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  1. I now have every Etrian Odyssey game released.  Now I have to get 7th Dragon, and both Persona Q's.

    I have to eventually beat 3, 4, 5, and Nexus (I have a playthrough 4/5ths through Nexus, 1/3 through 5, completed the story boss in 3, and only a slight bit into the first stratum in 4).  5's 3rd stratum is kicking my ass with my party makeup, which isn't optimal, but rather than reset now, I'm auto-battling to 70, then retiring for the bonuses, then rebuilding to conquer the 3rd (amazing how hard the skeleton archers hit...).


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    2. ignasia


      Front Line:

      1. Earthlain Impact Brawler <-I was intending this to be the other one initially, then changed my mind for boss killing, however my point spread was designed exclusively around one-two punch and binds, but not full binds, only level 5 at that point, with extra points in general damage output.
      2. Therian Blade Dancer <-this was my biggest problem, mostly because she kept dying every first round, but I also made the mistake of aiming for Hell Slash instead of something directly useful like Tetra, first.

      Back Line:

      1. Brouni Divine Herald <-too much point spread, not enough into newer healing skills for per round healing if buffed
      2. Earthlain Shield Bearer <- I maxed Bunker instead of Dragon Roar 9 or 10, and my points into line defense were nill
      3. Celestrian Spirit Broker <- Wraith masteries up too high, not enough points into actual skills, which was fine for the first two strata (actually fantastic for them), but doesn't work out well for the third, as there was virtually no damage output.

      I reset my team to everything the same, except Blade Dancer -> Blade Master, to better support the Impact Brawler.  Though I'm kicking myself for not changing the race to Therian.  I expected on retirement to just get back the same race + class, and change the name, etc.  So I paid no attention when I first picked, and since you can't undo retirement once selected, I had to recall in the moment what my team members were (I actually picked the Shield bearer first, and since I couldn't recall that based purely on the name, I put the game down for a bit, took a few deep breaths, then just winged it as another Earthlain Brawler, just going on memory of what the last team was, and what slot 1 was (forgetting my front line slot 1 was my last character created).  Ah well, the damage is still good, not great but good.  I might change again after hitting 70, just to have two Therians in the front.

    3. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Well, it sounds like you went through a lot of steps to get your team exactly how you wanted, especially if you did grinding up to level 70 already. I know you and I approach RPGs differently, so I have to give you kudos for going the extra mile. I find that if I don’t like my point spreads for a class, I’ll just have them rest and take the 2 level hit in order to relook over the skill list. Once you get more and more into the game it becomes easier to figure out what kind of synergy you can do with your team. Etrian 5 is pretty flexible on what’s possible thanks to how the classes work and the masteries you can go for, depending on what your team may need.

      I played through with a Pugilist, Fencer, Warlock, Shaman and Rover (with the default races for each based on the class portraits) and I completed everything with that team, including the super boss. Can’t remember the masteries I went for without looking at my copy, but I don’t recall too many problems. All my healing came from passives via skills and there were a few times I had to reorient my skills depending on a boss weakness, but I completed everything on my first run with them.

      You might want to have your Dragoon become a gun focused Dragoon instead of a defense heavy one. Their damage output with a gun focus is actually really good, and one NPC you can use for a later quest has one of their untyped damage skills in their arsenal. I’m terrible with remembering skill names, but it’s one worth investing in since it can do such high damage. You can still invest in Bunker since that takes a spot on the very front lines to protect the party, but that way you can have your Dragoon help out with overall damage.

    4. ignasia


      Well, since EO4, my method getting to 70 fast, when I need to (for situations like this usually...to retire at a decent level for good bonuses), is to use auto walk and place two or three paperback books on something of similar height, and touching the "a" button.

      Thanks for the tips.  Yeah, I noticed Gunmount is rather excellent, but I'm retooling my new spirit broker for mostly pure damage, leaving me with limited defense (really, nothing).  So I'll make a second Dragoon and make it a gunner, see which one works better (not like Dragon Roar can't be used either build, and there are still good defensive skills with a cannon build).  I might get level 10 in the Necromancer's wraith skill that soaks up all damage for a single round, sacrificing a wraith for it, then tweak the wraith summoning skills to increase auto-replenish, so there's always a wraith present.

      Yeah, I noticed EO5 is fairly flexible, but it does matter what ones synergy is, and EO5's skill system is a bit of a mixed bag related to synergy and functionality.  Most of the synergy seems built into mastery, though I do admit I like the secondary class types, and general focus.

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