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  1. ignasia

    Switch RPGs...?

    "#$*!ing Yangus and this new game share service he signed up for with Nintendo..." You could always say you're just play testing for a friend...or to expand the podcast. Or uh...shopping for ideas for your anniversary, though that might require actually finding a pair of bra of "darkness" and panties of "light" legitimately to keep up pretenses.
  2. The heavy blues, the warrior raising his sword, the fallen comrades...it's a pretty grisly and dark cover art that perfectly encapsulates in a more grisly realistic fantasy art fashion, the dark world of 2. It's a very stylized form, reminds me a lot of the Hildebrandt brothers, especially Tim.
  3. I figured things had changed. Since around 2015? Or a bit after? They definitely altered their opposition to interviews and general questions, to being far more open about everything really. Do you have any major interviews or anything recently? The Shrine doesn't seem to have been touched in awhile. I remember you were going to update and fix a few things, but I'd wager it's a matter of how busy you are, or motivation.
  4. I'm shocked no on touched this. Sakaguchi has no creative control over Final Fantasy. Never did. This is because, at the time of its creation, Square was both developer and publisher. Enix was always a pure publisher, so they allowed the studios who developed the games they published, to retain creative control over their work, thus you see copyright was carried by the respective game companies who developed their games, while Enix retained nothing. Yuji Horii's company, Armor Project, owns all rights to the content within Dragon Quest games. Not the dev kits and tools used to craft them, but the actual content that was created. So he owns the Battle System, the Scenario data, the Skills/Spells/Nomenclature/Characters/Storyboarding/Quests/Character Development trees, everything related to how the game is scripted, flows, and plays. All the music, at least all music recorded for DQ by Koichi Sugiyama, is owned by his label, Sugiyama Kobo. All the artwork for all Characters and Monsters, are owned by Akira Toriyama's studio, Bird Studio. I imagine the contracts assure his studio has creative control over the art direction of the games, and if anyone could change this, it would Yuji Horii himself, or whoever ends up taking control of Armor Project upon his death. However given the nature of Japanese society, this would be very unlikely, unless Bird Studio itself shut down, or Toriyama no longer wanted any part of Dragon Quest in any capacity, and made this clear to the Japanese public. Even then I would fully expect the next studio or group picked, would show some level of deference and respect to the original work, and attempt to keep some aspects and feel of Dragon Quest, as in retain as much of the stylings of Akira Toriyama as they could. Due to Horii's Studio owning the actual content of Dragon Quest, and likely how the games are designed, that is the only studio that has absolute creative control. Likely that would carry through in a trust that Horii's family would control well past his death, and until his death, he would have oversight of, to check on and assure follows what he wants in a DQ game, in his retirement, whenever that happens to be. This is something SE cannot, at this point, even consider legally #$*!ing with, as they don't own the games. Square Enix DOES however, have the right to produce the label of Dragon Quest. They also now own the development kits (since DQ7 3DS, which likely means even Level-5's development kit is now owned by SE for future usage, or there might be a minor conflict of interest, which is why we aren't seeing pics, or reading info yet of DQ9's remake on what is likely to be the Switch), or in the case of Unreal Engine, they're using someone else's engine, but keeping the rights to the specific objects/etc. they create with it to avoid development conflicts down the road when Horii retires. My point being, DQ will not see the same treatment as FF. Plus, FF established itself as always being different, and Nomura has only spearheaded FF10, which is beloved by most fans, FF13, Versus 13, and the original 15 (the only version I was interested in playing). Nomura is not the reason FF went downhill anyway. That's related to a lot of inter conflicts in SE itself, after the merger, and leading up to today. The biggest one being the upper management split him up to head too many projects, and given his nature of focus on one project, then having to meet deadlines for multiple projects, and forcing himself to spend time here and there with other projects, and lacking any notes on his general direction, then everytime returning to the previous projects, he would cancel or forget stuff because he left no direction, because he was overworked, and had to travel to different sectors of Japan just to keep track of each project, as physically the locations of various projects were in different studios, some hours apart in driving. That's more SE's management, and Nomura's inability to say "no" than anything else. He's rather good when he's focused on a project, like KH1, KH2, The World Ends With You, and FF10. Much of those problems were built around a company constantly shifting its internal mechanisms, and the loss of Sakaguchi, who was the only upper manager with any development experience. You have to remember, he was the first one in the industry to establish the role of Producer as essentially the top director, as he was part of almost all the development and directing oversight, and assuring they had funding, and were within reasonable time. His ousting from the company took a massive toll, as well as Yoichi Wada's lack of experience with actually running a company, or understanding of game development, having been the CFO up to that point, so he understood money alone. He constantly changed the internal structure of the company as per @Dwaine 's experiences getting interviews and how those interviews went over the years, along with quite a few other articles written over the course of his tenure, of the corporate culture. Money falling through the cracks, etc. Bad decisions, leaving too much responsibility on certain shoulders, expecting results without placing the right people to manage, making it difficult to communicate issues through the chain, too many middle managers handling information, leading to stuff falling through the cracks. After he was ousted, there were a few programming staffers who came out and talked about how deteriorated was Square Enix under Wada. They also lost almost as much money as they gained, and while they did see total gains grow a bit during that period, it was mostly big budget blockbuster releases making up for poor periods of heavy losses, leading to near zero growth 10 years later, for a company slated to see somewhere around 200% growth just as it was, ignoring all the buyouts of other smaller companies like Taito, Quest, and Eidos. That's been changing since 2013, though it took about 2 years for the new culture to finish formatting, and the start of a new era internally. We've seen a lot of changes since. A lot of smarter changes. We've seen SE become more bold as well in terms of attempting new directions, new games. Nier Automata, Bravely Default, Octopath Traveler, all the Tokyo RPG Factory attempts, the upcoming Babylon project, all the reworking of FF14, making it arguably one of the most well loved MMO's, and for people here who have played it, DQ10, which is mostly SE, with almost no Horii insight or oversight, as he's been busy with other projects while most of the heaviest DQ10 content was created and unveiled. Meaning they're respective Horii's style and taking DQ into new directions. The new DQ spinoffs are another clue, as Horii's barely touched on those, though he has absolute oversight ability. Builders especially has been nothing short of amazing. I'd even put Builders 1 now, as one of my top 10 games of all time. Builders 2 is my #4 favourite game of all time, and my second favourite DQ game after DQ7. How is this? All I think about is playing them both, all the time. The writing is solid, really well played out, a bit over the top in 2, but still well done. The battle system could use some work, but it's fun, engaging, simple, and very enjoyable with monster recruits, or in building a death trap in Builders 1 battle island. Meaning DQ, even without Horii, is in good hands, and he seems satisfied with the handling and respect for his original work. This also bodes well for DQ going forward, especially with new remakes. I'd LOVE to see someone flesh out DQ's 1 and 2 more. There are a lot of special quests they could do, make the Dragonlord more active. Maybe a super dragon he created goes nuts and unleashes an attack on Tantegel if the Scion snags the rainbow drop before picking up the Armour of Erdrick, and if the other way around, way lays the Scion on the way to Charlock. I don't know, something. There's a lot new eyes could work out to add some extra oomph without taking away from what DQ is. While making the next remake worthwhile, because there's some actual new content that fits with the story. Or just continue that trend not with remakes, but in the same fashion as Builders, and alternative universe or parallel world storylines. That certainly fits with DQ since DQ6 and both the DQ3 remake where Zenith is connected to all worlds, and DQM1, where portals interconnect all the worlds, leading to 8's Ramia, and 9's Legacies.
  5. For sure, I'm fairly certain they have potential replacements in mind, and Sugi has used other composers before to fill in where he couldn't. He has to be aware of his ever developing senility given the ever increasing borrowed tracks in the mainline series, and the utter lack of any new tracks for spin-offs. Given the continued rerendering of older tracks for new games, he has to be aware on some level his new work, especially from DQ11, barely registers in comparison to his older work (with the exception, and I mean SOLE exception of the Overworld track at the start of Act 2, which was excellent). I think Joker 2 was the last spin-off game to have any unique tracks.
  6. Interesting. Watching a video of it, it's not half bad in terms of gameplay. Though a LOT of locks and paywalls common to freemium games, so I'll avoid it. If they ever make a proper console game of it, I'd consider it, as I love grid-based gameplay, especially if they add in combination attack elements into it (which I imagine this probably has). It is interesting to note they're using a LOT of DQ6 and 7 music tracks, something I haven't seen all that often, and the remixes are fairly decent (better than the midi in the DS and 3DS versions of both games, and certainly better than DQ6's mobile release). Though it's funny to hear DQ7 3DS' rendition of the level up and DQ9's item collection SFX tracks.
  7. I really need to finish Dark Cloud 1 at some point, and 2 demands a replay at least once. They really are making some odd choices. Maybe due to Yokai Watch's general popularity in Japan? It's not selling well outside Japan. This explains it: https://vgsales.fandom.com/wiki/Yo-kai_Watch It's their only million + seller in the country, and given the 2nd game's sales, they clearly felt they had something. 3's numbers are on wikipedia, and they're just shy of 1m in Japan, all sales combined. 4 however, killed the series. It's sales are apparently under 300k in Japan, and it's probably never coming out of that country. So I don't see a Yokai Watch 5 in their future. Yokai Academy was supposed to be a spinoff, and should have been released already. Since it hasn't, chances are good it might be cancelled, or depending on how far along they are, get an early simpler release just to recoup development costs. Though 300k is a lot for a game, that scaling down from 1+m to 300k is generally a series killer, which is good, because I'm not fond of Yokai Watch's gameplay. It's like having only DQ8's monster teams, which gets a bit old after awhile, since the only change you can make is switching the roster. Ni No Kuni is their second most successful franchise that's recent. Though it's first game sold 1.1m, second just over 900k, and the remake I can find nothing on, suggesting sales were under par. That's always a problem with a niche release. Sadly the only version of the first game I want to play, will never see official US release (the DS version of the original, or at least it's gameplay style). I don't think they understood what players didn't like about Fantasy Life. There are a LOT of small touchups they could have done to make a second game that's more accessible to adults. Enhancing elements in the crafting system to offer some complex patterns for late game stuff, offer an upgrade system, offer more magic options, more combination attacks in battles that are obvious, like when in combat mode, have more than one combat button for attacking and charge attacks, maybe have two, hard and weak attacks, and have them combine, with holding down a button to unleash special skill attacks that are gained. Make the chopping more engaging by adding in a layer of mini-game to them, much like fishing, at least for the trees that are too difficult with a current axe and skill level. Maybe put in a harvest moon growing system, so you can grow your own plants, and even like those old science kits where you'd grow rocks (I actually liked growing crystals...man I do miss museums...this year was supposed to be a birthday trip to the natural history or the zoo, but no dice as they're still closed...even though I know people that work there, and they had a whole plan, rather brilliant...eh, anyway). Maybe tack in some animal crossing elements, by allowing the creation of a museum. Heck, there's a lot they could have worked on with the story. Plenty of other "planets" and "worlds" in the creator's room that are left unexplored. That would have been fun. Or start it off with a bang...he's not the only creator, and now another universe/creator wants to overtake the world, or is looming too close and they collide, creating a combination world or something. I don't know, I just wish they built off of Fantasy Life instead of gutted it and went for a simpler combat version with dungeon crawling in RNG dungeons. It is sad they felt like rehashing literally all the major NPCs from Fantasy Life, but giving them even more ridiculous names, which while clever, is a little...how can I say? Drab and uninteresting after a time, because it's far more creative to have punnilicious names from various forms and walks of life, not just a single element. Though I still can't get over that they did a literal copy-paste of core character models from Fantasy Life.
  8. There was also a tease recently to get fans to push for Builders 3. Suggesting they're probably working on it. Omega Force suggested wanting to make Heroes 3 as well almost a year ago, but we've heard nothing since. There's also talk about remaking DQ3 again. Mostly rumour, but from a relatively credible source, however, until we see anything from SE, or Armour Project, there's nothing to go on. I guess my point is that there's more stuff to be known. I'm also wondering when they'll announce Dragon Quest: Infinity Strash for NA/EU markets, given its an Action RPG, and has a decent shot at reasonable sales here. Though I wonder if the reason they're keeping it under wraps now, is due to the negative feedback of the visuals and animation quality. DQ9 though, is definitely due for a remake, and the interview was a bit more than suggestive. It felt like they were teasing it intentionally, because it's now within the general time frame for a remake, and DQ9 would be a nice fresh face to see again, especially with some major overhauls and updates. So for sure that's a done deal at some point, and yeah, Level-5 could use a leg up. Snack World wasn't quite up to snuff, and unfortunately Fantasy Life didn't have nearly the traction it deserved. Most of the player demand has been for Dark Cloud 3, which I'd love to see make a return. Which I don't understand. DC2 outsold DC1 in Japan by nearly 3x, and while they've never given US sales, it sold over 500k over here for both, so made the Greatest Hits list. Which is very frustrating, because that was an amazing gaming experience, and DC2 is worlds beyond DC1, especially in the creation system and the polished combat, and overall better storyline.
  9. Ah, maybe it's my play style then? I tend to take things very slow and methodically, retalking to NPCs after every minor event, or if I'm not sure if I have spoken to someone. Though definitely, 3D does take longer. Maybe it's more like 4~8 for most players for the new content, but the Tickington stuff is about 15~30 hours total to complete.
  10. About 8~15 hours of extra story for the Act 2 bits, depending on how long you take, and the Tickington gameplay is 15~30 hours, again, depending on how long it takes to complete. Do note it starts about the 10% story marker for Tickington, and has a boss rush after the post-game/act 3 boss, then you get a superboss unlock after a series of superboss fights (unfortunately one-time for the Tickington superbosses, but the boss it unlocks can be fought infinitely).
  11. Really? You think it's still that bad? NES era (only period with a 2~3 year gap): DQ1 May 1986 -> August 1989 (so 3y 3m) DQ2 January 1987 -> September 1990 (so 3y 8m, +5m , 1y 1m from DQ1 US) DQ3 February 1988 -> March 1992 (so 4y 1m, +5m , 1y 6m from DQ2 US) DQ4 February 1990 -> October 1992 (so 2y 1m, -2y , 7m from DQ3 US) GBC + PSX era DQM1 September 1998 -> January 2000 (so 1y 4m) DQ1+2 September 1999 -> September 2000 (so 1y, -4m , 8m from DQM1 US) DQT:TLH September 1999 -> November 2000 (so 1y 2m, +2m , 2m from DQ1+2 US) DQ3 September 2000 -> July 2001 (so 9m, -5m , 7m from DQTorneko US) DQM2 March 2001 -> September 2001 (so 6m, -3m , 2m from DQ3 US) DQ7 August 2000 -> October 2001 (so 1y 2m, +8m , 1m from DQM2 US , -11m vs DQ4 NES, the last "current/new" mainline release) PS2 + DS + Wii era DQ8 November 2004 -> November 2005 (so 1y, -2m vs DQ7 PSX, the last "new" mainline release) DQRS December 2005 -> September 2006 ...9m DQM:J December 2006 -> November 2007 ...11m DQS July 2007 -> February 2008 ...7m DQ4 November 2007 -> September 2008 ...10m DQ5 July 2008 -> February 2009 ...7m DQ9 July 2009 -> July 2010 ...1y DQ6 January 2010 -> February 2011 ...1y 1m DQM:J2 April 2010 -> September 2011 ...1y 5m (this can be classified as a fluke due to potential internal disputes between Nintendo and SE) Mobile releases DQ Wars June 2009 -> September 2009 ...3m DQ8 December 2013 -> May 2014 ...5m DQ4 April 2014 -> August 2014 ...4m DQ1 November 2013 -> September 2014 ...10m DQ2 June 2014 -> October 2014 ...4m DQ3 September 2014 -> December 2014 ...3m DQ5 December 2014 -> January 2015 ...1m DQ6 June 2015 -> June 2015 ...14 days 3DS + PS4 + Switch era DQH February 2015 -> October 2015 ...8m DQ7 February 2013 -> September 2016 ...3y 7m (this is an exception to the new rule) DQ8 August 2015 -> January 2017 ...1y 5m DQH2 May 2016 -> April 2017 ...11m DQB PS4 January 2016 -> October 2016 ...9m DQB Switch February 2017 WW ...March 2017 Japan (we had this game a month PRIOR to Japan) ... -1m DQ11 PS4 July 2017 -> September 2018 ...1y 2m DQB2 December 2018 -> July 2019 ...7m DQ11 Switch September 2019 (WW, same date as Japan) ...+/- 0m, 0w, 0d, 0h, 0s ==== Seems to me it will either be about 1y, maybe a month or two over, or it will be WAY under that, as they start localization efforts alongside development (which is very possible). DQ7 3DS is a clear exception, and with obvious reasons. DQ8 3DS is also a slight exception, also for obvious reasons. They weren't planned for release at some point during development, and for some reason SE seems frightened about releasing DQ games on Nintendo handheld consoles (sees them as risky, without taking into account reasons and bad judgment/handling on their part). So take some heart, things aren't nearly as bad as they use to be in the NES era, where it took Enix a long time to recognize potential in the West, and all due to Nintendo's handiwork and help.
  12. That's been up there for 3 months now. I'd say a bit more than a pinch of a salt at this point.
  13. That's some solid reasoning, but I think we'll see a similar scenario to DQ11, in that the Switch version will have a slightly different graphical system. Not for the Switch Pro/Switch 2, but for the normal Switch, and the PS5, XBS1, and PC/Steam will see the same version. I can see slightly different content between them as well. When Switch Pro/Switch 2 releases, it will get a port of the PS5 version with some new content, assuming the Switch Pro numbers hit a certain level and certain amount of consistent popularity to make it worth SE's time. That or if it's a Switch temporary exclusive, the release date would be either before or immediately following the Switch Pro, so I do not see that as a feasible approach for a system exclusive, no matter how much money Nintendo is willing to pony up for it. The risk to reward is too low, unless Nintendo can prove demand is very high like...now, literally at this early stage, as they would have to develop for a non-existent system at this point, meaning they would have to know the specs and have to have early access to dev kits. So if it's temporary, it will be Switch normal, as the release date is going to be 2, maybe 3 years from now, especially if they use Unreal Engine. Then we'd see an updated version with higher visuals for PS5/XB4/PC. Then that will be ported to Switch Pro, and in that scenario, the PS5/XB4/PC will have added unique content, and the Switch Pro will be a pure port. Or maybe...MAYBE they decide to create a DLC update patch in a reasonable price range for the Switch, complete with Switch Pro texture updates. === Most likely scenario I see is the first, in the sense we'll see Switch -> 3DS, and PS5/XB4/PC -> PS4 , ala DQ12 -> DQ11 development. I think this the most likely, as it's actually cheaper overall, and would give the Switch a certain advantage of uniqueness, which if released early on, might work out better in the West. I think in this case, they would see the logic in releasing all versions.
  14. There's a silver lining if you cannot get a copy right now for under $50, and especially from GS, so you can assure a $35 price. Right now the market is exploding. A lot of people who cannot watch sports (or because sports royally blows watching without an audience, and because you cannot go to the games), so they're looking for other things to fill in the time. Meaning there's a TON of demand. So prices are going up in most cases. DQ4 and 5 DS for example, are about 30% higher. DQ8 PS2 is about 100% higher. However DQ9 is still in normal range. This will necessarily change, and reverse as the market bubble collapses and demand drops once the lockdowns, massive mask wearing requirements, restaurants re-open (though mostly it will be new restaurants or old restaurants started anew in a new location if they do at all...some won't, but we will eventually see new restaurants). Sports arenas will fill up again, and then prices will drop. I do expect even DQ8 3DS will see a drop, but the question is how much. There are definitely more DQ7 3DS copies printed, and while I think there are more DQ8 3DS copies out there than DQ5 DS copies, there are probably less than DQ4 DS. Though it's more desirable a game, especially given all the added things. Though of course, if the game releases on Switch and PSN, then it might see a drop for a bit, then a slight rise. Just note that it's very unlikely the price will ever go below $40 once Gamestop decides to raise the used price.
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