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  1. https://wccftech.com/ps4-no-offline-games-cmos/

    I am really hoping this leads to a class action lawsuit and a system patch (it's software encoded).  The PS3 will still play physical if not connected/cmos battery dies.  PS2 doesn't need jack (nor any Xbox, nor any Nintendo console).  This is probably the most egregious anti-consumer thing Sony has ever pulled.  Especially since it retained this issue LONG after the PS4 proved successful, as it's (SO FAR) present in every system revision, and it seems like the Pro as well.  Yep, it's just the OS, as it's tied to how the systems protect against system clock manipulation to prevent Trophy grabs for clock-based trophies:  https://www.techradar.com/news/ps4-clock-battery-death-could-brick-your-console

    Seriously, that is the lamest thing I've ever seen.  Easy fix as well.  So maybe this won't need to go to a class action lawsuit if they get on the ball and patch it.  Seriously, I don't get the consideration or care to prevent Trophy hacks.  Who CARES if some jackass cheated his trophies into being.  What does that matter?  It's tied to nothing but bragging rights, easily shown to be garbage if that player actually attempts to showcase their "skills."

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