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  1. Protip for myself: stop eating sugar. I cut it out of my diet almost entirely, and starting eating it again for coffee....if I mix Sugar in the Raw with Heavy Cream (love Coffee with Heavy Cream), and my Chocolate Pinon Coffee, it's like dining in heaven. It's soooo good. Plus Sugar in the Raw + Heavy Cream, when mixed tastes almost exactly like Creme Brulee with little effort. I don't know why, but the molassus must play a role. In anycase, I get a little pissy on sugar. So that adds a whole lot of extra stupid to the recipe. For that I further apologize, especially as I did not take into account when you wrote your initial post Xiggy. Yeah, there is some similarity in the hilt with the King's sword, and a little in the shape of the blade, but it's not quite an exact copy. Hmm...interesting. So I'm not 100% sure if this is original Toriyama artwork, except that the sword of Destruction IS original: So I'll assume this is the original artwork for the Sword of Kings, the precursor original form of Erdrick's Sword before further embellishment. Now, one thing I find interesting is that this looks more like Erdrick's Sword in terms of the hilt being curved, and the straight lines at the edges of the hilt on both sides. However, a few interesting things. The design aesthetic in the original DQ7 was rehashed for DQ11's revision of the Sword of Kings: DQ7 3DS, from this site...the menu icon that shows up in the equipment list: Though it looks a bit different...let me see if I can't pull that up here from DQ7 3DS when actually equipped: There we go! Yeah there are similarities and differences. Let me see if I can't find DQ11's alteration of the original DQ3 design. Have to use my own: So there are differences, but they certainly went out of their way to make the Kingsblade look nearly identical to the Sword of Kings. Then went a step further and made sure the Sword of Kings looks even more like the Kingsblade. So it seems like while DQ7 was initially set to be a stand alone game, the manga definitely influenced elements of connectivity. Plus, as you state all versions of this weapon, including the DQ11 version, are exactly 120 Atk power. Only the Kingsblade has no special function (in either version of DQ7). However in DQ11 it gives +32 Charm and in DQ7 +55 Style. So similar and different all at once. Creating connectivity but not direct connectivity, kind of like, as you pointed out, the Sword of Ramias and the Zenith Sword, which are similar but distinct (Ramias is more similar in function however to the Okeanos Sword).
  2. Manga adaptation I'm not familiar with, so I'll take your word for it. However if it does say that and Horii had actual input, I would dismiss it as it's not possible for that to be the case. 1) the creator of 2's world, Alefgard (which is both the name of the island and the whole world from what I can tell), is Rubiss. 2) the creator of 7's world, which has no given name, is God. There is nothing in the lore that would suggest anything else. 3) that doesn't mean that Kiefer's family did not somehow come from Alefgard and warp into 7's world sometime in the past. We already know Estard isn't nearly as old as most of the other kingdoms, as some do not recognize it. So that is possible, but nothing in the actual game suggests this, or even hints at it. What sword are you talking about in Dragon Quest VII? The only castles with Swords you can find in DQVII are Gracos', with the Rippled Rapier, which looks and functions nothing like Erdrick's Sword (though is has similar attack stats if we're comparing DQ2's Erdrick's Sword), the Kings Blade in Estard Castle, which looks and functions nothing like Erdrick's Sword (though it's the closest sword in DQ7 to Erdrick's Blade, and is FAR in excess of power even comparing Erdrick's Sword in DQ2 to the Thunder Sword in DQ2 and Kingsblade to Okeanos Sword), and the Okeanos Sword in Orgodemir's palace, the strongest sword in the game, but it too is not relatable to Erdrick's Sword at all (it's special function is nothing like Erdrick's Sword in any appearance except maybe the FF12 easter egg Wyvern Hero's Blade). Looking through all the different weapons, nothing either looks like Erdrick's Sword, nor functions like ANY version of the weapon from 1, 2, or 3. Also...what place are you referring to with the name "Melyor", as I can't find any reference to that, nor place it. I'm assuming a transliteration. My point being there is no reference in DQ7 to DQ2 at all. Horii himself stated DQ7 is a stand alone world, and the context of the world of 7 has nothing in common with 1~3. There's no Rubiss either. There is a Sea King, which correlates somewhat to DQ6's Poseidon, but not directly, even in function. Rubiss is in DQ6 however, and the remakes of DQ3 have Zenithia, though in that sense it's implied Zenith is a spiritual overseer and thus it's castle is present in all worlds. Rubiss' function in DQ6 is more of an overseer than a Creator/God-like figure. It's never implied by her that she is the creator, only a spirit that lives underwater that needed to awaken the Hero so Murdaw could be defeated and the Hero was the only one with the power. ---- What are you basing Joker being tied into 7? That wouldn't fit at all. Hell, even Caravan Heart and the original DQM suggest the monster's worlds are distinct worlds tied into the mainline worlds. Your usage of descriptions makes no sense. They're talking about the DQ historical context, and that would also include the other bosses present, such as Psaro. You're cherry picking what bosses you want tied in together to force a narrative that you want. That's fine, but it's not accurate, as ALL the bosses present in the Joker series make the same bloody references to their history and actions in their own original respective games. The point being we ignore that as it has no context or meaning in lieu of Joker's world itself and any direct connection to that world or interconnectivity in a literal sense between DQ worlds, as we would be ignoring any and all context, any and all statements made prior by Horii, such as 11 is connected to 1~3, but nothing was or has ever been even hinted at that 7 is...let alone 4~6 being connected, and his statements made when creating 7 and after 7's release that 7 was a stand alone world, and the same with 8, with the hints in 8 that the only connection between 3 and 8 is Ramia and Ramia outright indicates she came from a DIFFERENT WORLD, and the Ragnar + Torneko semi-easter egg implying they're from a completely different world, and the start of Monsters 1, 2, and even Caravan Heart indicating a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WORLD. 8's ties into 3 are based on a similar theme. Ramia is able to traverse worlds and connect to worlds. This was first presented in DQ3, where the underworld is tied into the overworld through Zoma's ripping a hole between them, and once he's defeated, there is no connection, meaning it was not a literal underworld, but only served as such due to magic. That Alefgard is indeed its own world, its own universe, with its own sun and moon, and was only sealed off from its normal course due to Zoma taking over. So worlds are tied by magic and portals, but they are separate worlds. The easter eggs do exist to indicate there are portals between worlds, and some people know how to access them, such as Mori and his ability to communicate with Torneko and Ragnar, and that both of them have been back and forth. Then with the Heroes games, and again the Monsters series. There really isn't much more than that between worlds. 1~3+11+Builders 1+2 is one world. 4+5 is one world, 6 is spiritually connected to 4+5, 7 is its own world, 8 is its own world, 9 is its own world. Joker 1+2 is its own world, Joker 3 is its own world, Monsters 1+2+Caravan is its own world, Heroes 1 is its own world, Heroes 2 is its own world. All worlds are interconnected dimensionally, and many have their own dark-world, where it's distinct depending on the world: 1) 3's dark world is not a true dark world, it was forced into that position by Zoma's power 2) 4 and 5's dark world is a literal underworld, with a literal physical presence, though in 5 it takes on some distinct form in terms of taking its own space almost like an alternative universe, and yet it's physical. 3) 6's dark world is a subspace of reality created in Morty's mind and manifested into reality due to his power, and thus it changes on his whim, and cannot exist without him. 4) 7's dark world is like 4 and 5's in that it's a literal real underground world that is dug out of the dirt, and like 5, also has subspacial special properties, and there are alternative dimensions as per the post game dungeons. 5) 8's dark world is a mirror world that is a physical place, but is a dimensional world on the other side of a coin, existing on top of the normal world, only everything is literally black and white. Totally new and cool concept. 6) 9's doesn't have a dark world, much like 1, 2, and 11 does not. However 11 does have a series of testing grounds that function similarly to a dark world, that were crafted by the good guys as a permanent testing place. However this wouldn't carry into the Erdrick trilogy. I'm sorry I'm getting pissy, but I get really pet peevy when people start making #$*! up whole cloth to fit what they want. I get hints and drawing conclusions based on subtle nuance, but that's different. I get getting #$*! wrong at times because I do that a lot, but in this case, no. I mean if you want to write fan fiction and claim it as your own creation to connect storylines together, sure, knock yourself out. This however is gross misrepresentation of the story and that drives me up the bloody wall nuts. So not asking to excuse my behaviour, just saying for me it's like someone taking a fork to a chalk board over and over and over and over again. So for me, this is a tame approach. So I apologize for being a total dick in my presentation. ===== @NeoDevilbane a few things 1) Yes 11 is a prequel to 3's storyline. This was stated in Japan and the initial interviews in the US/EU prior to the game's release in both territories. It's not exactly a secret. Just don't ask how, and play the game to find out. The how is the biggest reveal. 2) 4 and 5's world are directly connected. However they're thousands of years apart. They both have Esturk as their original big bad. They both have the secret of evolution as the core basis for growth. They both have distinct landmarks. Zenithia tower + Zenith castle + Zenith Dragon. Zenith tower is in the same physical location in both games...roughly, with the center island in 5 being substantially larger than in 4. The underworld access dungeon in 4 leading to the lowest point is replaced by the tallest mountain in the world, leading to the highest point, but in 5, like with 4, it's a place of abject evil, and a direct link to the dark lord in 5 in a physical sense, so that is an interesting link and one has to wonder what happened...maybe Zenith Dragon filled in the dungeon then pilled on as much dirt as possible to seal off the physical access route, thus 5's only access to the underworld is a portal. There are three other direct linking elements. OH, right, the nature of the Zenithian equipment. Their form, design, and function. Much like Erdrick's equipment they look similar (only DQ2 has some odd changes like how weak Erdrick's equipment is). 6 however, is not directly connected to either 4 or 5. It does take place in the past, and they both have Zenithia, only the translators intentionally distinguish it by calling 4+5 Zenithia, due to the Zenith Dragon, and that Zenithia in 4 and 5 are PHYSICAL presences that imply a single castle in a single continuous world, and Cloudsgate whenever King Zenith is running the roost, and it's a purely Spiritual castle that interconnects all realms. 6's hero equipment is also distinct from 4 and 5. The Zenithian Equipment looks like a redesign but lacks the same functionality. Such equipment wouldn't change form and design for 4, then remain identical for some odd reason for several thousands of years. That just makes no sense. Especially when the connection to Cloudsgate Castle is a spiritual portal to the Spiritual realm, not a check at the top of the tower for the inhabitants (see: Zenith Dragon) to assure the hero is worthy by gaining all the Zenithian Equipment. 6's world is also metaphysical in nature, and the bad guy is metaphysical in nature, being a natural demon lord, rather than a being who uses a physical process to perfect himself. Even his world in 6 is purely of his mind. The connection to 6 from 4+5 is that 6's world is free of blight, and Zenithia's Dragon's birth heralds a new dawn of a split in the castle's nature from a pure spiritual overseer that links between worlds (as seen in 3), to a physical castle that oversees a single world. The disappearance of the castle from 6's world even after the birth of the dragon implies the castle emerges physically in a completely different realm. The nature of this meaning that 6 in terms of time is prior to 4 and 5, but in terms of relationship, are only spiritually connected. The reason for this is Yuji Horii indicated he wanted to move away from trilogies when making 4~6, so made the links tenuous compared to 1~3 which are direct. When he made 7 however, he wanted to completely split off from that format, so 7 was made a standalone world. There are easter eggs though. Oh right, there is one prophecy in 6 that alludes to the world of 4+5, and the remake of 6 has a special village where you can tie-in later on with characters from 4 or 5 by choosing to make that village like those future scenarios. So the remake does emphasize the connectivity, but again, it's spiritual more than literal physical.
  3. A very belated Happy Birthday! I hope your day was great, food good, drink flowed, #$*!es moaned, friends frolicked and all that good stuff. Cheers mate.
  4. LoZ: ALttP in DQB2.  Very impressive.

  5. Yay!  My package arrived.  DQH2, DQB, and Platty's favourite game, Final Fantasy 12: ZA Switch Edition!

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      Merry Christmas!

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      LOL, indeed, it kind of feels like that.

  6. I swear on my life I checked Amazon, putting in just Dragon Quest Builders 2 in the search queue, and only the PS4 showed up, and the only switch version that appeared was the Japanese release. It doesn't now, but it did when I typed that message.
  7. Most likely outcome. Far enough away from DQB2 to not steal away sales, far enough away from the major holiday releases to be overshadowed and chewed up. Nevermind the only major RPG release planned so far for September is Borderlands 3, which is on every system but the Switch, and appeals to a completely different audience (well...I mean I like shooters and looters as well and Borderlands 1 and 2 are solid games, but it's not a series that crops up much in jRPG general forums on iGN/Gamespot/GameFAQs/etc.). So not much competition at least directly.
  8. Ok, I see. Only Nintendo is handling it, and the only option is Target. Why it's not listed anywhere on the SE site for DQB2, not even a link.
  9. Right now Builders 2 is the main focus in the DQ universe. I think Nintendo is intentionally respecting SE, despite only the PS4 being released outside Japan (my guess being the Switch of Builders 1 did not sell nearly as much as SE wanted in the West). That is the only definitive reason they would be holding back in heavily discussing the game. Despite being a month prior to DQB2's release, I too expect something this e3 as a mainstay showcasing especially given the "definitive version" element, complete with a formal release date. After that I would expect things to quiet down a bit until maybe a few weeks after Builders 2 is released, then heavy handed interviews, videos (probably this time tagged so they stay near the top of Nintendo's list on youtube/etc., and actually show up for people who aren't specifically DQ superfans only, but maybe JRPG fans in general, and maybe Nintendo fans in general. Yeah...there are checkmarks to highlight videos for larger channels. Unless they're really stupid and want this to fail. I don't think they do. I fully expect some format of question/answer sessions similar to "Iwata asks" with DQ9, and if not television, definite online commercials, maybe one or two. Probably within the same 2 month window DQ9 was given to hit hard just prior to release to reduce the cost overall. Then like with DQ9, maybe another month after release, but nothing beyond that. E3 I see being the biggest showcasing for DQ11 Switch in the US. I get the impression they want the Switch to become the JRPG home console, as the 3DS sinks into the ether, and the PS5 looms on the horizon, to capture that in some respect prior to Sony reinitializing it with transitions from PS4 to PS5, much like the DS was THE JRPG console of its time, and prior to that, the SNES. Especially now that JRPG's are making a comeback, if slow and steady, a definite resurgence. Plus if Nintendo does a good job with DQ11, I wouldn't be surprised if Builders 2 Switch gets announced. Maybe not Heroes 1+2, but I wouldn't be shocked if the mobile ports of DQ's 1~8 get put on the Switch. I'm going to call it here. I see this happening down the road, and maybe the only route to DQ7 Mobile appearing anywhere else, with an eventual PSN release as Sony offers them cash to pay for a new project exclusive to the PS4, or temporarily exclusive. Might seem like a wild curveball out of nowhere, but I have a pretty good feeling something like that will happen.
  10. I'll check it out...but isn't it ironic, don't you think that you posted this, claiming in the first sentence that you've never noticed anyone who does solo playthroughs of this game, just above this topic: A topic mostly dedicated to solo playthroughs.
  11. What will be different this time? Oh, I get it, sorry, I misread. You've never tried, or rarely try to solo DQ3. It's a lot of fun to be sure. Which version will you play?
  12. I'm bumping this for personal reasons. It's burried so deep down and takes awhile to get to. So this should simplify that for me.
  13. Elitist is a good word for it. DQ, and a few other subreddits are better, but probably due to the nature of niche groups and an internal dialogue being based on love of that thing, or care for it, so there's a need to maintain some level of community structure because that's all you have to maintain those ongoing discussions over a thing you enjoy or return to real life and people who couldn't give less of a #$*! about your hobby.
  14. Might have to do with the audience size for Nintendo vs SE, and the potential belief that any SE fan with a Nintendo system is likely to be paying attention to Nintendo channels, and perhaps because a lot of DQ fansites and general sites are also likely to see posts about anything DQ related, so this would include Nintendo Directs, thus widening the scope of the audience and reducing overall potential costs for marketing (at least in their eyes). It would also make for an easier release as SE will have to go all out to push DQ11 Switch in Japan, and rather than split resources, as virtually all SEoA/E decisions will be made at the SEoJ level, it would reduce the wait time and processing period in the different marketing. Plus, SE hasn't been as consistent when it comes to marketing DQ until recently, and only in lieu of using Conventions as a go-to easy access and possibly cheaper alternative than buying TV spots while providing for a wider audience? Could also be Nintendo has had overall generally better success when pushing new games (as compared to remakes), on their specific systems in the West and they have exponentially greater overall experience, not just reach. So it serves as a triple whammy. Plus there's also a lot of rumour that FF7r will appear at this e3, and they seem very credible, with a likely November 2019 to April 2020 release window for the first release. So they're probably more concerned with conflicts that could cause general oversight of DQ11 Switch on their own social media outlets, as most FF fans are clamouring for just FF news. Just look at the feed for DQ11, Heroes 1, Builders, and now Builders 2, whenever a stream is done. There are quite a few people bashing that it's a DQ game, and not KH or FF being shown. I don't doubt the marketing departments look at the commentary and consider potential issues if there's a truly desired release. KH3 vs DQ11 saw a lot of KH3 commentors shitting all over DQ (and not one DQ commentor shitting on KH threads), filling up the twitter feed with nearly 30% "boring, KH3 now please" or something akin to that. FF7 has a bigger potential draw than KH3 would, and given time and cost, SE needs to start putting up or shutting up concerning FF7, especially given cost overruns and glaring issues with stock drops thanks to FF development cycles since 13 (well, technically 12, but 13 was much worse). That can't look good for investors to note that quite a few series aren't performing as well as they should, and FF7r is costing an arm and a leg in continued development, and other games are seeing FF development cycle hell, like KH3, because of poor management. So I imagine that's the core reason. Assuring DQ11 gets maximum exposure, and assures maximum sales, as Nintendo will have a much easier time focusing on it. Plus given the emphasis from Nintendo themselves on "Definitive Edition," they themselves are already turning this into a contest, which bodes VERY well for potential marketing after Builders 2 has settled down in sales. I get the impression they want the current crop of DQ enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and curious gamers to think of Nintendo when they think of DQ. === That said, yes, I agree, SE should be handling this on their own to show their level of desire to see DQ succeed, but consider the behaviour of the DQ7 producers and main programmer at e3. They were apprehensive to approach any conversation about why DQ7 is a worthwhile game, as they were clearly scared and very unsure about what they would say that might be seen as detrimental in US eyes, as they had no clue how to approach DQ to US audiences. They were stuttering half the time, not looking people in the eye, and a lot of pauses to consider how to answer even rudimentary gameplay questions. Except for Horii's enthusiasm, even with DQ11 there's still a hint of risk aversion based on fear of potential failure, and from certain tweets from everyone in the team who isn't Yuji Horii, it seems fairly strong even with DQ11's release being "made with Westerner's in mind." So despite that I think this is a smart move as they become more and more relaxed and confident in light of DQ's potential future outside Japan.
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