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  1. I'll add in Dragon Quest X for my second most, as Erdrick and Aust made a ton of convincing arguments why I need to reconsider the game.
  2. Didn't they announce Switch Heroes 1+2 and Builders 1 and then 2 after their initial PS4 releases? I think only DQ11 has seen an early announcement around the same time (and incidentally was the first game ever announced for the system, and the first time the system was unofficially confirmed).
  3. Honestly, I highly recommend just using the code King Zenith provided on the main site's DQ3 GBC page. The grinding can take months. Plus the RNG is very often unfavourable, as in you can get maybe 10 Bronze before getting 1 Silver, let alone you could still get another 10~20 Bronze before finding a Gold. Generally it's 5~10 Bronze per 2 Silver per 1 Gold, but it's the ones that just refuse to drop that get ya. At least you're just aiming to unlock the map in full. So hopefully it'll take you a few weeks to a month. Good luck!
  4. Colour palette is definitely better. I can't understand Japanese, so if anyone wants to correct me on my interpretation. Interesting, an early build for what looks like Clearvale, then an early build for Sorceria, or the map that's used for the ground or top floor of the main building in Sorceria. It looks like they planned to introduce Ashlynn properly at some point, like maybe a chapter system of sorts, since she appears alone there, in a very fancy robe more similar to the head sorceress, I forget her name, that passes on Magic Burst to her, and her in Moon Mirror Tower alone.
  5. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/296430-dragon-quest-xi-s-echoes-of-an-elusive-age-definitive/78872006 Jacien's posts #18 and 19. The way textures maps are build is entirely different between the games, and how both games call in textures would also be completely rebuilt from scratch. This is a very core reason why they couldn't just do a DLC patch on the original, or swap in the original textures, though some of the texture maps for critical characters were rebuilt to the PS4 version, like the Hero's outfit/Sandy's collar, Gemma's outfit, etc. (seems like ONLY core characters, che
  6. Yeah, I rewrote my message on gameFAQs, then reposted it piecemeal here until I found the word "SET" in lowercase, which was the only word that was an issue. Not even the way it was worded, but the word itself for some reason (as I tried it another way). It's a pain, but @Brother Jaybird if you just save the edits as you go, you'll find it.
  7. My predictions: Dragon Quest 12 will see first screens, which were delayed to assure DQ11's final release wasn't overshadowed. Will go Switch + PS5 + PS4 + Xbox + Windows/Steam/Epic. Dragon Quest 9 remake for Switch Infinity Strash new announcement, possible new showcasing Mia and Erik either postponed further, or we see first screens, and it's a totally new system, maybe an action + tb hybrid system, and new breeding system Dragon Quest Heroes 3, and possibly Builders 3, PS4, PS5, Switch, and Steam for both or either game. maybe...Zenithian port on Switch
  8. It's hard to say. I would consider doing a multi-forum post, see which one is getting traction, then link the others to that one and focus on posting there. Do note challenge runs tend to get very little traction outside of video feeds, and even then, generally speed runs trump everything else. So if your challenge isn't a speed run, I wouldn't expect much attention. This is true even for Final Fantasy (I did some really hard challenges in the past, and at most I'd get maybe 1 or 2 other posters, on fairly popular boards at the time). Or you have to already have a following. When Dra
  9. Nonsense. The golden bunny god rare monster that appears after visiting every island both forwards and backwards in time (clockwise, then counterclockwise), then defeating a metal slime with a non-weapon crit from the Hero wearing nothing, and with his inventory except for the following items in this order; a Cypress Stick, Plain Clothes, Pot Lid, and Bandana. Be warned, the golden bunny god has 3 HP, but will dish out 800~1000 damage per hit, and has an evasion rate of 15/16, and a 90% run chance per round. It can also cast Kazapple at full power. Once triggered, it can appear at a 3%
  10. @FionordeQuester No, I never spent much time with DQ4, though I used to have (can't find, I just checked every link I have related, so it must have been a long defunct/destroyed computer before I backed anything up...sooo many of those, I think if I cataloged all the music and movies I've lost from Win XP going belly up, it's probably in the 100's of TB, let alone written works, ROMs...I lost all my MAME, and I had every MAME, and a few other arcade, and bunch of other stuff, some hacks, actual one-time paid download installs I can't get again for now defunct programs, like alcohol 100%, never
  11. Interesting. That makes sense. Though you'd think the check would look for encoded language, and syntax. Ah well, that does make sense given the word and potential usage of it in potential code. LOL. Well, it's good to know, but sorry you're having issues as well. In a way I kind of miss the old old forum, but the aesthetics of this one is really nice.
  12. Alright, I'm locked in editing the above post, but let's see what happens by retyping that post bit by bit, to see what the issue is: Anyway, the easy method, and this works for EVERYTHING, is: Unlock developer mode on both phones. Plug both phones into the computer, select file transfer on both the computer and phone. Or if it's confusing, plug in the old phone first. Go straight to the folder with the game, it shouldn't take too long to find it. Copy-paste the folder to either into the same directory path in the NEW phone, or if plugging just one phone at a time, the
  13. Testing, as responses seem to be busted for me. Ok, that worked, but not sure why, but I've had a written response where I fixed my phone issue, that won't post. I keep getting sent to the den main page with a giant slime, and a "file not found" below it. I still can't post it. I can't add it to my edit. It denies me, tells me I'm not able to edit. So I'll rewrite it. ======== I'm a bit of a fool. It's been years since I last used my PC to transfer data directly to and from my PC (like photos). I hadn't had a phone from 2009 through 2017. Seriously, that long without
  14. I can't find it in the file system. I don't feel like looking for a special app to allow access to system files right now. I think I might just start over and stop caring about transferring save data over. It's not worth it, and I can't even be sure the new version of Helium will even allow that transfer to a new phone even if I spend the money. No direct transfers either, at least in the free version. Probably available in the premium. So likely Helium Premium is the only potential possible way. What appears on my other phone is a file called "No Data," that I can't find anyway to
  15. LOL, too true. Though with consoles in recent memory, that will be easier (not PS3 though, given system architecture), like X360 -> XOne -> XSeries, or PS4 -> 5. Using cloud storage, as every game has universal encoding to note save files, and can use cloud storage. Just have to set that up. MS being MUCH easier than Sony or Nintendo, and who knows with Nintendo and other systems (can't transfer between 3DS systems, but you CAN between Switch, but what about Switch 2?...big unknown, but Nintendo is taking some notes). I mean it isn't like save transfers for PC isn't easy or a
  16. Backup & Restore locks backups to the individual phone, just like Helium does now. Sending/receiving doesn't transfer save data either. Again...as it doesn't request special developer access which is required for how DQ3 buries its save files. Just transfers the game itself...this is becoming even more frustrating. Nevermind the connection protocols for some of these apps sucks for older phones. I'm not sure why, but some connect immediately for transferring, others do not. This is with either Wifi or Bluetooth. Seems like no one has my same complaint, as it's not a common th
  17. Alright, since no one seems to have any idea, I'll just keep checking every potential app. I just learned there's a specific Android transfer app Google created. So I'll give that a shot next, as that's likely to have or require developer level folder access. EDIT: I should not have deleted the post with the specific name of google's app, that or Google changed it to just cloud storage and backup, as I can't find it, but there are hundreds of such apps, so 5 is barely a scratch. More to try until it works. I'll post what does work thats free to use when I find it. None of the sha
  18. Hey guys. I'm having a bit of a conundrum. I just bought a new phone, and I can't transfer my saves from one to the other. My new phone's Google syncing isn't recognizing Google Play. So Google Cloud saves can't transfer. For DQ3, there are no cloud save options, so I have to use another app like Helium. However I can't find any instance of anyone with my problem: I installed Helium on both devices, synced up nicely to the computer, no issues. I uploaded my app data to an SD card, then plugged the SD card into the other phone. The other phone doesn't recognize th
  19. I appreciate the thanks, but if I were better organized, like 60% of my findings wouldn't still be stuck in forum dump threads, and actually in FAQs. It eventually gets there, lol. One day I'll be finished, lol. I'm not going to touch DQ12 however, nor any of the other game until what I've been working on is truly done and done. I will say I do like your LP's, one of the more fun LP's to watch. Much like krw703, only he doesn't speak, despite you both really diving deep into game mechanics to master your playthroughs.
  20. So DQ11 is DEFINITELY updated from the Switch version, and graphically seems far closer to the PS4.  It seems like they haven't been idle, and have swapped out some textures and models.  I made a post about this on GameFAQs, so I'll link to that:


    @Erdrick The Hero @AustNerevar @YangustheLegendaryBandit I forget who else was in that topic, and who else was worried about the graphical downgrade presented with the first Xbox video.  This should cheer you up!

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      Skip to 2:19:10 for DQ11

    3. ignasia


      Thanks, I hadn't gotten through it all yet.  Taking it piecemeal, but I do like how they opened with the new trailer.

      FF16 also looks quite good, and I'll probably get that, as it feels like a return to form, while keeping certain new battle system conventions with some tweaks.  Also interesting to see a truly massive and menacing looking Behemoth (beast/dark), versus the Phoenix (light/restoration).

      I'll get to more later when I have a chance.

      I am quite happy with the improvements to DQ11 though.  It's a nice step up from the XBOX reveal.

    4. Dakhil


      I think you should make a new post on the Dragon Quest XI subtopic.

  21. Yeah, I stopped watching to get back to doing my own DQ stuff, but I never watched your silent version, only the music version. Strange to see a solo Hassan, but cool nonetheless, and very proper usage of Guile's Theme. Very nicely done, especially with the speed up at the end of the Gracos fight. Sadly we need more of this in small packages. I'm too busy with data mining, so not my shindig.
  22. @RyanBGP Honestly, while kind of old-school, I have yet to see or find a single "Guile Theme Goes With Everything" for DQ. DQ11 is almost the perfect game for it, with certain Pep Powers and full Draconian. I think that's a good indicator why DQ hasn't taken off. Another is...no Dorkly or Dorkly-like channels making comedy revisions of DQ storylines. No "science" breakdowns from The Game Theorists, or similar channels. The meme's I'm seeing in general usage (outside the various campaign pushes for DQ releases), are horrible. I mean just poorly thought through, child-level cr
  23. "#$*!ing Yangus and this new game share service he signed up for with Nintendo..." You could always say you're just play testing for a friend...or to expand the podcast. Or uh...shopping for ideas for your anniversary, though that might require actually finding a pair of bra of "darkness" and panties of "light" legitimately to keep up pretenses.
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