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  1. If you ever dump the forums, PLEASE let me know ahead of time. There's a TON of stuff I don't have saved anywhere else in multiple threads I've made. So it would be most beneficial if you would give me a chance to archive them personally. Like a good week ahead of time, so if I miss the deadline, I miss the deadline.
  2. Dragon Quest Dai answers the age worn question of what happens when you taken an Orphen, and mix it with a Dragonball.

    I did not like the start, as it felt overly childish, and lacking any of the clever sophistication that made Dragonball a classic, or the more adult themed hardline questions that bolstered Orphen's succinct presentation.  However, I am growing to enjoy the characters, especially everything after the Crocodine battle.

    I really need to watch the original, as the spread of episodes is different (there's clearly more story presented in the original, this one being a very simplified version that trims a lot of details).  See what's missing.  It is a good start, and I am looking forward to Maam (funny how Dai, the child-like Hero, has companions named Maam and Popp...why? then again Madara and Papas in DQV, and the original Dai was created between V and VI, so I suppose that was a heavy influence).

    Dai better end with the Princess, instead of one of those ridiculous anime tropes where no real love connection is ever realized, just teased or always a near miss, or one or another is too afraid to make any move...for 100+ episodes.

    1. Mimas


      The new anime is much more true to the source material (manga) than the old anime. Most of what extended the number of episodes of the original was filler. There has been some cuts from the source material for this one, but it is mostly just jokes. While I do miss some of the jokes, I think this is generally the better version.

      Dai was originally written as part of the promotional campaign for Dragon Quest IV, so it predates that game slightly. At the point we are in the story now Dragon Quest V is still yet to have gone on sale. The manga story ends around VI going on sale if I recall. Popp is really supposed to be "Popular" or better translated as "Populace", as he is supposed to represent the average person, while Dai is a super human.

    2. ignasia


      Ah...so I wonder then if Dai didn't influence Horii's name choices related to DQV?  Since so many of his later games were influenced by unused early ideas.

      I can definitely see where a LOT of skill concepts were added into the games (Flame and the other elemental slashes in the 6th game, and of course Grand Cross).

      My one gripe is this is a story that needs a longer period of time to properly tell.  It's a very solid and much more serious tone (more similar to DQ's back in the NES and SNES era...and that definitely comes across in Abel as well, though I never finished watching it).

  3. 1. You only get the upgraded version of the Trodain Togs with the original international PS4 and Steam release. So the Definitive Edition, all versions, only have access to the base version of the Trodain equipment. 2. If you have the original international PS4/Steam release, the book for the updated recipe is automatically obtained when you accept the DLC, which once downloaded, is pre-set to your in-game DLC list to snag for any new playthrough. So the moment you select the Trodain Set, the book is automatically added to your alchemy book and recipe lists.
  4. I now have every Etrian Odyssey game released.  Now I have to get 7th Dragon, and both Persona Q's.

    I have to eventually beat 3, 4, 5, and Nexus (I have a playthrough 4/5ths through Nexus, 1/3 through 5, completed the story boss in 3, and only a slight bit into the first stratum in 4).  5's 3rd stratum is kicking my ass with my party makeup, which isn't optimal, but rather than reset now, I'm auto-battling to 70, then retiring for the bonuses, then rebuilding to conquer the 3rd (amazing how hard the skeleton archers hit...).


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    2. ignasia


      Front Line:

      1. Earthlain Impact Brawler <-I was intending this to be the other one initially, then changed my mind for boss killing, however my point spread was designed exclusively around one-two punch and binds, but not full binds, only level 5 at that point, with extra points in general damage output.
      2. Therian Blade Dancer <-this was my biggest problem, mostly because she kept dying every first round, but I also made the mistake of aiming for Hell Slash instead of something directly useful like Tetra, first.

      Back Line:

      1. Brouni Divine Herald <-too much point spread, not enough into newer healing skills for per round healing if buffed
      2. Earthlain Shield Bearer <- I maxed Bunker instead of Dragon Roar 9 or 10, and my points into line defense were nill
      3. Celestrian Spirit Broker <- Wraith masteries up too high, not enough points into actual skills, which was fine for the first two strata (actually fantastic for them), but doesn't work out well for the third, as there was virtually no damage output.

      I reset my team to everything the same, except Blade Dancer -> Blade Master, to better support the Impact Brawler.  Though I'm kicking myself for not changing the race to Therian.  I expected on retirement to just get back the same race + class, and change the name, etc.  So I paid no attention when I first picked, and since you can't undo retirement once selected, I had to recall in the moment what my team members were (I actually picked the Shield bearer first, and since I couldn't recall that based purely on the name, I put the game down for a bit, took a few deep breaths, then just winged it as another Earthlain Brawler, just going on memory of what the last team was, and what slot 1 was (forgetting my front line slot 1 was my last character created).  Ah well, the damage is still good, not great but good.  I might change again after hitting 70, just to have two Therians in the front.

    3. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Well, it sounds like you went through a lot of steps to get your team exactly how you wanted, especially if you did grinding up to level 70 already. I know you and I approach RPGs differently, so I have to give you kudos for going the extra mile. I find that if I don’t like my point spreads for a class, I’ll just have them rest and take the 2 level hit in order to relook over the skill list. Once you get more and more into the game it becomes easier to figure out what kind of synergy you can do with your team. Etrian 5 is pretty flexible on what’s possible thanks to how the classes work and the masteries you can go for, depending on what your team may need.

      I played through with a Pugilist, Fencer, Warlock, Shaman and Rover (with the default races for each based on the class portraits) and I completed everything with that team, including the super boss. Can’t remember the masteries I went for without looking at my copy, but I don’t recall too many problems. All my healing came from passives via skills and there were a few times I had to reorient my skills depending on a boss weakness, but I completed everything on my first run with them.

      You might want to have your Dragoon become a gun focused Dragoon instead of a defense heavy one. Their damage output with a gun focus is actually really good, and one NPC you can use for a later quest has one of their untyped damage skills in their arsenal. I’m terrible with remembering skill names, but it’s one worth investing in since it can do such high damage. You can still invest in Bunker since that takes a spot on the very front lines to protect the party, but that way you can have your Dragoon help out with overall damage.

    4. ignasia


      Well, since EO4, my method getting to 70 fast, when I need to (for situations like this usually...to retire at a decent level for good bonuses), is to use auto walk and place two or three paperback books on something of similar height, and touching the "a" button.

      Thanks for the tips.  Yeah, I noticed Gunmount is rather excellent, but I'm retooling my new spirit broker for mostly pure damage, leaving me with limited defense (really, nothing).  So I'll make a second Dragoon and make it a gunner, see which one works better (not like Dragon Roar can't be used either build, and there are still good defensive skills with a cannon build).  I might get level 10 in the Necromancer's wraith skill that soaks up all damage for a single round, sacrificing a wraith for it, then tweak the wraith summoning skills to increase auto-replenish, so there's always a wraith present.

      Yeah, I noticed EO5 is fairly flexible, but it does matter what ones synergy is, and EO5's skill system is a bit of a mixed bag related to synergy and functionality.  Most of the synergy seems built into mastery, though I do admit I like the secondary class types, and general focus.

  5. Gaming Goals for 2021: Complete at least through the end of Act 2, Dragon Quest XI, full Draconian, Solo Hero on PS4 Complete at least one Dragon Quest FAQ, just one, starting small... Build out my Isle of Awakening to a certain degree in DQB2: first, complete the rest of the Tablet Targets...I think I have like 15~20 left?, then the underwater inverse pyramid where the pyramid is, complete with underwater pyramid hotel and underwater railroad system leading to other parts of the island, and the super rail system at least from the pyramid section to the port, and over the oas
  6. Do you ever use websites/services for finding sales on Amazon? I use camelcamelcamel.com all the time, heck, just added 3 things today. Also, when I was on the hunt for Ring Fit Adventure, I got hooked up with a Discord that alerted me to stuff in stock and I was on it in minutes and snagged one. Yep. Camel as well as amazon specific deal apps. I should probably sign up for Honey, but I use gift cards most of the time, so it doesn't count towards my total, at least with how honey works the last time I checked into it. The sales on amazon are usually in response to other compan
  7. Yeah, there's some data on it on the Dragon Warrior III GBC boards, found by Sk8erpunq, but it's not easy to find, as it's likely buried in other posts. Ah, he put it in his mechanics FAQ: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/gbc/450388-dragon-warrior-iii/faqs/70252 Search: [3.1] Pachisi Just scroll down a bit. Or here: When you land on [?] square, there's a plethora of outcomes: Romaly: 1/44: LUCK increase, AGL decrease, +10 dice rolls, "Advance by 6!" 2/44: AGI increase, VIT increase, INT increase, VIT decrease, INT decrease, Return to the start, fight
  8. Probably was. A lot of 1~3 days sales here and there. Or smaller companies getting rid of stock by dumping it with low prices. Essentially, I'm seeing prices go up and down as I check, leading into the day I buy.
  9. Tales of Berseria is very different, and it would be a new game. I played the Demo, but that doesn't give much insight, just a small window. The battle system is much faster paced (more like Star Ocean 3~5, though a bit faster paced than even those games), but it's a tales game, so I expect a fun romp for sure. So I forgot about two games, that I'm adding to the list, and I'm going to add in Fafnir Knight as another potential. Ys4: Memories of Celcetta (PS4) <- I might categorize this as a must-have. It was for awhile. Ys8 would be on the list, except the price point when it
  10. Thanks for that. Not something to get just yet, but later on. It's not that, it's more like, my extra cash comes in Amazon cards, and I get bits and pieces of amazon cards through stuff like Bing search point trade-ins. I use Amazon specifically due to the sheer volume of buy options, and usually there's always a store with some stock of some game, which is changing now. It's shocking how many searches have pulled up only EU copies, and I don't feel like spending extra sending overseas, nor the wait time (I don't have prime either, and overseas often lacks a free ground shipping opt
  11. Unfortunately, I'm stuck to Amazon. I just checked Gamestop. That was a 3 day sale. It's back up to 49.99 now. Frustrating, as that would be awesome. Maybe I'll get lucky on Christmas Eve, when I can purchase.
  12. Wait...why? Seriously? I like Persona 3, I have 1~3, couldn't get 4 for obvious reasons (I'd get a Vita if I could, but that will have to wait, along with a WiiU). I've only heard good things, especially about the royal version. I'd really rather prefer SMT 4, but that price point of Apocalypse. I'm really regretting not picking it up when I could have. Would you suggest shelling out for EO U2: Fafnir Knight instead? @Plattym3 I should have mentioned, it's the steelbook launch edition. Also I don't have access to that extra cash until Christmas Eve. It's also down to 45.50 ton
  13. @YangustheLegendaryBandit @Plattym3 @eal @AustNerevar @Erdrick The Hero @Brother Jaybird and anyone else...it's hard to recall who is generally present these days, but this is my connundrum. This christmas I'll have a certain amount of extra to spend on new games. About $180. Now I'm planning on one thing for sure: Persona 5: Royal Edition = 56.96 (so 57), leaving me with 123 The following games are on my list and I'm not sure which to drop Bravely Default 2 = 60 Octopath Traveler = 49 Tales of Berseria = 19 Tales of Vesperia: DE = 19 <-I'm sligh
  14. What a drastic difference in Chamoro/Nevan's upbringing. From a man who lived in the forest, raised by animals, to the next in line for the high priest of the Goddess in Ghent.
  15. This is useful for other things. Figuring out game mechanics for anything unknown, or untested. Plus there's a ton that can be fixed that should be fixed: 1. changing that bag organization to match DQ3's remake through DQ8. 2. altering the list organization of skills to better match DQ7's PSX game, for like/similar with like/similar. Plenty of room for rebalancing, or even creating a "hard mode" version, or maybe even adding in more monster recruits. Yeah, this is pretty nifty.
  16. If we're talking translation, closer to 90% complete. NoProgress overshot his estimates by only correlating story text, not extra NPC text. There's a good 30+ conversations after story events that either weren't translated, or he never reinserted the text. I can't entirely agree here. While I prefer a cleaner translation to a localization, and at times I do get annoyed with the Square-Enix approach, DQ6's is a bit turned down to the point where it's a nice even keel in terms of a rougher localization that feels more like a translation. It's a nice break for me. As per gameplay
  17. I wonder if it's because the 3DS sales ratio of Japan to the US was almost a 1:1, not a 1:2? So they expect we don't like the system. 3DS is still within the top 10 videogame system sales, in the US. Or perhaps it's more to do with DS sales numbers? We know DQ9 did well, but SE doesn't even acknowledge it (DQ9's first month outstripped DQ8's by a lot...DQ8 was under 80k, DQ9 was around 120k), maybe because Nintendo released it, and managed to pull out better numbers with a lower marketing budget? Yet the DS releases SE handled did horribly, except Joker 1, which SE might see as a fail
  18. They didn't say door, they said room. The way it's referenced, implies 3D only (if it's 2D, then it's a hidden passage on the side of a building or something). If I had to take a guess, it's the guardhouse leading to the stairs going to Downtown Heliodor, with a Seed of Strength. That or, the hidden rear of one of the buildings on the upper level, the first one on the right, there's a bush that guards the rear of the building, and it looks like it's intended to be off-limits, but if you push through the hedge, you'll get to a hidden area behind the building with a chest. There'
  19. https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2018/06/26/aols-instant-messenger-back-aim-phoenix/736383002/ Unfortunately, the rights to AIM did not come with the account data, only the original software code, so all of our friend lists, and even our original accounts are long gone.
  20. There was some wild stuff that happened. Much of the craziness was from the 11~15 year olds. I had a fallout back in 2016 with one of them, a guy who went by Samurai Jack at the time. Though Cody was a bit of a pain, constantly chasing this one girl he had a friendship with (between the two of us) on the DW3 forums, I forget her forum name, but Sarah, who eventually even cut me off as it was a link to Cody (never took my advice to leave her be, kept pushing for a relationship). I haven't spoken to Yankee (not sure if anyone remembers him at all), in awhile, but we both joined Ragna
  21. === I guess if I had to ask Nob anything, mostly how life has been since Enix, and where he's gotten to since, what projects, anything life affirming?
  22. Everytime I spoke to Nob on AIM, he was always fine with the general conduct. I think it was the racist stuff that popped up for the few people who he had to ban that was a problem. I'm certainly not going to apologize for: keeping track of users IP's to track certain nutty people, like that one dude who started with a "Z" who kept making new accounts, and kept posting utter nonsense like autism on steroids attempting to date users (I had a thing with mo for awhile, though according to her, years later, it was all fun and games...I still saved those earlier conversations somewhere
  23. Yeah, they really need to make this easy given how often people change devices, or if someone wants to move their save to say, a pad as a preferential videogame device (similarly with the portrait lock).
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