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  1. Maxing the sphere grid prior to changing out the nodes. The other is...I've gotten halfway in one game, and I still need another 200 or so max level stat nodes. That's too much work. So as is, and the freebie stat boosting nodes the game automatically hands the party. So all locks removed as well. I would equate maxing out all nodes by farming the high-tier stat boost nodes, and purchasing the node removals, is the equivalent of getting stat boosting items in DQ's or the few FF's that have them, like 7.
  2. Ok boomer needs to die. It's the most mind numbingly stupid retort I see people usually using when they literally have no relevant points to make in any argument. At least thus far it's how it's been used with me, and every other time I've seen it used. It's not a valid criticism, just an escape from meaningful dialogue by moronic trolls who think themselves clever that they've somehow escaped using the wasted rental space between their ears. That said...it's not something that bothers me. I don't always grind to the level cap, but in some games I will. After beating the boss, and if available, the bonus boss. I require the desire to continue playing. I've done so in FF1 NES (once...not doing so again, it's very slow past 28). I've done so in the PSX rerelease twice, and the GBA version several times. FF4 it's been a few games where I've hit the cap, both in the remake and in the original SNES version. Not in the GBA version and I still need to get the PSP (not too enthusiastic about it). FF6 I've hit the cap quite easily in numerous replays. FF7 I've hit the cap in almost every full playthrough, and there have been a lot. FF8 I've hit the cap twice, and regretted it both times. Low level is the best way to play. It's not even challenging. It's more like a beatdown, even with Holy Wars, Aura, and Triple with a fair chunk of monsters, as their stats cap out at 255, and it's very hard to max every player stat higher than 180. 180 vs 255 is a huge difference, and with only a handful of 255 stats, often some defense has to be sacrificed, so damage intake is very high, often one-shotting party members from several end-game enemies. Omega and Ultima weapons are relatively unforgiving, and Omega's HP is insane at cap. FF9 I hit cap every game. FF10 I've hit cap twice. FF13 I've hit cap in my one and only playthrough. Tales of Phantasia, I hit cap every playthrough after getting to the second to last area. It's very easy to hit. So in this case, it breaks my rule, but not by choice. Tales of Destiny, I've hit cap twice I think. It's much more difficult to cap out. Tales of Eternia, I've hit cap once. Might and Magic 2 and 3, I've actually hit cap, on multiple characters, and age cap as well, which wasn't fun, forcing retirement. Xenogears I hit cap in every playthrough I get to the end. Xenosaga 1 and 2 I've hit cap. I haven't gotten far enough into 3 to cap out. Etrian Odyssey 1 and 2 I've hit the initial caps with one character roster each, before retiring for skill point bonuses. Lost Odyssey I've hit cap in every area I visit. Then again the game is designed to thrust the player to the cap immediately. I've even gotten Cap +1~5 thanks to grinding out literally 1 exp per enemy trying to farm items. Blue Dragon is so easy to max out levels in for each class. The moment the Kelonlon tunnel opens up ...Barrier leveling to the max! Seriously broken, but at least it's very very late game. The trick for BD is to get the Barrier class up asap, get the 3rd version Barrier, then get the basic freelancer type class up to max asap, then play the game normally with the other classes, using Barrier level 3 to leech EXP without getting into battles, and just run around maps insta-killing things) to get that class up to decent level. It's great that BD also offers a lot of areas with tons and tons of instantly or nearly instantly respawning enemies. I guess Blue Dragon is the one exception to my rule by choice. I always cap out early. Dragon Quest 2 I've hit the cap at least once, maybe a few more times. NES original only. Dragon Quest 3 I've hit the cap in each version at least once. My current mobile phone game has my Hero and 9 additional characters representing both exes that I like still/on good/great terms with after breaking up and women that I didn't date but really wanted to. They've been level 99 for quite some time. It's just about seed farming to max stats, now HP, and then MP for at least the Hero. Maybe getting 500 MP for the three Martial Artists. The other two groups are three Sages and three Thieves. All of which have every spell. Dragon Quest 4 I've hit the cap in numerous playthroughs, including my last DS playthrough. Dragon Quest 6 I've hit the cap in two playthroughs. Dragon Quest 7 on every playthrough I've gotten to the end. Dragon Quest 8 on every playthrough I've gotten to the end. PS2 version...it's always abusing turbo-controllers auto-farming seeds of strength on the hidden SW island. Dragon Quest 9 on three playthroughs I've capped every class enough times to get max skill points. Two of them were solo games. One is my main (I use a save manager). Dragon Quest 11 I capped in Act 2 because I'm FAQ writing, gathering data, and did not put the EXP cap Draconian setting on. It's very easy to max out in DQ11. There are probably a few other games where I've capped out, but can't recall. OH, Nostalgia and Skies of Arcadia (multiple times...like every playthrough...it's almost necessary in Legends for the extra super fights).
  3. It's a shame you cannot duplicate Seeds of Life in Builders 1.
  4. I haven't posted here in awhile... Dragon Quest VII 3DS - currently getting every monster to at least level 5 so I can see what their chest reward groups are in their independent tablets. Fun times =p...actually, despite repetition going through the share and find menues, and receive text over and over again, it's not that bad. Even after 8 months of this. I still have another to go, and then I have to figure out what chest items each monster spawns, and then there are a few groups where I have to then level to 20~50 just to find out what they are. Good times with menu text. Dragon Quest XI Switch - getting critical data for fisticuffs as a baseline. Then it's onto Swords, then PS4 testing. Already done Greatswords and Daggers. Fantasy Life - finally got the DLC after all this time. Started on the quest to access Origin Island. Though I really should finish up the quest backlog. I think I have another 20 quests after completing the ones on my list, left over in the main game. It's kind of surprising how many there are. Sekiro - started, just got the arm attachment, so the true beginning. Dragon Quest Builders 2 - Forrowfield. Attempted the Seed of Life infinite trick. No dice. They should make it possible to farm them somehow. I noticed something interesting. The Hero has hidden stats. Both hidden Strength and hidden Defense. So it's not just his/her HP that goes up. Even without any new armour of any kind (or having invented any yet....I've just been exploring the island gathering things and making a giant barrier around the town, the leveling out the land, lol). I noticed this after keeping the same gear (no new weapon recipes at level 7), and dealing 1 extra damage per hit on everything, with 2 extra on slimes/drackies, and my damage intake went from 5~8 to like 2~5, so a 3 point difference from level 6. My crit rate also seems to be slightly higher. Bloodstained - still in the ship dungeon, farming away to get every enemy list filled out 100% as I go.
  5. Eh, the cleanliness of the graphics is a tad more enjoyable. As is the darker colour pallet, something that's changed drastically since DQ8. Even DQ4 and 5's original remakes have darker colour pallets than the DS remakes. It's a change I've never liked in Dragon Quest, including 11. My favourite part of 11 is just after arriving on the beach at the start of Act 2, and seeing the sky, the darkened land, the grim and grueling changes to the world. Then it's ripped all away after the first major battle, and only one area is left with that sky and darker colour pallet (Gallopolis).
  6. ...must...resist...urge...to...play...DQB2, Sekiro, or Bloodstained...must...not...play ... ... ... *fails*  DQB2 I'm really loving, I spent 4 hours hunting around Furrowfield for extra levels because damnit, I love grinding!  I just popped in Sekiro, though I have stuff.  Bloodstained is going to be very difficult to resist, but I have to complete certain other objectives for FAQ purposes in DQ11, and the one MMO I play, Ragnarok Online, is doing a special Christmas series of events as they're shutting down for 3 months for some major patching.  Free upgrading to the halfway point, instead of spending $20~200?  Yes, please.  Only 5 more days.

    1. JaybirdC


      I haven't played Ragnarok Online since High School, and only then the playable demo, which was free, but the lore was always fascinating.

    2. Twinkie


      Oh man. Ragnarok Online is so good. I didn't start playing it until late 2000 but I had a lot of fun with it. I really should visit it again sometime.

  7. @Plattym3 Ok...Target and Walmart have it on sale for 49.99. A few ebay stores are selling at 45, Apparently until I think the 2nd. So through to Monday. It's definitely in stock in my area, so likely in yours as well. Given the timeline, I think you CAN hold out until Monday to see if there are any Cyber Monday deals (Amazon is a likely potential source of them, and Gamestop....I'm actually surprised at some of the Switch Gamestop deals, and Gamestop deals period...they are desperate to stay in business, though my area is actually good as we've only seen one store closure in the last 10 years to consolidate one area because there were two within a few blocks, but we still have like 8 stores out here, on top of all the EB stores).
  8. Happy Thanksgiving guys!  Much love to you all!

    ...I was bad, I participated in Black Thursday!  The day of true evil, but I snagged the last non-floor copies of Bloodstained, Builders 2, and the last Walmart copy of Sekiro...got into Walmart at 6:45 or so, and with a nearly depleted PS4 black thursday, the day of evil, stock, I managed the last copy of Sekiro.  So I now have Sekiro as well :).

    I can get the DLC packages for Builders 2 later, after I beat the game.

    1. JaybirdC


      There's another Black day to come, so you be on guard against further evil, young padawan.

    2. eal


      Thank God I live in a Blue Laws state. That being said, this doesn’t extend to food service, I believe. So I find it ironic watching Macy’s Thanksgiving Dany Parade and seeing Ronald McDonald and his balloon and thinking how there are employees who won’t even see him because they’re too busy working.

    3. ignasia


      It's a right tragedy.  They should enforce Black Friday on Black Friday, not the Thursday before.  So I wouldn't have to worry about stock over the weekend, but I am glad I was able to snag these after driving my sister back home (Walmart right next door to the Gamestop, and both off one of the three main paths returning home).

      When I worked at Starbucks, it was a huge point of contention for those who would work Black Friday.  Being senior for 3 of my 4 years there, it was easy to get off (plus I'd ask very early on, and I took almost everyone else's shifts during the rest of the year, when they needed time away/emergencies).  I would have been pretty pissed had we a floating Siren balloon, complete with legs spread wide and inviting, that I would not have been allowed to see.  Oh, tragic irony.

      I wonder if they still use a Ronald Float as well?

  9. Yeah, it's been 49.99 for a month now, consistently, with a handful of 44.99 sales here and there, with the price with that slash through and the "sale" sign, but the slash through was for most places, the 49.99 price, and now it's back up again. I wonder if it's because stock is moving well and they're looking to gain more profit? I don't know, it's hard to gauge that thought process, as the change to 49.99 is the typical change when the normal price goes down. Perhaps it's due to backstock of original release copies, or they're hoping popularity and nearness to Christmas will increase sales anyhow, so they're assuring maximum profits on the retail end. See any sales for Dragon Quest Builders 2 on Switch this Black Friday? Just PS4 unfortunately. Target has the second best deal. Walmart has it down to 39.99 for Black Friday. I would check on Cyber Monday, though that's now being blended with Black Friday for one large sales grouping that often lasts until December 2nd or 3rd. So what's on sale now is often what continues to remain through "Cyber Monday." We'll have to wait until Sunday to likely know what the extra deals are for Cyber Monday. I suspect that's a strong possibility. One problem I have with Amazon and videogames, is they often wait until the day before for individual game deals, some of which only pop up for a few hours at most.
  10. Well, I haven't actually tested it to know. I own them on PS4. I'm just going by recommended hardware settings on Steam. DQ11 is much more resource intensive based on those settings. That said, I should be getting the PS4 version tomorrow or Friday. Gamestop has a sale, and DQB2 is 24.99. Target has it as 29.99 on sale for black friday.
  11. @Dakhil and anyone else wondering about weight gain in the US...well, it's happening worldwide, and there's also a weight loss revolution in the US due to certain new dietary trends thanks to more people listening to doctors that actually talk about Insulin resistance.  This should peak your interest on one of three major glaring problems facing health and creating fat people (ir, omega-6, and sugar):


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    2. ignasia


      8 ) There's also the sugar added to almost all prepared foods in the West.  It just adds up to the point where quite a few Americans eat about a pound of sugar a week, if not more.  Not all, but a lot.  The fat acceptance movement isn't helping anyone either, least of all the fat people afflicted by their own poor choices.

    3. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      Oh no. I thought better of you, Iggy.

      Doctors wouldn't provide vaccinations if they were known to be dangerous. The point is to prevent disease, not cause it. There are rare cases in which someone can be harmed by a vaccine, but it's generally caused by an allergic reaction or compromised immune system.

      VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM. Autism is a trait that is determined by birth, even though signs may not be noticeable for a couple years. You don't "get" autism, you're born with it.

      I'm honestly disappointed that you've been fooled by some of the misinformation out there, as I know you're a smart guy. PLEASE do some research on this.

    4. ignasia


      Erdrick, just look into the Vaccine Court.  That's a good start.

  12. @Liamland That was someone else, probably Dark RPG Wizard. I wonder what happened to that guy? He was really helpful. Really good guy. I know what you're talking about though. There are a lot of DQM breeding data sites now gone. The biggest hit was the Joker 1 site. That was super detailed. Even broke down best stat growth practices, and had full charts to all S ranks. Alongside full skill breakdowns.
  13. For sure. Eventually caffeine just adds to headaches and the general fog effect from overdosing on the drug start to kick in. Nevermind the general feeling of lethargy due to lack of sleep over extended periods. It's one thing to have Insomnia, quite another not to, and force yourself to stay up. I may not have kids at the moment, but I can't do MMO grinds like I used to. So it gets frustrating meeting people on the ones I do play, and the time it takes to get certain quests done....we're talking several hours. This sort of game is even worse, because of the nature of the planning, it just engrosses me and absorbs all my time, leading to 3, 4, 5 hours going by like they were nothing. Over time, combined with that groggy feeling, it's just not fun because I can't really engage on the same level, or the level I really want to.
  14. Hmm. Spend $85 on Switch or PS4 for all content, and lacking the pre-order bonuses, or get everything at the same price as just the game on Switch/PS4 for all that and a bag of chips; Lays chips, not Kettle or Boulder Canyon, but still chips...no cookie though. They're not that great, fanservicy, but I wouldn't really see myself using them...maybe if they released special equipment that's costume equipment to look like other DQ heroes...that would be bangin'. I am praying I can run this game, and they get the recommended out beforehand so I can consider a pre-order, or wait until PS4 or Switch goes on sale. I can run Heroes 1, barely run 2, but I can't run 11. Not by a long shot.
  15. Erik, Sylvando, Jade, and Rab are all prior to the "Fish" scenario in Act 2. All back to back. The 8th's extra content isn't until Act 3, in Heliodor, after unlocking the Trials. It's by far the shortest. You have to enter the outside area on the first floor of the castle, where the Yggdrasil root is. Serena and Veronica have no extra scenarios, unfortunately.
  16. Fair point. Though it's still not the same as previous DQ games. The devastation is far more removed, and the change to a bright sunny world after Heliodor certainly didn't help matters. Nevermind a lack of direct retribution of any form.
  17. Ok, that is a fair point, to a degree, but it's one with far less impact, except maybe for the Last Bastion. Except for Heliodor, that's a gross exaggeration, and even then it's implied a very sizeable portion of the townsfolk and castle staff made it out. No seriously, there are no other missing townsfolk. All the Octagonia folk return after events. The Nautica people weren't killed in its assault, the people of Lonalulu remain to a man. Same with Hotto, Gondolia, Gallopolis, Arboria, same with Puerto Valor, Phnom Nohn, and Medal Academy. Even the Vikings remain intact after they're saved. The only exceptions beyond Heliodor are certain extras outside the walls in Sniflhiem, and the parents of two children who were supposed to go to the Medal School. That is it. We also don't witness quite the same thing either. The only deaths of humans we bear witness to are... We visually watch Marta and Papa's lives being stripped from them. We directly participate in a free-for-all murder spree that repeats endlessly, to the bottom of a well for a single treasure left by the great sage, as men cast away whatever humanity they have left to butcher one another for it, only to be revived and restart the process. We watch as the jailed citizens in the last town in DQ6 get wiped out one by one by lightning strikes. We see a man take up a sword and both the recently deceased, and his last two victims before he shatters his sword in a young woman's body, shattering her soul, in the hopes of escaping a purgatory town, just for the chance of potentially leaving and getting his powers back after the false Dharma. We bear witness to the deaths of the town of Mammon. Watch as their spirits drain over time, as their greed continues their search for riches in the mine, and their eventual. They're more raw and visceral, more emotionally drawing, more real and I'm not even getting into Dune or late game DQ7. Or the sacrifices in Aridea in 6. Except that it's not. At all. Less than 1/100th of the NPCs are removed. Hell, there are even additional NPCs added to Phnom Nohn, who then move to Puerto Valor.
  18. Those two, with snarls, and a sense of threat. The dragon's maw open, and the eyes positioned in such a way as to give that sense that the dragon is a ferocious monsters, despite the lighter tones and curvy lines, giving it a more happy-go-lucky shape...to this: ...which looks like it's smiling and happy. Totally non-threatening in appearance, as most of the extra lines are removed, and the eyes are widened a bit, and given a rounder shape, while the lower jaw is widened a bit, and given more of a curve, and the body is widened just slightly, to make it more jolly looking and giving the dragon a wide-eyed smile instead of a snarl. It's subtle, but it doesn't fit DQ as well as the original. Though I guess we can say that later DQ games tone down the darker themes as Horii becomes a better writer. There's less actual murder, only threats (not much murder in DQ11, and 9...wow, 9 was so ungodly tame it's a joke). The darker elements since 7 have just become less the focus, and are more your average modern day fairy tale, as compared to the older fairy tales of yore, where fairies ate children, or mermaids drowned men in the sea. So in the sense that DQ is becoming more tame in general. Yes, it fits. It just lacks that mixture of threat and evil, with a light and happy coat of paint. There's no connection anymore to the original style.
  19. Two last pieces of advice: 1) try to keep your rooms layed out so each one is part of the walls of the others, so they all fit on the 1st floor. So it's best to start in a corner and build out from that corner within the base. Try to keep it 1 story for Chapters 1~3. Feel free to put a roof and stairs leading up to it, towards the end of Chapter 2 facing away from the land leading to the peninsula the town is built on. I think the direction is South, but I'm unsure. Once the bosses are defeated, if you want to continue playing that chapter post-boss, feel free to build as you want to. Note though, that Terra Incognita, at the very end, is designed for infinite building on a safe island to build as you please on. 2) If you decide TO build upwards at all, note there is a cap to where NPC's will go (anything under I think 30 or 32 tiles up). Enemies will spawn beyond that point. They will also spawn on any section of your base outside that square space you're given with the lighter coloured tiles and special music within those tiles, to indicate the base perimeter. So let's say you build a castle, and you build a spire that extends outside the base, enemies WILL spawn on the spire, regardless of how high up it is. This is a bit problem in Chapter 4 where one enemy, Rockbombs, will blow up a huge portion of your base, and the only material that blocks that explosion, is Obsidian. Obsidian in Chapter 4 is also annoying, as you're not given a very powerful hammer (it's strong enough to break the material, but not strong enough to break it and allow you to collect it...meaning once broken, it's gone forever). The only way to collect it at all is through cannons, which the story gives you for free after you rescue a certain individual. In chapters 1 and 3, you'll have the ability to farm Obsidian with a mallet, as it's just strong enough to break it and keep it for your own usage as a building material.
  20. 1) Chests for storage. Even after you make the big chest that automatically takes your excess items magically, that will fill up easily. Make extra small chests, and I suggest keeping similar types of items within them. Like use 2~3 for basic building materials like dirts, 2~3 for building materials you have to make yourself, like bricks, etc. 2) When you can make flooring and walls, you can craft infinite of these things. They're called Flooring and Cladding. Make 1 set instantly for each of your preferred type, then... Flooring - create a 5x5 grid of a basic building material that can be changed (dirt or clay most of the time, dirt being the best choice), then stand on the center square, and use the Flooring to turn the whole grid into that floor type. Keep making these until you have both as many individual floor blocks as you need, or ample to make more Flooring to change whole sections of dirt into that flooring. Cladding - create a grid of 5x5, except the center block, and stack this 3 high. Stand in the center, use the Cladding, then use your hammer to smash the top two, then charge attacks to smash the rest of the top 2 layers, then the bottom layer. You'll get the hang of it. You can use this extra for just making the walls as you go, or to make more cladding to change dirt into those wall tiles. If you have the Telaria Shoes, you can double jump and make the 5x5 grid, 4 stacks tall. Do note it's best to stack upward with each dirt patch. So lay one dirt patch, place the second one on on it, then jump to place the 3rd. Then lay the next one, repeat the process until you get your 5x5 grid. 3) In Chapter 1, when you get to the final section with the Obsidian, use that to surround your base. The boss cannot damage Obsidian. You'll see the outline of your base, where the music is still your base music, and not the world music. That's where you want to put your wall, where the town music still plays, just prior to the world map music, at the very edge. 4) Chapter 1, I suggest a full wall of Stone cladding around your base the moment you can, with doors leading out. This will prevent the constant monster attacks from getting through. Chapter 2, place wooden or magical doors (or both) outside your main walls. They prevent ALL attacks. Chapter 3, the moment you can create cannons, farm obsidian asap on the third island, and surround your base with a wall 6 tiles up and 1 tile underground on the West side, and 4 tiles high on the East. It might be a good idea to assure the bottom tile is missing, as you may want to place push traps all around your base (the game will require a push-trap section be built, and it is effective against all but super large enemies, like Trolls...which is why the 6 tile height. Chapter 4, obsidian barrier around the castle the moment you can, only you don't have to place it inside the city, but instead just outside. I HIGHLY suggest creating one major opening on the West side with all your Evil Idol's placed as a kill zone, and the spike traps you'll get layed out in between. Do not make a moat until you can put Obsidian at the bottom as well. It's the ONLY thing that prevents your base from being blown up. So make sure to collect as much as you can the moment you're able to, and use it as your main base protection. 5) It's always a good choice to place 4 doors leading from the 4 walls in Chapters 1~3. 6) In Chapter 4, I suggest making sure you get the Gold Ring that's hidden in the special treasure area in the first island, the SE section I think. It's hidden behind an ashen wall. 7) In Chapter 4, make sure to break the statue you find for water purification, and place it in the water pool inside the small mini-base, so you can make infinite Holy Waters without going back and forth. 8 ) In Chapter 4, make sure you get the cursed equipment early. It's a good idea to get the Critical Ring from the same dungeon. I suggest looking up a youtube about it. It can be done after the first base defense on the first island. 9) In Chapter 4, I HIGHLY suggest you collect as much from the second island as you need or think you might need, before freeing Tantegel with Holy Water, as you'll want as many healing and iron/coal as you can get for a good early start. The moment the main base in Tantegel becomes operational on Island 2, you'll get enemy party attacks, and with initial resources, no way to counter them properly. Better to know you can make some decent cladding, or prepare for decent cladding asap. 10) A requirement in Chapter 2, but it should be repeated for Chapters 3 and 4: break tree stumps for seedlings. Designate at minimum a 2x8 or 4x4 grid space for trees. Make sure nothing is hanging over them so they can grow to full height (takes like 3~4 in-game days). This will offer a constant supply of wood, which is used in a number of recipes.
  21. Sounds like a blast of hot air, straight to the face, in the heat of the moment, at the end of the summer, in a town by the equator. Hope you get that breath of fresh air soon.
  22. It's like he's suddenly becoming...serious...you don't think he's begun his manstration cycle and a mid-life crisis do you?
  23. That's far more. I've never seen anything on DQ1-3. But it's obviously tied together. You're supposed to say something like: *clears throat* Ahem, and that's about the size of it. *cough* *drinks water* I haven't read anything either *looks around, smiles as no one notices the sweat beads pouring down*
  24. I've never read or recall any interview suggesting planning in advance. It's rather difficult to do so, unless you already write the main storyline first, and work out the specifics for that game first, then work on the prequels/lead-in. Horii just patched DQ1 together initially as a pet project he presented to Enix in a contest, where his work was chosen, and he expanded it into what we know as Dragon Quest. That suggests there were no grander ambitions. He was a huge fan of Wizardry and Ultima, and as he's stated in numerous interviews, thought they weren't very accessible or approachable. Thus his idea for DQ1, taking elements from both, combining them, and making a very easy to get into, intuitive game design with the same basic premise: role playing mechanics and save the world from the evil menace...plus save a princess, literally. DQII, he barely spent time finalizing anything after the ship. He was too busy co-ordinating with Shonen Jump after a friend suggested helping his series out through Shonen Jump promotions. So everything post-ship has minimal story, no real story direction (he clearly wrote bits, but they were obviously hurried), and no play testing to manage enemy difficulty values (and really the story direction to assure players would likely walk into the right enemies at the right time, or be foolhardy and rush to a later area before being told to, and risk death). That Shonen Jump push is what assured success, as DQ1 sold poorly at first (it was a success by general standards, now as then, but it wasn't the runaway success it would be after Shonen Jump's promotion for DQ2, spurring on DQ1 sales from like 100k to 1.5m, and upon DQ2's launch, the first truly successful RPG launch in Japan that helped pave the way for Final Fantasy being a runaway success). So no, the chance DQ3 was written and crafted already, with 1 and 2 being the lead-ins is almost an impossibility given the history, and how hard Horii worked going straight into DQ2 after 1. There's just too much in DQ3 to make that happen. The writing is about 30~40x that of DQ2 in real terms. There are 4x as many NPCs in the first world alone, nevermind the extra text related to core story points, and the NPCs in Alefgard, and the writing for the class change and patty's party planning place, and the bank, and other features. The amount of in-battle text with the spell expansion to nearly 10x what was in DQ2. The amount of menu bits, the equipment. There's just a lot more text written for the game in names, etc. Plus the team for DQ1, then 2, then 3 just grew a lot. It's possible DQ3 was an ultimate dream, to eventually become realized. Much like the King Arthur Action RPG Sakaguchi set out to make for Square, but had to cancel it in favour of Final Fantasy as the company was going under, and they needed a final attempt at success (and he's even suggested that because of Dragon Quest's popularity, Final Fantasy was able to have the success it has, so he's definitely acknowledged Horii-san, though I can't find that interview anymore). That King Arthur game was reworked later on to become Seiken Densetsu. So what we know as Mana, is in fact the precursor to Final Fantasy, never fully realized, and most of the code for that game was passed on to SD2, or Secret of Mana, as the Gameboy just couldn't handle the type of programming and story depth the NES could, so they used it as a precursor, a starting point, which would eventually allow them with SoM, to realize the original King Arthur story (thus the Mana Sword in the stone), though a good 60~70% of the game had to be tossed out when they were forced to rebuild SD2 for an SNES cart, as Nintendo trashed the disc system (I forget why). Anyway, no. DQ3 if it was an idea, was a simple and basic idea, but I've never found any interview where Horii has ever suggested it was an earlier concept he couldn't realize until later. One built off the other, and he built DQ2 off of DQ1, and decided to make the 3rd about the past. As to why DQ3 is a prequel is another matter...maybe he thought it would work better given the title holds so much weight in the original game, and DQ2 kind of strayed a bit off course from that. So it offers the opportunity, given the historical basis created in both games, to go back and create the legendary hero, as that allows for a grand adventure based on lore. Though I don't know.
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