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  1. I think I'm going to get the handheld Switch, and get a full system down the road, when they have a model that competes directly with the PS5...say in 2~3 years from now.  I would prefer playing a handheld version anyway, as I'm more used to that.  Plus the price point is 100 less, and the battery life isn't much different from my New 2DS, which is pretty darn good.

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    2. ignasia


      @Sword_of_Dusk LOL, I should have specified a bit more.  What does Fire Emblem: Three Houses have to do with your decision on whether to get a Switch Lite or not?

      @Democrobot Thanks for the link, but I'm not a fan of decal skins.  They just feel off and strange, and the look of them isn't quite right.  I'm down with a shell casing that is innately painted or sculpted a certain way, like inscribed designs.  Though I appreciate the thought.  Plus it looks off...it's not the same as a plastic that's coated all the way through.  Though some 3DS units are painted on...like the Pikachu edition.  I feel really bad for people who own it.  If that thing gets scratched at all, the upper layer of paint is gone for good, and it's a very distinct colour and texture pattern.

    3. Sword_of_Dusk


      Three Houses is already out, and I'm not certain I want to wait for the Lite in order to play it.

    4. ignasia


      OH, right, right, I see.

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