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  1. 3DS game issues, better check your library:  

    Essentially I would check your DS and 3DS carts (also older flash-based games like GBA).  Flash data is not as subject to destruction as you'd think.  You can keep it going longer by giving it a bit of electricity and usage now and again.  Already disc-based media is outliving their supposed death dates...and going.  My nearly 40 year old software still works, reads, and doesn't have any major issues.  I do know flash does seem to function better with usage.  That said, this seems to be a hardware issue for some carts, but no absolute it's that for all of them.  Could be bad sectors leading to early degredation, could be issues with the system itself (like not refreshing, as I've encountered the same problem and it impacted my memory card and system storage, which was fixed after resetting my 3DS).

    I should also mention there are a lot of listings going up all over the place in major retailers of the Switch Pro/New Nintendo Switch.  That's a fairly good sign Nintendo has put out info they're ready to announce soon or it's already prepped and listed for retailers to note for an inevitable placeholder.  Some country stores, like Amazon Mexico, are jumping the gun, but it does mean the announcement is inevitable.  Could be pre-e3, could be something later this year for next year (since they just released a new revision...that might be more likely).

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