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  1. Ok...rereading it again, it's not as bad as I thought in the sense of monetization and limitations. I hate lawyer speak (the permissions paragraph). Though the limitations are ridiculous. No memes? I'm assuming by 2D format, they mean pictures. Maybe because it's harder to directly police on Nintendo's systems versus Sony?
  2. I'm a bit sad for Europe. Though I wonder how large a market representation Amazon is over there? I remember not long ago, finding online retailers in Europe was easy. Now? It's like pulling teeth, even from DuckDuckGo. Amazon is the easiest to find. Took forever to find a link to Scharwz actual site...Lidl (not big in the Videogame retail market though https://www.lidl.de/de/nintendo-spiele/c22041 ). I can't even find data sites that don't charge for information, on what the largest electronic and/or videogame retailers are in Europe. Used to be easy to access. Not these days. I wonder why? Maybe due to too much drop shipping, and trying to curtail that market?
  3. I wish I could get my wife into DQ. All she's interested in playing are Stardew Valley, Civ, and Minecraft. I've tried to get her started on Builders but we've been so busy with work and the kid that there's not much time for her to get into a new game. At least those are openings. Civ is fairly slow, methodical, and thoughful. Never played Stardew Valley, but it looks a lot like Harvest Moon, so that shouldn't be too hard to transition once you two have a little more free time.
  4. Yes! Hey, if she loves Sylvando, no hard feelings there. Sylv is bombastic and surprisingly well rounded and mysterious. Veronica is just the likely personality I'll end up with, since both my mum and sister are like her.
  5. Switch DQ11S Demo patch is now available in NA/EU.

  6. I would take the Wii Anniversary package. At least those versions were good. Though definitely. I love those Pachisi tracks, and minus the monster medal hunting, the ice dungeon is one of my favourite bonus dungeons. I like fighting Grand Dragon, and every version of DQ3 deserves its own Rubiss Sword!
  7. You should read my nutty response to someone on the GameFAQs forums over this very thing. My whole thing being...uh, yeah, let's be practical, I do NOT want another DQ dark age. It's kind of buried now, and I don't recall the topic it was in.
  8. Will Nintendo make a statement regarding Dragon Quest ports to the Nintendo Switch that Square Enix has yet to make? I don't see that happening. Now, if at TGS, SE makes mention of Switch ports, then yes, I can see Nintendo making that announcement, assuming SE asks Nintendo to handle it for them. However I think it more likely that if there's a series of Ports on the Switch, it's likely to go PS4 as well, and SE is likely to handle any international release. The only exception would be DQ's 1~3, where maybe Nintendo might be picked because Switch + retro = sales. Again though, SE will be the one to announce this first, IN JAPAN. Not Nintendo.
  9. Since no one has asked the producers, I think it stems from SE, Horii, and the DQ team members in SE that DQ3 mobile's download numbers on iOS and Android are somehow indicative of a desire in Japan, not to have monster animations. Even the PS4 and 3DS versions of DQ3 lack them, though they are redrawn (and look odd as well given they do not look like Toriyama's style). I'm almost certain of this. I don't think they even asked the Japanese public whether they prefer the animations or not, since DQ3 iOS/Droid is a nearly direct rip with almost no tweaks, from the original mobile release, which had to remove animations due to cell phone processing power and RAM limitations.
  10. This should make @Shun 'Kanamee happy, as there's finally a game that reuses all the old SNES SFX from DQ6. Of course without the specific way the SNES handled the sound, like adding in a sense of reverberation, like in a large room. That would have been nice, but it is good to see they didn't make new SFX, or use DQ5's spell/skill set, as these are really well done. The only thing I find tragic is the lack of enemy motion. They could have easily added that in, even in a patch if they couldn't find room. The DS animations are magic. They're 2D as well, and use almost identical models to the original SNES versions, with a few upgrades to details, but nothing more. Even the DQ6 and 3 SFC animations were par excellence. The lack of their presence does make the 2D trip a bit less engaging, but it will still be fun, and I do like the screen shakes.
  11. One thing I'm really enjoying seeing...that loading bar. It's about 1/3 the time it takes my Pro to finish loading an area.
  12. I don't have the game yet, I will eventually, but too much on my plate, and I'd rather save up for a Switch atm. This comes next, then a few other purchases...like a third physical copy of DQ7 3DS. HOWEVER, if you're really into lego's and building things, or have played Builders 1, and your favourite part is Terra Incognita, and the building aspect, from what I've seen that's available from them, yes, they're worthwhile. However, I stress Platy's point again, ONLY IF YOU LIKE BUILDING. So I would highly suggest getting through the game, and if you really enjoy the post-game, which is just building as you please on the Isle of Awakening (and the other islands too, but mostly the IoA), then by all means get it. I would consider spending a very good long time with the building aspects to see how you feel about it. That way you'll know if you're spending your money wisely. For me, it's a no brainer. I LOVE the building aspect, and were it not for FAQual obligations, I would have put down my DQ11 copy, gotten DQB2, bought the expansion packs, beat the game, and just go to town. That's me, because I very much enjoy the building aspect, and my mind goes nuts with what I could potentially build, and how to build it in the first game. So this game for me is like...woooooooooooo....yeah, baby! Anyhow, play with the building after you get through the game, not before, and then decide.
  13. There is no way I can see this version as the best selling game in the series history. In the US, definitely, in Europe, maybe. In Japan? No. DQ7 was the fastest selling DQ game up front, DQ9 the highest selling. 3.8m in 3 months vs 4.2m in 10 months. How do we know DQ7 is the fastest selling DQ game early on? Enix released numbers early, at the end of 2000, indicating their sales in 2000, because they were impressive. SE waited out nearly a year before releasing numbers for DQ9, though this might also be due to DQ9 projected 5m sales, it does indicate sales were a little slower up front than they wanted, or they would have indicated surpassing DQ7's. Anyway, that's a hard bar to reach for a system that only has an 8.7m sell-through rate in Japan. The PS1 vs DS sales around the point their respective games released (PSX is REALLY HARD to work out): PS1 in FY 2000: 82.28m , PS1 JP sales 2004: 18m (it's hard to gauge, but most of the PSX sales post 2000 came from Europe and other parts of Asia, where the markets finally opened, including SEA and China, but I'd wager 15~16m is a good bet for PS1 sales in Japan in 2000) So ~15-16m PSX sales in Japan for 3.8m in DQ7 sales, 17+m by the 4.1m number. DS would be ~30.5m units in Japan for 4.2m in DQ9 sales. 27m units when DQ9 was first released. ------ So the Switch, at the same point, is roughly half the PS1 sales in terms of system units, and will likely see another 300k~1m extra units in Japan alone by September 30th, as sales start to ramp up due to the new Switch units, and in anticipation of the games released later in the year. They don't quite ramp up there like they do here (ala Christmas season). ----- Europe's hard number is around 720k for DQ8, though since DQ8, sales have gone down, not up. Especially in the UK for some reason. US's hard number is hard to determine. 430k for DQ8 is meaningless, as sales at the end of the 1st month didn't break 80k units in actual sales, and SE's anticipation was so high they only printed 430k for their initial run for the US, and never told us when they sold through. They've only ever listed the 430k initial print run, and the only print run. DQ7, on the other hand, broke 177k in the first 2 months, maybe the 1st month, I can't get good data on that now as a lot of archives are gone and not part of Wayback Machine, and google's archive is...I don't know if they even allow general archiving long-term now. We do know that DQ9 wiped the floor with DQ8 in first month sales in the US. 132k. We know that DQ11 PS4 went over double the revenue, and by the enthusiasm, it can be suggested as quite a bit more than double...so maybe 230~260% revenue. The actual sell through rate is harder to determine, as there were several sales for the PS4 physical, digital, and PC release. I do mean VERY hard to determine. Sales went as low as 35 from Greenman gaming for the Steam, and 39.99 for the physical copy. Digital went down to 45 on PSN twice, and there were two 49.99 sales for several days prior to the announcement of double DQ9's sell through rate. DQ7 wouldn't be counted because it was pre-merger, and Enix cut sales down considerably by forcing a limited print run, probably to avoid complications of sell-through over time and having to buy back, or they couldn't guarantee sales from retailers at high enough rates to warrant extra print runs. Whatever the case: 132k * 35 = 4.62m * 2 = 9.24m / 60 = 154k as a baseline for the PS4/PC. However, I think it's safe to use 2.3*, so 4.62m * 2.3 = 10.626m / 60 = 177k The other thing is we don't know if those numbers were sell-through post release, or included pre-orders. That's another issue, and in both DQ9 and DQ11's case. It also doesn't discuss or relate to overall sales, or comparing console sales. As in was Steam factored in or not? Nothing in the original tweet absolutely defines this. There's also the aforementioned issue of multiple sales that DQ9 did not have (it was consistently 34.99). So sales could be well into the 200k number, and hell, +130% is a fair number, but the value is anywhere between +100% and +200%, but not stated as near 300%, so it couldn't be like +180% or higher, and +170% is pushing it a bit. +160% is a fair top margin, but since we don't know specifics, it's not worth speculating, only that it's very likely DQ11's first month probably hovered around 200k total units in the US alone. I think the Switch release can definitely beat 200k in month 1. We also know that 3 months after international release, DQ11's total numbers suggest DQ11 international sold 700+k in total. Meaning internationally, it sold about 65% of DQ8's international numbers, as listed 4 years later, and 70% of DQ9's international numbers, as listed 6 months later. === DQ11's sales though...yeah, I can see Japan seeing a higher sell through rate than either 1.86 or 1.53m for the 3DS and PS4 respectively. I can see a potential 2m sell-through rate. === So while overall sales, I can see hitting way above DQ9's ceiling, for any one console, no. For the Switch on its own? No. For US sales, I can see Switch selling more than any other DQ release previous. For Europe? I can see it doing either on par with DQ8, or maybe just above. For Japan, I can see it doing better than the 3DS and PS4. Predictions: Japan: 1.5~2.5m (just to be on the safe side, but I think it more likely 2~2.5m) NA: 1+m (800k~1m US alone) EU: 700~850k (France leading the charge with 40% of total sales) UK: 75~100k AU: 50~75k Asia (not Japan): 35~50k (might actually be a lot lower, but I'll be positive)
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