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  1. Physical? I have 13 physical games, 1 digital.
  2. Hmm... Complete DQ11s Complete my DQ3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 11 FAQs, starting with 11 (so finishing Critical data first) Complete Etrian Odyssey Nexus at the least ...I'll wait awhile before finishing 5, 4, 3, and MG Complete Dragon Quest Builders 2 ...I still haven't done all the Isle of Awakening builder projects yet, and I really want to get the Buildnoculars, as my large building projects are very slow going at this point, especially without double jump, which I wish Builders 2 allowed for (needs accessories, which I'm hoping Builders 3 brings back). Complete Dragon Quest Heroes 2 ...I'm only just after the initial trial bits, and the first major battle. Actually complete Bloodborne ...it's one thing to complete the game with a friend, on his PS4, going back and forth, it's quite another doing it on my own. Get through some of my backlog (aiming for...Rogue Galaxy, and a few other obscure PS2 and PSX titles I own like Guardian's Crusade...maybe even Grandia 2) Maybe...maybe finish all three mana games on Switch Maybe complete Bloodstained - Ritual of the Night Maybe complete Xenoblade Chronicles DE Maybe get the Setiengrat in FF12 ZA switch, then complete FF12 ZA PS4, then maybe complete the Switch version to boot. Maybe get through the post-game DLC content in Fantasy Life I'd love to get through PSP games, but I dropped my PSP so many times, the disc reader now triggers games to bug out. Games running off the card have no issues, but almost everytime the disc spins, the home button menu pops up on screen. Even more fun when I get double or triple layers of 2D material on screen. Not 3D at least. Ever since then, I stopped attempting to play my PSP in bed, as grabbing it sometimes from the side, it slips out of my hands and...whoops, crashes to a very hard tile floor. I'm glad it still works at all. With that in mind, systems I need to fix or replace: N64 (probably a capacitor on board, or the power controller on board, but the smell is coming from inside the machine right where the power connector goes in, not the power supply) DS Lite (bad battery, but it's taken a beating, so it needs to be replaced. I can't click closed due to me having to glue the hinge several times as it's completely cracked and split apart) PSP (probably needs some minor fixes inside due to one or another loose part, but I may have to replace. I would prefer another 2000 unit, but a 3000 is fine). === @eal and @Plattym3 honestly, and I've had a few conversations with @Liamland about this, but I'm considering now selling some of my game collection. The stuff I really don't care for, that I don't want to get rid of, and others where I have more current versions I prefer, and don't feel like replacing batteries for the older stuff. There are ways of letting my future kids play those games through emulation and other means, Though I do still wish I could show them on old hardware, at this point the wear and tear in general from older age is just better for someone else to handle. I may not, but I am seriously considering it. I mean, I already sold my 3DO. So if I do, it would be a system and the whole collection to boot.
  3. Played through on Normal mode, Final Fantasy VII Remake. I have to say the last section took it down from an 8.5 to an 8. Most of the final section of the game is a hallway to a boss battle, with some heavy reveals just prior to each boss. It's a tad ridiculous just how many are present. Rufus' is...ruthless and totally unforgiving. Easily the hardest boss in the game. I do mean easily. He requires absolute focus given just how fast he moves, how often, and he counters EVERYTHING, while being VERY hard to counter without Counter Strike or the Parry materia (Operator Mode's auto-counter through Defending doesn't seem to work well, or at all really). That boss battle was a nightmare. At least I only needed one Limit Break after getting him down to half his health bar. Bahamut in Normal mode is a fair close second in difficulty, though he's easy to Counter when he uses physicals. Making it a MUCH easier fight overall if done perfectly. Both his and Rufus' battles require almost perfect concentration without full weapon skills (the only way to access those is in playing Hard mode, and getting at least 2 extra booklets for an additional 20 weapon points for Weapon Level 6, and the bonuses from that, which are huge, and thus make a very lasting impact, though necessary for hard mode, and until they're all unlocked, it's still quite difficult). Been playing Etrian Odyssey 4, 5, and Nexus as well. I'll get to Millenium Girl at some point, but not now. The way I play though, is slow as molasses. I do like to farm materials for extra cash. Though I'm already getting sick of them. So I'm going to stop playing for now. More work done in DQ11 for crit rates. More work yet to be done. Doing spells now. I'm having a hankering for DQ8. Don't ask why. I just do. I'm wondering if I should try a boss rush playthrough in the 3DS game. See if I can do a Fisticuff game for a bit, unless it's a tad too hard. I think it's because of all the choice difficulty in FF7r's new style of materia related to the new ATB system, while also the added stress of making a good class in EO. Too much planning and thinking. I just want a simple game for right now.
  4. I use Surround. Not all the time, but against very physical creatures, especially in the older games, and often when I'm lower in MP and HP, and want to either explore a bit more, or I haven't gotten to the next town yet, and the spike is a bit more than my current levels can handle. 5/8th's reduction in hit-rate goes a long way in some battles. As per DQ2 and changes? Yeah, there were some changes in the remakes, though it wasn't all to make things easier; in some cases, more difficult. Sidoh/Malroth, for example (DQ2 calculates resistance as a #/7, so higher numbers = higher resistance): Attack Magic (all properties) = 7 -> 0 Surround = 4 -> 5 Sleep = 7 -> 6 Sap = 2 -> 0 Hargon changes: Attack Magic = 3 -> 2 Belial changes: Attack Magic = 5 -> 3 Surround = 0 -> 5 Sleep = 5 -> 7 Death = 6 -> 7 Sap = 0 -> 7 Pazuzu changes: Attack Magic = 4 -> 5 Surround = 6 -> 0 Sleep = 3 -> 2 Death = 7 -> 5 Sap = 4 -> 0 Atlas changes: Surround = 2 -> 3 Sap = 2 -> 0
  5. ... Or maybe I'm missing that rounds are in place, and everyone has to take a turn, with DQ10's bosses having the fewest number of general actions per round than standard DQ bosses (but definitely higher than normal damage for their main "serious" forms than standard DQ's to offset the difference to balance it out). I'll take back the point that a video is enough to know what I'm talking about. I admit that was wrong and there's no way for me to know for sure without actually playing it. I will say it puts me back in the position of wanting to support it again, at least to see for myself.
  6. Every video I've watched of DQ10 bosses, especially later game bosses, I'm seeing a single attack, everyone is near 100%, and almost the whole party is dead in one shot, with one person alive, then reviving everyone else. Then a single target attack, and another person's HP bar goes from near or at 100% to almost nothing, then another smaller AoE where everyone in the range is either dead, or near dead. The videos I've watched of the battle system scream FF11 and FF12 in how the individual playing moves around and selects things, movement having no impact on whether you get hit by a single-targeted attack, only AoE's with a specific range, and only when within that range, that the menu pops up almost immediately after taking an action, not a charge up, with the only charges being the actions taken. So no, I haven't played, but that's what I'm seeing. So I'm not sure how I have this so wrong either. Alright, watching more videos I guess I'm living in an alternate universe. I'll remove my points about DQX and I will not discuss it anymore. I can't find the last three videos, one with a boss battle with a guy that looks like Murdaw in a rainbow area, where every attack the entire party was nearly decimated. There was another one from another point. Watching the original final boss, in a Project CEO video is very different, with almost minimalistic damage that, yes, definitely makes DQXI with Strong Monsters seem very difficult by comparison. I never suggested DQX is a normal MMO, but it will still be seen as such, and so I'll keep that aspect of my original post intact. The rest is crossed out. ... Ok, I should have watched a bit further. Though given the time span in between attacks, yes, that definitely changes things (and the number of attacks per...I guess what can be called a round, since it doesn't seem to function like DQ11's rounds, but more like a slower FF11, and yes, I stick by that claim in watching this: The damage output here is what I'm seeing in other boss videos, only AoE's more often than not, and even against people like Cranberry, where in this case Cranberry's higher level and better gear afford her a lot more leeway. Though yes, I'll say the equations are still definitely DQ, and the spaces in between attacks, even in other videos of later-release bosses, do maintain a certain...leeway. I've yet to see a boss that takes multiple turns in a single what can be seen as a round, as in other DQ's. I could be wrong, but after this, I'm going to say...how exactly was I wrong about output (especially without Cranberry present to help out)? As well with my claim on the flow of battle being more akin to FF12, though I was wrong about the charge, it's more animation than charge, but a fixed period of time before the menu pops up, that seems consistent with each character regardless of stats. So yeah, ok, it's not really like normal MMO's, it's not really like normal DQ's either, though it carries a lot of core elements. I am sorry Platty, but I am going to triple down on the FF11, at the very least, had some influence on the battle system. To me that's what I'm seeing. Though the difficulty isn't quite what I imagined giving the spacing between attacks.
  7. LOL, though in all seriousness, eal is right. MMO's are a dime a dozen now, and depending on type, and presentation, only grow a certain amount. Those who aren't playing are probably not going to play, either due to the cost or time investment. Free-to-play models tend to be the most heavyset, however, the cost to get ahead, as they all have some Pay-2-Win mechanic in some capacity buried deep within, even if it's just items that cut down on down time/healing in between battles, or boost stats by a very small margin, it does add up over time in that one person who is spending money on those small items, and not just costumes, will be quite a few levels ahead of their friends who aren't. As a result of the model, these games come and go, some older ones stick around because of long-standing players who have invested so much time in the early days, before MMO's were a big deal, and that game was the only one of its kind to exist, and almost every competitor is out of the market within 6 months to 3 years, depending on success. There are other F2P games that just had a lot of backing from huge companies, and were able to float a bit until they could build up those core players that will always spend money and don't want to start over again on another server/game. The bulk of F2P players move around a lot, but they typically only move within F2P games, and only to be with friends (and often only if they can be guaranteed free stuff when joining guilds), as they often don't have the money to spend, or don't care to spend ample time investing into the games. ---- However DQ10 fits into the Pay-to-Play model, which is infinitely better as a game, as you get the whole game up front, so long as the monthly is afforded. This does create a problem. As Eal notes, many of these core players have spent time and money, and while WoW might scare core players again to temporarily try out other games (and frankly, most of FF14's player base aren't FF11, they're disenfranchised WoW players who lost their character builds thanks to heavy nerfs, making their time investment into top tier equipment wasted, and build trees wasted, because Blizzard's form of balance is to rewrite the entire game and up-end every character). However, Blizzard has learned from past mistakes. They're more cautious about rebalancing. So they're drawing back old players, keeping the core that never left, and staying steady with WoW. Meaning there's right now very few people who can afford to, or who want to play P2P MMO's to draw from. After that, it's, as Eal mentioned, the artistic style of DQ, which is very hit and miss. Anime watchers are one thing, game players are something else. Anime-based games typically do poorly outside Japan, with VERY few exceptions. Couple that with being an MMO, and having a monthly fee. So it's very time consuming, it's a forever game, and there's always the worry that even if you like it, but life calls you away, will your characters still be present, or will the server's shut down? It's not just F2P games that pop in and out, it's also P2P. I don't know what the ratios are anymore, as I no longer pay attention to MMO news, and I don't play MMO's (if I do, I'd just go back to Ragnarok Online, as I have over 15 years of time invested in that game, unless I end up with a girl who loves MMO's, but doesn't like RO). So it's very risky. There are other issues as well: Gameplay style, where DQ10 is a hybrid game, that uses FF12's system, so it's essentially FF11 and 14 with some tweaks and a DQ-style menu. Contrasting that with PSO2, which has the luck of being Action RPG gameplay, and is confined Action RPG in that it uses auto-targeting rather than pure player movement, makes it far more approachable versus DQ10's style of gameplay. That said most MMO's use a hybrid system, so for MMO's, that would actually benefit DQ10, as its approach would feel far more at home than PSO2. End-game approach, where DQ10 is going to turn off a LOT of players like myself, once they see decked out players taking 90~150% health in a single shot from a boss of the previous release, let alone the current release. Making certain skill/spells/equipment/items more critical, and making for an experience where getting optimal gear has little meaning outside of offense in a boss battle. That's not engrossing. I know some people here like it, but I can't see myself feeling good about spending time getting top-tier gear and getting pwned in one hit if I'm not properly prepared, and don't have a party. A LOT, and I mean MOST MMO players like the ability to solo with any class, once they've hit their markers for gear, top level, and skill development. Even if they party almost all the time. It's more fun knowing your work paid off in spades by pwning stuff that used to pwn you. HOWEVER, I will say that it would draw in a different type of MMO player, but that person must be willing to try DQ10. To double down on the previous point. What is the fun of playing a tank, that when it counts, is just as squishy as a glass cannon class (if one is taking 80% health, the other is taking 220% health, that's kind of pointless that one is taking so much damage that all a tank can do is barely survive)? Monthly cost and speed of growth (how long does it take to get a character to max level). DQ10, from what I've read is actually a positive here, as it's a steady race, but the game isn't designed around end-game alone, which is ALL that WoW is. It's more like FF11 and 14. That's a good thing, however, drawing away FF11 players who didn't join FF14, or FF14 players who are bored is going to be difficult given aesthetic and story-boarding. FF's very direct and serious approach is the general model. That said, everything I've read about DQ10, is it's the most serious DQ, and the least lighthearted, though not the darkest. So that would bode well for it. Team/Guild and Speech functionality. How easy is it to communicate. I'm not familiar with this. Quest design, which is a positive from what I've read, but that's if you can get people in the door. Graphical aesthetic, and I do not mean JUST anime. I mean the actual feel and look of the overworld. Comparing DQ10 to DQ11 is like comparing DQ7 to DQ8. It's that much of a leap, even considering upgrades. Sure it looks a lot better now, but the density and detail work doesn't compare, even if the texture models are a higher quality. The world map design is well handled though, as is placement, and travel, plus regions and types of terrain are accounted for, so this bodes well, but it does mean a fair number of graphics whores will snug the game. There's a reason WoW is constantly graphically updated, with environments made more dense, models made more complex. It doesn't have to look photo-realistic, but it does have to show an attempt to look like HD anime, which DQ11 proved is very possible (as did Ni No Kuni 2). I do wish DQ10 well, and I do hope it comes out. Not for me, but for those who want to see it come here. It would be nice if SE offered those who are playing in Japan a server transfer at no charge. A FULL server transfer.
  8. @AustNerevar Well, SE has released numbers, just not specified a breakdown of region, except for Japan. We know for sure PS4, 3DS, and Switch Japanese numbers, and total numbers. I have to rush, so if you want me to post links to the last releases, I can. We know the sales numbers for 3DS+PS4+Steam a few months prior to Switch. The surge in those sales wouldn't amount to very much (maybe 30k worldwide) in the interim, inclusive of sales, but it's impossible to know for sure. However it's a matter of deducing and breaking down total numbers, then predicting growth past the last release numbers (and noting that DQ11 Switch is still in print, as is DQ11 PS4, so there are still continued, if slow, sales to account for). We know general range for Steam sales, which aren't exact, but fairly accurate to a point where Steamspy is considered a reliable indicator. We also know the general range of sales for the first month on the PS4+Steam in the US: at least 156k, beating out DQ9's first month of 132k. As NPD now tracks total revenue to account for digital sales, and DQ11 made over 2x the revenue of DQ9 over the first month. So they're getting direct data from SE for that one, as with Nintendo releasing direct data on hard sales for DQ9. ---- As for Gamstat... Gamstat just uses the PS4 API to determine anyone who has installed a game, and by tracking trophy counts, how many have actively played. The API used to list the total player count if you checked the game data on your PS4, and went into the details for your Trophies. So you could easily Track % of the highest level Trophy independently, then number of total players who have earned it, then divide into it for the number who have installed the game. However, while that data is still IN the API, they stopped listing it years ago for players. Though you can still rip it directly, and break down the data sets. They've been doing this since the PS3 and Vita. So I'd say it's probably the most accurate source out there for gaming data up front, and within the first few months to a year, with one exception: used. So over time, gamstat's data becomes less and less reliable as used copies are tossed into the mixture. There's nothing I'm aware of in the PS4 tracking, that indicates: Digital release vs physical, it's just installs Individual game print/download codes indicating whether a game was passed around... ...sold as used... ...or installed on a new system after a previous one breaks down. If a game is purchased, but never installed. So for right now, it's accurate. The numbers to reflect Japan's known sales numbers for PS4 fairly accurately, including potential small amounts of resales being relatively low given the last SE number release and the % of total accounted installs on gamstat are fairly close, only a few hundred thousand higher, and Japan has a generally larger resale market than we do, plus the extra time to account for late-comers aiming for resales vs new. ==== @Plattym3 Well, there is a silver lining. US sales do show a general growth period. EU sales show stagnation, and degradation seems to have slowed to a core set of fans. So there's potential for growth beyond those fans again, as with DQ8. PS4 sales would certainly have been much higher in the US without Steam or the early reveal of a Switch version. Likely Switch would have done as well either way. Multiplatform gaming in today's world is more expensive. So more people are apt to pick a single system, and we knew about the Switch early (big mistake on SE's part). So given the general price points and harder to find funds to justify a purchase, for a niche series, that's overall very good between releases. Digital sales are 30% generally, sometimes 40%, but since COVID-19, they've nearly doubled in ratio, to the point where we've seen almost nonstop digital sales (including four of which where DQ11 was reduced since February, at least on Switch...I didn't pay attention to PSN, and Nintendo's news drops make it easier to track new sales, and given DQ11 has been listed so many times in recent news drops, that's a good indicator it's doing well, so they feel there are sales to milk). DQ8's sales numbers took years to hit. I mean YEARS with how many factory sealed copies were floating around Ebay and Amazon at under $15. DQ7 did better than DQ8 in the US. US DQ9 hit 132k. The LOWEST US DQ11 sales (steam+PS4) hit, is 156k, assuming only double the release, and accounting for the number of sales (like Greenman Gaming) in that first month period. So that's really good for numbers up front. DQ9's 1m number doesn't appear until a year later, and that's NA + EU + RoW, and Rest of World did not include China, Taiwan, South Korea, SEA, or Hong Kong as direct markets, they would have had to pay the shipping fees from the US or Europe. So it could be 50~100k outside the NA and EU+AU sales if things went well. Nintendo never broke down the numbers. It's just the behaviour of both Nintendo and SE since DQ9, indicates EU saw a drop in sales, NA saw a rise in sales. DQ9 at 1m outside Japan is 1 year out. DQ8 at 1.1m outside Japan is 8 years out, and DQ11 at 797 in NA+EU on PS4, is 10 months out, while Switch around 350k NA+EU is a few months out (so 1.1m at 1 year out for all combined). Given DQB2 versus 1, that bodes well for future releases. DQH is expected given it's Mussou, and the numbers are hard to track for DQH1 sales, as for a VERY long time, it's been under $15. So those DQH1 numbers could be inflated based on long-term cheap purchase compared to 2, and 2 could be hurt because Mussou takes a certain taste, as it's just battle after battle after battle of wave after wave after wave. DQB2 is also a much more expensive game (on PS4 and PC, but on Switch when considering the DLC packs), and has several paid for DLC packs, which given the nature of being a builder game, does carry a stigma for extra purchases for a full building game. So while they should be higher numbers (they'd doing insanely well in Asia, outside Japan, especially Hong Kong), and I wish they were higher here, as it's an amazing game, and one of my favourite of all time, it's really good compared to DQB1 considering DQB1's PS4 price point has been substantially low since DQB2 released, so those numbers are very likely inflated from cheap purchases (not may have played it though). I mean they could have really hit the nail on the head if they did a few things differently with the Switch version. Switch should have been another year in Development to further improve details, like adding in extra skills, extra weapons, new sources of skill point farming (even early game), more costumes from other DQ's along with their overworld themes, adding in battle themes from previous DQ's as an option, when said costumes are unlocked. New quests that start early game. A new character, only a secret one, that's like Amos, and you can lose him/her forever. New Tockle quests, like adding in 1 or 2 extra sections to other DQ worlds, complete with the new equipment sets (like a Bow and the Hero having Boomerangs as is the case for all DQ heroes except 11 when Boomerangs are present). QoL is nice, but the extra wait period combined with beefier hard content would have added
  9. DQ10 for the West? Pipe dream. Gamstat is an amazing site. Really opened my eyes, as I was wondering why the US sales for the PS4 edition hadn't hit 500k for DQ11. There are more DQ11 sales between the Switch, PS4, and the PC version than DQ's 8, and even 9 in the US. It's actually LOWER in Europe by a sizeable margin. DQ has been in decline in Europe ever since DQ8. Slow and steady decline, with a core and very loyal fanbase, but no perpetual growth for some reason (it's been bombing in the UK, even the Action games, but then the UK seems desperate to play anything that isn't swords and sorcery). However, the bulk of new sales? Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea. Yeah, all the DQ Heroes marketing in those three areas paid off big time over time. Dragon Quest Builders 1, 2, Heroes 2, and Dragon Quest 11 have all grown there. Oh, they've grown in the US, just by VERY slight margins in comparison, for all the effort put into it. So NA sales: DQ8 - 430k (one print run, took years to sell through, opening month didn't break 80k) DQ9 - 500~600k (opening month broke 128k) DQ11 PS4 - 390k (338k specific to the US, 408k if we count C/S America) DQ11 PC - some unknown % of 200k+ (it's in the 200~500k range now, but it's only been there a short while, and growth was objectively slow, with a few massive sales pushing it over the 200k hurdle). Steam is mostly a "rest of the world" market (https://store.steampowered.com/stats/content/) , though for games like DQ11 and requirements, this is mostly a US/EU/Taiwan/HK/South Korea game, so assuming similar ratios, it's about 80~90k US. DQ11 Switch - hard to day, if the ratios are identical to the PS4, somewhere around 200~220k given the Japanese numbers, and total Switch sales being around 900k~1m (almost certainly over 1m now). DQ11 Total NA potential sales: 390 + 85 + 210 = 685k (could be as high as 700, could even be higher at 750k or as low as 625k). By comparison EU sales: DQ8 - 712k DQ9 - 400~500k (could be an even split, but due to opening bell numbers, it's likely more in the US favour, so probably 550 and 450k) DQ11 PS4 - 267k (all of Europe, including the UK, not just Western Europe) DQ11 PC - if ratios persist, then 50~60k. DQ11 Switch - if ratios persist, then 130~150k. DQ11 Total EU potential sales: 267 + 55 + 140 = 462k While that's good, and very promising for the US, it's not great overall. Probably not enough to guarantee DQ10 at this point. There will most likely need to be more growth. Here's Heroes 1, 2, and Builders 1, and 2 PS4: Heroes 1 - 200k NA , 171k EU Heroes 2 - 72k NA , 56k EU Builders 1 - 187k NA , 148k EU Builders 2 - 75k NA , 52k EU Builders 2 Steam (100k+) - if ratio's persist between NA, rest of world, etc. then 30k NA and 21k EU Builders 2 Switch (1.1m back in August, so possibly 1.3m WW across all systems by now...1.2~1.3 - .58 - .1 = 520~620k) - if ratio's persist, 67~80k NA, 47~56k EU Builders 2 total potential sales - 172~185k NA , 120~129k EU ================== We're essentially going to need DQ12. It's good SE has a very realistic viewpoint on DQ11, especially given revenue margins, and likely profits were never higher. Spin-off's are overall selling better (especially in the US), though seeing sad declines despite quality jumps (DQB1 -> DQB2), however, DQB1 has seen higher sales jumps since DQB2, as with DQH getting a jump with DQH2's release, and both original games, especially on Playstation 4, had insane price drops of the original games, as low as $3 at points, though usually hovering between $8~15. Assuming DQ12 sees growth that is. We might...MIGHT get lucky if SE sees an opportunity with SEA, and the burgeoning hard growth in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea. You can release games in all of those regions in English, as it's very commonly spoken as a second language (trade-business requirement). Especially SEA, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. South Korea might require Korean, and it's always smarter to release Cantonese and Mandarin language editions, but most SEA releases are done in English as there are too many languages to consider. So there might be consideration for the US by proxy.
  10. I think Dwaine has a picture. One of his reconnaissance missions to check on board members. *mouth agape* Not my Maribel!
  11. Good question. They're pretty private, which is very hard to do in Hollywood. I know she's done a lot on her own, seemingly independent, which is what triggered the rumour they had broken up, but who knows. It doesn't seem like they've really been seen together. So if they are, the it's just kept under the radar, maybe so they can explore their private lives in peace. I will say she looks more amazing than ever. She's definitely one of those timeless women. Alongside a clipping of red hair he changes out every new redhead he meets, until he finds THE ONE that looks just like her.
  12. I'll bet he has a secret shrine devoted to her. The walls covered in magazine clippings with her eyes cut out, and a wig of curly red adorning a giant paper mache statue he crafted himself. Her face angled downward with a malicious grin as her hands hold tightly to a whip. His special S+M costume hangs on the left wall, covering what was once the cornerstone of his former Emma Stone shrine, formerly housing a hand-made Emma Stone Plushie, having long since changed it after she went blonde and began dating Andrew Garfield.
  13. 1 - looks kind of goofy with the super chibi model, but it's the easiest way to play. It does suck that stats are fixed, but then they were with the mobile version. The NES/SNES/GBC/Wii versions all had a series of fixed stat growths based on the numerical value of the name. Some were outright horrible, one was great in every category, and the rest were either more MP or more HP, with varying degrees of Agility+Natural Defense, or Strength, where you'd get the high's of A+D and low of S, or vice versa. Now it's a fixed stat, the most balanced stat growth, not the optimal, which works. It's MUCH faster getting to cap, and thus a very smooth ride, with very little grinding. So for that reason I'd say it's a A+ version. 2 - it's based on the mobile version, meaning it's the best version. Mobile doesn't fix the Cannock bug (make sure to get that leaf of the world tree to him when he takes sick), but it does three things that change the nature of the game to make it much more approachable and balanced: More levels for Cannock and Moonbrooke to match Middenhall's level cap. This means they'll actually gain levels faster, and so get to spells a bit earlier. Stat growth is jacked up, especially for Cannock. They're MUCH stronger, ala DQ4's DS/Mobile remake (not quite on that scale, but it's a noticeable increase in general stats). The game enforces finding the crests, and really pushes for it. I don't recall if it has a tracker of sorts, but it does have several instances that remind players they need to get them, and more NPC dialogue related to the main quest. 3 - it's a good version. It's not the best (my favourite is split between GBC and SFC). It's probably the most balanced, as you'll speed through levels at a faster pace than previous games. Seed farming is a little easier because of it. There are no monster animations in battle, so that's a bummer. There're no pachisi tracks, which sucks as the SFC/GBC tracks were some of the best in the series history (not overtly brokenly stupid hard and RNG unfriendly like DQ5's final two). I've gotten used to the models now, but they're not my favourite. The chibi-style really stands out here as well, less so in 2 for some reason...but it's easy to get used to. Just interesting that characters now have larger models than NPC's, which really stands out in this version. The colour palette being so bright is one of my least favourite things in the modern conventions (thank god DQ7 3DS's past was dark), and this really stands out in Alefgard in this version (the mobile used SNES graphics, so it looks better). However, it's the most accessible. By far, as it requires the least grinding of any version. So you can just coast through, no problem.
  14. Nothing, unfortunately. There are no monsters that increase drop rates. No foods. No equipment. Good luck. Who knows, maybe your question and venting is the magic sauce, and it drops. Believe me, I've tried hunting that one for a very long time as well.
  15. It's been this way since the first game. However the strategy is different depending on the game: DQ1 - You're forced to grind. There is just no way around this, and leveling kind of enforces this. There are no tricks, and most speed runs are done with tool assist in some form (crits, dodges, encounters, metal slime easy farming). Generally, you want to jump from Club + Leather Clothes -> Copper Sword + Iron Shield (you can find this in the Mountain Cave West of Tantegel, bring herbs and come around level 10 or 11) -> Steel/Full-Plate Armour -> Steel/Broadsword + Magic Armour OR Steel/Broadsword (Either way, FARM Gold Golems South of Rimuldar) -> Flame Sword , then Erdrick's Armour -> Erdrick's Shield -> Get rainbow bridge items, raid Charlock for the Sword, get out asap, even if you have to suicide killing on the way out (then get to level 25 minimum for the final boss). DQ2 - the NES has a bug in the game, where you can farm infinite Lightning Staves, which can then be sold, and collect a bunch more, so you'll be able to both buy all the necessary equipment that's expensive (like Falcon Sword/Blade, Magic Armour, Light Sword, and Power Shields for everyone - casts healmore in battle on self, a MUST have). Barring this trick, and this works for all versions of the game: Weapons should be purchased every +6 or more points. Do note the Erdrick Sword is available immediately after the Ship. Is easy to get, free, and the strongest weapon for Middenhall/Lorasia until the Light/Auroral or Dragonkiller/Dragonsbane. Fortunately in the remakes, Cannock can equip the Light/Auroral Sword. Armour should be purchased every +10 or more points, Shields and Helmets every +4 or higher. Weapons = 2 Attack per 1 damage given, Armour = 4 Defense per 1 damage mitigation. Do note that in DQ2, some of the best equipment is free (Mysterious Hat for instance, is the best helmet in the game for Cannock and Moonbrooke, and is only found in battle from certain enemies, one extra in the remake), but most are purchased, this will change with all subsequent games. DQ3 , DQ4 - Both of these games triggers a new direction that holds true for all DQ's after, due to similar minimum and maximum attack values in equipment, and general growth rates through level 35~40, which is typically the final boss level range in DQ games, at least through 9. Weapon and Armour still have the same general 2 Attack per 1 damage, and 4 Defense per 1 reduction. DQ3 and 4 begin the heavier bonus elements in weapon and armour traits (Dragonkiller/Dragonsbane actually doing extra damage to Dragons for instance), such as Resistances in Armour, Shields, and with 4, Helmets, becoming a staple and a more common ingredient to consider. There are a LOT more freebies from chests, dungeons, and after getting keys. A LOT more. This begins the trend of the three keys, and the three keys opening up special doors to often some fairly decent free gear, some of which is end-game or near end-game worthy, especially after the Final/Ultimate Key. Due to stat differences from 3 onward (at least through 9), and weapon/armour options and growth, it changes from +6 and +10 respectively, to +10 for Weapons, +12~16 for Armour, +6 for Shields and Helmets. Anti-Magic and Anti-Breath mitigation, and Dodge equipment takes precedence. For this reason the Cloak of Evasion remains viable through to the 60~70% marker. Less so in the remakes, as they have a few more pieces of gear. DQ4 begins a special trend that's held true for 6, 7, 8, and 11...THE CASINO! is always broken. I repeat the Casino is always broken. The remake of 4 vastly reduces the impact of the casino (by removing the best shield in the game from it, and providing only one instance, instead of infinite, and breaking the double or nothing game so it always cheats, and I do mean actually cheats, like the dealer has extra cards he shouldn't be drawing from the top of the deck, while the original was easy to exploit). I'll repeat the last one. The casino is ALWAYS broken. It is your goto in DQ4 original for some great games. For Dragon Quest 4, especially in the remakes, there's the Shop mini-game. In the original, you get the Sword of Malice to appear DQ5 - I'll have to return to fill this out in...8 or so hours? Maybe 9? I'll leave this here until then. Don't worry, I'll get to 9. ....goddamnit. I quit. #$*! this #$*!. I just spent over 4 #$*!ing hours writing up a huge post, and I accidentally make one click into the Awards box, and it takes me out of this, and my entire edit is GONE. All gone. SON OF A GODDAMN #$*!ING #$*!. 4 hours of my goddamn night gone. All to waste. #$*!. #$*!. #$*!. #$*!. #$*!. #$*!. for DQ9 I'll leave you with this link for easy gold. Half-Inch is another method. Late game Grotto chest raiding and resetting is yet another. The two alchemy methods. Best if you start with Ear Cozy, then work up to making 99x of the Gold Mail, then farm that to a few million. It's tedious, but if you get into the rhythm, it's easy. I'm not going to refinish this post though. I'm bloody pissed off with myself. I thought I was clicking somewhere safe to get back to the page, but no, I f'd myself and shot myself in the foot. Said link for Ear Cozy and Gold Mail formula's: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ds/937281-dragon-quest-ix-sentinels-of-the-starry-skies/answers/228390-whats-the-best-way-to-make-money-
  16. ...no, Mordegon is the Lord of Shadows. I'm not sure how you read that from that site, because nothing in the link indicates anything but that Mordegon is the Lord of Shadows, and the only being to have ever gone by that name, not the opposite of that. So where you came to that conclusion I don't get. He was developed as a result of
  17. Have you ever attempted Zoma without the Light Orb? Yes, Divine Dragon/Divinegon/Xenlon/Dragon God is definitely a rough boss battle. He's made relatively easy though if all three compatriots have Kazing and over 150 MP. Assuming over 180 Strength for each member, and 510+ HP, he can be taken down. 600+ HP, and you've got a nice cushion as he can dish out over 200 damage to each party member with his roll attack. That one is definitely devastating. Just going into that fight with normal HP and above level 50 is really rough going (so like 300's for the mages, 400~500 for your Hero + Physical class/es), as those Mages become extra squishy vs the physicals. He kind of needs seeding, or heavy reclassing to get that magical 500+ HP naturally for even a Mage (they can hit that, but it takes manipulation of stats to the point where they're hitting their caps...Sage and Priest are easier to manage for this). At least DQ3 makes seed farming very easy. Of course there's also the hurdle of beating him within a certain round limit just to get his wishes. Which makes things even harder as the first three times he's fought, win or lose, the round count requirement goes down. 35 -> 25 -> 15 (and at least it stays at 15)
  18. Ok, then the equipment resistances are the same as in the Mobile/Switch (for your own future reference, in case you ever play either)...GBC is the only one with improved resistances. First off, the question becomes, what do you want to do with the party? Just beat Zoma, or do you want to also defeat Xenlon/God Dragon (Xenlon is the new official English name), the boss of the bonus dungeon? After that, do you want to defeat full powered, no Light Orb Zoma? That is the hardest battle in the game (and arguably the hardest DQ boss battle until DQ9's Level 99 Legacies)? ==== Just to get through Zoma: I recommend at least one class change each, which I'll assume you do (I don't recall your first post, not feeling like rereading it, so sorry if I'm stating things you've already declared you plan to do, I'm trying to get some game time in while things are quiet around here...too much work and not enough play makes Iggy a dull boy...FF7r and EO:N ftw) You could probably do it with base tier classes, as in no class changes, then class change for the bonus boss. I highly recommend everyone starts as a female for the female gear options (superior defense, especially late game, abusing the final If no Class changes, the best potential party is a Warrior/Thief/Fighter + Priest + Mage If Class change, the best potential parties (and one that will carry through the bonus boss), are the following: Early Easy Game, good offensive late (good for the post-game as well, but not Super Zoma): Warrior (25~30, use the Zen Scroll) -> Sage (Water Robe + Magic Shield, should sit in position 4 after change) Priest (32~34 minimum for Barrier/Insulatle, or 38~40 for Revive/Kazing) -> Warrior or Thief (Light Dress if female Warrior and Fighter below is male, else Blade/Swordedge Armour, for Thief go Dark Robe either sex or + Dragon Shield, should sit in position 2 after change) Wizard (21~23 Bikill/Oomph) -> Fighter (changing early is a positive given how slow Fighters level, and Fighters have a Critical hit rating of Level/256)...(Light Robe if female, Dark Robe if not, + Expel Shield) For the Priest, if the Wizard -> Fighter is a female, go either sex. If the Fighter is a male, please seriously consider making this one a female to make life easier (as you'll want someone to gear up with the Light Robe, and the Sage is sufficient with the Water Robe...or you can go with the Dragon Robe, just realize the Dragon Robe has no magic resistance). So the line up early game will be Hero , Warrior , Priest , Wizard .... the line up late game will be Hero , Warrior/Thief , Fighter , Sage More difficult beginning, but more dominant late game (will require some grinding however for Sage, great for the post-game, but not Super Zoma): Thief (40+, whenever you're ready to turn the Sages to Fighters, abuse for some free items, like the Mysterious Hat to reduce magic costs for the Sage, use Zen to class change) -> Sage (Water Robe + Magic Shield) Jester x2 (20~23, anytime Luck is over 200) -> Sage x2 (38~40 for Revive/Kazing) -> Fighter x2 At least one of the Fighters MUST be female, so she can gear up with the Light Robe, and give this same one the Expel Shield. The other gets a Dark Robe. Fighters cannot gain any MP, even if you give Wisdom Seed. Make sure to give ALL Wisdom Seeds to your two Sages -> Fighter, and while they're Sages, preferably late, as in their last level up, so if you haven't given them yet, and you have Revive, give them equally (save scum for +3 each time), then level up as a Sage to get the bonus and lock in a decent MP pool. SAVE all Mystic Nuts until post-class change, and I recommend giving them to your two Fighters after they're finished class changing. Your lineup will be Hero , Thief , Jester , Jester early game. Mid-game it will be Hero Thief , Sage , Sage. Late game it will be Hero , Fighter (w/Light Robe+Expel shield) , Sage , Fighter Skip fighting Kandar both times until the first class change for your two Jesters. Then get a few levels under the Sage's belts, at least 12, and take on the first one for Romaly, then the second for the Black Pepper (it's odd, but he can actually be in two places at once if you skip doing his first iteration). Make sure to abuse the Pachisi tracks for all the items, ESPECIALLY the Boomerangs. You'll want to abuse the Thief's ability to equip them to help clear up mobs. So the Hero + Thief will be cleaning up and assuring your Hero won't have to cast magic for damage, but instead just to heal. Make sure your Hero has a personality that's geared towards high MP growth. So if you have to equip an accessory, do so. I recommend Smart Glasses, which you'll get for 35 Tiny Medals. ====== If you want to tackle Super Zoma, you'll want a Fighter + Fighter + Sage party, all Female, with everyone with Revive. Both Fighters have at minimum 150 MP, 200+ is preferred. Everyone has 510 HP minimum (so 255 Stamina), preferably over 700. Everyone has 255 Strength and Agility, and the Sage and Hero have over 510 MP (so 255 Wisdom). You'll want to use the Zipangu Pachisi track wish to then farm multiple Light Robe/Dresses. Equipping everyone with them. There's another Expel Shield to be found there, so your other Fighter will have that option as well. You'll want a Falcon Bladed Sage and Hero, with Beast and Dragon Claws on the Fighters. Minimum level of 60, 70+ is preferred, and 99 is optimal for maximum Fighter output. Do note that Bikill/Oomph has no impact on Critical hits, so it's for damage in between. Do note that Zoma will detect too many buffs, and will counter with his freezing wave, though not everytime, so apply them immediately after. Either go offensive or defensive, whichever you prefer.
  19. The more I watch the Dai ARPG video, the more I actually like the design aesthetic. It's quickly growing on me. Given it's Action, it's very likely to come out here, so I'm looking forward to that. I just hope they build a solid more standard ARPG, not the Mussou style we've seen thus far.
  20. What version are you playing? NES, SFC / GBC, or Mobile / Switch? Yes, there is a slight difference in what I would recommend. NES vs remakes is a total changeup due to stat growth and equipment. SFC/GBC vs Mobile/Switch is based on equipment options.
  21. Heh, it's called being fair and being able to differentiate something you enjoy, a subjective position, versus objective reality, such as poor choices in game design, or good choices that aren't for everyone but work well in context with that experience. Not all games have to be a fast paced to tell a good story, which you get. I mean for myself, DQ7 is a 7.5/10, and it's my favourite game. In some ways I enjoy the flaws, as they're definitely unique (like the FMV sequences...dear lord they feel like Ed Wood returned from the grave for one last destructive romp, and chose DQ7 as his final haunt). As per Season 8? Yes, but that was a given as they kicked out George R.R. Martin, and removed his influence. This was already apparent in Season 7, where he was far less involved.
  22. @YangustheLegendaryBandit Much agreed, Big-C is definitely not one of his best. Distinct, but it really doesn't fit. I was hoping for some shadowy figure, or a ton of bodily changes (afterall Cell's manga was started after DQ4, so likely Toriyama was inspired by the bug-like designs of Psaro, and the "evolution" of form). I like that as a base design, or maybe even the second to last form or something. The longest form to kill (let's assume he has 20k HP...seriously, that's something DQ11 needed, given how easy it is to hit 10k in a single round of Erik without seeds and even at low level). It's a really nifty form. An eyeless dragonoid, that looks inspired by H.R. Giger.
  23. @YangustheLegendaryBandit No he doesn't look like Cell. There are some similarities, but only in the sense of a carapace for each segment, connected with stringy joint tissue. That's about it: Cell has black spots, much like freckles. C*l*sm*s has indented bumps. Cell has a lot of black, Big-C is just two shades of green. Cell's carapace looks more like rubbery skin. Big-C's looks like a literal bug carapace, so very solid (and both behave in the way they appear...Cell's carapace is flexible, Big-C's is rigid). I thought Big-C was odd, but hardly lacking in creativity. For me it's one of the most unique boss designs. It just doesn't make sense for the physical form of
  24. Nice. Shame it's not on the US site. Probably won't be as Origami isn't nearly as popular here. Thanks for sharing. Um, thinking about this. You know what I'd love to see for Builders 3? Cross-over game packs. The Legend of Zelda and the Legend of Celda for the Switch (along with potential Mario, Kirby, and even Samus...would be sweet to run around DQB3 with Samus' suit and have two options, gun attack w/charge, and missiles :)), and maybe Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts for PS4/5, along with maybe Mana at some point for both systems. DQB's world feels so much at home with Zelda, especially the Builder's hat in 1, and the revision of the original hat you can unlock in 2. Plus the way Erdrick's Shield is designed in Builders, gives it a Zelda look. It seems like Dragon Quest 3's Erdrick Shield was the basis for the design aesthetic for A Link to the Past's Fighter's Shield, which was then revised into the Hylian Shield for Ocarina of Time, and it seems like the form it took in OoT is based on the US artwork for the "Shield of Heroes," in terms of format, when then inspired the eventual changes in Japan with the DQ3 remake artwork, which altered the shape further to something far more similar to the Hylian Shield in OoT. Nevermind, DQ3 Famicom had two different art styles for the Shield. Those where Erdrick is actually holding it, and it's a round Shield, the other is the art style the US team used as a basis for their "Shield of Heroes," though they both look different (Erdrick's Crest is smaller in the US, and pops out of the top portion of the shield, literally, the wings pop out and away from the shield): https://dragon-quest.org/wiki/File:DQII_Erdricks_Shield.png Kind of a boomerang effect.
  25. That's not a glitch, it's just where he is at one point, then he clearly dashes to the mountain at another. This is evidenced as intentional by him having actual dialogue, and drinking specifically in a pub, to drown his sorrows and worries away. Afterall, he was rather melancholic in Moonbrooke, always looking at the glass being half empty, always moody and terse because he's constantly worried.
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