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  1. Damn...PS Vita is about to skyrocket in price, and it was already going up.  Same with all physical games, now that the digital store is shut down (poor vita players).  I have to wonder how many games will be permanently locked to the Vita.

    1. eal


      I think there is just shy of 100 LRG games on Vita. Also a number of games that you’d expect to get a retail release that didn’t (such as Oreshika and a few musou games and a couple random Atelier games). There are also a few re-releases with expanded content such as Soul Sacrifice Delta. The Vita has a few obscure releases that got super limited prints from online stores in Limited Edition formats that might as well be gone forever because of how expensive copies are.

      The Vita has been on the rise on the secondary market for the last year or two and will only go up in the coming months.

    2. ignasia


      Yep.  This gives me some real reason to push for completing my works...and pray for success.  You totally sold me on the Vita awhile back.

      Going to be a wild ride watching certain games spike hard.  I'm now scared to see how much Panzer Dragoon Saga has gone up (as with the Saturn in general, and other obscure Saturn exclusives like Albert Odyssey).

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