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  1. Dragon Quest Dai answers the age worn question of what happens when you taken an Orphen, and mix it with a Dragonball.

    I did not like the start, as it felt overly childish, and lacking any of the clever sophistication that made Dragonball a classic, or the more adult themed hardline questions that bolstered Orphen's succinct presentation.  However, I am growing to enjoy the characters, especially everything after the Crocodine battle.

    I really need to watch the original, as the spread of episodes is different (there's clearly more story presented in the original, this one being a very simplified version that trims a lot of details).  See what's missing.  It is a good start, and I am looking forward to Maam (funny how Dai, the child-like Hero, has companions named Maam and Popp...why? then again Madara and Papas in DQV, and the original Dai was created between V and VI, so I suppose that was a heavy influence).

    Dai better end with the Princess, instead of one of those ridiculous anime tropes where no real love connection is ever realized, just teased or always a near miss, or one or another is too afraid to make any move...for 100+ episodes.

    1. Mimas


      The new anime is much more true to the source material (manga) than the old anime. Most of what extended the number of episodes of the original was filler. There has been some cuts from the source material for this one, but it is mostly just jokes. While I do miss some of the jokes, I think this is generally the better version.

      Dai was originally written as part of the promotional campaign for Dragon Quest IV, so it predates that game slightly. At the point we are in the story now Dragon Quest V is still yet to have gone on sale. The manga story ends around VI going on sale if I recall. Popp is really supposed to be "Popular" or better translated as "Populace", as he is supposed to represent the average person, while Dai is a super human.

    2. ignasia


      Ah...so I wonder then if Dai didn't influence Horii's name choices related to DQV?  Since so many of his later games were influenced by unused early ideas.

      I can definitely see where a LOT of skill concepts were added into the games (Flame and the other elemental slashes in the 6th game, and of course Grand Cross).

      My one gripe is this is a story that needs a longer period of time to properly tell.  It's a very solid and much more serious tone (more similar to DQ's back in the NES and SNES era...and that definitely comes across in Abel as well, though I never finished watching it).

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