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  1. Youtube's new front page is terrible.  It's sooo bloody random.  I can't even change it any longer; they removed almost all options for the layout of the front page except for dark or light background.

    It's a random jumbled mess of dates and channels.  It's actually disorienting and confusing.  Especially when there's no absolutely specific organization per line.  Sometimes there is based on type, maybe technology, but for one line of tech it's all channels I sub to, in random assortment, and the next one or two channels I don't is mixed in.  No breaks in between, it's too much to take in.

    Youtube is getting worse and worse and worse.  The limitations make no sense from economic perspectives, they're even shooting themselves in the foot financially by intentionally picking and choosing what channels do and don't get advertisements, sometimes based on arbitrary values.  That's less advertisement money they get a cut of.  Then you have the new search system, that takes a lot longer to get to videos I want, and half the options for trimming it down are taken away when they were solid algorithms in the past, and far worse now.  Now it's all geared towards favoured channels even if it's something somewhat related.

    Bloody hell google, you're worse than Microsoft.

    1. Brother Jaybird

      Brother Jaybird

      How much of your front page is company stuff like CN? I heard they were gearing towards corporate sponsorship over their user content.

    2. ignasia


      I'm not seeing much of that, a few from PBS, a bit more BBC.  Nothing overwhelming, just more than I'm used to.

      What I am seeing are channels that I know have new content displaying 4~10 year old videos instead of current, and interspersed with a lot of channels I haven't seen before.  Some of them make no sense.  For instance, I often watch Black Pidgeon Speaks, Sargon of Akkad, Computing Forever, We Are Change, and Roaming Millennial, yet I now get a ton of white supremacist shows popping up in my main feed, or white nationalist.  As though they're somehow related when they're not.

      It's the random organization though that makes it hard to find anything.  So I have to go to my sub feed, or each channel individually now.

      It also seems that youtube no longer keeps track of video's I've watched for longer than 3 months.  It used to be like 3 years, then it was scaled down to 1 year, now it's about 3 months.

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