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  1. So, for Christmas, I bought DQ7 3DS again.  Third copy, third Super Kiefer.  Yeah, I really love making these.  Technically the 4th, but I didn't keep my first.  Also decided to make a more refined guide to attempt to get to par at around the 100 hour marker, as I'd rather a lower game time than normal.  The other two are 600 and 900 respectively.

    Plus this is the first one I have two systems to use for self-trading from the get-go, and I love it.

    Also got Etrian Odyssey 5 and Nexus, a 128GB card for my Switch.  So last year was a pretty good year for RPG's.

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    2. ignasia


      Better get one soon.  The price is going up fast.  It will become one of the most expensive DQ games for a physical copy at some point, maybe higher than DQ6 DS.  Similarly with DQBuilders on Switch.  I wish I snagged a copy when it was 34.99.

    3. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      I wish I hadn't sold my physical copies of VII and VIII 3DS. I figured they would be more common than their PlayStation counterparts, and I really needed the money.

      I've got digital copies of both, but I can't put those on display.

    4. ignasia


      At least with DQ7, you can still purchase a copy for $25 from Amazon third party groups.  Though how long that lasts I don't know.  It did go up to 38 at one point on Amazon about 3 months ago, then dropped down again to 20 (the cost when I bought this last copy), and right after that 18.88, then back up to 20, and now 25.

      8 is really going to be something else at the rate it's going.  It's already set to surpass the digital version for new.

      Though definitely...the other sad part is noting how rarely 3DS digital titles go on sale.  DQ7 and 8 I don't think have seen a sale in over a year.  Though I didn't check this last Christmas season.

      For me, I would never trade my copies, though in the case of 8, it's almost entirely because of the DLC items, and a perfect restart, which still sucks with the dual save slot, and one quicksave.  Though I guess with 8, restarting isn't a huge issue, and I can always use the Quicksave to hold onto a perfect 100% save (which I'm doing right now), and just do replays with slot 1, keep slot 2 my Farebury save with 60~70 seeds (mostly Strength, thankfully), and all the DLC equipment :).

      I really wish they kept the DLC system alive and well, and just recycled it over and over again.  Having each item pop up only once was pretty horrid.  Though I guess there's always save state manipulation.  Still not the same thing.

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