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  1. 3DS game issues, better check your library:  

    Essentially I would check your DS and 3DS carts (also older flash-based games like GBA).  Flash data is not as subject to destruction as you'd think.  You can keep it going longer by giving it a bit of electricity and usage now and again.  Already disc-based media is outliving their supposed death dates...and going.  My nearly 40 year old software still works, reads, and doesn't have any major issues.  I do know flash does seem to function better with usage.  That said, this seems to be a hardware issue for some carts, but no absolute it's that for all of them.  Could be bad sectors leading to early degredation, could be issues with the system itself (like not refreshing, as I've encountered the same problem and it impacted my memory card and system storage, which was fixed after resetting my 3DS).

    I should also mention there are a lot of listings going up all over the place in major retailers of the Switch Pro/New Nintendo Switch.  That's a fairly good sign Nintendo has put out info they're ready to announce soon or it's already prepped and listed for retailers to note for an inevitable placeholder.  Some country stores, like Amazon Mexico, are jumping the gun, but it does mean the announcement is inevitable.  Could be pre-e3, could be something later this year for next year (since they just released a new revision...that might be more likely).

  2. https://wccftech.com/ps4-no-offline-games-cmos/

    I am really hoping this leads to a class action lawsuit and a system patch (it's software encoded).  The PS3 will still play physical if not connected/cmos battery dies.  PS2 doesn't need jack (nor any Xbox, nor any Nintendo console).  This is probably the most egregious anti-consumer thing Sony has ever pulled.  Especially since it retained this issue LONG after the PS4 proved successful, as it's (SO FAR) present in every system revision, and it seems like the Pro as well.  Yep, it's just the OS, as it's tied to how the systems protect against system clock manipulation to prevent Trophy grabs for clock-based trophies:  https://www.techradar.com/news/ps4-clock-battery-death-could-brick-your-console

    Seriously, that is the lamest thing I've ever seen.  Easy fix as well.  So maybe this won't need to go to a class action lawsuit if they get on the ball and patch it.  Seriously, I don't get the consideration or care to prevent Trophy hacks.  Who CARES if some jackass cheated his trophies into being.  What does that matter?  It's tied to nothing but bragging rights, easily shown to be garbage if that player actually attempts to showcase their "skills."

  3. Damn...PS Vita is about to skyrocket in price, and it was already going up.  Same with all physical games, now that the digital store is shut down (poor vita players).  I have to wonder how many games will be permanently locked to the Vita.

    1. eal


      I think there is just shy of 100 LRG games on Vita. Also a number of games that you’d expect to get a retail release that didn’t (such as Oreshika and a few musou games and a couple random Atelier games). There are also a few re-releases with expanded content such as Soul Sacrifice Delta. The Vita has a few obscure releases that got super limited prints from online stores in Limited Edition formats that might as well be gone forever because of how expensive copies are.

      The Vita has been on the rise on the secondary market for the last year or two and will only go up in the coming months.

    2. ignasia


      Yep.  This gives me some real reason to push for completing my works...and pray for success.  You totally sold me on the Vita awhile back.

      Going to be a wild ride watching certain games spike hard.  I'm now scared to see how much Panzer Dragoon Saga has gone up (as with the Saturn in general, and other obscure Saturn exclusives like Albert Odyssey).

  4. Dragon Quest Dai answers the age worn question of what happens when you taken an Orphen, and mix it with a Dragonball.

    I did not like the start, as it felt overly childish, and lacking any of the clever sophistication that made Dragonball a classic, or the more adult themed hardline questions that bolstered Orphen's succinct presentation.  However, I am growing to enjoy the characters, especially everything after the Crocodine battle.

    I really need to watch the original, as the spread of episodes is different (there's clearly more story presented in the original, this one being a very simplified version that trims a lot of details).  See what's missing.  It is a good start, and I am looking forward to Maam (funny how Dai, the child-like Hero, has companions named Maam and Popp...why? then again Madara and Papas in DQV, and the original Dai was created between V and VI, so I suppose that was a heavy influence).

    Dai better end with the Princess, instead of one of those ridiculous anime tropes where no real love connection is ever realized, just teased or always a near miss, or one or another is too afraid to make any move...for 100+ episodes.

    1. Mimas


      The new anime is much more true to the source material (manga) than the old anime. Most of what extended the number of episodes of the original was filler. There has been some cuts from the source material for this one, but it is mostly just jokes. While I do miss some of the jokes, I think this is generally the better version.

      Dai was originally written as part of the promotional campaign for Dragon Quest IV, so it predates that game slightly. At the point we are in the story now Dragon Quest V is still yet to have gone on sale. The manga story ends around VI going on sale if I recall. Popp is really supposed to be "Popular" or better translated as "Populace", as he is supposed to represent the average person, while Dai is a super human.

    2. ignasia


      Ah...so I wonder then if Dai didn't influence Horii's name choices related to DQV?  Since so many of his later games were influenced by unused early ideas.

      I can definitely see where a LOT of skill concepts were added into the games (Flame and the other elemental slashes in the 6th game, and of course Grand Cross).

      My one gripe is this is a story that needs a longer period of time to properly tell.  It's a very solid and much more serious tone (more similar to DQ's back in the NES and SNES era...and that definitely comes across in Abel as well, though I never finished watching it).

  5. I now have every Etrian Odyssey game released.  Now I have to get 7th Dragon, and both Persona Q's.

    I have to eventually beat 3, 4, 5, and Nexus (I have a playthrough 4/5ths through Nexus, 1/3 through 5, completed the story boss in 3, and only a slight bit into the first stratum in 4).  5's 3rd stratum is kicking my ass with my party makeup, which isn't optimal, but rather than reset now, I'm auto-battling to 70, then retiring for the bonuses, then rebuilding to conquer the 3rd (amazing how hard the skeleton archers hit...).


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    2. ignasia


      Front Line:

      1. Earthlain Impact Brawler <-I was intending this to be the other one initially, then changed my mind for boss killing, however my point spread was designed exclusively around one-two punch and binds, but not full binds, only level 5 at that point, with extra points in general damage output.
      2. Therian Blade Dancer <-this was my biggest problem, mostly because she kept dying every first round, but I also made the mistake of aiming for Hell Slash instead of something directly useful like Tetra, first.

      Back Line:

      1. Brouni Divine Herald <-too much point spread, not enough into newer healing skills for per round healing if buffed
      2. Earthlain Shield Bearer <- I maxed Bunker instead of Dragon Roar 9 or 10, and my points into line defense were nill
      3. Celestrian Spirit Broker <- Wraith masteries up too high, not enough points into actual skills, which was fine for the first two strata (actually fantastic for them), but doesn't work out well for the third, as there was virtually no damage output.

      I reset my team to everything the same, except Blade Dancer -> Blade Master, to better support the Impact Brawler.  Though I'm kicking myself for not changing the race to Therian.  I expected on retirement to just get back the same race + class, and change the name, etc.  So I paid no attention when I first picked, and since you can't undo retirement once selected, I had to recall in the moment what my team members were (I actually picked the Shield bearer first, and since I couldn't recall that based purely on the name, I put the game down for a bit, took a few deep breaths, then just winged it as another Earthlain Brawler, just going on memory of what the last team was, and what slot 1 was (forgetting my front line slot 1 was my last character created).  Ah well, the damage is still good, not great but good.  I might change again after hitting 70, just to have two Therians in the front.

    3. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Well, it sounds like you went through a lot of steps to get your team exactly how you wanted, especially if you did grinding up to level 70 already. I know you and I approach RPGs differently, so I have to give you kudos for going the extra mile. I find that if I don’t like my point spreads for a class, I’ll just have them rest and take the 2 level hit in order to relook over the skill list. Once you get more and more into the game it becomes easier to figure out what kind of synergy you can do with your team. Etrian 5 is pretty flexible on what’s possible thanks to how the classes work and the masteries you can go for, depending on what your team may need.

      I played through with a Pugilist, Fencer, Warlock, Shaman and Rover (with the default races for each based on the class portraits) and I completed everything with that team, including the super boss. Can’t remember the masteries I went for without looking at my copy, but I don’t recall too many problems. All my healing came from passives via skills and there were a few times I had to reorient my skills depending on a boss weakness, but I completed everything on my first run with them.

      You might want to have your Dragoon become a gun focused Dragoon instead of a defense heavy one. Their damage output with a gun focus is actually really good, and one NPC you can use for a later quest has one of their untyped damage skills in their arsenal. I’m terrible with remembering skill names, but it’s one worth investing in since it can do such high damage. You can still invest in Bunker since that takes a spot on the very front lines to protect the party, but that way you can have your Dragoon help out with overall damage.

    4. ignasia


      Well, since EO4, my method getting to 70 fast, when I need to (for situations like this usually...to retire at a decent level for good bonuses), is to use auto walk and place two or three paperback books on something of similar height, and touching the "a" button.

      Thanks for the tips.  Yeah, I noticed Gunmount is rather excellent, but I'm retooling my new spirit broker for mostly pure damage, leaving me with limited defense (really, nothing).  So I'll make a second Dragoon and make it a gunner, see which one works better (not like Dragon Roar can't be used either build, and there are still good defensive skills with a cannon build).  I might get level 10 in the Necromancer's wraith skill that soaks up all damage for a single round, sacrificing a wraith for it, then tweak the wraith summoning skills to increase auto-replenish, so there's always a wraith present.

      Yeah, I noticed EO5 is fairly flexible, but it does matter what ones synergy is, and EO5's skill system is a bit of a mixed bag related to synergy and functionality.  Most of the synergy seems built into mastery, though I do admit I like the secondary class types, and general focus.

  6. So DQ11 is DEFINITELY updated from the Switch version, and graphically seems far closer to the PS4.  It seems like they haven't been idle, and have swapped out some textures and models.  I made a post about this on GameFAQs, so I'll link to that:


    @Erdrick The Hero @AustNerevar @YangustheLegendaryBandit I forget who else was in that topic, and who else was worried about the graphical downgrade presented with the first Xbox video.  This should cheer you up!

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    2. AustNerevar


      Skip to 2:19:10 for DQ11

    3. ignasia


      Thanks, I hadn't gotten through it all yet.  Taking it piecemeal, but I do like how they opened with the new trailer.

      FF16 also looks quite good, and I'll probably get that, as it feels like a return to form, while keeping certain new battle system conventions with some tweaks.  Also interesting to see a truly massive and menacing looking Behemoth (beast/dark), versus the Phoenix (light/restoration).

      I'll get to more later when I have a chance.

      I am quite happy with the improvements to DQ11 though.  It's a nice step up from the XBOX reveal.

    4. Dakhil


      I think you should make a new post on the Dragon Quest XI subtopic.

  7. Going to be a lot of releases of info and changes coming soon...slow trickle.  Prepare for some disturbing reveals bit by bit leading into the next year, maybe longer.  I do mean gut wrenchingly disturbing.  Probably more EQs all over the world leading into May.  That which was hidden will be revealed.  Some of it anyhow.

    This post will seem odd but you'll understand soon enough.

    1. Sword_of_Dusk


      Odd does not begin to describe this. My guess is it's either super serious and important, or it just has to do with FF7R. 

  8. How's everyone holding up? 

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    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Until we were furloughed at work things were the same for me for the most part. Now with the furlough in place until further notice I’m probably going to be stuck at home. We can file for unemployment so I’m going to take care of that this week.

      I guess now I can take care of some things I’ve been meaning to. Go back to my Yangus Thoughts on the Genesis Mini and the games on it, do some stuff on my computer I’ve been meaning to, look up new recipes to try, and finish off some RPGs I’ve put aside.

    3. Twinkie


      @ignasia We actually an online gathering last night to play some games online. We typically do on the weekends when no one is busy. So it does help out. I also been calling some friends as well. But nothing compared to having a Dungeons and Dragons night though lol.

      I have been going out for walks as well. I live in a rural area so I like to take walks in the woods every so often. Has been putting me in a good mood to do so.

      As for online games and binge watching. I have been watching some anime, but not too much. But I have been playing Age of Empires 2 a little bit in the past week to practice.

      It all helps out. But I still wanna go outside and do more lol.

    4. ignasia
  9. Farming for a Hela's Hefty Hammer for Kiefer.  Summoned in Tatron.  The Gigantes attacks him immediately after for 402 damage.  Tatron dies, having never taken a single action.

  10. So, for Christmas, I bought DQ7 3DS again.  Third copy, third Super Kiefer.  Yeah, I really love making these.  Technically the 4th, but I didn't keep my first.  Also decided to make a more refined guide to attempt to get to par at around the 100 hour marker, as I'd rather a lower game time than normal.  The other two are 600 and 900 respectively.

    Plus this is the first one I have two systems to use for self-trading from the get-go, and I love it.

    Also got Etrian Odyssey 5 and Nexus, a 128GB card for my Switch.  So last year was a pretty good year for RPG's.

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    2. ignasia


      Better get one soon.  The price is going up fast.  It will become one of the most expensive DQ games for a physical copy at some point, maybe higher than DQ6 DS.  Similarly with DQBuilders on Switch.  I wish I snagged a copy when it was 34.99.

    3. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      I wish I hadn't sold my physical copies of VII and VIII 3DS. I figured they would be more common than their PlayStation counterparts, and I really needed the money.

      I've got digital copies of both, but I can't put those on display.

    4. ignasia


      At least with DQ7, you can still purchase a copy for $25 from Amazon third party groups.  Though how long that lasts I don't know.  It did go up to 38 at one point on Amazon about 3 months ago, then dropped down again to 20 (the cost when I bought this last copy), and right after that 18.88, then back up to 20, and now 25.

      8 is really going to be something else at the rate it's going.  It's already set to surpass the digital version for new.

      Though definitely...the other sad part is noting how rarely 3DS digital titles go on sale.  DQ7 and 8 I don't think have seen a sale in over a year.  Though I didn't check this last Christmas season.

      For me, I would never trade my copies, though in the case of 8, it's almost entirely because of the DLC items, and a perfect restart, which still sucks with the dual save slot, and one quicksave.  Though I guess with 8, restarting isn't a huge issue, and I can always use the Quicksave to hold onto a perfect 100% save (which I'm doing right now), and just do replays with slot 1, keep slot 2 my Farebury save with 60~70 seeds (mostly Strength, thankfully), and all the DLC equipment :).

      I really wish they kept the DLC system alive and well, and just recycled it over and over again.  Having each item pop up only once was pretty horrid.  Though I guess there's always save state manipulation.  Still not the same thing.

  11. If you're contemplating shopping at Gamestop, don't:


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    2. Brother Jaybird

      Brother Jaybird

      A YouTuber named Raz0rfist has a GameStop rant that's probably worth your time, but y'all should know, Raz0rfist is NSFW.


    3. solo


      gamestop is basicly the only videogame store in my town so i don't have a choise

    4. Dwaine


      The guy's credibility is questionable. He's like the Geeks and Gamers for retail chains. In general I gots no love for Gamestop thanks to the years of ill will they built. Though in recent years they have backed off many of their hard sell tactics. They've really boosted their collectables side and often have very good sales and exclusives. Like any big chain, it all comes down to the people that run it. I've got a friend that was a Gamestop manager. He's not evil and ran things pretty well. The people he worked with are now managers and their store is very well run with extremely kind and competent employees. The one in the mall a block away is being run the opposite way and drove out a wonderful employee in a detestable way.

      Dropping into a couple Gamestop stores for collectables and such in the past month, I've never encountered these instances. Even the bad one! Not saying these don't happen, but I don't think it's the norm. The stores are so busy there's just not enough time to do all that and help everyone! This guy is going to purposely seek out and amp up the worst aspects to make a video. And as a consumer you can always say 'no thank you.' Like any retail chain, support the ones you know do things right and ditch the others.

      P.S. Walmart is $10 cheaper than MSRP on games and Target will price match!

  12. Merry Christmas guys, and if I'm not around for it, have a happy New Year!
    ...and now, a classic Christmas song!


  13. Damnit....I haven't been able to stop playing DQB2.  It's much more fun to battle and build than the original.

  14. ...must...resist...urge...to...play...DQB2, Sekiro, or Bloodstained...must...not...play ... ... ... *fails*  DQB2 I'm really loving, I spent 4 hours hunting around Furrowfield for extra levels because damnit, I love grinding!  I just popped in Sekiro, though I have stuff.  Bloodstained is going to be very difficult to resist, but I have to complete certain other objectives for FAQ purposes in DQ11, and the one MMO I play, Ragnarok Online, is doing a special Christmas series of events as they're shutting down for 3 months for some major patching.  Free upgrading to the halfway point, instead of spending $20~200?  Yes, please.  Only 5 more days.

    1. Brother Jaybird

      Brother Jaybird

      I haven't played Ragnarok Online since High School, and only then the playable demo, which was free, but the lore was always fascinating.

    2. Twinkie


      Oh man. Ragnarok Online is so good. I didn't start playing it until late 2000 but I had a lot of fun with it. I really should visit it again sometime.

  15. Happy Thanksgiving guys!  Much love to you all!

    ...I was bad, I participated in Black Thursday!  The day of true evil, but I snagged the last non-floor copies of Bloodstained, Builders 2, and the last Walmart copy of Sekiro...got into Walmart at 6:45 or so, and with a nearly depleted PS4 black thursday, the day of evil, stock, I managed the last copy of Sekiro.  So I now have Sekiro as well :).

    I can get the DLC packages for Builders 2 later, after I beat the game.

    1. Brother Jaybird

      Brother Jaybird

      There's another Black day to come, so you be on guard against further evil, young padawan.

    2. eal


      Thank God I live in a Blue Laws state. That being said, this doesn’t extend to food service, I believe. So I find it ironic watching Macy’s Thanksgiving Dany Parade and seeing Ronald McDonald and his balloon and thinking how there are employees who won’t even see him because they’re too busy working.

    3. ignasia


      It's a right tragedy.  They should enforce Black Friday on Black Friday, not the Thursday before.  So I wouldn't have to worry about stock over the weekend, but I am glad I was able to snag these after driving my sister back home (Walmart right next door to the Gamestop, and both off one of the three main paths returning home).

      When I worked at Starbucks, it was a huge point of contention for those who would work Black Friday.  Being senior for 3 of my 4 years there, it was easy to get off (plus I'd ask very early on, and I took almost everyone else's shifts during the rest of the year, when they needed time away/emergencies).  I would have been pretty pissed had we a floating Siren balloon, complete with legs spread wide and inviting, that I would not have been allowed to see.  Oh, tragic irony.

      I wonder if they still use a Ronald Float as well?

  16. @Dakhil and anyone else wondering about weight gain in the US...well, it's happening worldwide, and there's also a weight loss revolution in the US due to certain new dietary trends thanks to more people listening to doctors that actually talk about Insulin resistance.  This should peak your interest on one of three major glaring problems facing health and creating fat people (ir, omega-6, and sugar):


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    2. ignasia


      8 ) There's also the sugar added to almost all prepared foods in the West.  It just adds up to the point where quite a few Americans eat about a pound of sugar a week, if not more.  Not all, but a lot.  The fat acceptance movement isn't helping anyone either, least of all the fat people afflicted by their own poor choices.

    3. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      Oh no. I thought better of you, Iggy.

      Doctors wouldn't provide vaccinations if they were known to be dangerous. The point is to prevent disease, not cause it. There are rare cases in which someone can be harmed by a vaccine, but it's generally caused by an allergic reaction or compromised immune system.

      VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM. Autism is a trait that is determined by birth, even though signs may not be noticeable for a couple years. You don't "get" autism, you're born with it.

      I'm honestly disappointed that you've been fooled by some of the misinformation out there, as I know you're a smart guy. PLEASE do some research on this.

    4. ignasia


      Erdrick, just look into the Vaccine Court.  That's a good start.

  17. Switch DQ11S Demo patch is now available in NA/EU.

    1. Brother Jaybird

      Brother Jaybird

      And me without a Switch.

    2. ignasia


      Me too, for now.

  18. I think I'm going to get the handheld Switch, and get a full system down the road, when they have a model that competes directly with the PS5...say in 2~3 years from now.  I would prefer playing a handheld version anyway, as I'm more used to that.  Plus the price point is 100 less, and the battery life isn't much different from my New 2DS, which is pretty darn good.

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    2. ignasia


      @Sword_of_Dusk LOL, I should have specified a bit more.  What does Fire Emblem: Three Houses have to do with your decision on whether to get a Switch Lite or not?

      @Democrobot Thanks for the link, but I'm not a fan of decal skins.  They just feel off and strange, and the look of them isn't quite right.  I'm down with a shell casing that is innately painted or sculpted a certain way, like inscribed designs.  Though I appreciate the thought.  Plus it looks off...it's not the same as a plastic that's coated all the way through.  Though some 3DS units are painted on...like the Pikachu edition.  I feel really bad for people who own it.  If that thing gets scratched at all, the upper layer of paint is gone for good, and it's a very distinct colour and texture pattern.

    3. Sword_of_Dusk


      Three Houses is already out, and I'm not certain I want to wait for the Lite in order to play it.

    4. ignasia


      OH, right, right, I see.

  19. Japanese Manga and Anime artists are some of most overworked  and underappreciated workforce in Japan.  Even more of a tragedy when a whole studio and 33 Animators die in a fire:

    1. Liamland
    2. ignasia


      Yes, quite tragic.  While I've never seen any of their work, I feel obligated to since those animators will never be replaced.  Their stuff seems like it's fairly well animated to boot.  Just adds to the tragedy that they seem talented and the world will be deprived of their future endeavours.  I hope they didn't suffer much.

  20. I'll have to buy a Switch system later.

    FF7r Deluxe Edition and the new Mana compilation for Switch.  Done and done.  DQ11 mostly paid for.  I'm hoping we get a deluxe edition of some form to change to.

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    2. ignasia


      True.  Though they do have one thing on their side, another 24 days.

      DQ11's CE was announced at e3 on June 11th 2018, while DQ11's e3 was June 10th, and the release dates of the 4th versus 27th of September.

      They haven't done nearly as much marketing as SE did following e3.  SE started 4 days after, it's now a week after the last day and Nintendo has done literally nothing, but SE has been non-stop in Japan following e3, and three major releases leading into e3.

      Then again this tracks with Nintendo's handling of DQ9 and DQ7 3DS.

      DQ7 3DS had two e3 videos.  The original showcasing during the Nintendo conference:

      Then the 28 minute treehouse interview and gameplay showcasing...cringey as heck at the beginning though given the beginning interview and the producer's reticence to really get into DQ7 as they're unsure of how to positively approach it for Western audiences:



      I'm just hoping Nintendo handles post-e3 like DQ9 and not like DQ's 7 and especially 8.

      So you're probably right.  Chances are really really really low at this stage.  Unless they haven't worked anything out.  However DQ's 9 and 7, the ones with by far the most support from Nintendo, saw no special editions.  So probably not.  It isn't like special editions weren't a thing back in 2009 either.

    3. Dakhil


      I think you mean 23 days since 4 September + 23 days = 27 September.

      Anyway, now that I think about it, I think Nintendo's waiting until the Hero DLC is released for Super Smash Bros Ultimate to divulge more information on Dragon Quest XI S, considering the Hero DLC will be released on Summer 2019. And I think it's not a bad idea, considering that people will more likely talk about Dragon Quest XI S if Nintendo divulged more Dragon Quest XI S information after the Hero DLC is released than if Nintendo divulged more Dragon Quest XI S information a couple of days after E3 2019 has finished.

      Advertising characters via Super Smash Bros has shown to be very effective. The popularity of the Earthbound series and the Fire Emblem series outside of Japan is because of Super Smash Bros. And remember when Nintendo's servers crashed for several hours after the Joker DLC was released?

      I'm guessing the Hero DLC will be released either a couple of weeks before or a couple of weeks after Fire Emblem: Three Houses is released (I'm leaning towards after), since I'm sure Nintendo wants Fire Emblem: Three Houses to do well.

    4. ignasia


      24.  June 10 vs June 11 as the e3 starting points. to also account for ;).

      That sounds fairly likely.  It would be a smart plan.  Once the numbers come in for initial sales, tie-in more directly the game to the Smash DLC.  Then work in reveals of all the special elements.

      Heck, they've barely discussed what Treehouse called DLC, and they clearly have that panned out and planned thoroughly by the nature of how it was brought up.  So for them not to mention anything now means they want to go for a big jump off the diving board, rather than dive right in at the pool's edge.

  21. ...huh.  Last night I played Dragon Quest Builders for 8 hours straight.  Longest gaming session in years.  I saved past the point in Cantlin where you fight the first battle to protect the city three times.  I actually completely turned off my system once after and reloaded a save at one of those later points.  I saw the load bar.  Last night I turned Cantlin into a massive Tower (literally the whole town had a huge hovering tower overhead), with three floors.  I built an entire underground lair to feed this around the starting point.

    When I left, I recall vividly being asked to save over my previous file, as before.  I did.

    I wake up this morning to find not just my last save, but my last three saves are gone and I'm just prior to the defense battle.  Before a proven, tested, RELOADED save when I ate dinner.

    ...I'm scratching my head.  I want to laugh maniacally.  That wasn't the only building project either.  I get the strange feeling this is life saying not to waste my time playing legos and just get on with the game.

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    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Maybe your tower floated away and became the Tower of Zenithia...

      Or the DragonLord rained down vengeance for over building and wiped the tower from existence.

    3. SlimeVagrant


      I've picked up that game again recently too. I never finished it, but I got partially through chapter 3 on the PS4 version. Now I'm playing the switch version and I just passed Chapter 2. Hoping to finish before Builders 2 comes out.

    4. Brother Jaybird

      Brother Jaybird

      Life is telling you to stop playing with White Belt legos and upgrade.

  22. Excited for e3?  I am.  Anyway, you know how each year since...oh, 2004, there have been a bunch of pot-shots about how e3 is going to have its last year.  That it's not popular, not bringing in enough revenue, blah, blah, blah.  Just the opposite is true (the main reason there has been talk of changing venue is the venue is too small meaning typically more companies want presence than they can handle, and of course the layout is apparently bad in terms of walking):


    1. SlimeVagrant


      I have literally never heard anyone say that. I'm exited to see the Nintendo Direct though.

  23. LoZ: ALttP in DQB2.  Very impressive.

  24. Yay!  My package arrived.  DQH2, DQB, and Platty's favourite game, Final Fantasy 12: ZA Switch Edition!

    1. hawkeye77o4


      Merry Christmas!

    2. ignasia


      LOL, indeed, it kind of feels like that.

  25. Prediction: PSP2 or PS5 will be a Switch-like system:  

    The specs indicate a much weaker system than the PS4, on par with the Switch in Docked mode, as the base-clock, and well above the PS4 in Burst mode.  So for me this makes more the reality that the leaked Sony Switch-like system is a real thing, as there's no need for a standard home console to idle at 1Ghz, as that is more based around battery saving, while still outputting high quality graphics. 

    I think given Switch's popularity, and PS4's slow to integrate in Japan, they're looking at recapturing the Japanese market with a system that would satisfy all parties and be on par to slightly more powerful than an Xbox One X when in docked mode.  Afterall, scaling to 4k is less about power now than it is about efficiency and methodology of upscaling. 

    APU's are definitely the future as all major tech firms are switching towards the adoption due to power efficiency rates are slowing down substantially...there's almost no gains between the Nvidia GTX 1080's and 2080's, and RTX is a joke to pass the time until they scrounge up a solution to lack of innovation for the last 5 years.

    There's already a definite planned Switch Pro or New Switch in the future to catch up with MS and Sony.  Nintendo has to for 3rd party developers, which they know they need to expand their install base beyond core Nintendo fans.

    Plus the current trends in architecture have implied software innovation and driver efficiency grants far more spikes in power output than pure hardware.  Moore's law has been dead for nearly 10 years now.

    1. ethanej


      Somewhere I read the next system from either Microsoft/Sony is going to use a CPU based on ryzen which actually would make it stronger than the PS4/XB1. So probably going to have a higher wattage.

    2. Brother Jaybird

      Brother Jaybird

      With any luck the next Switch will have Virtual Console support; it was such a dumb move to cut the handheld-console hybrid from more than 30 years of sellable handheld & console content.

    3. Dakhil


      If that's the case, hopefully Sony won't abandon it as quickly as they have with the PlayStation Vita (at least as outside of Japan is concerned). And hopefully, no proprietary storage.

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