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  1. I'll have to buy a Switch system later.

    FF7r Deluxe Edition and the new Mana compilation for Switch.  Done and done.  DQ11 mostly paid for.  I'm hoping we get a deluxe edition of some form to change to.

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    2. ignasia


      True.  Though they do have one thing on their side, another 24 days.

      DQ11's CE was announced at e3 on June 11th 2018, while DQ11's e3 was June 10th, and the release dates of the 4th versus 27th of September.

      They haven't done nearly as much marketing as SE did following e3.  SE started 4 days after, it's now a week after the last day and Nintendo has done literally nothing, but SE has been non-stop in Japan following e3, and three major releases leading into e3.

      Then again this tracks with Nintendo's handling of DQ9 and DQ7 3DS.

      DQ7 3DS had two e3 videos.  The original showcasing during the Nintendo conference:

      Then the 28 minute treehouse interview and gameplay showcasing...cringey as heck at the beginning though given the beginning interview and the producer's reticence to really get into DQ7 as they're unsure of how to positively approach it for Western audiences:



      I'm just hoping Nintendo handles post-e3 like DQ9 and not like DQ's 7 and especially 8.

      So you're probably right.  Chances are really really really low at this stage.  Unless they haven't worked anything out.  However DQ's 9 and 7, the ones with by far the most support from Nintendo, saw no special editions.  So probably not.  It isn't like special editions weren't a thing back in 2009 either.

    3. Dakhil


      I think you mean 23 days since 4 September + 23 days = 27 September.

      Anyway, now that I think about it, I think Nintendo's waiting until the Hero DLC is released for Super Smash Bros Ultimate to divulge more information on Dragon Quest XI S, considering the Hero DLC will be released on Summer 2019. And I think it's not a bad idea, considering that people will more likely talk about Dragon Quest XI S if Nintendo divulged more Dragon Quest XI S information after the Hero DLC is released than if Nintendo divulged more Dragon Quest XI S information a couple of days after E3 2019 has finished.

      Advertising characters via Super Smash Bros has shown to be very effective. The popularity of the Earthbound series and the Fire Emblem series outside of Japan is because of Super Smash Bros. And remember when Nintendo's servers crashed for several hours after the Joker DLC was released?

      I'm guessing the Hero DLC will be released either a couple of weeks before or a couple of weeks after Fire Emblem: Three Houses is released (I'm leaning towards after), since I'm sure Nintendo wants Fire Emblem: Three Houses to do well.

    4. ignasia


      24.  June 10 vs June 11 as the e3 starting points. to also account for ;).

      That sounds fairly likely.  It would be a smart plan.  Once the numbers come in for initial sales, tie-in more directly the game to the Smash DLC.  Then work in reveals of all the special elements.

      Heck, they've barely discussed what Treehouse called DLC, and they clearly have that panned out and planned thoroughly by the nature of how it was brought up.  So for them not to mention anything now means they want to go for a big jump off the diving board, rather than dive right in at the pool's edge.

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