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  1. LOL, maybe at some point, but not for awhile. This is definitely going to be a Switch (from the quality of the backgrounds)...maybe PS4/5, but that build looks like it's running on Switch hardware or dev kit.
  2. From the look of the trailer, it's pretty much already finished (they already have ALL the story text ripped from the original, and all the classes/skills/equipment...along with enemies, stats, etc, that just require some rebalancing for solo). They're probably sitting on it more for the purpose of a preferential release date so as not to over saturate with too much DQ at given points, but rather spread out more evenly to avoid killing sales. Though another reason why I think they're sitting on it for now, is it was initially teased in the US, in an interview here. So I think they're wa
  3. Welcome to the Den. It's never easy dealing with any loss, especially one so tragically and suddenly removed. I hope your friend lived well and at least died enjoying life and doing what he wanted to do. That's the best thing any of us can hope for; to live life to the fullest. It's nice to have something to ground you during that period, give a sense of fun as a way to cope with the grief. As others have said, and as you seem to know, losing yourself into that coping is definitely not desired, as it's best this continues as a healthy relationship with videogames and Dragon Quest, so
  4. Yeah, first link blocks me, says where I live is pretty cool. Second link takes me straight to the US steam version.
  5. 3DS game issues, better check your library:  

    Essentially I would check your DS and 3DS carts (also older flash-based games like GBA).  Flash data is not as subject to destruction as you'd think.  You can keep it going longer by giving it a bit of electricity and usage now and again.  Already disc-based media is outliving their supposed death dates...and going.  My nearly 40 year old software still works, reads, and doesn't have any major issues.  I do know flash does seem to function better with usage.  That said, this seems to be a hardware issue for some carts, but no absolute it's that for all of them.  Could be bad sectors leading to early degredation, could be issues with the system itself (like not refreshing, as I've encountered the same problem and it impacted my memory card and system storage, which was fixed after resetting my 3DS).

    I should also mention there are a lot of listings going up all over the place in major retailers of the Switch Pro/New Nintendo Switch.  That's a fairly good sign Nintendo has put out info they're ready to announce soon or it's already prepped and listed for retailers to note for an inevitable placeholder.  Some country stores, like Amazon Mexico, are jumping the gun, but it does mean the announcement is inevitable.  Could be pre-e3, could be something later this year for next year (since they just released a new revision...that might be more likely).

  6. A fair warning, it doesn't account for all instances of where equipment is found. Nor will this work well for 2D in a few areas...shops yes, sidequests yes (a LOT of materials are in different areas, or slightly different areas, or work differently, like single shiny spots or multi spots where it's randomly 1~3 per grab, and each item is rolled from 2~4, usually 3 distinct items (and a few materials are only found in one spot in 2D that is a random grab of a potential 4 items, which you may not find a first or second attempt). Do note 2D mini medal locations are different for about 2
  7. Ah, for me it was more space. It just kept adding on. 4xx MB when I started blowing up to 750 in short order. Then each download is like 10~50MB depending. It's too bloated for its own good. Then again I need a bigger memory card. Not in plans right now. Just bought a bunch for other handhelds.
  8. Then why show them in a stream specific to Wester gamers? Where all other titles were slated for our shores? When the original press release was built around about 8 other things more specific to Japan (except the Dai mobile release), like the Theme Park. Why tease us? What would be the point? The stream was clearly ONLY western gamers. They stated themselves at the start they have just over 100k viewers, and that was a shock to them at how many. For a stream with a Japanese audience, that would seem pathetically low for DQ, and I don't see why they'd brag about it. So they decided
  9. Yep. I said the exact same thing myself. I would also like to see the same for 7 and 9 (of course, after 9 gets a remake).
  10. What I want to see? Different modes of HD-2D. Let's see Breath of Fire 3/4 and Grandia HD-2D, not just Octopath. Turning a camera to look at a different angle, is a staple of the 2.5D style, at least until Octopath Traveler was introduced. Or maybe it was Tokyo RPG Factory's first outing?
  11. Ah, I just assumed that since they referred to 1~5.5, just prior, that was what they were intending for offline. That makes more sense. That would be a fairly sizeable game. Yeah, sorry for the misread. EDIT: Thinking about it further, that would also work better as a lead-in to the online game. If the online does poorly, but the offline does well, they could also consider taking whatever they translate of v2+, and do patches for the offline game? Possible. Unlikely, but possible.
  12. As @MKVarana stated, they did not mention anything related to DQX v1~5.5 and whether it would see release outside Japan (or offline) only for 6. This was tailor made for WW audiences. They were shocked at the 100k viewership (which means, not-Japan). As I checked the actual channels while it was running, there's about 34k between the various US-based channels airing this (at its height, I only checked once, didn't track it as I wanted to watch), and the other 66k would be the EU and rest-of-Asia. I should point out that Hong Kong and Taiwan now have fanbases, combined, that are almost as l
  13. That's a good point, they never mentioned anything for 1~5.5 related to release, since it's already out in Japan. It's obvious that DQ10 offline is meant to see a World Wide release at some point, but they cannot say anything yet as, if we consider the sheer volume of text, that's 3~4 full sized DQ games each somewhere in the range of 6/7/8/9/11, all combined into one. There would also be a lot to trim out, and they'd need to decide on a DQ9-like party system, or allow certain story NPC's to become actual characters. Though given the volume of text, that would be instantaneous for Japan
  14. They did not say how they were going to change things, and did not specifically indicate turn-based was going away. Horii said he wanted to alter the nature of the command menu. That offers a LOT of options without completely doing away with DQ, but allowing it to become more streamlined and faster paced, or feel less confined. That's what he's going for. This actually means SE was closely paying attention to commentary in the West from new fans. I should point out that DQ11's PS4 version already changes the combat. Individual turns, no formal rounds, you cannot use any item that doe
  15. Yep, DQ8 having the "Rest Until Evening" option at inns was a first. So interesting how things are tweaked over time after introduction. We go from that, to four separate points in time, morning, day, evening, and night. Which is really funny, as nothing in DQ11 requires either morning or evening specifically. So I wonder if they had some plans that were never implemented.
  16. One post, no follow ups. Heh. I'm assuming you're following in the same footsteps and planning on a solo run. Also yes, that auto-kill I'm aware of, which does make things much easier for sure, and it is rather nice it works with Multislice. Dig is not much faster. I'm not sure why you think that. Dig is 1/10 chance to search for an item, then the number of potential enemies, and it seems like the actual drop rate is factored in. I'll have to retest that myself, but I'm fairly certain it's going to be a painful road. EDIT: yeah, just spent the last 20 minutes digging.
  17. You and me both. That was one missing element that would have been nice to see return. I think they removed it because you can sleep until evening in almost all resting spots. At least the ones that function like inns, and those that are inns. Strange the nuns who offer rest won't allow for it. Which is still a tad annoying when it comes to how long it can take to trek back to the desired location from the nearest resting location in a few spots, like the areas between Ascantha and the former and latter towns being quite massive, lol. So until Baumrun, that's a tad annoying, especially g
  18. So my new phone hiccupped while quicksaving and the game semi-crashed (but was still running ...I don't get it), and with it, all my save data was wiped. I'm not sure what that's about. In anycase, in attempting to repeat the same process, I ran into a brick wall. My phones, for whatever reason, can no longer show actual hidden data, even in developer mode, even with all options set to unlock to allow manipulatng the file data directly. I'm not sure why. I'm assuming some update from google? I don't know. I do know that the only version of that folder where I can actually see an
  19. Dragon Quest X Online <- could be interesting, especially for DQ X players. Dragon quest walk <- not interested Dragon Quest Tact <- cool Star Dragon Quest <- Dragon Quest to the Stars? The now removed game, or is there another game I'm unaware of? Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light <- It's not dead? Dragon Quest Rivals Ace <- It's not dead? Dragon Quest Die's Adventure Series <- Mobile probably, but I would be happy to hear something about Infinity Strash Dragon Quest Series Official Goods <- not my thing, but I do know quite a few of you here love
  20. At some point I need to compile boss data... Anyhow, this is from an incomplete FAQ, but related to DQ8 3DS's notorious monsters, as in the specific new monsters, I hope this transfers like in the old forum build:
  21. When you first recruit her, she outright states the grave at the cliff is of her ancestor, and the gravestone implies Kiefer and Layla/Lala. There are like 3 or 4 other statements that don't just hint, but make if very obvious she's Kiefer's descendent. Like how she's a descendent of the previous dancer and her guardian husband. Nevermind statements indicating familiarity of Aira/Aishe from the King of Estard, and Kiefer's sister. Then a feeling of comfort and familiarity from Aira/Aishe (you'd have to visit in between before she rejoins, and before the servants of God/Almighty come by boa
  22. Well, they're not saying that specifically, but I'd say the chance is about 99.99999999% yes... https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2021/04/26/dragon-quest-builders-2-xbox-game-pass-may-4/ Due to this statement:
  23. I don't think so. A few things. Directors aren't absolute in the VG world for series. There are a few exceptions for critical players/movers in a given game series, such as Soulsborne (though Souls 2 Miyazaki was not the director, and he was one of three for Souls 3). Even Dragon Quest's mainline series has had 6 directors. Nevermind Final Fantasy, Suikoden, even the Xeno series (Takahashi is the creator, more along the lines of Horii for Dragon Quest). Directors are not creators, and rarely have that level of input as to be absolutely essential, with the exception of being a c
  24. So this means they see Builders as the more successful overall game between Builders and Heroes. I'll assume this means Builders 3 is a definite, while Heroes 3 is now in question.
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