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  1. If you're contemplating shopping at Gamestop, don't:


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    2. Brother Jaybird

      Brother Jaybird

      A YouTuber named Raz0rfist has a GameStop rant that's probably worth your time, but y'all should know, Raz0rfist is NSFW.


    3. solo


      gamestop is basicly the only videogame store in my town so i don't have a choise

    4. Dwaine


      The guy's credibility is questionable. He's like the Geeks and Gamers for retail chains. In general I gots no love for Gamestop thanks to the years of ill will they built. Though in recent years they have backed off many of their hard sell tactics. They've really boosted their collectables side and often have very good sales and exclusives. Like any big chain, it all comes down to the people that run it. I've got a friend that was a Gamestop manager. He's not evil and ran things pretty well. The people he worked with are now managers and their store is very well run with extremely kind and competent employees. The one in the mall a block away is being run the opposite way and drove out a wonderful employee in a detestable way.

      Dropping into a couple Gamestop stores for collectables and such in the past month, I've never encountered these instances. Even the bad one! Not saying these don't happen, but I don't think it's the norm. The stores are so busy there's just not enough time to do all that and help everyone! This guy is going to purposely seek out and amp up the worst aspects to make a video. And as a consumer you can always say 'no thank you.' Like any retail chain, support the ones you know do things right and ditch the others.

      P.S. Walmart is $10 cheaper than MSRP on games and Target will price match!

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