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  1. So DQ11 is DEFINITELY updated from the Switch version, and graphically seems far closer to the PS4.  It seems like they haven't been idle, and have swapped out some textures and models.  I made a post about this on GameFAQs, so I'll link to that:


    @Erdrick The Hero @AustNerevar @YangustheLegendaryBandit I forget who else was in that topic, and who else was worried about the graphical downgrade presented with the first Xbox video.  This should cheer you up!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AustNerevar


      Skip to 2:19:10 for DQ11

    3. ignasia


      Thanks, I hadn't gotten through it all yet.  Taking it piecemeal, but I do like how they opened with the new trailer.

      FF16 also looks quite good, and I'll probably get that, as it feels like a return to form, while keeping certain new battle system conventions with some tweaks.  Also interesting to see a truly massive and menacing looking Behemoth (beast/dark), versus the Phoenix (light/restoration).

      I'll get to more later when I have a chance.

      I am quite happy with the improvements to DQ11 though.  It's a nice step up from the XBOX reveal.

    4. Dakhil


      I think you should make a new post on the Dragon Quest XI subtopic.

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