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  1. Really cool DQ2 world theme remix:


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    2. ignasia


      Yeah, it kind of does have a bit of a kirby feel to it.  Definitely the most unique rendition.  Usually they're very straight forward and often classical.  I think I've only heard one guitar remix.  Would love to find a metal or rock remix...given it's been awhile, I may as well check.

    3. ignasia


      Most remixes are just awful.  Either too fast, too slow, and almost always lacking range, variance, or alternative instruments to cover the multitude of symphonic instruments the tracks were made for.

      After an hour + this is the only guitar revision I actually like:


      Tons of great FF covers, tons of good SF covers, tons of good Megaman covers and remixes.  The only good DQ remixes I can find sound more like symphonic suites with a little play and intrigue thrown in to spice things up a bit.

    4. Brother Jaybird

      Brother Jaybird

      I recently discovered a medley of DQ1 music by Duane & Brando; it's meant to back one of their raps, but their instrumentals are plenty good, too.


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