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  1. No, you're good, I understood what you meant by "dead". I just hadn't considered DQ being dead AGAIN. I agree SQEX is bleeding money. It's just ridiculous how much of it has been caused by stupidity. They've wasted money on half finished projects, translating games but then not releasing, and then screwing the pooch on Tomb Raider and Hitman. I mean, how can you have a multimillion seller and it be "under expectations". I was hoping that Nintendo would pick up the ball like they have before though. It would seem SQEX at least thought about this at one point with all the DQ on Nintendo support. Maybe I'm way off base though. I also agree with you Erdrick. While I would LOVE to see a localization of Terry's, DQVII is the one game I would pick if forced to.
  2. I agree Terry would've sold well. I'm a bit surprised Nintendo didn't try to push it out before X and Y, especially with Nintendo trying to move more 3DS units. There's pretty much no hope for it now with X and Y incoming though. But DQ being dead? That seems extreme...I know it's either feast or famine with Dragon Quest, to the point it's becoming a repetitive cycle but dead? God I hope not.
  3. Hello fellow Dragon Quest fans! After a year long hiatus, I felt like posting on the forums again! (Mainly because I've started playing DQ recently ) I apologize for not posting, but I'm a shy type of person that tends to lurk anyways. That being said, I wanted to see if the Dragon's Den community thinks we will see DQVII at e3 this year! I personally think so, but I also thought we would see Terry's Wonderland at last years e3 (boy was I wrong about that one). This is something that's been running through my mind a lot recently and I wanted to see what intellegent thoughts and opinons others had on the subject. Man, that remake looks AWESOME! And I wasn't the biggest fan of the original to begin with. Please feel free to post your thoughts on the subject! I apologize if this has been discussed ad nauseum but I did not see any topics posted. Just one or two thoughts here or there around the forums.
  4. Beat Baramos with solo Hero in DQ3 GBC today. That was fun!

    1. mdb510


      Wow! That's cool :o What level?

    2. bahamutx83


      Lv. 40. Equips were Thunder Sword, Blade Armor, Dragon Shield, Ortega Helm, and Starry Ring.

  5. Gotta love a doctor's office that doesn't tell you they moved and then cancels your appointment. Buncha pricks.

    1. Havoccultist


      I had the same problem before. Sucks, dude.

    2. Thunderbolta


      Business as normal.

    3. DJ BlackJack

      DJ BlackJack

      make-a da world go round............

  6. Glad to hear it. If I wake up before 7 I'll poop like, three times as much. Does that happen to anyone else? Hah! All the time Dwaine, all the time.
  7. Great videos! While I've enjoyed them all, I have to admit I died laughing at this last one. Your raging at the Cannibox and falling into the basement were especially priceless. It's good to hear you actually received your guide this time. In regards to your query in the video, I personally always use seeds on the Hero. I like doing this because he/she cannot change classes to manipulate stats/levels. That's just personal preference though. With the Pachisi Tracks this is a fairly moot point but I gathered they aren't your cup of tea in an earlier video.
  8. I'd personally bet on it being announced sometime at E3. Nintendo needs a very strong E3 presentation to ease the fears of stockholders, not to mention the 3DS is picking up enough momentum that there is bound to be a bevy of releases for it. I'd plan on seeing an official announcement for Terry's Wonderland, as well as the new Fire Emblem during Nintendo's presentation at the very least. My only concern is it's releasing in Japan less than a week from the first day of E3. There may still be issues being worked out for a localization. Who really knows for sure (besides Nintendo obviously)? I wouldn't be too worried though. It would be surprising if this doesn't get localized at all. There's a strong demand for new 3DS games, and there seems to be a nice amount of buzz about this game considering how popular the original was.
  9. My bad, I haven't faced PKJs yet. Sorry!
  10. I'm all about the Paladins baby!
  11. :( Nothing's a certainty till it's on store shelves. It wouldn't be the first letdown in the stateside history of the series. I'm really not trying to argue or be a jerk, just sayin'.
  12. bahamutx83

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  13. IF it comes to the US. Nintendo had a hard time deciding to release Xenoblade and Last Story over here; publishing the MMO of another company that comes from a barely known RPG series (Stateside) is NOT a guaranteed thing.
  14. Forgive me for being a necro, but I figured it was better to use an existing topic. My current collection consists of the following: Games: Dragon Warrior (NES), Dragon Warrior I & II (GBC, Complete w/ Box, Manual), Dragon Warrior III (GBC, Complete w/ Box, Manual), Dragon Warrior VII (Complete w/ Case, Manual) Dragon Quest IV, V, VI (DS); Dragon Quest VIII; Dragon Quest IX - all complete Dragon Warrior Monsters, Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Tara's Adventure, DQM: Joker, DQM: Joker 2 Tornkeo: The Last Hope, Dragon Quest Swords, Fortune Street [*]Guides Dragon Warrior I&II (GBC); Dragon Warrior III (GBC); Dragon Warrior Monsters; Dragon Warrior VII Dragon Quest IV (DS), Dragon Quest VIII, Dragon Quest IX DQM Joker Dragon Warrior 1 "Adventure Guide" Quick Info Card [*]Swag/Other Dragon Quest VI Pre-order Slime Plush King Slime Key chain from Slime Knights, Rocket Slime DS key chain Pics can be found in my gallery, but I'll post the general shot here:
  15. Provided you have large rooms to avoid the other spawns, I would just grind on the MKS's until your Hero can hit Lv. 99+1 in a class. At that point it is my understanding that you can get maps with Platinum King Jewels, which give just over DOUBLE the experience a MKS gives. Or if that is too slow for you, get to the upper 80s or 90s, don't revocate, and you should be able to farm up a grotto with a better appearance rate easily. I've currently got a grotto with MKS on floor 6, but the appearance rate is still uncommon. I found it better to focus on getting multiple MKS down per battle than getting a better appearance rate. Just my humble opinion and personal preference though.
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