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    Writing, Reading Fiction and NonFiction, Endless Contemplation of Nonsensical Thought, Playing Board Games, Playing Videogames (Especially RPGs), Cooking, Politics, Tinkering with Computers, Hiking, Camping, Traveling...really there isn't much I'm not interested in.
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  1. ...must...resist...urge...to...play...DQB2, Sekiro, or Bloodstained...must...not...play ... ... ... *fails*  DQB2 I'm really loving, I spent 4 hours hunting around Furrowfield for extra levels because damnit, I love grinding!  I just popped in Sekiro, though I have stuff.  Bloodstained is going to be very difficult to resist, but I have to complete certain other objectives for FAQ purposes in DQ11, and the one MMO I play, Ragnarok Online, is doing a special Christmas series of events as they're shutting down for 3 months for some major patching.  Free upgrading to the halfway point, instead of spending $20~200?  Yes, please.  Only 5 more days.

    1. Brother Jaybird

      Brother Jaybird

      I haven't played Ragnarok Online since High School, and only then the playable demo, which was free, but the lore was always fascinating.

    2. Twinkie


      Oh man. Ragnarok Online is so good. I didn't start playing it until late 2000 but I had a lot of fun with it. I really should visit it again sometime.

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