still on, they're just useful given the fast paced battle system). Also Yangus, play IX it's one heck of a great game. Easily my third favourite FF after 12 and 6. Cheers.
  7. Cannock is an inferior Lorasia. He only gets up to HealMore... which Lorasia can have too via Heal Shield. I stopped my Lorasia run at Rhone (at level 30/31 or something) due to the tedious grinding, but I saw no reason I couldn't beat Hargon and Sidoh. Mind you, this was in the GBC one, so there would be no OHKOing Malroth with a lucky crit due to his low HP. OH right, I forgot about the Heal Shield. Hmm, I might consider it. SFC version though. Not much different. GBC in some ways is a bit easier due to one armour being slightly better. I'd just do a standard run though, not a shopless run. No Shop DQ2 solo would be pretty painful I would think. Heck, why not. I'll do it at the end though, as a maybe, if I still feel like it. This is a long enough engagement. Right now I have some free time so I'm doing alchemy (DQ8 alchemy is so painful sometimes, I'm so glad for 9's alterations to the concept, especially for multiple alchemy at one time, and automatic ingredient grabbing).
  8. The only problem with that Ryu is that MK does substantially better in Western nations, especially the US. Smash Bros. is also universally popular and is a Nintendo staple. I'm talking about their promise to help promote the obscure titles released by 3rd and 2nd party developers that would normally only remain in Japan. Most importantly JRPGs. While with SE it's more about their current policy on DQ, and given FF Zero, which we all know had INSANE support in every social site, and FAR FAR FAR FAR more than 13-2 did, let alone the paltry attention Lightning Returns garnered, then with a tremendous lack of attention before or since Bravely Default. We should have seen something within two weeks. E3 will be very telling, and it's interesting to note how far back into this year it's being pushed, but hopefully I'm wrong and we'll see some Nintendo love for titles that aren't mainstays or likely sales, and even more so what Square-Enix might bring to the table.
  9. Heh, ya, DQ2 would have to be Cannock, and whew, ya, I don't think I have the stomach to force that doomed train off track so it doesn't end up mired in the Phantom Forest.
  10. Since the topic was cut off mid sentence, oopsie, sorry about that, I'll finish it: ...away from the promises to release RPG's in the US. (In reference to Nintendo's promise back in '08 and reconfirmation sometime after, like what, '12?, and the recent SE promise to focus more on JRPG releases, despite saying they wanted to see greater intrusion into the US and EU sometime back. Which implied their mainstay games, or JRPG's.) It's not just Europe that is going into a psuedo depression state, nor even South America as the largest and fastest growing country, Brazil, has seen quite a few hiccups in its once stellar 5-8% annual growth rate. The US is considered the largest consumer culture in the world, and as a result, it was one reason companies wanted to make inroads to claim their stake in that cash flow. I myself had not thought things were really getting as bad as they are. I knew we were going down the toilet, but not this fast, not this furiously, and I'm willing to bet the main reason Nintendo is silently walking back its "we're going to support once Japanese only games in the West" position (paraphrasing). Here are some damning stats, and likely one reason we're seeing even Square Enix be a little more squeamish and less prone to releasing what they think may not do well: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-04-27/americas-consumers-are-dropping-not-shopping Oh, I still think we'll get Dragon Quest VII, but I think they might be spending extra time holding onto it, not just because of the sheer size of the text body, and despite recent statements and developments, but because the US economy is in such turmoil (2% drop in consumer spending back in '07 meant a 2,000+ point shift in the market over a 2 month period (weird how things come in 3's), before a seeming recovery, read: bubble, that was a precursor to the '08 crash). I think if anything, they're thus far committed enough to release, but they're worried about how to approach it, however this bodes poorly for future developments and number of possible titles. Sure they might focus more, but that doesn't mean they'll focus enough to ensure we see every DQ. This can be bad as it could mean a much higher chance and consideration of dropping the games entirely. Afterall, mobile gaming is starting to pick up, not as quickly as in Japan and South Korea, but it is the only "growth" market in gaming right now. Everything else is stagnant, or floundering like a chicken with its head cut off as people have substantially less extra cash to spend on desires. What I'm saying is, I believe that despite recent developments and statements, we may well see a Japanese gaming blackout, or something close to it, if this trend continues, and given current US government policies, very poorly engineered Free-Trade agreements, and US spending (we're over 200trillion in the hole right now, around 20 trillion of claimed debt, including foreign)...well it's just a very bleak outlook going forward and companies do watch for these types of trends.
  11. Hehe, ya, actually I've done a solo before, but not a speed run. I was, about a 2-3 months ago, involved in doing simultaneous speedruns with Nfrazee from Gamefaqs, attempting to find methods to beat the current 7:55, and aftering scouring youtube for emulated play speedruns, I was very disappointed in that the shortest emulated one was like 12 hours...and I know it can be done in MUCH better time. The original 7:55 solo speedrun was done quite inefficiently using Metal Slash for Metal Stacks and LMS kills, and not abusing the fact that if you're going to level up Sword, Thief/Warrior are easy to abuse for skill points early on. Gladiator becomes the only easy unlockable given Dragon Slash is the first Sword skill, and level 1 Thief after some points into the MA skill tree for psyching up, is like a few minutes spent hunting around Angelfalls. I should do a full runthrough of my plans, I reprinted in an earlier post my main key points from the thread both Nfrazee and I posted in on GFaqs. I should sort through that and give a more thorough plan. This much holds true, for the first 6 bosses, maybe first 7, Minstrel is almost absolute as the core class given its Coup De Grace. Best Coup De Grace would be Ranger for this given the extra 1% trigger, and the overall bonuses are slightly better since it's not dependent on luck for counter attacks/dodges. My first attempt, awhile back, like maybe a year after the game came out, was pure luck, killing Wight Knight at level 8 (yes, 8). Two Coup De Grace triggers, and a lot of critical hits, plus he almost never healed and I managed to get lucky dodging his Multithrust. I've never since been able to mimic that battle, nor has Nfrazee. The closest I've gotten is level 11, but even that was rough going, and pure luck. Level 12 is the only sure-fire method. The trick is to realize that the Hexagoon requires no additional armour than what is provided, to get the Holy Water in the Observatory (but nothing else until leaving, then grab the Chimeara Wing on the right with luck an herb or two will drop from the barrels/pots in that same room, and finally the Seed of Life before exiting, since it respawns when the game returns there). Then picking up the Scale on the caved-in Stornway side on the way to Stornway. Talking to the King then immediately leaving for Zere to farm exp/gold, buy a few things in Zere, then finish off level 12 aiming for Clogs/Mini Medals, opening the door to the upper area, and snagging the best helmet at this point in the game in Doomingale. Then winging back to Zere, saving, and heading straight for Wight Knight, with resets if no Coup De Grace in the first 5 rounds (or excessive healing). Even then it has to last longer than 3 rounds, and has to trigger the counter attack, or it was a pointless CDG and requires a restart. Should be around 1 hour 20 minutes by Wight Knight, at 1 hour 40 at the maximum...something like that anyway (I don't have the preferred times memorized).
  12. I'm totally changing the order around given life is really getting the in the way and I'm getting maybe 1-2 hours a night, if that, of actual free time outside of the random bursts of stolen free-time I take to post here and on GFaqs. So, without further ado, the order of playthroughs: 1) Dragon Quest IX 2) Dragon Quest III SFC 3) Dragon Quest VIII 4) Dragon Quest IV DS 5) Dragon Quest V DS 6) Dragon Quest VI DS 7) Dragon Warrior VII PSX Mostly because of the time forced on me by Dragon Quest VIII and my normal playthrough. I should've been done a week back, but I'm not. I also expect at least 3, maybe upwards of 6 resets on my Dragon Quest IX runthrough in an attempt for a good completion time. I also decided to expand the total time to a final range of 7 to 9 total hours. Anything above 9 is to be deleted and restarted, unless this occurs 3x in a row, in which case I'll accept the 3rd 9 hour + completion time as luck was just not on my side. There is one other exception, anything 9+ that occurs by May 19th. This is mostly because I WANT to get my post-game quests and all inn guests legit. So Dragon Quest IX has to be completed by the 19th of next month. Since I'm playing it out of order somewhat, I thought I'd throw in a 8 between 4 for some semblance of fun, but I'd rather end on the highest note anyway, and finish with my favourite, 7.
  13. It's not so much about being dicks, as it is creating a blanket protection grid to avoid any culpability. Nintendo's 2008/2009 release of the DSi as being the first software/firmware lockout system in a long time, is in response to Germany, China, Australia, and a few other countries that have since increased the number of laws dealing with not only sale of banned products, but ownership (the US is not far behind with some of the more draconian laws slowly being introduced since 2001). I don't agree with it at all, but from their perspective, I don't think they want to deal with a lawsuit or deal with any possible issues down the road, in anticipation of possible future laws, and also in a likely act to appeal by default to many of those countries who feel a need for extreme censorship. I think they're simply trying to avoid current and future complications, while at the same time are willing to swallow other issues such as player anger. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2013/07/satoru_iwata_there_are_some_reasons_behind_region_locking According to that article, it supports the notion that Nintendo had considered listening to players, or at the very least address player angst over region lockout, but given the sheer lack of volume of outcry over the matter, felt there was no need to alter course. Afterall, if you're going to petition or push a company to change a policy, you must give the perception that a large enough portion of the potential and actual audience is upset and will likely reduce their support, thus reducing financial incentive to continue the policy. I see it as a lame excuse to avoid potential, not actual, complications.
  14. Are you guys nuts? It's going to the Pizza Box. Everyone, the world over, eats pizza. There is a pizza box sitting in every living room in the country at least five times a year, and with semiconductors getting smaller and smaller, and with LED technology allowing for cardboard thick TV's, it was only a matter of time. The revolution is on, the Pizza Box is here, gaming and pizza all in one! First orders come with Slime shaped Cheesy Bread with extra cheese inside! ... .. . I'm with Proshall, I believe it's sticking with the Big N.
  15. Nice read. The post game in both is actually the same if you compare the enemies. The only real difference that gives the GBC a slight edge are there are slightly more resistances or slightly better with a few armours in the GBC, and stats have a greater favourability for higher gains in the GBC version (not by a lot, but it's there). LOL, Baraevil really is cruel. It's also a bit of RNG and depends on how many rounds that guy gets per battle, and what skills he uses, which is pretty random, and as a result can spell an instant game over in both versions. May your next climb to defeat Divinegon bear more fruit and better luck.
  16. Congratulations my friend. Well played.
  17. It was by sheer luck. I died a few times, it's really just pure luck in the spell rotations of the boss and how often I can keep him asleep and sapped. Gabo heals every round (wonderock) since his only damage skill that works here is Bite. This was years ago so I don't recall exactly, nor did I do much research aside from Csabi_B's faq. Here's Antoria's stats from that very FAQ, which I used: Antoria (Antoria 1)1-2x, Bang, Firebane, MagicWall, EnergyBal, FireSlashLv HP MP AGL ATK DEF Exp Gold T D Item24 700 55 75 85 63 687 743 0 0 NoneD Z S M F DG BZ FB BG IC NF ZP FL CD PU HL DE EX PS SP SR SL CF PZ LT RM SS DS- - - - - 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 1 3 3 3 3 3 1 1 1 3 3 2 3 3 3 He's only semi-resistant to Sleep and Sap, and Maribel has both by 12. He's also vulnerable to Surround AND Maribel also has Heal, so give the Wonderock to Gabo and there are now three healers. Hero has the second highest Strength in the game after Kiefer, and thus makes the best normal attacker. I just went for it, the fun was it was a shopless challenge as well and the only two reasons I was able to pull off any real damage is due both to the Iron Axe dropping and a Hacksaw dropping. Without which I don't believe it would have been possible. The fun began again when I hit Hamelia at level 18/19/17, and I defeated both Gigamute and Gracos on the first try (lucky Stampede's and Howl's). Then I took on Gracos V right away, my levels were 19/20/18, and first try by LUCK. Last round I had only the Hero, 1 MP left, no MP healing items left (I carried them around with me since the first casino), and no more Yggdrasil Leaf. I don't recall any longer what my Hero's HP was, but I used Attack, since I didn't want to risk Stampede, he had UNDER 10 HP (that much I do remember), and managed to go first for the kill. Darn me if that wasn't an exhilarating battle. I recall that one vividly, but not the Antoria battle. Well for DQ7 it's only 3 human classes. I'm just aiming for Dragoon, so that +prerequisites, since it has ZombieCut (which is effective against the final two forms of Orgodemir), and it'll net me Punch, Evil Slash, AND one of the two charge-up skills. Not to mention Twinhits is accessible via monster classes. I'll also have Knockdown if I need it from getting ThiefHit, and two semi-useful dances in the process of snagging SwordDance. My plan is after accessing class change, to go Dancer too mature, then Warrior to Mature (SwordDance), then Thief to Mature (ThiefHit), then back to Warrior to finish it off. Then I'll leave Dharma as a Fighter, finish that in Dune, then switch to Dragoon and finish that in Krage. Then it'll be monster classes, starting with Healer for Fullheal, and then going down the basic pre-requisites first. I'm not sure how I'll manage that. Maybe one class per island, maybe spend a little time farming for several monster classes...dunno. Anyway, whenever I farm for job points I'll aim for ThiefHit everytime an enemy has something worthwhile. Should be fun! As for Gringham Whip in DQ4 DS, it's only Group, but it would still be useful, and it's the final Mini Medal prize at 60 medals.
  18. Dragon Quest VI will be way way way way way too easy, but might as well make a plan for it sometime later, so this is a placeholder for that! VII will be the fun one to plan out, since I'll have to work out options based on enemy drops (and knowing that DQ7 is the first and only DQ8 that actually favours enemy drops in most areas for optimizing equipment in the early-mid stages, I'm looking at you Hacksaw!).
  19. Yep, Hela hammer is that 37.5% Crit or Miss weapon. The Crypt is that dungeon just South of Endor where the Staff of Change is, and is the first dungeon that requires the Ultimate/Final Key. Oh I will indeed. Sage Stone won't be necessary though given Healall, and the Hero's HP pool is plenty, but if I do have one, I'll probably keep it in my inventory in case of emergencies. That's a good point, but there's also the Gringham Whip! That's the fun of DQ7...all sections prior to unlocking Dharma are going to be rough going, even with a party and EVEN overleveled. Though it should be easier than a solo Kiefer or Gabo given Healmore! Oh I'll definitely keep that in mind about the jewelbags. I appreciate that tip, that will save me some time. Also that Axe from the ClockMechs is the best weapon available in the game for the next two islands for pure offense! I always attempt to grab one, and they drop frequently enough so perhaps luck will be with me. I've done a no-shop challenge before, but it was with a party and that Axe was a saving grace because while there's a lot of equipment found along the way, very little is that useful, and DQ7 tends to be quite punishing in the lack of good equipment found in chests/pots/barrels until way late. If you get the two pre-requisite hearts and master them, you don't require hunting down the heart for the next tier! The problem will be in a lack of heart abundance early on, since no hearts can be farmed until after Loomin' and the Monster Park is open. Nope, no emulator, I wish I could run it that way, but it'll be run on my PS2. It shouldn't be that bad though, I do have a turbo controller, so casino abuse will be a cinch! I'll have plenty of tokens to toy around with for Lucky Panel games. Yep, I recall my low level game (between 9 and 11 when I started Dharma, was 11, 12, 10 when I finished). Innop and Gonz were very difficult without healmore on the Hero. So I'll probably need to be 15 at the least to have the HP to make this viable, even with the best possible Lucky Panel equipment options.
  20. Prepost for Dragon Quest V plan. Thankfully threetime's FAQ is superb, so it should be easy to get the data I require. To relist the challenge here: DQ5 DS: Solo Hero, No Casino, now a No Shop challenge too (with ONE exception)! I fully anticipate this to be pretty rough going, and I plan to spend a bit of time farming Medals in Gotha in Generation 2 before finishing off the trial, but we'll see....and I have. I'll make one exception for a shop: Chain Sickle in Generation 1 (it will be the ONLY 1h weapon for quite some time even into Generation 2). This is mostly because I'll be substantially overleveled without it, once the first and only freebie weapon becomes available in Generation 1, the Boomerang, which will totally throw off the game and render it cake by the time the Dowager fight comes up, and that wouldn't be any fun. I think I may make this a no-shop challenge as well, just to spice things up, but that all depends on what exactly is available. Generation 1 I don't think is even possible with a no-shop solo without excessive leveling, early 2 will be really rough through the Dowager. So I'll play this first by available items. Since this is a DS system play, I can't engineer awesome stats on my first runthrough per Sugoroku track, but DQ5's stat increase/decrease is typically more forgiving in my experience, and the number of required returns per track due to the extra's added to the board game, I'll likely have ample opportunity to pump a few stats by 2, 3, even as many as 5 points up through the Stark-Ravin-Mad. I have one limitation though in post game: due to the mechanics of Stark-Ravin'-Mad, I feel it is not necessary to finish it, but only to grab the Metal King Shield at the very least. Monsters that drop Mini-Medals (from threetime's FAQ): * Mimics always drop a Mini Medal.* Cannibox, Frighturn, and Urnexpected sometimes drop Mini Medals (these are monsters disguised as Treasure Chests or pots).* Admirer, Liquid Metal Slime, Metal King Slime, and Wrecktor might... if you're lucky.* The Merry Man might drop a Mini Medal. At least, there is confirmation that the third one in Nadiria has done so!* Estark will drop a Mini Medal if you keep fighting him until he does! Generation 1: Seed of Resilience (1), 2x T'n'T Ticket, and 4x Medical Herb in Boat Seed of Strength (1), 2x Medical Herb, Pot Lid, and Leather Hat in Whealbrook <--pick up Whealbrook Stone Medical Herb, Leather Shield, Wayfarer's Clothes, and Handwoven Cape in Whealbrook Adit Seed of Resilience (2) in Roundbeck Seed of Strength (2) and 3x Medical Herbs in Uptaten <--pick up tea set Equipment prior to Haunted Housekeeper and no shopping: Wayfarer's Clothes, Leather Shield, Leather Hat...yep, I may want to use the shop to buy a weapon here, like a Chain Sickle. Seed of Life (1) in Faerie Lea Seed of Agility (1) and Seed of Life (2) in Dwarf's Den Seed of Wisdom (1) and Boomerang in The Winter Palace <--pick up Bloomin' Branch in Faerie Lea Seed of Magic (1) in Coburg Seed of Strength (3), Antidotal Herb, T'n'T Ticket, and Elfin Elixir (1) in Ruins Generation 2: Seed of Resilience (3), 2x T'n'T Ticket, and Medical Herb in Fortuna Seed of Wisdom (2), T'n'T Ticket, Mini Medal (1) and Edge Boomerang in Fortuna T'n'T Seed of Wisdom (3) in Whealbrook Revisited Seed of Agility (2) and Zenithian Sword in Whealbrook Adit Revisited Mini Medal (2) in Roundbeck Revisited <--Zizzwizz Pillow Seed of Life (3), Mini Medal (3), and Iron Armour in Coburg Revisited Seed of Magic (2), Tombola Ticket, and Scale Shield in Above-it-All Tower 2x T'n'T Ticket and 2x Mini Medal (5) in Lodestar Harbour Seed of Strength (4), T'n'T Ticket, and 2x Mini Medal (7) in Hay Mini Medal (8) and Pankraz's Sword in Scary Lair Seed of Magic (3), Seed of Agility (3), T'n'T Ticket, Tombola Ticket, and 2x Mini Medal (10) in Zoomingale <--Zoomshine Return to Coburg for some events and the Marital Organ Tombola Ticket and Mini Medal (11) in Scuttlebutt Mini Medal (12) in Tunnel to Mostroferrato Seed of Wisdom (4), Tombola Ticket, T'n'T Ticket, Mini Medal (13), and Iron Shield in Mostroferrato Seed of Resilience (4), T'n'T Ticket, Staff of Antimagic, and Iron Helmet in Magmageddon Seed of Strength (5), T'n'T Ticket, and 2x Mini Medal (15) in Stockenbarrel Elfin Elixir (2) in Cataract Caves Return to Mostroferrato, marry Bianca, get rings back (equip fire, keep water in inventory), pick up Honey Buns and Zenithian Shield Lodestar Harbour for Ship in a Bottle and the actual Ship to sail in 4x T'n'T Ticket, Tombola Ticket, and 2x Mini Medal (17) in Ventuno Ship Seed of Life (4), 2x T'n'T Ticket, Prayer Ring, and Shield of Magic in Ventuno T'n'T 2x T'n'T Ticket and Mini Medal (18) in Knickknackatory Iron Mask in Dominicus' Dominion <--Maxi Medal and Chocolate Medalliyum, also the first place for possible Mini Medal farming Seed of Magic (4), Seed of Resilience (5), T'n'T Ticket, and 2x Mini Medal (20) in Helmunaptra <--Desert Rose T'n'T Ticket in Knot Welcome Inn <--Forget-me-Knot Flag Prayer Ring and 3x Mini Medal (23) in Mount Batten Paxa Punch, Tombola Ticket, T'n'T Ticket, and Mini Medal (24) in Battenburg <--Batten Binnacle Seed of Agility (4), T'n'T Ticket, 7x Mini Medal (31), and Staff of Divine Wrath in Path to Gotha Seed of Life (5), Seed of Strength (6), Seed of Resilience (6), Seed of Wisdom (5), Tombola Ticket, T'n'T Ticket, 3x Mini Medal (34) in Gotha Mini Medal (35) in Rite of Passage <--time to level farm while hunting Mini Medals...Need 24 for Miracle Sword and 28 for Sacred Armor (total of 52), or farm at least to level 22 for Fullheal (which is sufficient to handle Knightmare Tower). Seed of Strength (7) and 5x Mini Medal (40+) in Knightmare Tower Generation 3: *To start* - Should have gathered 12 Mini Medals in Right of Passage, or at least 6 since by Diggery Pokery 6 more are available, and combined with all existing that makes 46 (actual possible count of 52 if all Cannibox's and Frighturns/Urnexpected's available up to the start of Gen 3 dropped a Mini Medal, and 54 if the two Merry Men available at the start of Generation 3 drop one as well, so possible no farming is required). I think I'll stop here for now, but the rest is rather irrelevant if I have 52 medals since both Sacred Armour and Miracle Sword are end-game equipment. After that, any extra Mini Medals can go in any direction, though Falcon Sword is preferred. The major bonus is any and all possible accessories can be equipped...the best shield (Shimmering Shield) is already a giveaway, and the best helm (Sun Crown) as well is also an exclusive to the Hero, with another optional good weapon for high damage with the Dragon Staff (not actually worthwhile considering the Miracle Sword). Paxa Punch is quite useful, though later on the Drum will be the best item, and there are like 4-5 Elfin Elixir's available with possible extras found on several T'n'T boards. Best armour options are Sacred Armour, Mirror Armour, or Pallium Regale Best Shield is the Shimmering Shield Best Helmet is the Sun Crown Best Weapons are Miracle Sword or Falcon Sword, and Flail of Destruction Accessories should be Elfin Charm, Meteorite Bracer, Circle of Fire, and Circle of Life (maybe Bianca's Ribbon and Crude Image if there's room) Must have Items, just in case: Staff of Salvation and War Drum, maybe Magma Staff and Icicle Dirk if inventory has room So technically I can ignore the rest. I don't recall if stats are fixed or not though
  21. Cool. I'm not going to kill myself over a Solo every chapter in Dragon Quest IV, so Chapter's 2 and 4 shouldn't be that difficult. I'm not too worried about snagging the Cautery Sword in Chapter 1. I've done it before in Ragnar's with no weapon shopping between the start and the Cautery Sword. Armour yes, but at least Dragon Quest defense is not that substantive, and Ragnar's HP should make up for the lack of Half-Plate Armor this go around. Thanks for the tip in Zenithia. I hadn't even considered those. Typically I prefer to avoid any respawn monster but undead and goopies. Plus with the ability to equip the Hela hammer, and the effectiveness of Lightning, the Azimuth plane shouldn't be too difficult. Though I imagine I'll do 90% of my leveling in the Crypt, just because it's so easy to survive there with that healing spot, and the insane LMS spawn rate on the bottom floor, right next to the stairs leading to that very spot. I supposed if I meet up with the Tikki's it might be best to ignore them entirely. Given it's also no-casino, there's little point in getting every enemy slot filled out. Another enemy to avoid if I recall correctly, due to their ability to stun, are the LickLick's and their upgraded versions, same with the rays mid-game for much the same reason as the Tikki's (good resistances, decent HP, and a penchant to call in the troops). What I would love to know is...why the heck is the Hero barred from any AoE weapon in Dragon Quest IV? First and only with said weapons. Would be quite useful having at least another bonus AoE skill on top of Gigasword to make up for it! As per my progress, you betcha, I'll be updating using this topic. As far as life and my current Dragon Quest VIII playthrough, I should be ready to rumble and jump into Dragon Quest 3 SFC in a week or two. Until that point I'll do some more planning ahead of time, so I have a good idea on weapons/armour, classes, leveling spots, farming locales, etc. Shame farming in 3, 4, and 5 will be impossible, but at least 8 has intimidate and two decent farming locations (one with LMS spawning at nearly a 30% rate...the Mimic/Cannibox island). 6 has Dig, which is so utterly broken in that game, and will make seed farming fast and easy, while 7 I'll be stuck with ThiefHit, which thankfully is like 2x the drop rate (or maybe it is the normal drop rate and my luck has always been good). So I can slaughter LMS WHILE farming (won't attempt the auto-farming method since frankly it's meh, and I'd rather up the chances of 2 possible drops per Mimic encounter given they're almost always 2 mimics per).
  22. Oh for sure Red's guide is pretty solid. In general she writes fantastic guides. Almost never missing anything (maybe a few tidbits in like a monster spawns in X area that was missed, or stuff like % chance to spawn, which is bloody difficult to find even on Japanese sites, and from Sk8er's foray into DQ3 was pretty complicated and took him days to pinpoint and figure out, and even then would be impossible since it changes from one spot to another AND that tricky RNG that factors into everything factors into it as well, which I suspect is present in every DQ). Maybe instead of a walkthrough I should just do the same type of FAQ I did for DQ3 GBC for DQ4? If I have time down the road, DQ4 DS walkthrough.
  23. Hmm, contemplating DQ4, I should do a prewrite of each chapter. DQ4 DS: Solo Hero, No Bag Stuffing in Chapter 3 (Torneko can carry over whatever he can carry on-hand), No Shop, No Casino This is the challenge, so...I can only take what I have on me, and since there's no shop, meh, only Torneko's chapter will offer any real help with weapons/armour. I'm actually going to alter a few things in Torneko's chapter...he can buy only one sword of malice for himself, but all other shopping will be exclusively for the requirements of the game and his shop to complete the game, this sword cannot be used by the Hero, and must remain on Torneko's person forevermore. Chapter 1: Healie is allowed, no shopping allowed though! I should really punch myself in the gut for not making a faq for this game...both Lufia and snkupo's faqs make this very difficult. Leather Shield in Burland 6x Medical Herbs by Strathbaile (seriously hardcore) 2x Medical Herbs in Well + Healie (yes I'm allowing it, there is NO possible way to pull off this chapter without excessive leveling without him, and I don't want to spend months and months on this) Hit level 10, then aim for the tower: Scale Shield in Tower Cautery Sword in Tower This is going to be hardcore, but definitely doable. It just means extra leveling, and at least with the heal spot I can hit 12 perhaps before going after the boss. The boss isn't hard, it's just the walk and the Bantams. One "sleep" and a 4-6x enemy party will undoubtedly spell death. Chapter 2: No shopping, I'm allowing all three characters...not that it isn't doable, but the amount of leveling for a solo Alena WITH shops is bad enough, and this is a solo hero anyway =p, so Chapter 5/6. Feathered Cap in Zamaksva Leather Hat in Tabarov 2x Medical Herbs by Tabarov 1x Antidotal Herbs by Tabarov Level to 6 before taking on the boss in Tabarov. Level to 8 before heading to Vrenor. 1x Antidotal Herb in Vrenor Level to 12 before heading to Vrenor cave. 1x Medical Herb in Bazaar Level to 15 before heading up the Birdsong Tower (maybe 16...serious lack of equipment finds in Chapter 2...I'm also hoping snkupo's FAQ isn't missing anything, and I wish for bloody heck's sake he didn't mention purchased weapons in the Item Checklists) Silk Robe in Endor 1x Antidotal Herb in Endor Level to 18 before the tournament to make up for no weapon...seriously hardcore. Chapter 3: Shopping for only one Cautery Sword to equip and Cautery Swords for the wife to sell. Leather Hat and Shield in Lakanaba 1x Medical Herb, 1x Lunch, and 1x Antidotal Herb in Lakanaba Level to 4 before heading for the Strongbox Chain Sickle in Northern Cave Boxer Shorts in Fox Village 1x Medicinal Herb in Fox Village Full Plate Armor in Fox Village (SAVE for Chapter 5) Leather Shield in Ballymoral (sell to Ballymoral) Buy Cautery Sword in Lakanaba (should have enough) Level to 10, then snag the Statue, sell, and open shop, then work towards finishing off the chapter, no extra purchases allowed. Anything else I find in battle I keep beyond what's required for the game...maybe useful in Chapter 5. Chapter 4: Allowing both sisters, and again, no shopping... Leather Hat, Silk Robe and Wayfarer's Clothes in Laissez Fayre 1x Medical Herb and 1x Antidotal Herb in Laissez Fayre Level to 6 before heading to Aubout du Monde Leather Shield in Aubout du Monde Level to 8 before heading to the Cave, then grab Oojam FIRST, and then the Night Light and Sphere of Silence. Dancer's Costume in Palais de Leon 1x Medical Herb in Havre Leon Level to 15 before heading to the Mine. Leather Hat and Scale Shield in Mamon Town 1x Medical Herb in Mamon Town Silver Tarot Cards in Mamon Mine Important: GRAB everything on the ship! Key element: Save every seed... Seeds of Strength: Ch1 [2], Ch2 [2], Ch4 [2], Prologue [1] = 7 Seeds of Resilience: Ch1 [1], Ch2 [1] = 2 Seeds of Agility: Ch1 [1], Ch2 [4] = 5 Seeds of Wisdom: 0 = 0 Seeds of Luck: Ch2 [1] = 1 Seeds of Life: Ch1 [1], Ch2 [5], Ch3 [1], Ch4 [3] = 10 Seeds of Magic: Ch4 [3] = 3 Mini Medals: Ch2 [1] = 1 Chapter 5: Rules already set and known...anyway, here goes. 2x Medical Herb carryover from Prologue Feathered Cap laying on the ground in ruined Village 1x Medical Herb in Cabin Seed of Life (11) in Cabin Leather Armor in Cabin Equip anything useful from the girls, kill them off. Broadsword and Iron Armor in Cave North of Endor Level to 8 before heading to Cave of Betrayal Seed of Strength (8) and Mini Medal (2) in Bath Seed of Strength (9) and 3x Mini Medal (5) in Porthrunnel Level to 12 before making any attempt at the Lighthouse Seed of Resilience (3), Seed of Strength (10), Golden Tiara, and Mini Medal (6) in Lighthouse Loot Torneko then kill him....Equipment should be the following prior to Mintos: Broadsword, Full Plate Armor, Golden Tiara, and Scale Shield 2x Mini Medal (8), Seed of Wisdom (1), Seed of Luck (2), and Seed of Resilience (4) in Mintos Mini Medal (9) in Shrine East of Mintos Seed of Resilience (5) in Parthenia Seed of Agility (6) and Seed of Life (12) in Icy Cave Kill Alena, Kiryl, and Borya, who sadly carry over nothing of value equipmentwise 2x Mini Medal (11) and Gold Bracer in Riverton Mini Medal (12) and Seed of Resilience (6) in hidden passage of Cave West of Aubout de Monde Stage 1 of Township! x2 Mini Medal (14) and Bunny Tail Thief Key Treasure Raid! Iron Helmet, Mini Medal (15), Seed of Life (13), Seed of Agility (7), and Seed of Strength (11) in Burland Treasure Room Level to 18, then Seed of Magic (4) in Tsar's room in Zamoksva (Try to RUN from everything) Magic Key Treasure Raid! Pink Leotard, Fishnet Stockings, and Mini Medal (16) in King's Bedroom of Endor Seed of Strength (12), Mini Medal (17), and Double-Edged Sword in hidden weapon shop in Endor Mini Medal (18) in hut North of Havre Leon (I believe there's something else here) Mini Medal (19) and Karstone in Dunplundrin' 3x Mini Medal (22) and Seed of Strength (13) in Canalot Level to 27 for Fullheal, then head into Cave North of Minikin's Dominion for 3x Mini Medal (25) and Zenithian Armor! I believe, but I'm not sure, that a Mini Medal can be had on the Riverton side, on the outside of the Colossus...but perhaps not and only 25 are available at this point in the game (maybe 26 if the Rosaville can be gotten without the Ultimate Key or Flute of Revelation, but I cannot recall)...if not that's 25 and a Magical Skirt, Strength Ring, and Ruby of Protection. Hmm, I may try to beat Keeleon at level 20, prior to going after the Zenithian Armor, but not Balzack, I'll want Fullheal for him. Balzack time...Magma Staff, Flute of Uncovering, and Seed of Strength (14) in Zamoksva treasury Mini Medal (26), Seed of Wisdom (2), Seed of Agility (8), and Fire Claw in Femiscyra 2x Mini Medal (28), Seed of Strength (14), Seed of Luck (3), Seed of Agility (9), Dragon Shield, and Iron Mask in Cave South of Femiscyra Ultimate Key hunting: Zenithian Shield in Femiscyra Mini Medal (29) in Casabranca 2x Mini Medal (31) and Seed of Strength (15) in Havre Leon Seed of Strength (16) and Icicle Dirk in Lakanaba Mini Medal (32) in Rosaville Mini Medal (33) and Liquid Metal Sword in Waterfall Cave Zenithian Helm in Canalot <<-this may be doable before Keeleon or perhaps Balzack Mini Medal (34) and Staff of Antimagic in Royal Crypt Mini Medal (35), Seed of Agility (10), and Hela's Hammer in Colossus 2x Mini Medal (37), Seed of Resilience (7), and Tempest Shield in Diabolic Hall 2x Mini Medal (39), Seed of Strength (16), and Seed of Agility (11) in Mamon Mine <<<-leave before taking on Esturk Before Esturk, grab Miracle Sword and Staff of Divine Wrath. Equipment Check for Esturk: Liquid Metal Sword/Miracle Sword, Zenithian Armor, Zenithian Shield, Zenithian Helm, Strength Ring Staff of Salvation and Zenithian Sword from World Tree 2x Mini Medal (41) in Azimuth <--completely unnecessary now that Miracle Sword is earned, but posting anyway. Baron's Bugle and Goddess Ring from Baron's Folly 2x Mini Medal (43) and Seed of Strength (17) in Zenithian Tower 2x Mini Medal (45) in Zenithia Mini Medal (46), 2x Seed of Life (15), Seed of Strength (18), Seed of Resilience (8), Seed of Agility (12), and Mighty Armlet in Nadiria That should cover it. Post game will be the same, with the sole exception of luck if I find a Liquid Metal Helm drop, and later on the Angel Leotard.
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