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  1. About 8~15 hours of extra story for the Act 2 bits, depending on how long you take, and the Tickington gameplay is 15~30 hours, again, depending on how long it takes to complete. Do note it starts about the 10% story marker for Tickington, and has a boss rush after the post-game/act 3 boss, then you get a superboss unlock after a series of superboss fights (unfortunately one-time for the Tickington superbosses, but the boss it unlocks can be fought infinitely).
  2. Really? You think it's still that bad? NES era (only period with a 2~3 year gap): DQ1 May 1986 -> August 1989 (so 3y 3m) DQ2 January 1987 -> September 1990 (so 3y 8m, +5m , 1y 1m from DQ1 US) DQ3 February 1988 -> March 1992 (so 4y 1m, +5m , 1y 6m from DQ2 US) DQ4 February 1990 -> October 1992 (so 2y 1m, -2y , 7m from DQ3 US) GBC + PSX era DQM1 September 1998 -> January 2000 (so 1y 4m) DQ1+2 September 1999 -> September 2000 (so 1y, -4m , 8m from DQM1 US) DQT:TLH September 1999 -> November 2000 (so 1y 2m, +2m , 2m from DQ1+2 US) DQ3 September 2000 -> July 2001 (so 9m, -5m , 7m from DQTorneko US) DQM2 March 2001 -> September 2001 (so 6m, -3m , 2m from DQ3 US) DQ7 August 2000 -> October 2001 (so 1y 2m, +8m , 1m from DQM2 US , -11m vs DQ4 NES, the last "current/new" mainline release) PS2 + DS + Wii era DQ8 November 2004 -> November 2005 (so 1y, -2m vs DQ7 PSX, the last "new" mainline release) DQRS December 2005 -> September 2006 ...9m DQM:J December 2006 -> November 2007 ...11m DQS July 2007 -> February 2008 ...7m DQ4 November 2007 -> September 2008 ...10m DQ5 July 2008 -> February 2009 ...7m DQ9 July 2009 -> July 2010 ...1y DQ6 January 2010 -> February 2011 ...1y 1m DQM:J2 April 2010 -> September 2011 ...1y 5m (this can be classified as a fluke due to potential internal disputes between Nintendo and SE) Mobile releases DQ Wars June 2009 -> September 2009 ...3m DQ8 December 2013 -> May 2014 ...5m DQ4 April 2014 -> August 2014 ...4m DQ1 November 2013 -> September 2014 ...10m DQ2 June 2014 -> October 2014 ...4m DQ3 September 2014 -> December 2014 ...3m DQ5 December 2014 -> January 2015 ...1m DQ6 June 2015 -> June 2015 ...14 days 3DS + PS4 + Switch era DQH February 2015 -> October 2015 ...8m DQ7 February 2013 -> September 2016 ...3y 7m (this is an exception to the new rule) DQ8 August 2015 -> January 2017 ...1y 5m DQH2 May 2016 -> April 2017 ...11m DQB PS4 January 2016 -> October 2016 ...9m DQB Switch February 2017 WW ...March 2017 Japan (we had this game a month PRIOR to Japan) ... -1m DQ11 PS4 July 2017 -> September 2018 ...1y 2m DQB2 December 2018 -> July 2019 ...7m DQ11 Switch September 2019 (WW, same date as Japan) ...+/- 0m, 0w, 0d, 0h, 0s ==== Seems to me it will either be about 1y, maybe a month or two over, or it will be WAY under that, as they start localization efforts alongside development (which is very possible). DQ7 3DS is a clear exception, and with obvious reasons. DQ8 3DS is also a slight exception, also for obvious reasons. They weren't planned for release at some point during development, and for some reason SE seems frightened about releasing DQ games on Nintendo handheld consoles (sees them as risky, without taking into account reasons and bad judgment/handling on their part). So take some heart, things aren't nearly as bad as they use to be in the NES era, where it took Enix a long time to recognize potential in the West, and all due to Nintendo's handiwork and help.
  3. That's been up there for 3 months now. I'd say a bit more than a pinch of a salt at this point.
  4. That's some solid reasoning, but I think we'll see a similar scenario to DQ11, in that the Switch version will have a slightly different graphical system. Not for the Switch Pro/Switch 2, but for the normal Switch, and the PS5, XBS1, and PC/Steam will see the same version. I can see slightly different content between them as well. When Switch Pro/Switch 2 releases, it will get a port of the PS5 version with some new content, assuming the Switch Pro numbers hit a certain level and certain amount of consistent popularity to make it worth SE's time. That or if it's a Switch temporary exclusive, the release date would be either before or immediately following the Switch Pro, so I do not see that as a feasible approach for a system exclusive, no matter how much money Nintendo is willing to pony up for it. The risk to reward is too low, unless Nintendo can prove demand is very high like...now, literally at this early stage, as they would have to develop for a non-existent system at this point, meaning they would have to know the specs and have to have early access to dev kits. So if it's temporary, it will be Switch normal, as the release date is going to be 2, maybe 3 years from now, especially if they use Unreal Engine. Then we'd see an updated version with higher visuals for PS5/XB4/PC. Then that will be ported to Switch Pro, and in that scenario, the PS5/XB4/PC will have added unique content, and the Switch Pro will be a pure port. Or maybe...MAYBE they decide to create a DLC update patch in a reasonable price range for the Switch, complete with Switch Pro texture updates. === Most likely scenario I see is the first, in the sense we'll see Switch -> 3DS, and PS5/XB4/PC -> PS4 , ala DQ12 -> DQ11 development. I think this the most likely, as it's actually cheaper overall, and would give the Switch a certain advantage of uniqueness, which if released early on, might work out better in the West. I think in this case, they would see the logic in releasing all versions.
  5. There's a silver lining if you cannot get a copy right now for under $50, and especially from GS, so you can assure a $35 price. Right now the market is exploding. A lot of people who cannot watch sports (or because sports royally blows watching without an audience, and because you cannot go to the games), so they're looking for other things to fill in the time. Meaning there's a TON of demand. So prices are going up in most cases. DQ4 and 5 DS for example, are about 30% higher. DQ8 PS2 is about 100% higher. However DQ9 is still in normal range. This will necessarily change, and reverse as the market bubble collapses and demand drops once the lockdowns, massive mask wearing requirements, restaurants re-open (though mostly it will be new restaurants or old restaurants started anew in a new location if they do at all...some won't, but we will eventually see new restaurants). Sports arenas will fill up again, and then prices will drop. I do expect even DQ8 3DS will see a drop, but the question is how much. There are definitely more DQ7 3DS copies printed, and while I think there are more DQ8 3DS copies out there than DQ5 DS copies, there are probably less than DQ4 DS. Though it's more desirable a game, especially given all the added things. Though of course, if the game releases on Switch and PSN, then it might see a drop for a bit, then a slight rise. Just note that it's very unlikely the price will ever go below $40 once Gamestop decides to raise the used price.
  6. Unfortunately stock is so low, there's no excess in their warehouse. So it's in-store or nothing. I don't know about @DragonQuest2IsGood but my area, and 100 miles around it, there are none. Though this is kind of an RPG haven of sorts. There are a surprising number of JRPG nerds out in the desert South West, if not RPG general (lots of DnD players in my High School, and they all played Wizardry/Ultima, and at least Final Fantasy, I think I was the only Dragon Quest fan and the only one who even knew what this series is amongst them). Wow...DQ8 on Amazon just shot up to 66 new. Even DQ7 3DS has gone up from the 30's to the 40's again. I guess it's better than when DQ8 was in the 80's, and DQ7 was in the 50's. @DragonQuest2IsGood I'd definitely snag a copy asap from Gamestop if one is in your area, even if it's 100 miles away. The used prices I'm seeing now, are in the 60's to 80's now. Or ebay and hope the shipping price isn't exorbitantly high (15 for shipping a game that should cost only 3~4 is ridiculous). Otherwise get a copy soon, as I don't think Nintendo is printing any extras now, so price should now go up. I can see DQ8 3DS going up to DQ6 DS prices in 6m to 1y.
  7. I said I have a Lite. It's 100% portable. No docking available, or even allowed, as the chip that would allow for it is removed. I will say, yes, it does look better. The screen size is smaller, but the aspect ratio remains the same, so it squeezes pixels together, but quite evenly, and the resulting process gives the visual aesthetic more vibrancy and pop. Some textures as a result, look drastically improved on the Lite versus the normal Switch, and the general scenery in some spots definitely are to me, superior on that small screen. I would agree not all. Shadows for one are horrendous on the Switch, in portable mode especially, so i'm forced to deal with these "fluid" water-like shadows that move around crazily and shift randomly. The pop-ins are VERY noticeable, especially in Portable Mode or the Lite. So there's that, and the general lack of foliage and grass does stand out. Yet I would say the general textures are better, and I have less issue with texture switching on my Lite than on my PS4 Pro. So if I I'm running up to a doorway, my Pro will take a second or two to change up from simple to middle to complex, while the Lite is usually already transitioned as I'm running up to the same door. Other oddities do appear in the Switch, like lighting, where if I'm near a window in the Switch, the entire outside changes to the inside building lighting source, which never happens on PS4. I'm really hoping that does not happen with this port, as it's jarring. Especially when walking through doorways. My PS4 lets me see the inside and outside lighting sources working in tandem. On my Lite, it changes from one source to the other, as it can only handle a single source at once in portable.
  8. I think given what the PS5 is actually offering, I'm not so sure I agree on your first point. MS, I can see that, as the nature of their system is just raw power, which so far the PC market keeps going down that path, and it's an unfortunate bottleneck, as raw number crunching is VERY expensive in terms of hardware, and has VERY hard limitations and caps. We're actually seeing the literal ceiling of what's possible with current hardware on PC. They're not using tricks to skirt around this, much as with the trick of splitting the processor into multiple sub-processors to get around the bottleneck of decreasing gains and actual processing power, even if the actual design of the chip would allow saying 3 -> 5ghz. Well, that 1~3 ghz was an 80% increase in processing, but the 3->5 is only a 20, or 25%. It's diminishing returns. We're seeing new tricks like simple textures and fast swapping of complex textures, which unfortunately, the Xbox Series X's hardware, cannot pull off in real-time, so we'll still see those transition points. However, the PS5 can, and thus the transition points will be harder to spot. Something PC cannot do for another 10, maybe even 20 years, as current trends aren't adopting the same general architecture of the PS5, and by the time it is, it will take that much of a time gap for it to become the widespread standard. I'm not talking SSD's as gaming adoption, or high bandwidth SSD's in particular, I'm talking about Mobo Bios I/O transfer rates, which isn't a thing right now in the PC market, except in very expensive boards, and even then it's not universal, and thus still bottlenecked. So PS5 will make it easier to develop for, and general adoption of universal toolkits, like UE4, does make multiplatform MUCH easier to synchonize, with minimal effort, and thus reduced cost. So I see it the opposite. The exception being Nintendo and multiplatform, which for right now, will be a stopgap if studios don't see much profit in the porting. Why do you think Nintendo has allowed a lot of leaks and discussions of whatever the potential Switch Pro will be? They know full well the current system can't handle the next generation of games. They know they'll have to come up with a new system to keep the Switch going for 8 more years, as they planned to, when they said 10 years for the Switch 2 years ago. The question becomes, do they wait out a new chipset? How to handle the transition, as they notoriously bungled the New 3DS, just as they bungled the DSi, and in many respects, the same issues brought down the WiiU, which was really an overclocked Wii.
  9. Super Famicom versus Playstation 2 are two distinctly separate generations of systems. One is the 16-bit era, one would have been classified, though they dropped the "bit" aspect, as the 128-bit era. We're talking a giant leap in hardware capability, so to use this as a determining factor as though somehow Nintendo was holding back Dragon Quest V's appeal and visual greatness by keeping Enix and Yuji Horii from making a time machine and only making the PS2 version in the future...then sure, ok, that's a wild argument. C'mon, that's not a serious point. Dragon Quest VIII on the 3DS was held back visually because of the New 3DS not being popular enough to develop the 3DS version on. Considering that, the cost to functionality of Nintendo's handhelds was usually the benefit over Sony's systems. The dual screen capability is something I drastically prefer to the PSP, though I cannot adequately compare to the Vita. There's also the factor of Nintendo's systems generally being more popular, and Sony shooting themselves in the foot with proprietary memory cards that jack up system costs to almost impossible levels. Do you want a Nintendo 3DS with 5 games, or a Sony Vita with just a Memory card? Same price. Do you want a Nintendo DS with 8 games, or a Sony PSP with a decent Memory card that can actually hold a few games, rather than just...one, and a few extra saves. So in lieu of Nintendo's mishandling of the New 3DS, where DQ8 could have allowed for a near 1:1 graphical port, alongside the extra goodies, then sure, that's a reasonable argument, but it's still a great version to play, on a solid handheld system, which is a compacted system, so it's going to be less generally powerful than a home console. I don't care as much about graphics if the downgrade is minimal, and it still looks amazing, and the added content makes it by far the best version. Dragon Quest XI, ok, sure, but it still looks amazing on Switch, and on the Switch Lite, at times i actually prefer the visuals to my PS4 Pro, and to a lot of PC photos I've seen, just due to the way the screen density of pixels presents the same graphics. Even so sure, it's a downgrade, but the bonus content and QoL adjustments make it worth their time. As Eal points out, how is Nintendo at fault for SE not willing to shell out for an experienced team that could handle the job of transferring the PS4 assets back in, and upgrading the Switch specific assets to match them? Then filling in gaps with other map elements and functions inherent to the Switch version, without any errors? Without complicating the save process? They're not. That's on SE, not Nintendo. Horii as well, as he would have had to sign off on that.
  10. It's kind of a mixture. They used to do it that way, especially as they expanded divisions. Like new divisions would run offshoots or new brands. Then they reconsolidated and FF games are split between various divisions, and there's one that's online only. Like while it doesn't say it in the Wikipedia article anymore, Dragon Quest X is handled by Creative Business Unit III, and they actually used the Crystal Tools engine for both FF14 and DQ10.
  11. Ever since DQ10, SE has been using their internal teams for DQ production. They also now own all the development kits as early as 2013, as DQ7 3DS does not have a copyright label for Arte Piazza, which is why Arte PIazza's tool kit, which was formerly Heartbeat's development tool kit, was used for DQ11 3DS, and 2D mode (even has the SFC SFX, like the boomerang and slash sounds specific to DQ's 6 and 3 SFC, and DQ11 3DS's 3D mode's battle system looked identical to DQ7 3DS's with the early 3DS pictures, and it looked like an enhanced version after). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Square_Enix They used to have I think 8 teams, then expanded to 12, then consolidated and reworked them over time into currently 4 teams. You'll find them in the Development Organization section: Creative Business Unit II is led by Yuu Miyake who was the head of Business Division 6 and focuses on the Dragon Quest, Nier and Bravely series, as well as arcade games. The department comprises the former Business Division 6 (Dragon Quest series, Nier series), Business Division 7 (Lord of Vermilion, Gunslinger Stratos) and Business Division 11 (Bravely series, Octopath Traveler). Creative Business Unit III is led by Naoki Yoshida who was the head of Business Division 5 and focuses mainly on MMORPGs. It mainly comprises the former Business Division 5 (Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV, Dragon Quest Builders series).
  12. It is lazy, as the group they're using is clearly small, clearly cheap, has limited experience and confidence in carrying over PS4 assets, so Switch is easier, and the attempts to upgrade the Switch graphics (even adding more details back into rocks and whatnot), is also indicative of limited skill and experience. However, this wasn't something anyone ever expected. All the DQ teams are booked up. The cost for a 3rd party to handle this that has a competent size was too high for SE to consider in terms of potential risk of not being able to carry over assets when the Switch was built from the ground up (something Digital Foundry pointed out), and potential issues with additions and changes to map data, tracking, etc. was obviously too high to warrant the cost. This sort of release is meant to be more pure profit to help augment development costs, and unfortunately large developers cannot function without them in the interim. It's also one of those situations where if they released too late, it would have less impact, as too much time would go by in the West with press about DQ, and Westerners have very short attention spans, and given Gamepass, they aren't interested in just DQ fans who have yet to purchase DQ11 (or those who want another copy of the DE on a different system). DQ Dai has 3 games DQ 12 DQ M: Erik + Mia is in extended rebuild, but still ongoing DQ Builders 3 has been teased not long ago, asking for fans to start talking about it. Of the two new offshoots, this is the one with mostly SE staffers and some Omega Force staffers. DQ Heroes 3 is also likely being developed behind the scenes SE's other teams are booked solid as well, and they have at least 5 AAA games, the most in development at one time since the merger, including FF7r2 and almost certainly FF16 quietly, behind the scenes (given statements made about corporate happiness over 15's success, and several job postings on the heels of FF15 hitting 5m WW sales, for "a longstanding world wide popular rpg series" that wouldn't fit KH as that team was already solid, and DQ isn't that popular WW...yet, but they're growing, slowly, but growing). So they need to fill in those gaps in terms of constant streams of revenue, and unfortunately, and fortunately at the same time, DQ is now considered prominent enough WW to be given the FF and KH port treatment. Though DQ already pulled this with DQ's 1~3 on iOS/Droid -> 3DS/PS4/Switch (the original mobile of 3 being a demake makes sense). Technically we can see this acceptance of cheap/lazy porting with DQ4 DS (and I mean Japan as well, as it's almost a verbatim copy. DQ6 DS for removing a lot of content, and adding almost nothing, but doing heavy rebalancing and tweaks (most of which were bad choices to speed up the playthrough, but destroying the balance and rebalance attempts in the process). So this was already in the works. It's a huge series with a lot of releases, Horii initially liked to check up on every new and rerelease, but I get the impression he isn't concerned with that anymore, and given his age, probably just focuses on the new games, and somewhat on the remakes. Preferring to allow ports just for general accessibility, and trusting in SE to handle "quality control," that is less than stellar, and going downhill with each release. The other positive with this is the time they have to get this out is clearly for improving graphics. Probably due to the experience of the team, as the Switch actually looks better, even if there are obvious added lighting elements, reflections, and slightly upgraded textures. So I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, but while it's sad, and poor form, it's much more likely this was either going to be done this way, or not at all (as the cost to potential profit margin was deemed too risky). On the positive side, this type of release does assure games like DQ12 get extended development periods, as investors aren't panicking and management demanding untennable deadlines or cancelling projects too early. My purchase of this also helps assure a higher general perception of popularity, both for SE (which isn't quite an accurate picture), but also for the public in general if the total DQ11 number can be touted as particularly high (say 6+m), which IS positive for general public perception that DQ is worth investing in, despite general sentiments of walking through the dark forest on the yellow brick road, and facing the dreaded "tradition, not-Goku, and turn-based," oh my.
  13. There's also the idea of, if you can get infinite of a piece of equipment, and you have X number of people who can equip that item, do you get 99 total for each as some like to, just 1 of that item for the sake of the list (and any extra just for general equipment purposes, say it's a useful end-game piece of equipment, and you only want 2 even if 4 people can gear up with it), or something like X+1, where there's always an extra in the item list should everyone who can equip it, does, so it doesn't lose it's place in the list itself and go to the end of the bag.
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