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  1. Making a list of every DQ game I own (including by region). Is there a difference between MOB and the Android/Ios?

  2. How's everyone holding up? 

    1. ignasia


      LOL, never change Dwaine, never change.  How's that going though?  Also...wow, brazen and brave, going for the hugs in this time, lol.


      @Twinkie, are you at least calling your friends?  I mean you're not barred from seeing them in person, only gathering in large groups.  Doesn't mean you can't go for a walk or a run either, and just talk to neighbors as you're out jogging or something.  I know a lot of people here are doing that.  I'm not, though due to other circumstances.

      Any hobby haven't participated in, in some time?  Like drawing, writing stuff (thoughts/journal, poetry, short story, fanfiction, novel), painting, card stacking (like building a house?).

      Watching history videos on youtube.  There's a lot of history to cover, pick a region, you'll find a ton of experts.  Alternative history historians.  You'd be surprised at gaps in "accepted" history, like how almost 1000 years of European history...more really, is not based on original source material, but on the "copying" by two specific monks who openly admit they "corrected" and "perfected" history, meaning a lot of rewrites.  Other details in alternative history, such as map dates, where there's a clear letter i (eye) in front of a number, not the number 1 (one), indicating maps from the 14, 15, and some 1600's are more likely 4, 5, and 600's.  Stuff like complete maps of the world that predate Columbus, that are satellite accurate, indicating far more knowledge and sophistication.  It's a deep rabbit hole with a lot of bad data, loose ends, but a ton of good overlooked stuff, and at the very least is interesting.

      Tons of history of war, weapons, soldiers, tactics on youtube as well.  One guy who does an amazing job explaining these things based on original documentation and thoroughly analyzed weapons for make, design, origination of material, etc. is a guy called Metatron.  That channel is really intriguing.

      What about game backlogs?  Things you haven't played yet but planned to?  Why not use the time at home to get that done?

      Do you have access to a garden?  Are you allowed to plant there?  If you can, it might be fun planting some seeds, especially as it's spring time.  Maybe some fresh herbs like Dill or Basil.  That definitely adds a whole layer of flavour profile you cannot get from the dried stuff in the super market, and cheaper than going to Wholefoods for fresh.

      Do you read books at all?  Any series you haven't gotten to?

      What about binge watching?  Tons of good anime, and some decent shows.  I tend to like FX shows, as they have good writing staff, and often approach adult themes without overdoing current social issues.

      Have you ever played an FPS or an RTS online?  If you've ever been into those games, but haven't really gotten into online, now's a good time as they're pretty stocked with players, plenty of people with limited skill and it's more about passing the time and less about the competition.

      What about the area around your town?  Are you allowed to go to parks?  You can here, even though we're in quarantine.  If so, why not arrange with some friends to meet at a park, but stay 6 ft away from one another, but at least have visual and auditory contact.  Maybe bring a 3DS, or Switch, or something...even better if you guys have a multiplayer capable game you can play between one another without need for internet, like Smash Bros?

      I will say learning to entertain yourself is a good trick, especially if it's productive.  It does feel pretty good to dedicate yourself to something, while learning internally that boredom doesn't really exist.  Look at Dwaine, that man never gets bored, he's always up to something, lol.

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  3. I think I’ve done the most grinding in all my time playing DQ3 via the Switch version. All to help me defeat that BS Dragon at the top of the post game dungeon.

    I can only imagine how long it would actually take someone to reach level 99 in this game.

  4. Good news guys! There’s going to be a Nintendo Direct tomorrow!

    ...For Indie Games! I know, I know, it’s very exciting and just what we’ve been waiting for.

    1. ignasia


      I'm just waiting on Xenoblade Chronicles, so Amazon will finally list it.

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  5. Mass is being cancelled in my area and the home-stay has begun. Stay safe, all of you.

  6. Has anyone's school initiated virtual instruction due to the coronavirus?

    1. ignasia


      Indeed.  Some people certainly seem to behave like the world just came to an end.  The news isn't helping either.  The numbers barely bare out the need for such insane behaviour.

      I looked at the number of H1N1 in the US vs Corona, and at the same points in the US alone, it's 1/30th the spread, and the death toll is a slightly lower % and early on about 1/6th the number.  30k vs 1k infected at day 42, 120 vs I think it was 18 dead for CVID-19. 

      There's a lot of missing data as well that most major sources aren't talking about.  China's health issues, the water quality in the provinces hit hard, air quality in those same provinces, hygiene is non-existent thanks to the older generational retraining due to Mao's various reform systems to undo all of China's former history (sad too, China was one of the most hygienic cultures).  Also heavy smoking especially amongst the older generations.

      Northern Italy is also home to thousands of Chinese (there's a garment factory there that apparently has ~75k Chinese workers), who until the quarantine, were still allowed to go back and forth.  There's also old piping, coffee is apparently a major issue with this virus, related to Oxygen deprivation.  Lots of sugar, and the older generations were some of the heaviest smokers (not so much now given info/reforms in Europe, but damage is done).

      There's also a few interesting tidbits related to this, and yes, have fun with my "Danny Devito" voice and visualizing my conspiracy tin hat and enjoy:

      - Sometime after the Corona Virus hit China, there was a testing of China's full range of 5g.

      - 5g is absorbed by oxygen, but in the process it prevents that oxygen molecule from behaving normally.  The electrons spin erratically, and have a hard time bonding.  This would be especially troubling with foods that are designed to combat free radicals, as they pull out excess oxygen in the blood (drink too much coffee in a day, and you'll find your lips turn blue, as I have on many occasions...or other parts, alongside a feeling of breathlessness).

      - There are two forms of "viral" outbreaks in China, one aggressive where people die quickly, even standing in the street.  The other very light.  The light virus is what's passing on right now, but the heavier one hasn't broken outside of China from what I can tell.  The light, if pneumonia is triggered, has the hallmarks of actual pneumonia (water in the lungs, so wet coughing).  The other is the opposite, it's dry coughing, which means it's not pneumonia, and the bodies are blue in colour, a typical outcome of oxygen deprivation.

      - Back when Norway tested 5G, all of the birds in a mile radius around the testing area dropped dead or flew into water and died while in the water.  Most of them rushing in the direction of the nearest water source.  Each of those deaths was due to instant oxygen deprivation.  The birds who made it to water died of oxygen deprivation as well.

      - Back to China, quite a few people collapsed on the spot, perfectly healthy adults, and the largest complaint for the more aggressive strain was lack of oxygen.  This can happen with pneumonia, however not to the degree or severity, and cold viruses, which is what Corona is, doesn't prevent oxygen absorption, just airflow into the lungs through the nose, and can exacerbate pneumonia due to build up of phlem, which is often the initial trigger.  It's only an issue when the build up of fluid is to such a degree, the lungs cannot intake adequate oxygen.  In this case, the lung scans have shown total oxygen deprivation and lack of fluid.  Death of cells, the black spots can be caused by a number of things, but oxygen deprivation over a prolonged period of time can shut down mitochondrial function, leading to instant cell death.

      - It could be this isn't about 5G and it's only coincidental.  Though it is known 2.4ghz range affects oxygen bonding in cells to a small degree, which is what often leads to odd behaviours in the cell membrane, often leading to cancer development, as it doesn't prevent oxygen bonding, only tweak/alter it.  This occurs as we increase the range, and so far for 5G, there have been only two known real world tests, the Norway test...I think it's Norway, it's one of the countries in the Northern part of Europe, and this latest Chinese test at a most inopportune time.

      - Iran is another matter entirely.  It has terrible water filtration systems outside Tehran from what I've read.  However, we have no direct info on that country.

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  7. Has anyone's school initiated virtual instruction due to the coronavirus?

    1. ignasia


      Oh, I'm not bothered by the people buying a month's worth of toilet paper for 6+ people (or 3 months worth for 2), with one set from Costco, or even two from Costco.  I get that, because of those same reasons.

      I'm talking the people buying 4+ of those giant rolls from Costco and Sam's Club, where even with 8 people, you're looking at 3+ months worth.  Plus the people buying to resell for profit if things get bad (and if they don't, they'll return, which I feel bad for the stores that will have to account for the excess inventory of fairly large and in some cases heavy items like water).  Or the people buying to resell in 2nd and 3rd world countries, which sucks, as they're not exactly selling on the cheap for minimal profit.

      Early on, when I was leaving Costco two weeks ago, there were a lot of people with those large flats stacked with water and TP.  Like 8+ in a lot of cases.  Families it seemed from what I saw (mom/dad/kids going shopping).  TP was empty by the time we got to the back, and stocks are bought up within 20~30 minutes, as they get the palletes out.  It's so bad here, and has been going on for 5 weeks straight now, that they've now locked customers to 1 of TP, 2 of water, and 2 of Tissue paper.

      Not just bread and milk out here.  I should have taken a picture with my phone, but my local Smith's grocery over here was empty in a large number of shelves, including fruits and vegetables.   I mean cleaned out.  Meat department was hit fairly hard as well.

      They had extras, but moving veggies out far faster than they could restock.

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  8. Has anyone's school initiated virtual instruction due to the coronavirus?

    1. ignasia


       Gonna be a lot of TP returns once this starts to even out, becomes part of the normal set of viruses we experiences annually (or it disappears entirely like H1N1/SARS/MERS/Polio/etc, only to appear randomly here and there in small sectors or 3rd world countries).

      It's interesting, as TP isn't something people need for this, and the supply chain for TP isn't based on China, but on the US and Canada.

      Though a lot of the buy ups, are from groups that go around buying up goods, and selling them on ebay, or bring them back to countries like China or Mexico, and sell at a high price, because they're US goods (very high prices).  Then there are other groups that get discounts from the CCP, in China, if they bring certain goods back, like refunds for their trips for increasing the supplies of higher quality goods from the US for the CCP/military/backstock for emergencies.

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  9. RIP E3

    1. ignasia


      It's still a fun venue.  I remember the e3 I attended.  That was a blast.  More fun than CES.  Though the reading materials you get from CES are serious business.  They really go into depth on the various new technological wonders you get to see, and future plans, including technical specs, tests, potentiality for future growth...half of what we have now was already discussed at CES back in the early 90's, and was already in testing phases.

      e3 is mostly spectacle, but it's become more serious of late by viewing the showroom floor videos now vs then.  It's also a really good venue for small game companies to get noticed to gain some social media traction.  It's one of the main reasons a lot of indie developers have managed to get past the firewall of oversaturation of crap/subpar offerings, AAA's, and haven't had the luck of naturally attracting the right people on Twitter, etc. until that point.

      It's also one of the best venues for companies to showcase beyond their general fanbase.  Something that's harder to do in todays world, which is now far more focused, and with AI controlling feeds, it tends to show like-minded preferences.  So if you're a Nintendo fan, you're likely to only get or almost exclusively get Nintendo stuff.  If you're watching videos from across the gamut, then you'll get more wide ranging feed.  This type of venue forces gamers to pay attention beyond their small worlds, which are sadly become much much much much smaller as we progress forward. 

      I like having it around.  I can see them doing something else, but it isn't like they're shutting down permanently.  Only this year.  We'll see what happens next year.  Lower attendance hasn't had as much an impact as one might feel it does.  Most of that reduced attendance has been from the public, not gaming press, bloggers, etc.

      So if it does close down permanently next year, I find that a tragic event.  The spectacle is part of the fun, and part of showcasing the prowess of the videogame industry.  It would be better if they handled it more like a film festival though.

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  10. I am feeling an odd nostalgia for the Windows XP install process. I did install the OS countless times growing up, but still... Odd.

  11. I guess the US is about to be totally f***ed?

    1. ignasia


      You could have said "Ok Danny, just stand on that box so I can hear you better."

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  12. I guess the US is about to be totally f***ed?

    1. ignasia


      LOL, I appreciate the sentiment, but not in my nature.  I was also playing into that with something that's hard to counter ;).

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  13. I guess the US is about to be totally f***ed?

    1. ignasia


      Congratulations on being a smartass.  Here's your sign and pinwheel hat.

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  14. I guess the US is about to be totally f***ed?

    1. ignasia


      Just so you know Jay, we sound nothing alike.

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  15. I guess the US is about to be totally f***ed?

    1. ignasia


      LOL, well, I certainly won't argue if you think I'm a bit cracked.

      DeVito though?  LOL, I'm like 3x his size.  Hey, if Arnold was his "twin," why not?

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  16. I guess the US is about to be totally f***ed?

    1. ignasia


      @DrippySlimeStar  What are you talking about?  The last 4 years have been reversing the trends that were set prior.  We're actually the only country with real growth, and Britain is set to be the second.

      1) China is crashing, even without the Corona Virus, their real growth stopped short, and most of it was false, due to printing cash and spending money on building projects for those ghost cities.  They account for the largest industrial growth in the world, but that slowed down 10 years ago when they already replaced almost every parts manufacturer, and since 5 years ago when China's internal growth was slowing and they were showing signs of crashing, industry has grown around the world should it collapse.

      2) Japan is stagnant.  They're barely hanging on right now due to over extension of their wealth into healthcare and paying to keep afloat companies that have seen negative growth or have filed multiple bankruptcies since the 90's, and the huge crash their market had, like Sony.  It's even worse given most of their industry was moved to China.  They've already borrowed against their own savings (the government borrowing against the savings from the Japanese people), rather than purchasing gold, or developing fuel sources, or generating enough of a product only they can make within their own territories as a natural or created resource.

      3) The EU is a fascist technocracy that is clamping down on everything and everyone, culling whatever freedoms are still left in their respective member countries.  The idea was to reset world socialism, and follow a combination of China's failed model and technocratic ideas developed since the 1750's Jacobins began the socialist movement worldwide.  You cannot speak freely there without being jailed if you insult certain groups, and it is easy to get an 8,000 Euro fine per photo or minute of video that you cannot prove YOU took yourself, if even stored on a website no one can find (or in a cloud) as a personal possession (they now have bots sniffing out potential "perpetrators") due to a new law that asserts absolute ownership to the original creator of any media, in rewriting their intellectual property right laws.  Unfortunately the person creating the content doesn't need to seek the people who have used their content, the EU respective governments are doing it themselves.  This is to shut down all non-official and non government licensed independent researchers and news outlets, with the backdrop of shutting down "fake news" and dangerous "conspiracy theories."  You can get a lot of jail time if the fines cannot be paid, or go to court and plead for mercy at the cost of essentially giving up your independent right to creating content that isn't sanctioned by the EU government and their respective media offices.

      This is also culling a lot of people who haven't been able to find a job, as in the EU there is NO UPWARD MOBILITY, and making a new business is very difficult compared to the US.  It takes several ministries in each country, and they have to do a full review including determining whether your business is necessary as in they feel there are enough of that type of business in the town or area, or if they could use more.  That makes it inflexible, and any fluctuation in the EU that isn't driven by the Bank of Germany dumping money into the EU through the World Bank, with predatory interest rates that punish EU countries that need those loans, because they cannot develop proper infrastructure internally without permission from the EU central government, those people in that country will pay in extraordinary taxes that bankrupt and force most people into near destitution, while still retaining their homes.  Greece is a good example of this, and the Republic of Ireland is headed in that direction already.  Spain has been in that situation for quite some time, though wasn't hit nearly as hard as Greece.

      As a result the amount of government corruption is rather high in local areas, and crime in Europe has never been higher, and not just due to immigrants who come from countries where crime is very high, they do not work (most of them get stipends from the country they live in, including free housing), and who are mostly young men with nothing to do and no incentive to work, and limited ability to change that if they should want to start their own business.  Historically, that leads to lots of crime and gang development, which we already seen.  Tack in other elements like group philosophies and lack of cultural integration, and you have people with no connection to the country they live in, nothing to do, money enough and a house to just live there and do whatever, and no healthy direction to take their daily lives.  Plus most of them come from cultures where drug usage and alcohol are not just prohibited, but considered immoral, and this is indoctrinated from an early age, which we know creates hardened belief systems.  Along with other "beliefs."  See rape gangs and grooming gangs.

      4) South Korea is stagnant, for many of the same reasons as with Japan, only for them, mostly the medical system, and their lacking industry or natural resources they can account towards their wealth as a backdrop for their currency.  They too based their currency on their savings and the sale of their technology, which is made in China and assembled in Korea and China.  Eventually they'll borrow too much against their own savings, which is dangerous in slow periods.

      5) Taiwan follows the US model and is sufficient.  Similarly with Switzerland.  The only difference is neither country spends much on military or fights in wars.  The Swiss are also a banking dumping ground for the world's wealthy, and the home of the most influential bank in the world.

      6) New Zealand and Australia are dying as a culture, and as countries.  They're culling everything that allowed them to develop independent of Britain (all the core concepts of British liberalism).  You can no longer speak freely against the government without being shut down, and in some cases, fined for "fake news, fomenting chaos, conspiracy theories, or fomenting anti-government sentiment."

      7) Central and South America have never taken off, due to hardcore socialist policies preventing normal development, and while there are capitalist policies allowing fast business growth, people do not own their own land, and as such, cannot borrow against it, but must take government sanctioned loans and haven't the form of bankruptcy we have to allow starting over.  So they don't have the ability to develop from the ground up, even if they allow for it.

      The countries that have seen real growth, have either done so through resource development, such as Venezuela with Oil, or Columbia with coffee (and cocaine), but a lot of resources and buildup came from external funding and dumping money into new industries.  It's almost exclusively Columbia, and to a lesser extent, Mexico, that's taken advantage of it and allowed more universal growth, rather than clamping down.  Argentina did for awhile, then pulled out the rug by removing bankruptcy protections, and so culled the burgeoning small business growth and middle class after other countries could produce the same goods more easily and cheaply.


      It's not like you won't enjoy yourself going to any of these countries, or that Europe isn't mostly safe, or that Australia isn't a fun place to go.  Yeah, they are, but that doesn't mean they haven't been clamping down or changing policies, and removing freedoms.  They are.  It's the nature of socialism.  You follow the breadcrumbs, and it stems to wealthy individuals looking for a new form of life, either idealistically, or as a means to control the population for a permanent nobility class where the poor feel satiated in some way where they won't bother the wealthy or revolt, and if they do, they're more likely to just leave the system, and with no power of their own, never pose a threat as they live their own lives as prometheus.


      Trump isn't perfect, but he's done more to prevent horrible outcomes planned for this country like the Amero, and the North American Union (not a conspiracy theory either, it's been written in books by Rumsfeld and a few other key neocons, and there were several planned treaties and existing new treaties under Bush Jr that moved us in that direction).  Or Operation Jade Helm, which has a lot of truth to it if you look at the fact Obama deported only families, not gang members, especially MS-13 gang members, and assured MS-13 gang members were insulated from harsh prosecution by placing in judges who commuted sentences, dumping most of them from jail into the street, along with a few other cartel members from the Sinaloa cartel and the Mexican Mafia, and a few other smaller violent gangs.

      Also preventing a lot of the planned changes to the US through the Climate Accords.  Climate change being a scape goat for forcing people to pay for their right to live.  Look at text books and how CO2 is referred to.  Trees now "store" CO2, which doesn't happen.  They use it in photosynthesis, then breath out the rest.  Around 80% of CO2 is produced by Volcanic activity, at a point where we have the least amount of Volcanic activity in the whole of recorded history, and by VERY large margins.  We have CO2 number tables that are grossly in accurate, with the lowest CO2 count back in the early 1900's, in the history of this planet.  Which was at the time of the largest number of wildfires, and the most destructive wildfires around the world, not just in the US.  CO2 is also used in our own bodies to carry oxygen to the blood, and help with healing and wound closure.  If we actually look at realistic charts of CO2 and plant/animal life, we need at least 10x what we have now, and we couldn't pull that off on our own, it will require titanic planetary forces (volcanoes).  You want to kill off life though, remove CO2, and that includes animals.  If it does anything in the atmosphere, it's stable and prevents overheating, as it's inert as a gas, and doesn't have any loose electrons to exchange.

      Just look into UN Agenda 21, and I don't mean sites talking about it, I mean read the actual plans, and track it to what a lot of countries are doing now, and what's planned for most of humanity, including a culling of anywhere from 1/3 to 7/8ths of the people alive today to allow for the new "smart cities" and control grid that the UN plans for.  Look at UN Agenda 2030, and how it's a slight rework on 21, with less population culling, but more of a control grid to maintain population control.

      I would also suggest looking into Cybernetics, and Alan Turings own words for his Turing machine.  Or the letter Aldous Huxley wrote to George Orwell a few months before Orwell died, after 1984 was printed.  That ties in nicely to the purpose of Cybernetics, and manipulating the human mind to control us like animals through initially stimulus response and dopamine, but later with slight alterations to specific frequencies, not unlike the Morlok control system in the far future of "The Time Machine."

      Look into the AI god created in silicon valley, and the church made to worship a system designed to maintain humanity as an overlord, to "prevent" wars and stuff.  That's not a joke when you consider most of Elon Musk's more cryptic, and not so cryptic statements about a literal AI overseer that babies humanity, and its implementation with 5G, as they currently don't have the bandwidth to generate that level of data flow, or specific control mechanism.  Not that I think that will happen as planned.  Every hard test of 5G leaves people sick, with headaches, it blocks oxygen from bonding with blood cells for a duration of exposure, the closer to 60 ghz, the worse the symptoms and faster people begin experiencing heavy dehydration.  However it shouldn't be long before they figure out how to make it work on lower frequencies with smaller meta packages at shorter bursts, or switch to new fiber, and use low-tech frequency ranges while data collection is done on a grid rather than wirelessly.  The point is, there is a long-standing plan to bring about a technocratic environment where you're constantly bombarded with new hits of digital Soma to keep you happy and complacent, or keep your attention away from internal dialogue and issues with the current state of the world.  It's very much in our face since the 70's, but most people pay scant attention.

      I'm not saying Trump is preventing everything from happening, but he is preventing a scenario where the US goes down in flames, as what we were primed for.

      Remember Obamacare?  If you look at early statements made by Pelosi, she made it abundantly obvious it was planned to fail, as the nature of its system was designed to exponentially increase costs to the point where it was impossible to afford, and the government could no longer subsidize.  Then bring in all the insurance companies under a single-payer umbrella.  What Trump did was postpone and slow down the bleeding.  Just prior to his tweaks, the cost growth was almost 3x what it is now, and then it was exponentially increasing, now it's increasing by similar margins to the growth prior to Obama making changes to medical care as a lead-in TO Obama care.  So about 3~10% growth, rather than 9~30%.  Still needs addressing, yes, but he's at least assured other things can be tackled.

      We actually are respected now...well, not in China, but then China respects no one, not even China.  They're still buying up Africa as a backstop.

      Now going back to Climate Change, if you look at the actual problems the world has, and there are innumerable.  Not a single real problem is being addressed by the UN.

      1) Overfishing, not from Western countries, but from China.  The Western overfishing is at times a problem still, but there are tweaks to assure fisheries restock and heal.  The biggest issue now is the dumping of waste in the Mediterranean, which has its own impact on marine regrowth.  Fecal matter and pee isn't a problem, but direct garbage and some chemical waste that still gets dumped, however is.  If they used more natural-based, it wouldn't be an issue, unless it's heavy in nitrogen, and then you have algea blooms.

      China however, is fishing the world into oblivion to fill a market that wastes more than 2/3rds of their intake, far more than us.  Their internal fisheries for farmed fish are for the West, not the Chinese, who prefer to get fresh caught, which is positive, but they ignore the issues of overfishing.  Yes the ocean bounces back quickly, but at the rate they're going, it will take extended years to rebuild fishing off Asia and Africa, and soon other parts of the world.

      2) Poaching is a huge thing again, thanks also to China.  Rhino horns and African horns are back on the market.  So are Tiger's teeth and penises, all due to certain quack elements in Chinese traditional medicine who feel certain body parts from exotic and powerful animals are natural aphrodisiacs, or will enhance growth.  Despite nothing to base this on, even in their own history.  Most of that is based on essentially rumour and superstition, initially stemming probably from cannibalistic practices of eating the strongest warrior from the opposing tribe to gain his "power" so as to defeat the other tribesmen in the next battle.   Or maybe just a similar mindset just redirected by pure belief that the soul/spirit of the animal transmits to the man who kills and eats it, reformed in today's world where it isn't just a single nobleman or king going out to hunt such a beast for themselves, but instead a market where 3rd parties provide the good.

      3) China and India are polluting the oceans at FAR higher rates than we ever did.  Over 2/3rds of the Pacific plastic deposit already belongs to China alone.  India is the second largest contributor, after both we and Japan began the issue, though we both corrected it soon after (and not through recycling, which is a lie btw).

      Much of that trash is also due to recycling systems, where most governments, including the US, do not have adequate plastic recycling companies and factories (though we at least store it here and have a larger overall number so can over time account for our own waste).  Though countries like Australia and New Zealand do not (same with almost all of Western Europe), because it's VERY hard to get the proper licenses and loans to start a plastic recycling company.  So they instead pay countries like Malaysia to take their plastic trash, much of which isn't properly sorted, so it has a bunch of other stuff, including items that cannot be recycled without proper furnaces like metal and glass (glass is no longer recycled as the cost is too high, and not enough companies want to invest in solar panel system and electrical furnaces, which are VERY expensive up front, and they make very little in resale, even in the US).

      So that gets dumped on islands, which eventually leads back out to sea when storms hit (or bombards small villages).

      4) The great pacific garbage patch.  Do I need to say more?

      5) Improper forest burning techniques, and a need for more controlled burns, not just to prevent forest fires, but because forests NEED the ash from fires to grow properly.

      6) Nitrogen deposits from large agricultural, mostly in the US, but also an issue in Europe, Africa, China, and to a lesser degree Japan and Korea (who have been combating this with more crop rotations).

      This is due mostly to corn and both ethanol and low-grade livestock feed.  Rather than rotate, they continue planting, and to avoid soil resource depletion, they rebuild with nitrogen enriched soil.

      Doesn't help they use GMO's, which are their own problem, and generate estrogen mimickers in the livestock that eats it, while the ethanol industry requires more energy than it produces, by a fair margin.

      Could be fixed easily by legalizing and heavily promoting Hemp as a rotation crop (which restores soil nutrients, balance, and biome (the general pH balance, number of living small organisms that devoid old/dead parts to create new minerals in the soil, mosses, and fungi).  Plus Ethanol from corn does not burn cleanly, no matter how its treated, and will create gunk and build-up in your engine that is VERY hard to remove.

      7) Suppressed technology, like the engines built in the early and mid 1900's in the US and Europe, that allow for 300+ miles per gallon, depending on the type of injection, and the ratio of gas to liquid in it, allowing cleaner burning and less fuel loss, along with tanks that don't leak (that's mostly fixed now, but that was an intentional design to keep people returning to the gas line).

      8 ) and the list goes on....and on....and on of ignored and unaddressed problems.

      Now, is Trump focused on most of these?  No, but he is creating the conditions where a LOT more companies are up and coming that are dealing with them on their own, and growing much faster than under Obama, due to economic growth and thus more money for people to dump into charities and organizations that attempt to actually address real-world problems.  However not one single candidate in history, save Barry Goldwater, has ever directly addressed real environmental concerns.  Carter kind of did at one point, but dropped it soon after becoming the nominee.  He at least inferred there are more problems than the ones focused on by environmental groups, or what the EPA looks into, as it turns a blind eye to real problems.

      There is no EPA regulation that has helped the environment since the first three years after its creation.  Pretty much everything else has been for one reason only, to create extra taxes for government control, regulation, and growth.  That's it.  Rolling back 90% of all their regulations would offer no negatives, except to allow newer business growth.  The exception seems to be in fracking, with legitimate fears of water source contamination.  Not that there aren't EPA scientists who do ring the bell of fear over real environmental issues, there are, but they never see regulatory pushes in the upper echelons.

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  17. DK Stars is live in five!

    1. ignasia


      Orgy certainly deserved better.  He was one of the better written bosses.

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  18. DK Stars is live in five!

    1. ignasia


      I can't wait to get my free Blizzard!  Is it 5 or 10 stamps?

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    1. ignasia


      @Brother Jaybird LOL, well, I used to have a very morbid sense of humour.  My aunt had this doll room that was wall to wall pink and light blue drapes, with dolls sitting on bookshelves, over couches, all starring at the center of the room, in a circular room with white wall paint, and we were never allowed to turn the light off.  So there would always be these odd shadows and the light source from the windows was always heavily reduced by the translucent drapes, giving it this eerie bluish permanent twilight throughout the day.

      My uncle would pretend to be "the creature from the black lagoon" at times, pretending to rattle the glass doors and floor to ceiling windows in their family room, just off their dining room, which was very poorly lit, so you couldn't properly see what was going on in a house that was part gothic, part roman, part modern american.  It was a very creepy place.  At the bottom of a long winding path bordered by dense trees, was a very large pond with a dock, and filled with fish and reeds.  It was so full of algae and fish poop, it was impossible to see past the surface layer, and the wind would howl as it passed through two sets of dense trees, with a small opening between them.  It always felt like something was watching us from the woods as well.

      They are (and were, my uncle passed on), devout Catholics, so there were a few crosses, and they had one of those giant very loud grandfather clocks with a large pendulum that was rather mesmerizing.  It kind of added to that creepy ambiance throughout the house. 

      My uncle had quite the collection of horror and fantasy movies, and was not shy about putting those movies on for my sister and I after we turned about 7.  Not Disney fantasy of course, but movies like Krull, Dragonslayer, Labyrinth, the Princess Bride, etc.  Horror like Creepshow and Rawhead Rex.

      He was a pretty fun guy, lol.  Anyway, I used to have a very morbid sense of humour (like I loved the Bert is Evil site from back in the day, and I frequented some pretty macabre sites).  I still like horror, though I've generally lost the darker edge to my sense of humour.

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    1. ignasia


      That also negatively impacts Nintendo.  It's also a positive thing, given how many Chinese citizens that are middle class are only willing to shell out extra, but it's not something they can really afford.  So it really is a fairly awful practice.

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  19. Playing Azure Dreams GBC.I hope that whoever is responcible for half of its mechanics was shot (and it gets ESPECIALLY jarring with my oldphone's slow emulator).

  20. In DWM I have a female Slime Borg. If I was able to name it anything longer than 4 alphanumeric characters I would call her Seven of Slime.

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