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  1. Nope, there is no profit. On Ragnarok Online, botters typically make one account, keep it for the free period, shut it down, transpose the zenny (in game cash) to the real account, and start a new one. Same with virtually every game. Square Enix would be stupid to play into that. It's interesting though, that they might be looking at China as a viable market because currently asian markets are the only economies that are right now experiencing any growth (that is for almost any Asian country not named Japan, Thailand, or Taiwan)...though a few checks would note China's is utterly inflated at a higher inflation rate than the US, and is set to burst and will inflate the Yuan to a point where they can't maintain such cheap investments, and those bot shops will be forced to close up. It's an interesting world right now. Very sad though Cranberry, very sad indeed. Not that there isn't a market directly in China, but if they're not double checking who the accounts belong to, they're in for a big surprise once they setup shop in China and there's a lack of real players and real continuously paying customer base. As Morty stated, VPN's are easy to snag. I would bet once there it will be easy to create a sort of false currency or method of payment that when SE runs to the bank to cash in will find it no better than a fake check, but we'll see.
  2. True, but the translation cost on its own, at least the initial, is made up for easily in initial sales of the game product in stores, even before monthly fees. To top things off, if they're smart, and they've been doing this awhile, so I imagine they understand the need, the GM staff itself will have amongst them translators and coders for any updates, so they can maintain a steady staff at a fixed rate rather than bring in new people continuously whenever a patch/update/expansion comes out. Keeps down costs over time and allows them to improve profits. If the game ever gets off the ground they can always add more staff and expand the servers.
  3. Ok, 2:48 this time before level 24....I decided to keep it going since I had level 23 with one kill required after only 8 minutes...and then the losing streak from heck. 17 total Metals, 5 kills (sorry, didn't pay attention, only 5 is necessary). 21 minutes for level 24. I must reset yet again, at least this one was close . Anyway, ya, this time has been slow, more kills, but massive gaps in between, level 23 and 4 kills, so 1 more left. 2:45...18 minutes, too long. Reset once again! 5 out of 15 this time, 24 minutes once again. Last 6 had a fantastic spawn rate: less than 5 monsters between each. Time for another reset. I messed up last time as well, since I accidentally used normal attack on two encounters, hit a 1 damage, which would've been a 2 and had the other rounds worked out identically, I'd have had a 8-9 minute time :/. 5 out of another 15 again, this time 29 minutes, and one took well in excess of 40 monsters (I stopped counting at 40) before another spawn! Reset! I just stopped at 4 out of 13 in 20 minutes. I'm going to reset once more tonight then head to bed. 5 out of 6...bad spawn in times save for the last one, but it was solid enough. I also added extra time on my way in due to extra battles. Anyway 2:40 by the final kill, evac, rested, then Saved. So I forgot my time was 2:27, not 2:24, so altered my minute count to accomodate. Anyway, current game time at level 24 is 2:41:31...not half bad.
  4. Aye, that's the place. Level 24 will get me through to Bloomingdale, though it'll eat up a bit extra time I didn't want to at this point, but then the only leveling I really require after Alltrade's is to unlock Spears at 100 points, which is doable in about a 20 minute period of leveling, assuming luck (I'll accept as high as 30 but no more). Anyway, since my last 5 kill, 8 spawn was in 13 minutes, I'm hoping I can get a similar experience. Typically Metal Slimes spawn every 1 out of 15, high rates are 1/10, and I've seen as few as 1 out of 1 to 1 out of 8 over an extended period of time (6 three tries ago to be exact). So I KNOW I can get 5 kills in well under 13 minutes. Yet going from 21 to 24 is proving difficult because both the spawn rates have been abysmal so far, and my kill streaks have been horrendous (last one was 1 out of 6, and it took 20 minutes for all that). I have one kill this next run (4 runs now going for level 24).
  5. Did you record and cross check exactly how much damage the Rogue Night took per round? Given range of damage, it could be possible the Rogue Night was nailed with high damage.. I also have to wonder if like normal monsters, tournament monsters have a +/-10% hp range off the base value.
  6. Quarantomb is owning me left and right. I can't catch a break going to level 24. I really really want to see that liquid metal blood oozing all over that dungeon, I wish to succumb to my inner demon and play the wicked dance of primordial death on their squishy metallic bodies. I embrace the dance of death, and I shall devour them, experience and aggravating smiles all! Err, ya, anyway, onward to the slimy slaughter! Either Priest or Minstrel (leaning towards Priest now, since Minstrel is very iffy, and even the original 7:55er (I keep forgetting his gamefaqs name) had a very rough time in end-game with just Midheal. If I can possibly unlock Ranger, I'd prefer that: Moreheal AND decent attack, along with the highest Deftness so higher critical rate! However I've killed every legacy with a mid-level Priest and Sage (Sage was pimped out with stat seeds, having 500 Strength, 999 HP/MP, near max MMend AND MMight, 900 Agility, about 750-800ish Charm, 500ish Resilience, and like 600-700 Deftness...without equipment, but the Priest has only about 10-30 stat seeds used on every stat, so 20-60+ to its stats). Anyway, soloing those two in my main 600+hour game was cake, even without seriously stat seeding the Priest. Just meant a few more heals by the end of the battle. I finished the previous solo game as a Priest, but that one had every class skill set mastered, and I found it way too easy, even at his low low low level. So with Guts and Courage mastered, I should be aok. Shield's passive benefits: +6% block, which isn't much. Shield + Scroll is required to block critical hits.
  7. I think you're overstating the actual costs to build a US server exponentially Ryu. Sure, if this was being developed in the US it would be "multimillion" dollar range, but it's not. This is a localization that requires stable servers. Either SE uses internal servers they may have extras of, since I'm pretty sure they recently either purchased a new server farm, or are leasing a new server farm through another company. Either way, it stands to reason they would likely have excess space. Even if they didn't, it's a matter of either purchasing more (see: not that expensive, maybe 15-20k a year for enough bandwidth for up to 250,000 players connecting simultaneously with little to no lag, and it's even cheaper if they run the servers in-house, and even cheaper if they aren't required to purchase new servers). Then you have a GM team, which can consist of between 8 and 20 people, each making anywhere from 35 to 75k a year. Granted this will run into the 500+k range overall, but I fully expect the cost to localize will be handled by the GM team itself to reduce costs, and initially should run in the 250-500k range just for that, then you have to factor a short beta period to ensure everything is running smoothly, and thankfully MMO beta testers can be free (this is usually a great ploy and tactic to ensure a stable user-base AFTER it goes Gold). That initial cost should be handled by the end of year 1. Let's assume only 10,000 people decide to be mainstay monthly permanent players (those who stick around for 5+years), and let's assume annual costs to run the server are 600k, that requires only $5 per month to break even, and that's with current internet rates, which as we all know due to Moore's Law and costs over time, will decrease for the same amount of bandwidth over that period. I'm not even factoring in the added revenue from purchasing the game at the store ($50-60 anyone?). I'm not factoring in future expansion pack costs. I'm not factoring in people who join for a few months then leave. I'm not even factoring in main population growth. Alexandrious, quite true, quite true. FF14 is a SMASHING success, even IN Japan, let alone the West. We'll get DQX at some point, that I would stake my life on. It's a question of when. Now PSO 2, for those who know about that debacle, is another matter entirely. Let's also not forget that even with FF14, FF11 is STILL going strong. Ryu, if you read my use of Ryan instead of Ryu, my apologies. I always read you as Ryan first for some reason. Perhaps because there's no Dragon in your Avatar .
  8. Not bad, not bad at all. I managed to finish leveling to 21 by 2:23, which means a 13 minute window killing 5 Metal Slimes out of a total of 8 spawns (sadly it would be MUCH better but one spawn had over 40 other monsters in between, and I had one battle where a slime left me with 2 other enemies, and it took me 3 rounds after that to escape....after 2 previous rounds, so an extra 2 minutes or so of battling time, which means this CAN be done in about 7-10 minutes). I went to Stornway, though I foolishly forgot to use Evac first, and lost an additional 1-2 minutes walking outside, but at least i winged fast enough. Triggered the Krak Pot unveiling, then rested, then triggered the first Krak Pot discussion, snagged the Alchenomicon and made 13 Special Medicine. Then warped immediately to Coffinwell, placed the meds in my inventory and saved at 2:27. For all that, 2:27 is pretty grand a time. So I'm going to attempt to level to 24 since that will get me through to Bloomingdale (and it will ensure I can immediately unlock Gladiator and pump early points into Spears!). Booyah! I have nothing to do today so I'm going to take advantage of the lull to get as far as I can.
  9. That says it all then. Thank you for some common sense then Dwaine. I edited my post in the other topic to reflect this.
  10. Well, base attack value can never exceed 999, but yes, you can have 1498 after Oomph, and it's quite necessary due to most people being unlikely to seed far to 999 Attack, and the supremely high defense of several Legacy bosses at level 99, where only 4 classes can actually produce, normally, over 1 damage at standard max stats with level 99 and the +100 Strength from skill trees along with the +60 weapon attack and strongest weapons (mostly because seeds only affect 1 class, and while farming in this game with 4x people stealing is actually very productive at 500+ Deftness...thanks Ranger + Deftness boosts via equipment, it's still tedious when you consider you have to be awfully careful about who gets what seeds). Well the problem with a solo Mage if you're not going to skill farm, is you'll be missing out on Shields, which is almost vital and necessary given Mage's horrible HP growth (390 at level 99...only 166 at level 40). This poses a severe threat due to Mages capable of being one-shotted by Goreham Hogg and Goresby Purviss, both of whom have very high critical rates and 2x attack per round. So you're very susceptible to an instant KO per round. Here's how I would approach it. Start as a Minstrel like normal, get 100 points, put them exclusively into Shields, if only for the Shield scroll. Then switch to Mage. Similarly with your Martial Artist. The core problem being Mage's cannot do fantastic damage, and HP Hoover won't be viable unless you power level a bit (heck, you'll need to power level for access to the skill), post level 70, with decent knives, you'll outstrip Caduceus, but not by much, and even then ONLY with Oomph in place, and this remains so through to 99. Martial Artists at least have the ability to Psyche UP. I'm only saying this to avoid frustrations. Gorresby Purviss can nail a mage at level 50 with top gears for about 30-50 per normal hit, has several defense ignoring attacks that can strike for over 100 damage, AND can critical in the 200+ range (which on its own is an instant OHKO pre-70, since his str is 220, and thus can critical just past the 242 HP marker at level 60, meaning a crit from him at level 70 with full HP will put you in the red). To even consider a solo campaign, Shields is almost necessary (or extreme luck with block/dodge rates). You possibly can pull it off without, but I would seriously consider starting out normally so you can take advantage of the first 100 points as a Minstrel.
  11. Edit: Nevermind, I just read Dwaine's post in the other thread. That pretty much killed my position. My apologies KiTA, you are correct sir. Same goes to you Platty. My apologies Cranberry for hijacking your thread with my nutty baseless opinions.
  12. I've been trying this for the longest, but my few gamer friends have huge backlogs of games to play, and the only way they break the log line-up is if there is a game they really want or expect will be really good. Dragon Quest would sound like nothing more than a typical save the Princess typish game to someone who's never played the series, and therefore not interesting enough to cut in line. Well, Dragon Quest/Warrior was like that, but you get the point ^This. I must sadly concur. Even in convincing said friends, it offers little solace in creating a new diehard fan. I have gotten a few friends to play DQ games, but while they enjoy it, most of them have these huge backlogs and by the time game 4 after DQ ? is played, their DQ experience is long since forgotten in the drumbeat of life and other more intense gaming experiences that leave more lasting short term memories. For the rare ONE person who has become a diehard DQ fan, it's only because his backlog was relatively small, expenses were low, time was limited, and he was initially a fan of WRPG's, so it was an easy sell, and let's face it DQ on the go is a great selling point for someone who sits in boardrooms and at a cubicle all day and just needs something simple and reminiscent of his past to break on. :/ Most of my friends though won't even touch it. Not only because it sounds and seems like a "save the princess" generic and boring game, but because they want something hardcore to get their angst and anxiety out. Even if they hate playing CoD "whatever", most that I know of turn away from the very notion of "turn-based" no matter how fast battle moves and regardless that a round of battle in DQ4 DS is roughly 1/10th the time it takes to bring down a single enemy in FF13. Mostly because 13 "feels" faster for them. It "seems" exciting. Much like CoD, it's the same ol' same ol' but they're used to it, they think they want something that feels fast paced, and so they go with what their primitive pleasure center tells them offers the most bang for the buck. It's just a reality. If you can actually get someone down to play with an open mind and a willingness to give it a shot, then maybe, but this day and age most people work about 1/3rd longer than they used to for about 1/2 the pay (by pay I mean based on pay versus spending power). It's kind of a difficult world right now... Though it IS a great series to get kids and older more mature and in need of something to sit down to relax to...aka 35+ folks who've been there, done that, don't need the party, and shooters are like the new smoke break, you only need it when things are really stressful, the rest is just life and meh.
  13. Hell indeed my friend. Hell indeed. Easy, pre-murdaw: Kill everyone who is not to be the solo party. Post-Murdaw: stuff everyone but Ashlynn in Patty's Planning Place (you cannot place her in Patty's place ever). Kill Ashlynn, place her in the Wagon, or don't kill her and place her in the wagon (just note it's not a proper solo if she's alive).
  14. Oh, remember when I said DQ9's 100 level tension boost = 6.5x? I was wrong about that. It's 6 + (level/10+1)~4, meaning level 30+ = max tension modifier as it can only go up to 6+4. So it's 10x effectively at 100 tension. Also Oomph in DQ9 is different. It's a 1.5x modifier, but to Attack, NOT to damage like in all previous DQ's. Which explains why Oomph is effective even at 999 attack. Just thought I'd mention it. That should be interesting. Just note that Meditate is 80-89 healing per use. I believe you can tension boost it, but you cannot land a critical, and you cannot alter it based on stats. Magical Might boosts damage to all damage based spells and some skills. It takes from DQ8's alteration to spell/skill damage where Wisdom boosted some skills and virtually all spells. Only the increase continues onward to 999, unlike DQ8's where it can top off at 200, maybe 480 depending on the character and spell. All spells do a baseline damage and there's a modifier where from a certain MMight or MMend level, the spell does more. This includes healing spells (Mmending affects that). What's even more fun is that spells can critical now, and Deftness is then useful for Mages and Priests... Like Meditation, Caduceus is a fixed heal rate. I don't know for sure if it can be tension boosted either (you can always supplement with items). HP Hoover is a better skill overall, you can Oomph and then use it a few times. It's still a very small amount of healing, about 25% rounded down, so aim for strong knives and you should be ok. Everything has magic resistance of some level. They split elements into more parts: Earth, Dark, Fire, Wind, Lightning/Explosion, Light, and Water/Ice. Mages only have Lightning/Explosion, which is the most effective in that the fewest number of enemies resist it of the AoE spells, but it also has the fewest number of monsters weak to it, Water/Ice which is useful versus some, Fire which is useful versus enemies strong versus water, but is ONLY single target. Considering, Mage is doable, will be difficult though, especially due to lack of HP. MP costs are VERY high though for higher level spells. For example, Crackle is an 8 MP spell, hits a group, deals baseline 42-58 damage. The next in line is Kacrack, which costs 24 MP, and deals baseline 80-104 to all. At very high MMight the difference in MP cost to damage ratios between the two spells evens out, but you won't hit that without seed farming and getting all MMight boosts, along with hitting level 99. Up to that point, Kacrack remains a much much higher MP cost to damage ratio. The final level is even worse! Kacrackle costs 50 MP, deals baseline 165-205 to all. You could say this is because Kacrack and Kacrackle attack all enemies instead of a group, but this holds true for all spell groups, and all the others maintain their target type. It's not like the old days where you actually saved MP by casting the higher level spell where MP to Damage ratio was more favourable for high level spells versus low level. Total opposite. So end-game is going to be rough going, especially given the LOW Mp pool you'll have. 156MP at level 40 is like sacrilege in a DQ, even with the +30 from Spellcraft. It harkens back to DQ2 and 3 MP levels (and 186 MP will be EATEN alive by your MP pool). One way to look at this is offensive magic in DQ9 is done as way to help clear trash mobs. It does help if you equip wands since that +100 MP helps a lot, along with the 84 points for Auto MP recovery, or you can use Focus Pocus to heal MP per round. Then make Elfin Elixirs or Sage Elixirs just in case.
  15. Well, other than using the save editor and a save manager (or emulate DQ9 and the save editor), for the legit, just get to the point where you can access Alltrade's Abbey, zoom to Stornway, trigger Sellma's dialogue and start up DQVC prior to the 20th. First connect will unlock every quest, and grant you all the special inn guests, along with whatever the week's type is (I believe we're in Alchaid4, so a ton of rarer alchemy items). After that DQVC exclusives can be snagged by multiplaying with a cart that has them in their last DQVC shopping list. Multiplayer DQVC store depends on the host of the game, and whether you can purchase anything from it is independent per "hero". So if Host has purchased everything, it has no affect on those joining his game. OR, you can use the save editor to change your DQVC list. OR you can use an AR to either change the list, or change one of the stornway shops to sell stuff, maybe all the DQVC exclusives. I have to get going, Mum's day and all that.
  16. This is indicative of one or both of two things: 1)gearing up for a worldwide release, so shutting off all localized purchases to ensure a larger user base in the countries that will get a release. Afterall profits per region are indicative of the region. 2) they've become total blowhards and really really really really really despise the US and EU and don't care for dirty american money! Oh and, if it is (1), it's a draconian position with no supporting data and only shreds of something that could pass for common sense, since you could easily expect many US players to switch to US servers, likewise with EU players, South American players...etc. It's easier and the pay structure per country is often individualized to fit the nature of that country's economics to at least a degree. Anyway, regardless, bummer and *fist to heart bump* for everyone who has been using this method, and for those who have been desiring to join in (I would have if I could have...oh well, hoping for (1)).
  17. There is a trick using the first map you get, also known as the usurugi map (granite tunnel of woe lv.1) that has its own faq and numerous posts on the GFaqs forums covering it. This guarantees a seed drop if done right, every single battle (really it's a guarantee of the rare). Though this is only a drop, and I believe requires the preset number of party members: http://www.gamefaqs.com/ds/937281-dragon-quest-ix-sentinels-of-the-starry-skies/faqs/60965 There's likely a way to adapt this to solo play, as other similar methods have been found with other maps that have proven just as fruitful. Anyway, if you want to go the purist route. Solo is of course a bit more difficult, especially in the main game (mostly due to having only one person stealing). Deftness plays a factor in Steal rates. Base steal rate (1-50 Deftness) = 2 * Drop Chance Maximum steal rate (at 999 Deftness) = 6 * Drop Chance With the Honour Among Thieves Award equipped in the accessory slot the rate is doubled(Medal obtained for revocating a Thief, or in post-game, getting to lv 99 and choosing Revocation, only obtained on the first revocation per game copy, US/EU were also barred from getting this in DQVC, unlike Japan, so feel free to hack more in). Base steal rate + Honour Among Thieves (1-50 Deftness) = 4 * Drop Chance Maximum steal rate + Honour Among Thieves (at 999 Deftness) = 12 * Drop Chance There is a catch though. No steal rate can surpass 50%, so if it does, it's defaulted to 50%. So a 1/256 item that's 12/256 at 999 Deftness + the accessory, so 3/64. Pretty good steal rates for a DQ, however you can only Half-Inch one item per enemy (though you can still get the drop as and added bonus, so a possible two seeds if you're really lucky). Note that Half-Inch goes after the common first, so if successful, you're SOOL. On top of being able to get the drop, and there's one final factor... Every class, as you likely know, has their own special class quests. The first at 15, the second requires level 40. Every level 40 quest provides a book that when in your character's item inventory, grants a passive bonus. Thief's Theory is the one for Thief...clearly, and it grants a chance to autosteal just like in DQ3remakes, 6 and 7. It can allow multiple steals in battle. Think of it like another chance. Like with Half-Inch, you can steal something with this and still have it drop, what I'm not positive about is whether you can double steal (half-inch an item, AND get the auto-steal), which I can't find anything about and I don't recall my own experiences vividly enough to say for sure. At least you can steal both the common and rare in the same battle with this item. Thief's Theory steal chance per item: 1/ [ rate * 100 / level ] So 1/256 @ level 99 = 1/258 Low, but it's another roll chance, and sadly only one allowed per game, it's also unaffected by the medal accessory.
  18. It's a 10 year old mac, and no, it barely runs JUST Firefox 3.x.x. OS is 10.4.11, and it's the first model, and cheapest model at the time, to switch from IBM to Intel processors. First, check above again, I answered your other questions about soloing in dq9. Second...hmm, it isn't water and it does evaporate quickly, unless you're turning the can upside down where it will get the liquid all over it, freeze for a moment, and may trigger condensation from actual water, then no you should be fine assembling it again. On mine it's my right trigger that has problems constantly. Sometimes after a good cleaning I'll press it and the other trigger over and over again for about 20 minutes, in a game where I can see if it's working. I'm starting to think there's gunk buildup somewhere, as there's no other reason why it should suddenly work perfectly for an hour after doing that, then when I leave the system alone for another few hours and come back, the problem persists.
  19. Well, I can't use the save editor just yet, but in the future, whenever I can buy a new PC, then sure. It's not really a matter of the save editor functioning on this system or not, more like this old mac won't recognize the card formatted for the DSi, and won't accept any software installation for it. *shrugs* It's just old and picky. L button isn't "necessary", but it is quite helpful. Several maps like Quarantomb have hallways at a particular angle that when hunting you really want to be able to flip the camera back and forth. Have you tried the breathing or can of compressed air method? Just place your mouth or the can at the corner and try to lift it up as much as you can with your finger, that usually lets in enough air. Technically the thing just needs to be taken apart and cleaned, so if you have that skill/knowhow and the the right bit (gaming bit), you should be able to get to the L button to clean it. Often it's dirt INSIDE the spring or on the side forcing it to keep from either opening or to push down just shy of the actual button. Sometimes it's the button itself that needs a thorough air cleaning directly. Anyway, like I said it makes some maps and hunting easier, but it isn't necessary. Oh right, update. So Quarantomb has proven to be a nightmare. I had 2 perfect runs getting to the point where I have an Iron Broadsword, Iron Cuirass, herbs and chimarea wings purchased, and spoke to everyone who needed to be spoken to in order to unlock the Quarantomb. Saved on the second to save some time each reload (I wonder how much time I've added thanks to all this saving?) Anyway, my Quarantomb experience has been hellish. First Metal Slimes wouldn't spawn on two occasions. When they did they ran in the first attempt, and in the second I nearly died. 16 minutes and one metal only to flee is unacceptable, they should be able to spawn about 1 per minute from all my other play attempts. Finally they were spawning ok, but this time they just kept running, and running, and running. The last time I had good spawn times in this attempt was 2 lightspeed attempts ago, and I managed to kill 3 out of the first 5. This time it was 5 spawns in 16 minutes (acceptable given a good portion of that was being in battle), and the first had 2 metally's, but no dice. No dice. As to your other questions. 1) Yes, if you seed a bit, especially in Magical Mending and Strength, a Sage is capable of handling any Legacy boss solo as at 999 Moreheal can heal about 400 HP. Similarly for Rangers. This is especially true with the Shield Scroll and Seraph's Robe/Exotoga. Even Paladin can up to a point if you have a Dire Critical Fan and a Combat Action Medal. 2) Never done it, but I can see it. Sacred Armour OR Life Bracer (the equipment won't stack but they heal 25HP/round) + Miracle Sword or Hero Spear (sadly Uber Miracle Sword both heal at 25%, and the swords are superior as Hero Spear's auto-heal works with only 2 of the spear skills), should be sufficient. If the last boss proves difficult, you may have to unlock Sage to get Right as Rain (stacks with either Life Bracer or Sacred/Sacrosanct Armor).
  20. Yeah I noticed that too. Definitely advantageous whenever you scout a new desired monster. I actually have the equivalent of the NDS Adapter. A DSi AR, the only model that allowed save management! Sadly, the next version, while it stated it had the same feature, only allowed ripping a game, not full save management :/. In the process of the last few speedruns I would swap out my core save to get some DQVC items and maybe a short run through a dungeon (I really need to, I spent like 20m on gear recently to get at least 4 of everything available in every shop, and I have like 3m left). So Morag is taken out, and I did a pretty good job overall. 13 minutes of getting to her, beating her at level 13 (I killed something on the way up to snag a level), and I'm saved at Quarantomb at around 1:56. Tried several times to snag some levels, but wow, my Metal slime spawn rate is really bad with Anitasha. I mean REALLY bad. I killed a few of the snakes on the way up for a bit of easy cash (dragon slash rocks).
  21. I finally killed Wight Knight in...decent time. Not great. My fastest prior to this kill was 8 minutes. Though that entire battle he almost never multithrusted, only healed once, I had 2 crits, no coup de grace though, and he basically only used his normal attack, sparing me from extra damage and allowing me to heal every 3-4 rounds instead of every 2-3. This time WAS going well until round 25 when he starts to spam heal every other attack. Luckily they were low heals (30-34), and my damage was consistently between 18 and 22, so I was able to bypass all that and end at +10 minutes after all the dialogue. Now to Stornway. I realize something with this. My nerves are getting wracked. I don't like all this resetting with the deadline coming up. So I'm just going to aim for the Lightspeed, keep going as I am. Not be as reset happy and try not to foul up too often. If I happen to get close to the 7:55 marker I'll consider it a bonus. If I didn't have the deadline I'd probably be ok with it, but eh, it is what it is.
  22. You keep sending me these photos, I keep forwarding them to the cops. You're just building a case against yourself. I always knew there was something not quite right about Dwaine. Maybe all the attempts to get real answers out of Square Enix has finally gotten to him? The brain can only suffer so much trauma after all, and bashing one's head against a wall repeatedly...
  23. Whew, you finished Rank F by 1 HP! That must've been nerve rattling. One of these days, when I can afford new computers, I want to do an iron man DQ stream of DQ7.
  24. At least MadCondor's baseline stats will be high enough to augment the reduced growth rate, and it makes sense you'd use another monster as your end-game. Multi-cut is a decent AoE. The Enchanted Stone other than the one Godrango drops, will be out of the way, as will any Ethereal Stone due to the Perfect Panacea, unless I get very lucky with some blue chest drops as I gather any that are nearby a desired Red Chest. However these aren't tremendously out of the way. It's about 5 minutes worth of alchemy if I have the ingredients, and they're not hard to obtain. The problem is I just have to be lucky there are more than in each area. The Celestial Spear will be easy as all heck to make. The Long Spear having already been purchased, the Holy Talisman being a gift item in Stornway's Treasury after Wight Knight, and Platinum Ore is a little to the left of the Bad Cave, very close to Bloomingdale. The Trident will be a cinch as well. Crimson Corral is on the way between Twyll Cave and Port Llaffan, while Seashells are either on the way to Swinedimples, or a short 1 minute walk from Stornway (assuming no battles). So I can wait a little on this given Battle Fork should hold me for a bit versus aquatics. Massive OOPS: I noticed something big. See, Anitasha, this character, was made earlier as a chest run to ensure I found everything or could decide on what to get and what not to. So when I made it months ago, and started it up, I used AR codes to grant every accessory in the game...every, for the purposes of blowing through it with ease should I come across any issues in my prep run. I just noticed this because in this current attempt to prep for Wight Knight, I decided to sell my Gold Ring, only to find I had every accessory available to sell. The ghist of it is, I have 9 of each, limited time, and well there's no possible way I'm redoing this now. So anything above 9 is considered legit and can be used. Bloody annoying and royally stupid, but then 35 minutes was really solid as an opening. Ok back to playing.
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