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  1. Dwaine why so negative? Project Rainfall worked I'm going to be devastated if DQ7 doesn't get a release outside of Japan, lets do something!!
  2. Probably gonna wait for a EU release date for this or Terrys Wonderland before getting a 3DS but this is very good news as i played quite a bit of 7 it on emulator and generally got a bit frustrated not having it on console, i'm sure this will boost xmas sales for the 3DS in Japan too
  3. yeah he was a bit of a bellend but after all we'd been through? HE JUST LEAVES US?! oh the rejection
  4. mhollan, you're kinda ruining this forum for me now shut up and go play DQ8...
  5. well OK it seems your pretty set on not buying a second hand PS2 and copy of DQ8 which is a real shame cus Dragon Quest Monsters kinda sucks* compared to DQ8 *still awesome
  6. man the PS2 sold like hotcakes, i have 2 in my house and neither of them belong to me! you should be able to borrow one or even buy a PS2 and a copy of the game for less money than a brand new 360 or ps3 game! seriously if you don't play DQ8 you are really missing out! plus there's loads of PS2 games worth getting so think of it as an investment!
  7. lol yeah, i found a site with loads of characters redrawn in the Earthbound style, including a whole bunch of DQ, FF and Street Fighter characters, i would link it but i lost it
  8. but there's been sub par DQ spin offs since the 90's! most of them never got a western release, and most of the recent spin offs are just sequels to the spin offs (including fortune street) lol
  9. there's only been 1 game since 8 and IX was really good IMO just not up to 8's standard but they introduced some really cool stuff like the equipped armour and visible monsters
  10. oh yeah sorry, it does say VI what does the official US translation say? OMG CALL OF DUTY XIII FOR THE XBOX 1080?!
  11. i don't ever have to worry because unless Yuji Horii goes mental DQ will always be cel shaded. hopefully XI will look as gorgeous as Ni no Kuni i think there's a reason why they didn't go fully 3D until PS2 and it's probably the same reason they released Mother 3 on the Gameboy!
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