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  1. No, unfortunately, PC, PS4, and Switch players can only visit worlds from their respective systems. Maybe one day they'll handle it that way. I mean it's not hard to pull off given every world is tied down only to the respective players, SE provides the connectivity architecture that allows people to see other worlds and vote on them, but that's probably going to have to wait until DQB3.
  2. This is the only game in the series, where I prefer the NES version. Mostly because I know how to exploit the two bugs, Two Waterflying Clothes, and infinite Staves of Thunder. However, I do like the additional changes to the remakes (more equipment for Cannock, Princess gets Revive). I haven't played the mobile version as of yet, though I do want to, it's just not on my plans atm, as I'd rather focus on other games. Do I like it? I love it. I could never get into the original game. Don't ask. I LOVE the music in DQ1, I LOVE the enemy designs and quirky language, and the backgrounds in battle, but the lack of things to see and do, and sheer volume of just traveling, alongside the limited options in battle has always been an annoyance, not for the original game so much as for the remakes. DQ2 really cemented the game series in my mind as one of my favourite. Sure it's very broken and completely lacks for balance, plus Cannock and his many deaths, despite in the original game, he is literally a requirement to beat it (only revival method on the NES). I've replayed it over and over again, several hundred times, if that gives you any indication. I like the challenge, and once I knew where to go, and when, it alleviates the frustration of constant deaths (like the first time in Osterfaire and facing the Lion immediately following the ship, as it's surprisingly easy to find the warp gate, or was my first playthrough, and easy to recall, or was anyway). Or the first Gold Orc. That thing just ripped my party to shreds. Same with Tuhn, the first attempt to get to Don Mahone. I actually loved learning how and when to handle everything. Every spell really had a profound impact on battle, and careful usage of Wizard Rings was absolutely necessary. You know, I've NEVER found a Mysterious Hat in any playthrough. Yeah. Of all the rare items to get, that's the one where I've only obtained in remakes.
  3. Have fun with the round table!
  4. I don't own DQH1, unfortunately, and I haven't gotten far enough into 2 (I've only played through the demo, despite owning it). Most of my time with DQ is devoted to 7 and setting up my ultimate Super Kiefer, and DQ11 and testing critical rates. I would say it's less chaotic than Dynasty Warriors. The skill pool offers more variety in combat, especially given the various number of available characters and the variety of play styles, from fast and speedy swordsman (Terry) to slightly fast (Teresa) to more like a standard hero (Razel) to really slow hard hitters (Torneko and Carver). I can't really tell you much more than that. The boss battles are massive, and it takes a little skill getting used to timing as to when to charge in, when to avoid, when to dodge, when to use a skill/spell attack, when to use one of the special charge attacks, and when to reserve to take out the summoned small fry. AI for the main characters is good, but they don't really use their best attacks. You'd have to switch characters to make the most out of every battle with their special. That's about all I can tell you, and it's not a genre I play very often. So I don't have much to compare with in terms of experience. Sorry Platty 😕
  5. Not that I made the up or anything. I can't help it if NPCs also call him PotPinchParry, and Randyhomeraider.
  6. His name is BowlcutBob. Though his nickname around Costa Valor is StrawhairStan, and in Hotto, LankyLarry.
  7. Oh, they shall indeed. It's very time consuming. Especially Chapter 2 and 3 in DQB1. Chapter 4 is really rushed, but there's a lot of hidden cool stuff. Like a special area on the first island that contains some really crazy equipment that began with DQ2, and the best accessory in DQB: Ring of Criticality, which is available in most chapters (kind of necessary, especially in Chapters 2 through 4). Oh, when you come upon places with furniture, if there's no special NPC there with a special quest (some of them appear as friendly monsters, like the Hammerhoods on the second island, and for the tombstone sidequest, where you get the recipe from a friendly Brownie on the 3rd island in Chapter 1). Oh, a protip about Chapters 1, 3, and 4: Obsidian is necessary. In chapter 1 you'll be able to get some with Wrecking Balls, make sure NOT to build your current external wall at the edge of your base, but at least one block in. Once you get enough Obsidian, go ahead and build that as an exterior wall on the edge of your base (the last point where the base music plays). This will assure that in Chapter 1 at least, your Obsidian barrier appears in the boss battle, as it will protect your base from the final boss. Chapter 3 it isn't useful vs the boss, but it IS useful versus the normal enemies. You can get it from the 2nd island the moment you get access to the Cannon. It still won't protect against the big blue sub-boss that appears, but it blocks everything else. OH, the cannon stockade you'll be forced to build? Don't use it. Build it because it's required to move the story along, but then destroy it, and use the cannons personally. As in place one on the ground to aim it at a big guy, and use it, then grab it again to move it once again (use hammers to break it, or wait until it gets stomped...having 2 is very useful as keeping one in your active personal inventory assures once the one you're using is destroyed and you pick it up, you don't have to go into your super chest and replace an active slot for it, it will automatically go to the active slot with the unused one). Chapter 4 has one VERY annoying enemy, the Rockbomb. The moment you can go to the third island, save the person to the South. That's the fire section. You'll get cannons there which can be used to farm obsidian in the mountains nearby, lower sections of the mountain. Just place the Obsidian 3 blocks high and all the way underground (2 blocks below the surface), in case a bomb attacks. That will prevent you from rebuilding your base if you get unlucky. I've had to rebuild mine twice over my first time because of a number of those attacks all at once. Oh, and try to aim for the super chest as early as you can in Chapters 2 through 4. That will make life MUCH easier. You can also delete excess when using the Collosal Coffer, by selecting items within the Coffer itself, and it's the last option. Saves time if there's just too much excess to hold onto (like 5x 99 Dirt). Or just toss it into the wilderness somewhere in case you want to get it back by discarding it. That latter might be better, as you never know. Cheers. ======= DQB2 is now the first game in history to make it to a permanent #4 spot in my list of favourite games. So DQ7 -> FF12 -> RE4 -> DQB2 Very much worthy of it. It's such an amazing game. The key to that one, whenever you get to playing it? Build what you need to as the game requires it. Especially on the Isle of Awakening (make sure to make basic kitchens and bathrooms, and check the toilet now and again, as the item there is absolutely necessary and is a #$*! to farm any other way), then once the game is beaten, build a certain newly unlocked item that prevents enemy attacks, and complete all tablet targets asap, the simple way. Just get it done and don't worry about specialization, Even if you have to make things look tacky. Once you've completed all of those, you'll get the ultimate tool in DQB2: Buildnocculars. That changes the game for any form of specialized building. Or if you're just enjoying the game for the game, and don't care much about end-game, then just have fun and do whatever. DQB2 enhances the combat, and includes monster party recruits, which can be awesome (Sabrecat, Chimaera, and Golem ftw)...humans are better for actual combat, as monsters only do solid damage if you can ride them and they have an attack while you ride them...yeah for some reason they go from like 5 damage to 40's or 100's, depending on the monster (Golem goes from 5 -> 100+).
  8. Yes, yes it is. The second game is even better. If you need any help, go ahead and ask.
  9. Use that as a visual. If there's anything left of the spikes, use that to determine the outer two extensions, and note it's 2 high, and 12 wide. If you've destroyed the wall and spikes, and you have at least one spike, and since you know WHERE the ghost is, you can use the position of the ghost to determine where the spikes and stone blocks are supposed to be. Note you need 28 stone blocks and 10 spikes to remake it and get this quest done with. If the ghost soldier is one block underground, so his head is blocking laying down the final brick, try talking to him first after laying down the other 27, and if that doesn't move the quest along to get enemy spawns that finish the quest and give you the stockade blueprint, then dig one block under him to move him out of blocking that last stone block. Then place it, then speak to him again to get he enemy spawns, and viola, the quest should be completed. You can also just note the position of the soldier, where he's facing, that he's on the 4th block from the left, and use that to rebuild the wall. === In anycase, a protip about building with special wall and flooring. Don't take from the game world unless you have to. This chapter will give you the recipes for stone floor and flagstone flooring. I believe they come with the Forge themselves, or at least flagstone does, and for stone walls, it's either with the forge or this quest unlocks it. After that, for infinite flooring, all you require is at least 1 flooring, then make a 5x5 on the ground of dirt, then move to the center, use the "flooring," now break it up, make more flooring, then do several layers of 5x5 dirt, then change it with the flooring, then break that up, and you have the recipe for infinite floor tiles of that type. For stone walls, or any wall "cladding" create a dirt 5x5x3 (you can do 5x5x4, but 3 high is faster), where you're in the center, so all the center blocks are empty. So you build the walls first to enclose yourself, then fill in until everything is 3 blocks high dirt, except for that center space. Then use the Cladding, break the top two layers to stand on the bottom layer, and use the charge attack to smash the new bricks. Now you can make infinite wall tiles of that type (or infinite wall cladding to just change the dirt you've already used, as the game requires each building to be made WITH dirt until the last chapter).
  10. @DrippySlimeStar that's not just a hero in smash video. That's a love note of thanks to the overall general contributions of Dragon Quest. Mentioning things in ways even I haven't, nor have heard before (nor did I know Enix was a real-estate company prior to getting into videogames. I knew they predated the gaming industry by some years and the contest they held for game developers that Horii won, leading to Dragon Quest, leading to probably the widest and most widespread felt genre defining game series that virtually never gets credit for its contributions in the West. Really cool video. Thanks for the link.
  11. I definitely prefer Pachisi as a name to Treasures and Trapdoors. === Also, why has no one mentioned Fortune Street? It's clearly a greatly expanded version of the original Sugoroku game. In reading up on its history, it was inspired by Sugoroku, and Horii wanted to expand it, so created a whole new game experience that is only that game, thus requiring added rules and special features to make it a stand-alone system. It certainly plays VERY much like Sugoroku, and a version that would naturally develop from it, so you should feel right at home. === Oops, I have the inverse of it. It was created initially for DQ3, but was never implemented, and was instead created as its own thing, then due to its popularity, was added in, in a more simpler form, to Dragon Quest 3's original remake. So they both stem from the same original concept and are thus essentially the same game, just a complex and simplified version of it.
  12. Ok, so I finally conquered DQ1 (all trophies). I'll end up doing something with Terra Incognita. Though for now I'm just content I have all the TI seeds (only 105 HP...and that seems to be from people tearing up the island, kind of odd they'd have less than the story general 125). Builders 2 is completed (awhile back). Full post-game unlocked (so 3 buildertopia's). I'm really surprised at how few in my friends list have played either game, or really completed either. They're easily my favourite spinoff games. I can't wait for Builders 3 ==== So my eventual plans for Builders and Builders 2 I'll just jot down here at some later point: Builders 1 Chapter 1~4 Plans: placeholder Builders 1 Terra Incognita Plans: placeholder ============================================ Builders 2 Furrofield Plans: placeholder Builders 2 Krumble-Dun Plans: placeholder Builders 2 Moonbrook Plans: placeholder Builders 2 Isle of Awakening Plans: placeholder Builders 2 Buildertopia 1 Plans: placeholder Builders 2 Buildertopia 2 Plans: placeholder Builders 2 Buildertopia 3 Plans: placeholder
  13. Oh...I see. I always go one to three more logs outward. I guess by pure luck I've never attempted to put anything on that corner section. Sounds like you've already answered your own question though, and very interesting to learn. Thanks for the heads up.
  14. By logs, do you mean the small blocks of wood in a triple stack you use for certain "farm" related buildings, or by logs, do you mean the larger "blocks" you use for building with vertical and horizontal pieces with the two cap styles of pointed wood or metal that you use for making actual buildings or bridges (or realistic raised railroads or railroads as roller coasters)? If it's the former, there should be no issue. If it's the latter, as I think it to be, then I don't know, I've used them as exterior corners, where I have no issues placing normal building blocks next to them, or as exterior or interior blocks holding something up, with nothing touching them. I don't have any issues laying down blocks as flooring next to the horizontal versions. I'm not sure what you mean by corner pieces. Are you referring to literal round corner blocks as in you're trying to place them next to or on top of them, hugging tight to the corners? Like those castle round corners, and trying to place them into the curve area? If that's what it is, they blocked layering on those corners due to an infinite item bug related to it. Or are you trying to use them as actual corner blocks in a building, and for some reason the verticals cannot be placed down, like the game is blocking it?
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