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  1. ...huh.  Last night I played Dragon Quest Builders for 8 hours straight.  Longest gaming session in years.  I saved past the point in Cantlin where you fight the first battle to protect the city three times.  I actually completely turned off my system once after and reloaded a save at one of those later points.  I saw the load bar.  Last night I turned Cantlin into a massive Tower (literally the whole town had a huge hovering tower overhead), with three floors.  I built an entire underground lair to feed this around the starting point.

    When I left, I recall vividly being asked to save over my previous file, as before.  I did.

    I wake up this morning to find not just my last save, but my last three saves are gone and I'm just prior to the defense battle.  Before a proven, tested, RELOADED save when I ate dinner.

    ...I'm scratching my head.  I want to laugh maniacally.  That wasn't the only building project either.  I get the strange feeling this is life saying not to waste my time playing legos and just get on with the game.

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    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Maybe your tower floated away and became the Tower of Zenithia...

      Or the DragonLord rained down vengeance for over building and wiped the tower from existence.

    3. SlimeVagrant


      I've picked up that game again recently too. I never finished it, but I got partially through chapter 3 on the PS4 version. Now I'm playing the switch version and I just passed Chapter 2. Hoping to finish before Builders 2 comes out.

    4. Brother Jaybird

      Brother Jaybird

      Life is telling you to stop playing with White Belt legos and upgrade.

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