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  1. On 2/19/2021 at 9:00 AM, Woodus said:

    I don't know if we really need a revival, things are moving more towards things like Discord and YouTube and other socials anyway.

    I've thought about dumping the forums a few times, but I will probably keep it for quite a while. Plus I don't mind the smaller crowd :) (and if the traffic spikes too much I will need to upgrade to different server specs to handle the traffic)

    The site gets ~31,000 hits per month :)


    If you ever dump the forums, PLEASE let me know ahead of time.  There's a TON of stuff I don't have saved anywhere else in multiple threads I've made.  So it would be most beneficial if you would give me a chance to archive them personally.  Like a good week ahead of time, so if I miss the deadline, I miss the deadline.

  2. On 2/9/2021 at 1:07 AM, kaoujx said:

    I just completed act 3 and acknowledged I never got the book for the high quality Trodain frocks, despite the fact that I have each other Dlc thing. Am I missing something?

    check snaptube vidmate

    1. You only get the upgraded version of the Trodain Togs with the original international PS4 and Steam release.  So the Definitive Edition, all versions, only have access to the base version of the Trodain equipment.

    2. If you have the original international PS4/Steam release, the book for the updated recipe is automatically obtained when you accept the DLC, which once downloaded, is pre-set to your in-game DLC list to snag for any new playthrough.  So the moment you select the Trodain Set, the book is automatically added to your alchemy book and recipe lists.

  3. Gaming Goals for 2021:

    1. Complete at least through the end of Act 2, Dragon Quest XI, full Draconian, Solo Hero on PS4
    2. Complete at least one Dragon Quest FAQ, just one, starting small...
    3. Build out my Isle of Awakening to a certain degree in DQB2: first, complete the rest of the Tablet Targets...I think I have like 15~20 left?, then the underwater inverse pyramid where the pyramid is, complete with underwater pyramid hotel and underwater railroad system leading to other parts of the island, and the super rail system at least from the pyramid section to the port, and over the oasis, and at least stations leading to the other island sections.  Also the three arial islands over the pyramid, and refinish the pyramid walls.
    4. Build out the tower in the limited "share" box afford in DQB1 on Switch.
    5. Complete my 2D full Draconian run on Switch
    6. Actually beat Bloodborne on my own system
    7. Pick 5 older games I haven't played, and complete them

    Older game selection chart I'm considering:

    • Wii - Muramasa , Pandora's Tower , Okami , DQSwords , The Last Story , LoZTP , Metroid Prime 3
    • GC - Baten Kaitos , Paper Mario , Tales of Symphonia , LoZWW , Metroid Prime 1 and 2 , Viewtiful Joe , Fire Emblem Path of Radiance , Eternal Darkness
    • DC - Grandia 2
    • 360 - Enchanted Arms , Eternal Sonata , Tales of Vesperia , Fallout , Assassin's Creed 1 and 2
    • PS2 - Xenosaga 3 , Rogue Galaxy , Lord of the Rings: The Third Age , Final Fantasy X-2 , Onimusha 1~3 , Persona 3 FES , SMT 3 , Shadow Hearts 1~3 , Odin Sphere, Legaia 2 , Breath of Fire V , Grandia Xtreme , Romancing SaGa , Suikoden 3~5 + Tactics , Front Mission 4 , Phantom Brave , Arc the Lad , Wizardry , Kingdom Hearts , Tales of the Abyss and Legendia , Okage , Dark Cloud 1 , Growlanser Generations , Atelier Iris , Warriors of Might and Magic , Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance , Jade Cocoon 2 , Tenchu 2 , DMC 1 and 3 , MGS 2 and 3 , Soul Reaver , Shadow of the Colossus , Ar Tonelico , Digital Devil Saga 1+2 , Disgaea , Zone of the Enders 1 + 2 , Castlevania Lament + Darkness , Champions of Norrath ...I think that's good, there are a lot of PS2 games I never got around to either finishing or playing at all
    • DS - Rune Factory , Front Mission , Contact
    • PSX - Thousand Arms , Jade Cocoon , Musashi , Vagrant Story , Legend of Mana , Grandia (I've beaten it, but I'll relist it here because I don't recall the ending or story) , Legend of Dragoon , SaGa Frontier 2 , Koudelka , Shadow Madness , Persona 1 + 2 EP , Guardian's Crusade , Valkyrie Profile , Suikoden , Vandal Hearts , Brigandine , Arc the Lad Collection, Hoshigami

    I think that's it.  I'm fairly certain I've beaten my N64, SNES, NES, and Genesis libraries, or at least the majority of them.  I don't feel like getting them out to check.  Same with GB/GBC and GBA.

    Yeah...a lot of games I've gotten halfway or partially through, then life or a different game pops up.  Though recently it's more that if I do play games, I just play Dragon Quest, and on occasion, Ys, Final Fantasy, Xeno-something, or an EO game.


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  4. On 12/27/2020 at 9:14 PM, Plattym3 said:
    On 12/24/2020 at 1:09 PM, ignasia said:
    Probably was.  A lot of 1~3 days sales here and there.  Or smaller companies getting rid of stock by dumping it with low prices.  Essentially, I'm seeing prices go up and down as I check, leading into the day I buy.

    Do you ever use websites/services for finding sales on Amazon? I use camelcamelcamel.com all the time, heck, just added 3 things today. Also, when I was on the hunt for Ring Fit Adventure, I got hooked up with a Discord that alerted me to stuff in stock and I was on it in minutes and snagged one.

    Yep.  Camel as well as amazon specific deal apps.  I should probably sign up for Honey, but I use gift cards most of the time, so it doesn't count towards my total, at least with how honey works the last time I checked into it.

    The sales on amazon are usually in response to other company sales, so it's hard to predict when they'll go up or down.  I was using Camel when I checked the changes in value for SMT 4 and Apocalypse.

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  5. Yeah, there's some data on it on the Dragon Warrior III GBC boards, found by Sk8erpunq, but it's not easy to find, as it's likely buried in other posts.

    Ah, he put it in his mechanics FAQ: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/gbc/450388-dragon-warrior-iii/faqs/70252

    Search: [3.1] Pachisi

    Just scroll down a bit.  Or here:

      When you land on [?] square, there's a plethora of outcomes:
        1/44: LUCK increase, AGL decrease, +10 dice rolls, "Advance by 6!"
        2/44: AGI increase, VIT increase, INT increase, VIT decrease, INT 
              decrease, Return to the start, fight (beast), fight (marine), x1.5 
              gold, "The next roll can be chosen", "Go back 5"
        3/44: STR increase, x0.5 gold, "Monsters seemed to disappear!", trapdoor, 
              stats change, treasure chest
        1/46: STR decrease, AGL decrease, VIT decrease, INT decrease, +1000 EXP, 
              visit pachisi inn, "Advance by 6", "Go back 5" 
        2/46: STR increase, AGI increase, VIT increase, INT increase, 
              fight(beast), fight(marine), fight(bird), x0.5 gold, x1.5 gold, 
              "Monsters seemed to disappear", trapdoor, treasure chest, "The next 
              roll can be chosen"
        3/46: LUCK increase, LUCK decrease, stats change, Return to the start
      Dragon Queen:
        1/47: AGL decrease, VIT decrease, INT decrease, LUCK decrease, Return to 
              the start, stats change, treasure chest, +1000 EXP, +10 dice rolls, 
              visit pachisi inn, "The next roll can be chosen", "Advance by 6", "Go 
              back 5", change personality
        2/47: AGL increase, VIT increase, INT increase, INT decrease, STR 
              decrease, x0.5 gold, x1.5 gold, "Monsters seemed to disappear", 
        3/47: STR increase, LUCK increase, fight(beast), fight(marine), fight(bird)
        1/47: STR decrease, return to the start, 0.5 gold, 1.5 gold, trapdoor, 
              stats change, treasure chest, +1000EXP, +10000EXP, +10 dice rolls, 
              visit pachisi inn, "The next roll can be chosen", "Advane by 6!", 
              "Go back 5.", change personality
        2/47: AGI increase, VIT increase, AGL decrease, VIT decrease, INT 
              decrease, LUCK decrease, fight(beast), fight(marine), 
              "Monsters seemed to disappear"
        3/47: STR increase, fight(bird)
        4/47: INT increase, LUCK increase
        1/46: STR decrease, AGL decrease, VIT decrease, INT decrease, LUCK 
              decrease, fight(bird), x1.5 gold, trapdoor, stats change, treasure 
              chest, +1000EXP
        2/46: STR increase, AGL increase, VIT increase, INT increase, LUCK 
              increase, fight(beast), fight(marine), x0.5 gold, +10000EXP, +10 
              dice rolls, visit pachisi inn, "Advance by 6!", "Go back 5."
        3/46: "Monsters seemed to disappear", "The next roll can be chosen", 
              change personality

    I should point out the decrease and increases for stats are the same range as the "!" tiles, so 1~6 points.

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  6. 3 hours ago, cprmauldin said:

    Is it?

    I coulda swore I grabbed mine for $20. But maybe that was a Gamestop sale

    Probably was.  A lot of 1~3 days sales here and there.  Or smaller companies getting rid of stock by dumping it with low prices.  Essentially, I'm seeing prices go up and down as I check, leading into the day I buy.

  7. Tales of Berseria is very different, and it would be a new game.  I played the Demo, but that doesn't give much insight, just a small window.  The battle system is much faster paced (more like Star Ocean 3~5, though a bit faster paced than even those games), but it's a tales game, so I expect a fun romp for sure.

    So I forgot about two games, that I'm adding to the list, and I'm going to add in Fafnir Knight as another potential.

    • Ys4: Memories of Celcetta (PS4) <- I might categorize this as a must-have.  It was for awhile.  Ys8 would be on the list, except the price point when it is available is INSANE.  I have no clue what in the heck NISA was thinking with either the Switch OR PS4 releases.  They pulled a SEGA when Panzer Dragoon Saga came out.  HIGH demand, fast sales, but a very limited print run (though not quite as small a print run as PDS, but ridiculously small given how fast it spiked to 80 on PS4 within two months of release)
    • Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (Switch) <- I don't care which version, but the PS4 is hard to find on Amazon on the cheap.
    • Etrian Odyssey Untold 2: Fafnir Knight <- I might actually prioritize this, just because as mentioned before, Dark Souls isn't exactly going out of style, is cheap and easy to find, and I might get more out of this game anyhow, especially given as I've played DS 1 and 2 before, and I definitely prefer Bloodborne.  So those can get lower priority.

    Tales of Vesperia is on sale, while Berseria is just generally cheaper.

    So I might go:

    1. Persona 5 Royal Steelbook
    2. Ys4
    3. EOU2:FK
    4. BS

    Anything left would probably go, in order of desire

    1. Ni No Kuni 1
    2. Tales of Vesperia
    3. Tales of Berseria
    4. Octopath Traveler
    5. Dark Souls Remastered
    6. Dark Souls 3
    7. Dark Souls 2 (black sheep or no, I still want to play it)

    The only thing that might change the above is if SMT 4 is reduced in price at that moment I'm able to buy, and hits a price point I'm happy with (40 for 4, 50 for Apocalypse)


    Thanks for the help everyone.  I appreciate the insights.

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  8. 1 hour ago, eal said:

    Just a heads up, I don’t know if your PC could handle it, but Persona 4 Golden is on Steam now.

    :) Thanks for that.  Not something to get just yet, but later on.

    1 hour ago, Plattym3 said:

    Don't do eBay? 2bb2bf8406fb6eadb0f69e765832fa70.jpg

    It's not that, it's more like, my extra cash comes in Amazon cards, and I get bits and pieces of amazon cards through stuff like Bing search point trade-ins.  I use Amazon specifically due to the sheer volume of buy options, and usually there's always a store with some stock of some game, which is changing now.  It's shocking how many searches have pulled up only EU copies, and I don't feel like spending extra sending overseas, nor the wait time (I don't have prime either, and overseas often lacks a free ground shipping option, unless it's from China).

    I actually looked for copies of Breath of the Wild, and only EU copies pop up now.

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  9. Unfortunately, I'm stuck to Amazon.

    I just checked Gamestop.  That was a 3 day sale.  It's back up to 49.99 now.  Frustrating, as that would be awesome.  Maybe I'll get lucky on Christmas Eve, when I can purchase.

  10. 6 hours ago, YangustheLegendaryBandit said:

    First mistake right there. Shame on you.

    Wait...why?  Seriously?  I like Persona 3, I have 1~3, couldn't get 4 for obvious reasons (I'd get a Vita if I could, but that will have to wait, along with a WiiU).  I've only heard good things, especially about the royal version.  I'd really rather prefer SMT 4, but that price point of Apocalypse.  I'm really regretting not picking it up when I could have.

    Would you suggest shelling out for EO U2: Fafnir Knight instead?

    @Plattym3 I should have mentioned, it's the steelbook launch edition.  Also I don't have access to that extra cash until Christmas Eve.  It's also down to 45.50 tonight (literally sometime after I wrote that post)...I really love steelbooks.  Though I guess I should consider the base version and get more games.

    @Twinkie It would have to be PS4.  My PC couldn't handle it.

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  11. @YangustheLegendaryBandit @Plattym3 @eal @AustNerevar @Erdrick The Hero @Brother Jaybird and anyone else...it's hard to recall who is generally present these days, but this is my connundrum.

    This christmas I'll have a certain amount of extra to spend on new games.  About $180.

    Now I'm planning on one thing for sure:

    • Persona 5: Royal Edition = 56.96 (so 57), leaving me with 123

    The following games are on my list and I'm not sure which to drop

    • Bravely Default 2 = 60
    • Octopath Traveler = 49
    • Tales of Berseria = 19
    • Tales of Vesperia: DE = 19 <-I'm slightly more keen on this one as I love Abyss/Symphonia/Vesperia's battle engine
    • Dark Souls 1 remastered = 24
    • Dark Souls 2 = 24
    • Dark Souls 3 = 20
    • Save something for emergencies/DQ12/FF15/towards PS5 or Switch Pro
    • I was considering SMT4 + Apocalypse, but the price points are still a bit high, at least they've come down from 120 and 180.

    If there are any other games you can think of that are well worth considering, please note them.

    3DS collection

    1. 3x DQ7 , DQ8
    2. EO 4, 5, Nexus, Untold 1
    3. Xenoblade
    4. Fantasy Life + DLC
    5. Stella Glow

    Switch collection

    1. DQ Builders (digital)
    2. DQ XI
    3. XBC:DE
    4. FF XII
    5. Bloodstained: RotN
    6. Collection of Mana

    PS4 collection

    1. DQ XI (original and DE)
    2. DQ Builders 1 and 2 (w/DLC)
    3. Bloodborne + DLC
    4. Sekiro
    5. FF XII
    6. DQ Heroes 2
    7. FF XV: RE


  12. On 12/13/2020 at 7:35 AM, Burner said:

    It's also bland as hell and has zero personality, lacking any of the charm the real translation has. It's almost as bad as that ff 4 translation that shoved in every pop culture reference the goon who wrote it could think of. Not one fan translation ever lives up to the real thing.

    What's also clear to everyone but you is that having pointer tables opens the games up for balance adjustments, new spells and equipment, new monster recruits, and anything else a hacker can think of.

    This is useful for other things.  Figuring out game mechanics for anything unknown, or untested.

    Plus there's a ton that can be fixed that should be fixed:

    1. changing that bag organization to match DQ3's remake through DQ8.

    2. altering the list organization of skills to better match DQ7's PSX game, for like/similar with like/similar.

    Plenty of room for rebalancing, or even creating a "hard mode" version, or maybe even adding in more monster recruits.  Yeah, this is pretty nifty.

  13. On 12/8/2020 at 7:50 AM, DragonQuest2IsGood said:

    First off the SFC version is basically finished. Like it's 99% finished and just has some glitches.

    Also while the DS version does have some higher res sprites, I and many others think that the SFC version's aethestic is way better. The DQIII remake for SFC also benefits from being similar in look to DQVI. Again, many people agree on this.

    If we're talking translation, closer to 90% complete.  NoProgress overshot his estimates by only correlating story text, not extra NPC text.  There's a good 30+ conversations after story events that either weren't translated, or he never reinserted the text.

    On 12/8/2020 at 5:01 AM, Erdrick The Hero said:

    The DS version of DQVI, while graphically improved over the SFC version, is worse in just about every other way.

    The SFC version has never seen a proper translation patch. The most complete version was abandoned almost two decades ago by both teams that had been involved (DeJap and NoProgress). If I recall it's only at about 42%.

    I can't entirely agree here.  While I prefer a cleaner translation to a localization, and at times I do get annoyed with the Square-Enix approach, DQ6's is a bit turned down to the point where it's a nice even keel in terms of a rougher localization that feels more like a translation.  It's a nice break for me.

    As per gameplay changes, my only issue is the EXP spike.  There wasn't a need for it, as DQ6 has a really high EXP gain per enemy (especially over all previous games, and was the inspiration for DQ3's remake having such a high rate of EXP from normal battles, though in 3, this is a positive).  It was nicely balanced around that.

    Terry was half-assed in the original DS remake, and given they added no true new feature (dream crap doesn't count, and I'd agree that addition was best left in the trash bin...a good new dungeon, new equipment, some added costumes, etc. and not just bug fixes).

    You do have to account for the bug fixes, especially on the Armor of Orgo.  Having the upgraded version retain its special reductions makes it worth keeping in the remake, while in the original, it's best to keep it plain, or it's rendered almost useless.

    I'm iffy on the haggleton changes.  It kind of streamlines it, but it takes out the fun of fun out of figuring out where to get the key.

    The added Zoom points were mighty helpful (instant access to upper/lower worlds).

    While they stupidly assigned Spells and Skills in the same group...why?  The game engine used STARTED with DQ6 SFC.  Arte Piazza had full rights to it by the DS, so the ability to separate them was present.  HOWEVER, the layout was VASTLY improved.  DQ6 being the first to incorporate skills, had a #$*!-for-brains, poorly thought out list of skills.  Each page made almost zero sense, with a mixture of various types, and DQ6 DS didn't force fixed pages, but allowed them to stack into themselves as a pre-sorted list, ala DQ9, which made moving through that huge list much easier, and with similar skills mixed in with similar skills.  However they had ample time to create DQ7's split sorting method of type, which thankfully was rehashed with DQ7 3DS.

    The bag is MUCH easier to peruse in the DS.  It was the first bag introduced, and thus a nightmare to use, and a nightmare to find anything, as the sorting system was wonky, and not well thought through.  It's very easy to lose stuff.  This was fixed with DQ3's remake, and thankfully that carried over into 7, 4 PSX, and the DS remakes as a whole, and is roughly consistent with DQ's bag sorting order until DQ9 and the split of item types.

    I cannot agree on the graphics though.  DQ6 doesn't use any of the fog effects DQ5 used, which means a removal of fog effects on maps where they were present in the SFC version.  That's a huge oversight for a game with twice the development time as DQ5.  They did use more lighting effects, but only sparingly, and nothing special, a glimmer here or there in a small body of water.  Woopie.  The colour palette changes to DQ remakes since DQ4 DS have been GOD AWFUL.  I like the original darker palette, it fit the world better, fit the story better, fit the mood better.  The bright and shiny world is a bit jarring.

    Sound effects are definitely a letdown in the DS version.  We know with the 2D version of DQ11, that ALL of the SFC SFX are present in the 2D game engine from the SFC era.  ALL of them on Switch are spot on accurate to DQ's 6 and 3 SFC.  We know DQ7 PSX rehashed a lot of the special SFX, like the Slash attacks, but altered a bunch of others.  Yet DQ6 DS fails to use almost any of the unique DQ6 SFC sound effects, and instead rehashes DQ7 PSX and reused DQ5 DS's for the ones DQ7 did carry over or change.  Hell, DQ11's 2D mode reworked the SFC reverb sound effects that gave that sense of being in a large room.  Something DQ7 PSX didn't carry over, which was awesome, and sorely missing from DQ6 DS.

    The music was definitely better on the SFC.  Much, much better.  Some tracks are good on the DS, but some have this odd skip, like Sugiyama forgot to account for specific transition notes in the remastered renditions.  This is improved upon slightly with the mobile version, but only in the sense the midi-mixer attempts at more realistic instruments, so it isn't as noticeable and is thus more forgiveable.  Though definitely another feather in the SFC's cap.

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  14. 18 hours ago, YangustheLegendaryBandit said:

    Square Enix never thought we in the west cared about the 3DS. 

    I wonder if it's because the 3DS sales ratio of Japan to the US was almost a 1:1, not a 1:2?  So they expect we don't like the system.  3DS is still within the top 10 videogame system sales, in the US.

    Or perhaps it's more to do with DS sales numbers?  We know DQ9 did well, but SE doesn't even acknowledge it (DQ9's first month outstripped DQ8's by a lot...DQ8 was under 80k, DQ9 was around 120k), maybe because Nintendo released it, and managed to pull out better numbers with a lower marketing budget?  Yet the DS releases SE handled did horribly, except Joker 1, which SE might see as a failure, but it was by far the highest selling monster catching game that isn't Pokemon or Digimon.  Hell, it was on par with Persona 3's sales in the US, but we don't acknowledge that, yet P3 was considered a rousing success.

    Though I'm very curious why SE figured any DQ game would sell well without marketing?  Or it could just be a pride thing, they failed, they don't want to acknowledge it, and prefer to blame the system than themselves, so DS and 3DS...too similar, 3DS numbers are about 1/2 the DS numbers, though really in the US market, closer to 2/3.  So that might have something to do with it.  Or they feel it's just too risky given their failing and lack of insight as to why? (this last one is the most likely reason, along with a bit of pride and overall system sales numbers difference, despite the very high sales numbers in general).

    I guess it's just difference in attitude.  SE still hasn't learned the lessons of times past, not all of them at least.

  15. They didn't say door, they said room.  The way it's referenced, implies 3D only (if it's 2D, then it's a hidden passage on the side of a building or something).

    If I had to take a guess, it's the guardhouse leading to the stairs going to Downtown Heliodor, with a Seed of Strength.

    That or, the hidden rear of one of the buildings on the upper level, the first one on the right, there's a bush that guards the rear of the building, and it looks like it's intended to be off-limits, but if you push through the hedge, you'll get to a hidden area behind the building with a chest.

    There's a similar hidden room in the 2D version in the upper section of Heliodor, but it's different, I believe it's inside a building.


    The thing I don't like about this article, is they're referencing the 3DS creation and PS4 creation and ignoring the 3DS 3D->2D synchronization.  I get it, for the West, the 3DS version doesn't exist.

  16. 2 hours ago, Liamland said:

    Thanks @ignasia. Yeah, by apologize I mean on behalf of all the annoying folks, anyone spewing anything racial or bigoted--not for anything we did. We may have thrown our hat into a flame war or two, but we were old enough to not get swept into the darker, hate-filled side of the forums. But nob had to deal with all of that, and I remember it weighing on him.

    There was some wild stuff that happened.  Much of the craziness was from the 11~15 year olds.

    I had a fallout back in 2016 with one of them, a guy who went by Samurai Jack at the time.  Though Cody was a bit of a pain, constantly chasing this one girl he had a friendship with (between the two of us) on the DW3 forums, I forget her forum name, but Sarah, who eventually even cut me off as it was a link to Cody (never took my advice to leave her be, kept pushing for a relationship).

    I haven't spoken to Yankee (not sure if anyone remembers him at all), in awhile, but we both joined Ragnarok Online.  Then I joined his guild after I got him into the game, then left for a year.  Then we slowly drifted apart.  Sean is a pretty magnanimous guy though, but I guess it's difficult keeping in touch over a long distance, especially given my constant disappearances over the years...you know the ones Liam.

    Then there was Kylarean, Darian's brother, the artful coder and artful dodger (he was like 28 at the time).

    ShidoV2 died.  Unfortunately, and it wasn't pretty.  He developed brain cancer.  He was one of the older gents as well.   I think Ciba was 27, mo was 23, Shido was 30, Ky was 28, and Zombie was about 32.  There were a few other older individuals.  Shido became like my older brother, definitely tried to break my shell when it came to women, and he was a great teacher.  Best advice he ever gave (there is no level of girl a guy is limited to, all women have poop all over them, as no matter how beautiful, at some point they have to go to the bathroom and wipe poop off their butt...one of thousands of really god-tier advice, like never use a punchline, just introduce yourself, and strike up a conversation, if they're not interested, move on, but a woman will appreciate the consideration of her as a person...stuff like that).  I miss that guy a lot.  In a way he was kind of the replacement for a father and older brother all rolled into one.  At a certain point he dropped me as a friend...not sure why.  I think he felt everything was closing in on him, all his friends weren't really friends.  His last conversation before he dropped me was really sporadic and odd.  Like he wasn't sure what was going on with his life.  I hope he passed peacefully.  He can say he lived quite a few years past his expected death date (I think 8).

    Darian I haven't seen since AIM shut down, and MSN erased my original friend list...yeah, they had it saved to my account, and one day, I logged in on a new computer after an update, after joining with Skype, and both my Skype and MSN lists were gone.  Couldn't get them back, the data was dumped.  That was a long ass list of people.  Nothing like my AIM list, but a lot of people, including some old friends from Phantasy Star Online, I met before Enix General, one of whom I think about now and again, Misgari.  She always called herself a harlequin.  Fantastic person...I definitely had a crush on her.

    Bob is sporadic and harder to get in touch with these days.

    MRHD sometimes posts on GameFAQs, under that same name, but that's rare, and the last time was for DQ9.

    Scorp all but disappeared even prior to my leaving LiveJournal (quite a few of us moved to that spot...I think YOU joined us in that Liam, if memory serves, at least for a bit).  It just didn't last.

    Darkone_RPG...the last time I spoke to him was when LiveJournal was a thing.  That guy was awesome, always brooding and contemplating suicide (thus, the name).

    mo, the last time I talked to her (we had a bit of a fallout, as she became so embittered after awhile, and never wanted to do anything...actually talked about ending it, except for her twin sister, which would have been devastating, so I hope she's still alive).

    I used to talk to Zylowolfsbane, who originally went as Demonsbane101 I think...anyway, he and I kind of drifted apart at some point a few years ago, and maybe a year ago he finally dropped me from Facebook.  Makes sense.  I hope he's doing well with his GF (that's a long ass story, but let's say a couple divided by distance, he worked up the money to move her out, and they've been inseparable since, though don't want to get married, or didn't for awhile).

    I wonder what happened to Radioheadman.  AIM going out was a massive loss for most of the old Enix General people I kept in touch with.  Same with FHJay.  I wonder if he still plays DDR-type games since they've kind of gone bye-bye, or if he transitioned to other stuff.  The two of them were massive music lovers of completely opposite ends of the spectrum (guitar/rock/alternative vs electronica/dance).

  17. Everytime I spoke to Nob on AIM, he was always fine with the general conduct.  I think it was the racist stuff that popped up for the few people who he had to ban that was a problem. I'm certainly not going to apologize for:

    • keeping track of users IP's to track certain nutty people, like that one dude who started with a "Z" who kept making new accounts, and kept posting utter nonsense like autism on steroids
    • attempting to date users (I had a thing with mo for awhile, though according to her, years later, it was all fun and games...I still saved those earlier conversations somewhere, and no, it was serious for her)
    • participating in the misadventures of mo (though I think I hurt her for ignoring her 2nd and 3rd topics)
    • creating multiple characters including some controversial names
    • getting into flame wars all the time...especially that, since if memory se rves, that's HOW I made friends, including with yourself Liam.
    • all the comments about female toons being hot, and things I wanted to do with them, along with every other red blooded young man on the forums, including the military drill sergeant, Zombie, but especially with Darian and Bob_the_Almighty (the trio of us were horrible, lol)
    • the greatness that was the Church of Ciba, and creating multiple characters, including the High Priest, and worshiping wenches, writing a literal recreation of the first 20 pages of the bible (yes, it was that nuts), and multiple
    • my most infamous creation...my hands, and all my topic molesting (yeah, I literally went into every topic, and gave it a rub down...at the time it was considered a blessing of sorts...I wish I were joking...teenage and young 20 year old men...aye yie yie, the hormones man...I can honestly say I haven't changed that much, just toned things down a bit, but inside, I'm still 20-something...much to my chagrin and I'm sure that of quite a few people)
    • the FF8 vs FF7 flame wars in which game was better
    • going after the GBC Dragon Warrior Monsters fanbase for daring to enter Enix General to flame us...oh, we (Darian, mo, and myself mostly) had fun roasting those upstarts!
    • bugging Nob about updates on Dragon Warrior VII, leading up to its release...like a lot
    • Enix for the " " <- put in a thing, and the insanity that ensued, leading to Enix for the Pizza Box, because who wouldn't want a pizza delivered with a small screen embedded into the box, with Dragon Warrior popping up...and now we CAN!
    • my writing wars with Scorp, in who could write a better story and lead in (I still remember in vivid detail all of my story ideas), though it was mostly critique and helping one another out
    • the battle with the neo nazi stormers who felt a need to lambast Zombie because he made it clear he was black...stupid as fudge move, as that guy was banned multiple times...not like Zombie needed help, being a military guy, he was happy to go balls deep in a verbal beatdown
    • flaming everyone who disagreed with me...ok, I argued with them, but back then it wasn't too different, as those disagreements generally spread to massive personal attacks (usually leading to friendships...yeah, different times back when snowflakes and safe spaces weren't a thing).
    • my super long posts...oh, you guys think I write essays now?  This is shorthand to how I used to be when I went to town (I used to have a 200+ wpm typing speed, and slept a LOT in college, so I was raring to go)
  18. 39 minutes ago, ethanej said:

    Hopefully they don't can the older games ability to be activated.

    I don't believe they'll go that far.  There are still CE releases around, and that would royally piss off people who spent $150+ with tax.  So they'll have to keep the auto-downloads for any DLC codes going at least until the expiration date.

    Especially as Edition of Light codes are still available for any "new" physical copies, or any Digital codes purchased outside PSN.

    I imagine SE isn't releasing extra codes for purchase, so those download digital codes for the original will eventually become a limited time offer, and I wonder if they'll sell to 3rd party resell, and we see those on Amazon and Ebay for 80+ soon.

    3 hours ago, Dakhil said:

    Technically, Steam codes for the original version of Dragon Quest XI are still available to purchase for now.

    I've already have Dragon Quest XI on Steam and Dragon Quest XI S on the Nintendo Switch, so I think I'm good.

    Yeah, I forgot about those sellers, but those codes will be limited.  I don't think SE is printing up more digital codes, and I suspect they'll sit on them for awhile.  I wonder if they can be sold to 3rd party retailers to sell?  I think they can, and if so, I expect we'll see 80+, especially as the original will appeal to collectors or people who want the extra challenge, or a different challenge format with Draconian...or the crossbow mini-game (which actually helps out anyone seeking extra seeds going into Act 3, though it does mean not using any).

    Especially given the Edition of Light can be argued as preferable due to the two accessories.

  19. 9 hours ago, Dakhil said:

    PSA for those of you who want to purchase the original version of Dragon Quest XI on Steam and PlayStation 4.


    You cannot purchase, only redownload if you've already purchased the original release.


    For this reason, and because of certain additions, I'm keeping my original release:

    - Crossbow Mini-Game

    - Slightly better graphics/more stuff/slightly better textures in some areas like leaves and faces (barely noticeable)

    - Draconian mode is different and arguably harder (Super Strong Monsters has different stat buffs, and even different AI pattern changes from the DE...some harder than the DE, some less so, overall mostly more difficult).

    - Will likely become the "rare" version at some point.

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