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  1. :/ Never enjoyed the kinks of working out best possible paths. I wish I knew DQM by heart, would make it easier to sort that out to help you. Anyway I nearly finalized my plans up to Swinedimples for equipment. I MAY skip Ethereal equipment and just make my Magical Gauntlet into Enchanted after Godrango, but the spears are a must (very nice I have my end-game weaponry by Bloomingdale)....ok I think I have equipment no worked out through to the end... I'm not 100% on my skill path with a few bits and pieces. Spellcraft I'll save until way late, leave at least one class open for it. I don't need Armamentalist though, nor the Fource abilities, but I'll leave it open just in case. I think I'll wait a bit longer to boost Shield effectiveness, but that depends on my skill points and if I can afford getting 16 into Focus the moment I take out Nu'un. Planned Skill Path: Planned Equipment Path:
  2. Sap isn't all that bad. Contagion won't recast until at least one round after it's gone. Then he casts it once, and will cast the next one between 1 and 3 rounds. Sap cast once doesn't add that much damage, and is negligible (especially if you have Healmore), but twice, and it's best to either have some shield skills (like the -50% damage + 80% attack skill Blockenspiel), or Defending Champion. Or just hope for some luck, blocks, and use Defend if you prefer to save MP. Even then there are plenty of times I've seen him cast Sap after a 3-5 round gap. Minstrel is certainly better than Warrior for a speedrun anyhow, but only due to natural healing ability. Other than that, the nearly 2x Str of the Warrior would play a massively useful factor, and of course there are a possible 4x spawn of a 60+HP healing item just East of Coffinwell. I need to take a nap. I just died. This is 4 failures getting through Brigadoom. I'm going to skip getting the Gold Bracer, and instead buy a Bunny Tail for the 5 agility. This time I managed to nearly finish up opening Brigadoom and gathering the items that will make level 12 Wight Knight go smoothly, but died to a poor choice in accepting a battle of a Drackmage + Skeleton + Leery Lout. Managed to take out the Drack, and on round 3 I had 8 HP, was hoping I could beat out the Skeleton with a heal, but no dice, and he landed an 8HP blow, felling me. I really need this next one to go smoothly. Up to that point that last attempt went very well, VERY well, and I could have possibly been looking at a 1:23-25 time before Wight Knight. Which would set me up for Coffinwell around the 1:50-2:00 markers. I did notice something though. Rapidly pressing the A button will trigger in-battle text to move faster. I have to wonder how much extra time I could've saved with that. It's not much in battle, but it definitely makes a noticeable difference in not pressing versus pressing throughout. Of course the danger is ensuring I don't accidentally click Attack when I need to heal, lol, small potatoes though.
  3. Let me know when you make your next vid! I'd love to comment but I can't access commentary in youtube anymore. I wanted to give Saigan some protips on what to do to help his playthrough go smoother, but couldn't comment. Oh well, progress, lol.
  4. Bird class will definitely speed things up for you. Plus you shouldn't even need WhiteFire until Rank B. I forget, does DQM based breeding stats on the father and mother like synthesis in Joker? Dude, that's nuts. I mean I like hard challenges, but that's pain and requires heavy leveling to even consider. If you wanted to take out Hogg, you HAVE to have Secrets of the Shield, so you HAVE to get Shields, at the very least, to 100 points. I might consider something like this, but the problem is Ragin' Contagion would probably require my level to be 25 rather than 21 for a fair shot, and tack on like another 5-10 levels for every subsequent boss. I tried one challenge kind of similar, where I wanted to copy the previous speedrunner by going for a pure Minstrel. I managed to get lucky with a lot of Coup de Grace and critical hits. Took out Wight Knight at 8, Ragin' at 18 (I can't recall my Morag level), at 21 I unlocked Alltrades, and by 25 I was at Bloomingdale. I did not feel like spending excessive time leveling, but I could not beat Tyrantula. I came pretty close once, but after something like 30 attempts, I just gave up on my attempt and...huh now I know why my solo save file is what it is. Anyway so I basically went around gathering alchemy, changed classes, skill farmed, hit level 30 as a Priest but with Gladiator and Warrior's skills maxed, so my Str was high for a Priest, and of course maxed out Spears gave me a huge edge. I mained Priest until Sage, unlocked that. Problem is I spent so much time making alchemy and skill point farming (I had every class skill tree maxed before finishing the game), I had like 20, maybe 30 hours as my finish time. This should be interesting, since I'm hoping to beat the original speed record using a slightly different route, but we'll see.
  5. That's pretty awesome, looks like it was a bunch of fun. I really wish I could have joined you guys. Another time!
  6. Oh wow I really wish DQ9's text speed could be increased. It's unfathomably annoying, but the speed isn't too bad, but wow would it make things easier to change to display everything at once. I could cut down on like 3 hours, lol. I like your idea about moving around, it helps a bit, breaks up what would be monotonous...well right now it's clearly not since your level ups are so close together. It also helps that DQM is so speedy on its own, and once you get skills it will make things even faster. I like the way you set it up. It's pretty smooth and easy to watch.
  7. Class changes *can't quite sleep, lol* I'm going to be a Minstrel until Alltrade's, then switch to Martial Artist to dump some points (16 in its class skill set, which will net me the ability to Tension boost). Then I'll switch to Thief, and at level 1, head to the first area, tension boost Dragon Slash twice on slimes to unlock Gladiator (need only 2, and at level 1 they don't run away). Then level Thief up a bit to maybe 16, then Warrior to the same level, saving up points, which I'll dump into Priest and Spears, level that to about 16, which should bring Spears near max level. Of all this will be off Metal Slimes in the Quarantomb. Later on there's this place called the Bad Cave, where I'll get Spears to 100, then move on, again as a Minstrel. I MAY consider putting 3 points into Knives to unlock Ranger, but that will only be done once I have access to the final leveling spot, and best farming spot for both Mini Medals and levels in the main game: Bowhole, which has Liquid Metal Slimes at a decent rate (like a 15-20% chance to spawn on B3. There, if I have time after getting all the extra levels I need, and my time is less than 7 hours, I'll unlock Ranger and level it to 40 (34 unlocks its best healing spell). I MAY want to stay as a Minstrel. I MAY also decide to just skip Ranger and main as a Priest, if only for Fullheal, but that means leveling all the way to 47, which is the same as getting a Ranger and leveling it to 40, unless I'm REALLY luck with LMS kills. Anyway, by the end of it I'll have the following skills maxed out: Spears and Shields The rest of my points will be: 16 Min/22 Max Focus (Martial Artist's skill set), 90 Courage (Warrior), 55 Min/82 Max Guts (Gladiator), maybe points into Faith (Priest) for more healing ability and/or 10 in Litheness (Minstrel) for increased dodge at critical HP (not that useful against the last two bosses).
  8. Added a bit more. I died leveling to 11 around Zere (should avoid the scythe wielding scarecrows...sleep is deadly). Anyway, I'm going to save prior to Wight Knight if my time is somewhere between 1:20 and 1:30 by the time I'm level 12 and have the desired items from Brigadoom...and the door pre-opened. Well, if it's 1:25+ and it feels like I made too many mistakes, I'll reset, otherwise I'll keep it. 25+ minutes for level 12 and all that is more than enough to warrant continuing. My reduced time getting to and beating Morag should get me closer to KoG's time by Coffinwell. Then it's just a matter of luck with Metal Slimes (I'll need to be around level 18 minimum, 21 to be in the safe-zone, to beat Contagion...who I beat at 18 twice, but everytime after that wow, he proved it was all pure luck). Morag will prove the easiest, and 13-14, which I should be at after Wight Knight, should be plenty (maybe 15 from normal battles on the way to Morag). I'm going to head to sleep now...I need to get at least to Alltrade's tomorrow. I want to have this done by the end of this weekend, though Sunday will prove difficult given it's Mum's day, so I guess by the end of Saturday.
  9. I haven't had a chance to really give your plan a good look, but it seems from a few quick glances and a little thought, to be ok. Sorry Mortamor, it's more about trying to finish this off in ample time since I'm not forced to deal with an 11 day schedule (no telling when on the 20th the DQVC servers will be down for the count).
  10. Well, I posted this in my thread about my playthroughs, covering all the possible equipment I'll have to deal with in my solo-no shop playthrough of DQ4. I did not include any mini medals found IN Nadiria, in the final dungeon, the post game, or township phases 2-5. SO without further ado, to add to what is below. Township Phases 2-5 Phase 2: 2x Mini Medals <<-Must beat Esturk and use the Karstone in the Waterfall cave Phase 3: 3x Mini Medals <<-After entering dungeon to Nadiria (I forget if you have to complete Nadiria dungeon) Phase 4: 3x Mini Medals <<-Start of Chapter 6 Phase 5: 5x Mini Medals <<-Start of Chapter 6, must have found Sultan's heart and body Upon completion Mini Medals x13 (59) I'll complete the rest of this in a bit.... Ok, so the leftovers are 1x in Psaro's Castle in the center of Nadiria (60) Then in Chapter 6's bonus dungeon there are 6x (66) I'm about 99% sure of this after going over snkupo and Lufia's faqs. Problematic is that snkupo has one he mentions in the faq at the start that he doesn't number. It could be he does when Alena joins the party and I simply missed it. I don't feel like searching for it (call me lazy), but it's either 66 or 65 total Mini Medals available in the game.
  11. I always welcome a good hijack, doesn't stop me from continuing my thread as I wish to. So by all means mate. I'll offer some thoughts later, I need to eat breakfast.
  12. Do it buddy, get that homework done and spend a little time working on DQVII-2! Of course if sleep hits, get to bed, but if you're dreaming about your project, you're on the right track! I'm changing a few things around, I have this typed out in edits in the DQ9 thread above. So since my start time is pretty solid, I'm just going to do this. First enter an area, grab all chests, record them all, note their locations, get to the next spot I can check my time with Stella (for the first I'll have to wait until a bit after the Hexagon), then record that time, start over from the save point, and do a speed run, aiming for seeds and seemingly worthwhile equipment, with minimal divergence. If I like the time, I'll keep it, if I don't, I won't and I'll reset and record both to note which has the better time, if an earlier attempt does, I'll redo it the same way to aim for that time, THEN save. This should be fun! I just don't feel up to finishing the dungeon and finishing the post tonight, so I'll try to force time in tomorrow to do that. However I have to help a friend write an essay. I initially wrote his introductory paragraph, then wrote a base outline. He actually used the base outline as a kind of header for each paragraph. It's a mess of an essay, but I suppose the positive (see:negative) is that his college english class is a joke that is designed to dumb down the whole process of writing essays (heck, this essay actually combines research and personal essays, and apparently that's a new standard approach in MLA, which means MLA just surpassed APA as the asshat standard for modern English, congratulations MLA, it was probably a very difficult feat to achieve, but you've managed it gracelessly, bowing out and cowtowing to the current drive to streamline learning so college students today have the grade equivalent education of 3rd graders in 1901, I give you an official 'dolphin clap').
  13. If you have any basic video editing software, you can just speed through or cut out the grinding sessions. Not that I can recommend anything, my last windows computer was a Vista laptop, and prior to that several XP desktops and laptops. I'm way out of the loop. Anyway I say why not. If you don't want to or can't edit those sections of video, then you can always entertain.
  14. It's been like 10+ years since I last played, lol. I don't remember much, so I can't say higher tier has better stat growth, but given my memory of DQMJ is pretty decent, and there higher tiers do have better growth rates, and given DQ tends to follow along similar patterns that rarely deviate from game to game or if they do, it's only slowly, I would say yes. That said, so long as your HP can hit the 500+ range, you should be good without the need for Upper. Does DQM cap Upper at +200 defense? If so, then it's not that effective (only -25 hard defense prior to skill modifiers kicking in for your enemies). So long as you have ample MP (200+), good HP (500+), high Str (200+), and healall, you should be ok.
  15. I have the same problem! What do you do? Well I find my zen. Then I'm refocused and ready to rock. I read this article trying to find various methods to help, and came across this one most unhelpful troll who believes that if you cannot finish a project, maybe you aren't meant to. The problem is, I've had the Ethereal Chronicles in my head since I was 12, and no matter how much time has passed, I recall EVERYTHING, even all my changes. Well, a few thoughts here and there that I considered as a maybe add-on I've forgotten, but any idea I was sure should be part of the story has remained intact for the past 21 years straight. Just like every person who knew in their bones they wanted to write, but for whatever reason couldn't get the work done until one day it just clicked and happened. I don't want to wait for that one day. So I tried different things. Exercise, then music works pretty well. If I'm exhausted, I just skip it entirely and try to relax doing other things (my usual game time!, well, for consoles at least, handheld I do whenever I have a free moment that I cannot devote to serious thought, like a waiting room). Depends on my mood and what I'm trying to accomplish. Anything from Classical to Symphonic Movie Themes to various forms of Electronica (especially Trance and Psychadelic/Goa Trance) to even really great video music tracks. Helps me focus. It changes constantly as to what works best, but if the music won't do it alone, I just stretch a bit, do a little run or maybe lift weights or some aerobics for about 15-30 minutes, drink some water, then get back to it. I don't think there is any one "method" that works for everyone, but try things out yourself. I have a friend who needs to watch wrestling to build up his angst and blood pressure before he can think straight. I know others that need to force a deadline and make themselves believe such a deadline is do or die. I know some who must sit in a coffee house, any coffee house or sometimes one in particular and it has to be his special little corner. Some people like to zone out completely, do some sitting meditation before working on a project, get to the point of nothing, and then it all comes flushing in and they can do more work. Heck, try different things for a week, see what happens. Make it simple and routine (whatever it is, ROUTINE is the always the one key), and who knows maybe you'll force yourself to find something that just brings you to that moment where you look at the screen with a boyish smirk, strong desire, and just plow through your project knowing how bloody good you think it is (important too I believe, since you can't convince someone else of how awesome your &#036;#&#33;&amp; smells if you can't convince yourself, just can't expect everyone to agree).
  16. Same principal with solo Hero DQ9 and DQ3. Access to better skills earlier and faster (or in DQ3's case, just higher levels). I think that's a smart plan. No, I don't write fanfiction. I don't mind fanfiction, and I've certainly come up with some interesting concepts to top off a few games, but beyond swirling around in my head, they have gone nowhere. No, I write original work. My one problem though is I keep coming up with ideas and I have a hard time finishing off work (it's a psychological thing from my childhood, I know how to deal with it, doesn't make easy, but easier to handle than when not knowing, lol). Anyway, I have currently 9 books. One is a series of 4 I call the Ethereal Chronicles. It's an amalgamation of 4 seemingly different books, 1st is fantasy, 2nd is like a modern mystery, 3rd is sci-fi, 4th is like a strange conglomeration of the previous 3 that melds them together and asks a lot of questions that I hope will stimulate people to think outside the box on what the nature of the universe is and how they can apply themselves. Then there's a short story I'm working on called "The Master" which is about a boy, his mom, and a dark shadowy figure that is his diabolical father, having trapped both in a tower. There's a lot of old fantasy magic, mystery, and mythical creatures of all sorts... Then there's The Alpha System, of which I only have one book started. Basically given there are two Genesis stories back to back, and the first is Male and Female as equals, the world and everything is created, no destruction, and suddenly we get a second creation with Adam and a girl made from his rib named Eve. Wanted to tell the "missing" story between those two, and expose my take [see: wild imagination] on the nature of that first creation. I don't buy for a second the stories rabbi's have told that the first creation is "adam and lillith", which makes no sense. No name was thus given, and the nature of the first genesis is spiritual. Technically this is planned to be a 3 book deal. There's Shifting of the Winds and Ten Days. Which are the first two books in a planned series about a coming apocalypse where the world is turned topsy turvy and a failed/botched attempt of secret shadow organizations running every world government, running through and with the major world banks and financiers and the affects on various different people around the world as things unfold. Each story takes place in a different part of the US, at a different point in the process of undermining the US and ensuring Agenda 21's fulfillment (read: Agenda 21 is a real thing, and I highly recommend anyone read it who hasn't...though one should come to their own conclusion). Anyway, first book, Shifting in the Winds, takes place in New York, around the end of the Occupy Movement, where a newspaper message boy and part time reporter, working to become a major reporter and possible editor, is asked to undertake a strange and possibly his first major assignment after being requested by name by a possible informant/leaker. He's exposed to a lot, finds it hokey at first, but keeps with it to see if maybe there is something, and is then exposed to a whole underground world filled with danger, and told a few things about the nature of reality after being forced to kill someone to defend his life. Second one, Ten Days is in LA a few years later, after a major disaster (stocks tank to 10% of current value, and in a matter of 2 days, everything goes to pot), and accounts the first 2 days before, the 2 days during, 5 days of survival, and 10th day is a huge unveiling... I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the book after that. I haven't planned out much with the third book in the Shifting series, at least by name. It will be with a new government put into place, but it is not the initial planned government, as the resistance was too fantastic, and many military and police members refused to slaughter their own countrymen, ending everything in a sort of stalemate. However, nukes were dropped around the world, and now there's a cleanup job. Tensions are building as the shadow government that started all of this has been reduced, outside of their original plan, to about half, and they are trying to restart a new power structure to take over eventually and fix what went wrong with their seemingly perfect plan. I mean sociology made people seem so predictable, and using various methods of programming seemed to function with a near 100% success, and the number of expected turncoats in government agencies worldwide was expected to be far lower than what happened. I think I want to put the main character as an inside man. Someone who was part of the shadow organization that sought absolute domination and a culling of the population to enact what seemed like a complete control grid. Does he or she realize the horrors that were unleashed? What about the main characters from the first two books, did they survive? I don't know yet. I haven't gotten that far. Then there's a short story, unnamed, about a world that is in turmoil, and it flits back and forth between the spirit world and the real world. Questioning origins and the nature of life. Most spirits stick to themselves, but a group has separated and wants to run the universe in their own way. They're not evil, but they are classified as evil and shut off from the rest. Though as time goes on more and more spirits have a form of "awakening" and leave the larger majority. The main character is one, but unlike the rest, he is fully aware of what is transpiring above AND below. So he is "awake" in his human form, and this poses a problem, because the system was designed that the spiritual world not be open to the human world, as it can cause undue repercussions, since a spirit knows the body, while important, is just a tool that can be healed indefinitely as the spirit is eternal and is the "user" so to speak, of the body. Anyway, it gets weird... Then, I have a book about a world after WW3. Everything is gone to pot. No substructure remains. Luckily few nukes were used, but the damage despite this, is horrendous. Guns are outlawed everywhere. While there are some holdouts who want to maintain technology and seek breakthroughs to fix the damage, most have a sort of "spiritual awakening". There are more and more people able to use what can be described as "gifts from heaven." Each of these people hear strange voices that lead them down different paths, some good, some bad. This has led to a complete reversal as technology is shunned by most of the world, and any town found with any goal towards keeping, improving, and creating new machines, computers, or anything remote close to the concept of science is wiped out immediately, lest mankind fall in love with the wonderment and escapism that led to the ignorance and blatant disregard for humanity and the world...what led to the collapse and what many call the final war. Yet war still happens, small skirmishes. It's a blighted and dark place now. Most are scattered, and while there is some semblance of order, as there are now governments in place, and trade is beginning again, it's an outlaw's paradise. So enters this one lone warrior. Formerly a wealthy merchant with blood ties to various royalties, he lost everything after his wife, the daughter of an Arab prince, was killed in cold blood and he was pinned as the murderer. Thankfully he planned ahead early on, and studied under various masters of various martial arts. While having no "gifts" of his own, he is capable of even the usage of guns (a privilege the wealthy maintained only for themselves...though under the radar and not known to any in the public). Anyway, it's his wanderings to find the murderer, and it leads to a lot of other stuff, as such stories often do.
  17. Writing. Not finished with any yet. I'm surprised Slime Master didn't go with Iggy, that's what people used to default to as a nickname until recently, LOL. I don't mind, though I agree, IGN is a horrible place. A horrible place.
  18. Nah, this computer is too old to run emulators. I can barely run SNES9x and VisualBoyAdvance. About enough time for some codes or a little testing (I CAN run a GBC emulator all day and night, but that's about it, the other two overheat and freeze this computer). I'll be doing it the old fashioned way. At the end I'll take short video showing I'm in the post-game (clear screen), and that I haven't spoken to Patty, then go over my stuff, what I have in the bag, money, etc. as proof. Since Patty only gives Egg-On the first time speaking to her after getting behind the counter at the Inn in Stornway, and gives her special speech about recruiting. Though if my books sell well, then maybe I'll be able to afford a new computer and I can do this again with an emulator to do a full recording. I love solo runs in DQ's anyhow (done 3 in 6 now , 2 in the DS, 1 in the SFC, and I did a dual, Hero + Ashlynn on a DS run for kicks , along with a bunch in 3 NES, 1 in 4 NES, 5 SFC, and several solo's in 9 already). So it's bound to happen! So far I'd have to say 6 and 9 are a blast to play solo. 3 is darn close. 6 would be my favourite by far if one of two things happened. The first being more metal monster spawns, especially Metaly and Metabble (King is well enough represented around the Prison of Sorrow), and maybe a spot with you know...HIGH spawn rates, rather than the 2-5% bs, where the 5ish% is the first time they're encountered in Pegasus' Tower). The second being, instead of the above, why not offer a multiplier on exp if there are fewer active members, such that if there is only one left alive in both the active and wagon-bound party, he or she will get maybe 2x exp? Not that it matters since I could just use an exp modifier code and treat it like 3 and 9's exp system, though I will not for this playthrough, but for future reference. In other news, I finished everything I wanted to do in my DQ8 normal run. So onto the solo hero quests! I have some chores and errands to take care of, and thus this will wait until later tonight, after dinner.
  19. Ya, they're good, but they can be better. Here are the times from a poster on Gamefaqs known as KingofGames, who was attempting the same thing I am: KoG's Hexagon: Level 4 @ 0:32 Wight Knight: Level 11 @ 1:16 Headed to Brigadoom: Level 12 @ 1:31 Just the early times. He actually stopped posting about it around Bowhole, but as you can see, he saved, at level 4, just prior to leaving for the Hexagon, at 32 minutes. Though in his game he did not go shopping for extra Herbs and Chimaera Wings, and he did not pick up the Chimaera Wing and Seed of Life in the Observatory (only the Holy Water for the 12-16 damage versus Hexagoon). So I guess in retrospect about the same. My previous run, when I was doing a serious run, I was around 33 minutes before the Hexagon at level 4, but my herb count sucked and my luck was poor as it took several resets to beat the Hexagon with only 4 herbs and a limited MP pool (I also preferred killing Goodybags for their gold drops, but that's a crapshoot given they can drain MP). One before it, I leveled to 6, going after the two herb spawning point with that annoying mayor's son, but I didn't save, and never checked my time until after getting the Flappin' Fairy Stella, and it was pretty high, like 1:20 or so prior to convincing Erinn to leave for Stornway. I do know my Wight Knight time will be higher than his, neither the original solo speedrunner, nor KoG had figured on going up to Brigadoom early to grab some good gear (and the original also forgot about the scale armour on the Stornway end of the Hexagon ). So my time getting to Morag will be shorter, and my level versus Wight Knight likely higher, and in the end it should work out with me heading to Brigadoom somewhere between the 1:40 and 1:50 markers (if I do every little thing perfectly, such as hitting the menu options exactly and hit all the fastest routes, or are lucky with battles, I should be able to cut that down to 1:30 even with all that extra work). ...Oh right, I should mention, I'll be "editing" the above post, as it will be my sole gameplay post. Just to keep things streamlined and overall easier.
  20. End of my prior DQ8 playthrough Anyway, so since I'm already starting in on my DQ9 pre-play, I'll get into the point and purpose of this: No FAQ that exists is 100%. Sorry Damage Dealer, your faq is short, simple, it's good and quite useful, but there are a few missing tidbits, and some stuff isn't mentioned at certain points that are accessible, but placed in later, either in the boxes that indicate items or just in the text (and missing in the box...which is confusing). SO, I had initially planned to do a prerun, both for some measure of speed, and the other for an idea of finding every possible item I can that could be of use. I fully expect this run to end around the 12 hour marker, however I'll be marking time to get an idea of how long and how effective I can be with luck and speeding up leveling at particular points to get an idea of how long I SHOULD spend when the next play starts, IE the real thing. So without further ado, my current progress and layout, based on what I wrote of this preplay/prepplay in my DW3 Gamefaqs topic! CURRENT PLAY: Dragon Quest IX solo speedrun preplay (I initially called it "Chest Check") Character Creation: Female (THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST, male is possible, but female special gear has too many bonuses to ignore, especially when alchemy is either a no-no or to be used only sparingly). Meet Anitasha! Planned Skill Path: Planned Equipment Path: EXTRA EQUIPMENT INFORMATION for Minstrel and Priest: MY PROGRESS AND NOTES:
  21. I figured you had already considered it and added it by default with this statement, or I would have mentioned it: LOL, but definitely, especially the lucky panel game! I could play that for hours.
  22. Just make sure it's 9's skill point system. Dear lord help us if we have to suffer through not being able to leave battle without dishing out points, or having point differential growths that really kill certain characters without overleveling them *cough*Angelo*cough*. I'd like to tack on two bits though, to that list above: Sugoroku/Pachisi/T'N'T board games, AND a Monster Arena!
  23. Absconding with a certain 'orse princess. Righto, saved, now to clear the post-game.
  24. Heh, probably Slime Master...probably. Heh, I'll give him credit on one thing though, assuming Horii had his head on straight when writing him, since normally he's pretty solid at keeping consistency and coherence, I'll have to give Rhapthorne props for overselling himself. Sometimes deception is the most effective tool in war, and even Sun Tzu advises on deception, though usually going the opposite direction (appearing smaller and less threatening so as to throw off your enemies, and embolden them to stupidity), but there are a few occasions where he believed it was important to oversell and appear more powerful. Anyway, time to find those orbs and get this show on the road. I already started on a DQ9 prerun, for some timing tests. Fastest I can get through the Hexagon is 14 minutes (maybe 13 if I didn't make so many mistakes in the menu like pressing the wrong buttons, and entering the wrong menu's), starting at level 4.
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