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  1. Ok, so I finally conquered DQ1 (all trophies). I'll end up doing something with Terra Incognita. Though for now I'm just content I have all the TI seeds (only 105 HP...and that seems to be from people tearing up the island, kind of odd they'd have less than the story general 125). Builders 2 is completed (awhile back). Full post-game unlocked (so 3 buildertopia's). I'm really surprised at how few in my friends list have played either game, or really completed either. They're easily my favourite spinoff games. I can't wait for Builders 3 ==== So my eventual plans for Builders and Builders 2 I'll just jot down here at some later point: Builders 1 Chapter 1~4 Plans: placeholder Builders 1 Terra Incognita Plans: placeholder ============================================ Builders 2 Furrofield Plans: placeholder Builders 2 Krumble-Dun Plans: placeholder Builders 2 Moonbrook Plans: placeholder Builders 2 Isle of Awakening Plans: placeholder Builders 2 Buildertopia 1 Plans: placeholder Builders 2 Buildertopia 2 Plans: placeholder Builders 2 Buildertopia 3 Plans: placeholder
  2. Oh...I see. I always go one to three more logs outward. I guess by pure luck I've never attempted to put anything on that corner section. Sounds like you've already answered your own question though, and very interesting to learn. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. By logs, do you mean the small blocks of wood in a triple stack you use for certain "farm" related buildings, or by logs, do you mean the larger "blocks" you use for building with vertical and horizontal pieces with the two cap styles of pointed wood or metal that you use for making actual buildings or bridges (or realistic raised railroads or railroads as roller coasters)? If it's the former, there should be no issue. If it's the latter, as I think it to be, then I don't know, I've used them as exterior corners, where I have no issues placing normal building blocks next to them, or as exterior or interior blocks holding something up, with nothing touching them. I don't have any issues laying down blocks as flooring next to the horizontal versions. I'm not sure what you mean by corner pieces. Are you referring to literal round corner blocks as in you're trying to place them next to or on top of them, hugging tight to the corners? Like those castle round corners, and trying to place them into the curve area? If that's what it is, they blocked layering on those corners due to an infinite item bug related to it. Or are you trying to use them as actual corner blocks in a building, and for some reason the verticals cannot be placed down, like the game is blocking it?
  4. It's not possible in the NES...Cannock is the only one with a revive spell. You also managed to learn it a level earlier than Moonbrooke's natural level. That is the lowest level possible to learn it. So effectively, you've already hit the rock bottom in levels, due in many respects to some heavy luck on the part of the level you learnt Revive.
  5. Not surprising they'd rehash the standard resistance system. It's basically how it works in every game. Each individual resistance bonus multiplies. Cool, and while I can't download even when it does come out (my phone can't handle it), I'm glad to know how that core mechanic works. Especially given, as you've said, it's so critical in this particular DQ. Cheers and kudos!
  6. ignasia


    Dude, sleep is good for you! I shouldn't talk, my mind is mush these days as I haven't been sleeping well the past 3 weeks straight (about 3~5 hours a night), and I only managed to get a few days of good sleep prior to that.
  7. ignasia


    It's in his post: Mister Vista. The more pertinent question, is which version. The Switch version changes the quest to more accurately track to the storyline. PS4: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps4/179347-dragon-quest-xi-echoes-of-an-elusive-age/faqs/76716/quests?len=12&pos=47836&term=mister vista You to into Cobblestone, then to the back area, and enter the Tor. Climb up to the top, speak to the man there, and then Zoom to either Lonalulu or Sniflhiem. From there take the ship to the North Eastern mermaid harp warp that leads into the locked off inner sea between Zwaardsrust, Octagonia, and Dundrasil. Enter the island, get a dragon mount, and land on the South Eastern-most landing section in the mountain. There's a stacked set of rocks much like a grave stone, that will trigger the party to check it out when you're close enough. Check it out, and return to the original quest giver. I forget if that's the guy in the Tor. === Switch: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/189709-dragon-quest-xi-s-echoes-of-an-elusive-age-definitive/78203736
  8. Honestly, this is not much different from your own reasons for preferring DQ's 6 and 7's class system over 3 and 9 @YangustheLegendaryBandit
  9. You should be careful inquiring about certain things beyond your ability to understand... o_o ... ... o_O ... o_o *slithers away, hisses* In all seriousness though, I wanted one at under 100 hours, the other two are 900+ and 600+ respectively. This is the first one I'm able to do with two systems without deleting the other two carts. I kind of wanted this for down the road, both for myself, but also thinking about whenever I have kids and want to assure they can fully enjoy DQ7 on 3DS, and not have to worry about hacking in the DLC maps.
  10. Took me about 25 hours to grind another Kiefer to 99. Would have taken 23 had I followed a particular path. 24h of which took me to level 50, 30 minutes for prep, and 30 minutes getting from 50 to 99.
  11. While not a boss yet, first you must enter his room, and after breaking his cookie pot, take his cookie. Then you get random Cookie Monster battles, as he attempts to get his cookie back. Then you must eat it, morphing him into Craven Craving Cookie Monster. Then you enter a portal to the Snorlax realm where if you avoid battle long enough, the Craven Craving Cookie Monster is forced to sit down, and thinking a giant flower is a cookie, proceeds to eat it, causing him to swallow a Lorax. The resulting mixture of Henson + Seuss brings about the Mad Craving Cookie Monster. You must then escape back to the portal from whence you came, and in the process of fleeing a cookie monster that wants to eat your party members (anytime he catches up to you, and starts a battle, he will eat a party member). From there, enter the lairs of Oscar and Elmo, where a cutscene will trigger. Only when he eats Oscar and Elmo, then mutates into Snuffleupagus for the first form, then Giant Tickle You Elmo for the second, then Can Eater Oscar for the third. Final form is Cruel Cookie Craving Smunster...he heals by eating cookies, and attempts to eat your characters at random, at least up to two at a time.
  12. DIE! Oh...um...this isn't the abuse section? Oh, it's for birthdays! Terribly sorry. Say no more. Ahem... *clears throat* ...and now for something completely different. A very Happy Happy Birthday *bursts out of cake wearing a swimsuit*...oiy, what's with all the stares? I didn't have time to prepare a present! I thought this would be...well, I guess it seems a little whacky. OH, you wanted a female to jump out of the cake? Preferably your wife, but not here...at home you say? All I saw peaking into that head of yours was bathing suit and cake. Oh dear me, I've made a mess of things again haven't I? Wink, wink. Say no more! Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy *is holding a blue paint brush* Hmm, I suppose that particular chant lacks a certain noun, doesn't it? Hmm... The Spanish ...no, no...no. That simply won't do. The inquisition was rather dreary I'd say. Bunch of blowhards frothing about doing dilly dally whatelse but bothering people over things that weren't their business....and there I go ranting about nothing again. I'll get this right. Just hold on. HOLD ON I say! *doubles down on clearing throat for a good long minute...swallows* Ahah! Happy Birthday good fellowman...um, friend...no no... Happy Birthday King Zenith! Yes, by jove I think I have it! The rain in spain...oh posh, I lost it. Happy Birthday King Zenith! May the drink flow, the food be delightful, the warmth of friends and family ever comforting, the frolicking fun and merry, and the cake most scrumptious! I hope you had fantastic evening to top off a great day!
  13. At least you got it. No one grasped my egg joke above. Bad egg being the base tier new name in DQ7's two egg monsters, rotten being the upgraded more dangerous one.
  14. Probably shouldn't be putting out so many family photos out there, you never know who has an axe to grind.
  15. I would say this: 1) Children worry about being adults, and thus never allow themselves or others to enjoy what they want to enjoy. They take offense if someone else finds childish glee in some activity, despite that they themselves take such glee in something, and worry about how others perceive them doing what they like in their free time. They're obsessed with being seen as adults, because they are not actually adults. 2) Adults don't care how others see them in the act of doing something they enjoy. They already handle their affairs, so whatever they prefer to partake in, in their free time, so long as it doesn't harm anyone else directly or by intention (I mean if you like driving nice cars, there's the chance of an accident at some point, not the guarantee, and the results can be horrific, but it is in and of itself, not dangerous). As a result they gleefully indulge in that childish delight and allow that feeling of fulfillment in taking part in the act of the doing or seeing of the thing without the fear or worry of how others perceive them. They understand that everyone is at heart a child. It's much the same as love and play with your kids, cousins, showing off your favourite new toy (which for most "adult" men and women is a car, though plenty of adult men and women love cars). When you're in the moment, you're no different at 20, 30, 38+ (watch old people when they're actually unconcerned and fully enjoying things, they're children again), than you are at 1, 3, 5, 7, 10...well, prior to 11+ where kids really want to be seen and treated as an adult and society begrudges them as such and most parents ignore this, training their kids to remain forever children, and is almost the ONLY reason for mindset #1 to continue onward into what "should" be adulthood, often leading to manbabies, and this includes men who are responsible but because it's what is expected of them, not because they themselves just do it because it should be done. The mindset just isn't trained since the Baby Boomer generation, thanks to the book "Adolescence," which is the creation of a continual series of adult generations incapable of enjoying adulthood or finding their own path they themselves define for themselves, but allow others, or societal expectations to pinpoint what they should, like some invisible parental figure over their shoulder watching their every move instead of just taking up the mantle because they've comfortable in their own skin. ===== So my point is...welcome and enjoy what you enjoy. You're clearly a responsible person, so why not let that part of yourself that wants to have fun, actually enjoy what it likes. There are adults who still collect stamps, buttons, cards, things they began at the tender age or 3. So what decides what the age range is of certain play, if it's not twisted or weird (like an old man pretending to be a little girl, which implies something is actually wrong spiritually or mentally, or they're pedo's who want easy access, which is probably 99.9% of the time the reality for most of these men, and indulging in certain societal insanities of being a bit too accepting and indulging of actual crazy behaviour)? You're not doing harm by loving playing games. You're not shirking your kids or your wife. You're not ignoring your friends. So welcome and enjoy to your hearts content. BTW, I'm 38.
  16. Let it sit out long enough, and it becomes rotten to the core.
  17. Switch: go to the store, pick the game, scroll down for the DLC packs, if you want just the "Season Pass," make sure to select the small print "View All Items" below the Modernist Pack. Pick the Season Pass, then proceed to purchase. Switch alternative 1 (Walmart): https://www.walmart.com/ip/DRAGON-QUEST-BUILDERS-2-Season-Pass-Nintendo-Nintendo-Switch-Digital-Download-045496664534/373698787 Switch alternative 2 (Best Buy): https://www.bestbuy.com/site/dragon-quest-builders-2-season-pass-nintendo-switch-digital/6361716.p?skuId=6361716 I forget how to redeem digital codes on the Switch, but here: https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/22429/~/how-to-redeem-a-download-code-on-nintendo-switch-eshop ============= Playstation 4: turn on the PS4, go to the psn store, pick the game, scroll down to the related content and DLC section, and move right to the "Season Pass." Select and pay. Playstation 4 alternative 1: https://www.amazon.com/DRAGON-QUEST-BUILDERS-SEASON-PASS/dp/B07VV6TP94/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2H02A9X0ZGSGQ&keywords=dragon+quest+builders+2+season+pass+switch&qid=1579665759&sprefix=dragon+quest+builders+2+switch+season+pa%2Caps%2C203&sr=8-1 Playstation 4 alternative 2: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/dragon-quest-builders-2-season-pass-playstation-4-digital/6364299.p?skuId=6364299 Purchase from Amazon or Best Buy, then get the Redeem code by clicking on the digital purchases link in Amazon, and I have no idea how Best Buy handles their digital code purchases. Turn on the PS4, go to the shop, go down to Redeem Code, then type in the code you see on Amazon/Walmart, and click to redeem, and it should move you to a page to download. ============= Steam: You should have an internal link within Steam Engine for DLC packs when you're in your game list, and are on the specific game page for DQB2, not sure where on the page the link is, but probably the lower right. It's been a very long time since I purchased something on Steam. I usually do those special super packs of hugely discounted games from 3rd parties, then dump the codes. So far none of them have extra content that didn't already come with it, and I already own all the Half-Life DLC and player made mods-turned-games.
  18. Super Kiefer permanent #3. Only this one has Maribel + Hero with 0 EXP (I let the first set of slimes flee). Stat comparisons (the original I can't find my pictures from or posts of, which is odd, as I know I took them and left one here, but alas, not found): #1 / 2 / 3 Strength: 458 / 570 / 447 Agility: 188 / 182 / 185 Resilience: 685 / 687 / 691 Wisdom: 293 / 298 / 297 Style: 211 / 172 / 246 Attack: 573 / 634 / 567 Defense: 820 / 807 / 821 Max HP: 938 / 909 / 893 Weapon: Hela's Hammer / War Hammer / Hela's Hefty Hammer Armour: Windcheater / Windcheater / Full Plate Armour Shield: Shimmering Shield / Shimmering Shield / Shimmering Shield Helm: Mythril Helm / Iron Mask / Slime Crown Accessory: Lucky Pendant / Eye of Rubiss / Eye or Rubiss Timestamp: 170~250ish hours / 130ish hours / 30:33
  19. Farming for a Hela's Hefty Hammer for Kiefer.  Summoned in Tatron.  The Gigantes attacks him immediately after for 402 damage.  Tatron dies, having never taken a single action.

  20. It should be random, rather than fixed races, so it's different each time. I think it would be best if they took a page out of FF7, and borrowed from the Chocobo Racing, and the statistics. Include Horse breeding, and even put in a whole quest system around it. Maybe even allow monsters to be ridden if that's possible, like a new form of monster team functionality, where we have the monster recruit system, the monster arena, and some of them can be ridden. Or the monsters are in the party and can enter the arena, like in 6, and can be ridden if in the party by pressing a button when nearby, like in DQB2. I really love that functionality. You can get to the top of any mountain with a Great Sabrecat and double jump, then pound it into oblivion with a Golem. So you'd have specific racing stats that can be enhanced by feeding and breeding methods. In the case of monsters, by levels and a grid system similar to 11's, that determines the growth pattern and potential skills and spells that are unlocked, including bonuses. Allowing focus on both racing functionality, or battle ability. Maybe even tack in speech training for some interesting party chat. Ah cool, good to know. After my PS4 experience though, it's such second nature now, I didn't bother with attempting. Though yeah, it would be impossible in my 8x run.
  21. @Erdrick The Hero are you still having issues? Are you getting the speed boost at the start of the race? If not, hit the run button the moment the "1" disappears. Once you get used to that timing, it makes things much easier. After that it's knowing the pattern, as you've no doubt figured out. Once you get that timing down, and the race timing down, winning is very easy to repeat over and over again. If you're playing on the Switch, you can make life MUCH easier by buying the Golden Reigns from the NPC right next to the guy in the booth. I believe it's available in Act 2. I don't recall him in Act 1.
  22. The Jester/Goof-off is a bit disconcerting, but if you can be patient, and level it past 20, it's worth it. Some of it's antics are either really hilarious, or downright useful. Post 30, they're quite good in battle, despite the negative potential useless outcomes. The number of useful ones outweigh the useless in the end. Plus it's kind of fun to throw a monkey wrench into the game, and you can always just change it out for a Sage without the book.
  23. @YangustheLegendaryBandit Oh, sorry mate, I didn't really think about that given it's been awhile since release, and things have relaxed a bit. I did edit my post to fix that. That was a bit out of character for me, but I was in a rush to finish that before leaving to do a bunch of things, so I had like 10 minutes to whip that together. Too late to fix my oversight now, but yeah... @JaybirdC Sorry if I spoiled anything for you (not that you mentioned anything in your post). That was unintentional, and I wasn't thinking. ======== @Twinkie and Yangus ...when I first saw video, I wasn't overly fond of C's design, but over time, and after beating the PS4 version, I grew to like it. It's like a combination of Psaro and Esturk in terms of the bug-like design, and the eye shape and simple facial structure feel more disturbing in a way, with a hint of robotic elements, reminiscent of the cold dark world of the abyss, and the robotic mindset of an absolute desire to fulfill a destiny much like an AI that can only function in one direction. No personal desire, but rather the physical manifestation of the Which also fits well with the simple design aesthetic, and the So in that sense there does feel a bit of an inverse connection to DB, in that Cell really was the original planned ultimate enemy in the Dragonball universe, and in some respects, the nature of Cell and "C" are parallel in that they exist ============= Jay ... True, 6 was disjointed. It's arcs were split randomly throughout the story, and almost all are optional, and some scenes can be missed (two scenes with Carver and his parents). The exception, and seeming start of his understanding of character arcs being the moments with Terry to build him up as a potential enemy, only to bring it around after his battle and some connecting story points provided by Milly. Though without the optional backstory from their hometown, it's very shallow. Even then it could have used more moments as the story progressed. Something that yes, Dragon Quest VII began with the constant interjections in the main story from the characters, mostly Kiefer at first, then Maribel, but also Gabo/Ruff, Melvin/Mervyn, and Aira/Aishe. It's not just about character arcs in 7, though I see what you're pointing to, with Maribel's family and her personal suffering and feeling of exhaustion. It's also that the characters actually take part in the general story in a more meaningful and direct way at every point than they did in all previous games. Kiefer moves the story along as the main driver for the first half, and the entire portion of the story surrounding his presence, is his arc, as his relationship with his father, and desire to shirk his responsibilities are directly applied at every element. His need to escape and seek adventure, while also feeling obligated to keep up with the Hero's desire to save the world (based on Kiefer's responses), is its own arc. In a way it's more expertly done than later stories, in that the main story is laced together with the individual character storylines. Though after Kiefer, it becomes just a mystery quest, and uncovering new stuff, until Maribel's smaller arc. So I would argue Kiefer's arc is the first true arc he developed, alongside Maribel. Gabo would have been better served with more attention given to his connection to the Woodsman, or his ability to speak to animals in the later islands. Similarly with Melvin's historical significance. He actually does have an arc, though not until the very end, and it's less concerned with him directly, than both he and the Hero. It's also rather sad there wasn't as much emphasis put on developing Aira/Aishe, especially given they give her a small arc before the last stretch, where she helps the King and Lisa connect to Kiefer, given their similar personalities and desire to escape the lifestyle they lived, only Aira is the inverse, in escaping the free roaming life in favour of a more stringent life of rules and regulations, but high responsibility, more so because Kiefer didn't want a purpose that was forced, while Aishe did not want a responsibility she may never fulfill. DQ8, sure, it felt like Jessica was dropped rather hard, and her experience as a possessed enemy was only to move the story along, less to build her up. Horii didn't use it to develop her further, rather the nature of the staff alone, as foreshadowing of the real enemy. Though at least they used it to develop her gameplay abilities, and unlock her as a truly useful mage. I get the impression the Alexandria arc was meant to be more extensive but perhaps time was short, and they had to rush the game. Afterall, look at the end-game itself? The moment the castle is destroyed, it feels like a bit of a rush job. There's also the statues and reliefs of Rhapthorne, which indicate other forms we never see. Neither of the two forms we see in game are represented anywhere. The closest we see are Dhoulmagus and Sir Leopold. So it's possible a lot of later planned arcs, including Jessica, and potentially Jessica + Angelo, were scrapped. Afterall, we see some indicators after Angelo finishes his arc with Marcello, that Jessica seems to develop some feelings for him, or is more open to him as she sees him now as a man of wisdom and less a playboy (or realizes the playboy was a facade to cover his childhood wounds). True in 9 there were some character arcs that were left unfinished. However I didn't see a need to complete Ivor, as he wasn't as important given the nature of 9, and if you revisit Angel Falls, he is complete in and of himself, as he finds his calling but clearly isn't up to snuff in keeping up with Erinn, nor is there a need to expand on that friendly rivalry. Though it would have made for a fun mini-game that allowed developing Erinn's inn, instead of using multiplay, which I grasp why this was done, but it would have made the process of developing the inn more engaging. Plus it would have been a lot of fun to see what happens to Angel Falls if Ivor actually develops it due to the growth of his Inn, though in the end leading to Erinn ultimately taking the crown after a special quest at the end, for something to add to the Inn that's one-of a kind...like maybe the fountain below ground is as a result of an earlier quest, with the coup-de-grace being the final post-game quest. That said I think for the nature of the game, the focus is on the larger complexities involving the world, and why every scenario focuses on the most important character in each town, less so the individual suffering in each area, and various intriguing individuals in each town more common to all previous DQ games. Where some towns it's the mayor or maybe the only doctor, and in others, it's some random kid who isn't particularly important, or the entire town as a whole, or a monster that everyone would be expected to hate but shouldn't because it's actually good at heart (especially given it takes after the human who adopts it). So I'd say in the case of 9, the focus is on the larger story elements and lore inherent to each area, thus the nature of its story telling is less focused on finalizing every arc, even in the post-game quests, as if said character isn't tied to some more significant mythos in it's specific area, it's of less import to world at large, and to the overseers, the Celestrians. This despite the introduction to the Celestrians. I think it more a practical application of the reality of what would be seen as more important for such a role, as it's one being per each area, and over the course of the game, it becomes one Celestrian who must protect the whole world. So the initial import of individual issues is overcome by the import of larger more global/regional issues.
  24. I wouldn't say that about Horii. I think 11 was his best work. He's become far more sophisticated in his writing, as far as Dragon Quest sophistication can be carried, while still maintaining the same general feel and flow. There's not nearly as much party chat as previous games, but then, only 7 PSX, and the DS remakes had substantive party chat, and reactive party chat to individual NPC conversations. Since then it's related to specific story points almost exclusively, with only a tidbit of variety to some minor NPC conversations. There were far more considerations to distinct personalities, far more so in this particular DQ than in any previous. Though at the same time, certain characters did suffer for lack of focus (Erik needed more padding, but more significantly, Rab and ESPECIALLY Jade, as Yangus has mentioned a few times as needing extra story). Though this is more typical of a writer who is more used to hard focus on a few characters, and ignoring the rest. Dragon Quest VI had a lot of character development holes, and even failed to fully flesh out the main hero and his significance. V just thrusts several members onto the party without fully realizing their storylines and importance. It's really Sancho + Hero + Hero's Parents + Bianca + to a MUCH lesser degree, the kids. Despite being the prophesied hero, the son is kind of backburner and without the party chat in the remake, had no development, and Madchen had even less consideration. There's a lot more going on in DQ11 than in most other DQ games, a lot more general twists, and surprises as well. I can somewhat agree on Toriyama for a few reasons, though not completely: 1) As you said, Jump Force's final boss. 2) Dragon Quest VII and IX had the largest variety of new designs. Since then they've become ever more simplified, with a few bosses here and there that have serious effort put in. Though given VIII was VERY lackluster, and rehashed almost its entire roster, it could just be the normal Toriyama is bored, and Horii wasn't as engaged in picking monsters, as usually he gets engaged when he wants something new. 3) His DB Super work. I get the impression he's as hands-on with the anime as he was with DB and DBZ. The manga work doesn't seem entirely his either. Like he has staffers handle some pages, or maybe detail work. 4) Like with DB Super, for the remakes and spinoffs, he clearly has staff handle the job, though in this case, bird studio instead of a separate studio. Heck, all the mobile tweaks in DQ1, and the subsequent similar tweaks to 2 and 3 for 3DS/PS4/Switch was clearly NOT his work. That was definitely a staffer. So he's already delegating work more readily, but then he is involved in a LOT more projects. One of the issues with assuming Toriyama is out of it, or that he's running on fumes, is that his work load of late has ballooned. When he was doing work from Dragon Quest VII through to Dragon Quest IX, he wasn't doing much more than game work. The manga was finished. He wasn't spearheading any anime project. He wasn't creating new manga or anime. He was doing mostly work for game studios. He was fairly open and taking it easy. Since the Frieza revived movie, he's been really strained with multiple projects. There's been a lot of new Dragon Quest titles as well. So he's been pretty busy. It could be said he's just tired and out of it due to general burnout, which is why he was fairly quiet with manga and anime for such a long time. It's also a matter of how much inspiration or time he had to work on different projects. DQ11's final boss, if we're talking the , I get the criticism, as it's a cop-out move that required no effort. He could have created something really cool, or maybe created a dark version of the Zenith Dragon, like the inverse, only corrupted. If we're talking about , I would strongly disagree. I thought that was a clever design, it's a combination of various DQ final bosses rolled into one (Zoma, Psaro, and Esturk). I DO however understand the Switch sidequest final boss that leads to the . That one should have been distinct, but instead it's a harder version of who is a distinct creature all its own. No indicator of them being from the same tribe that I recall. So I wouldn't write of Tori yet.
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