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  1. If I get PC Version 1-4 coming out in a few days from here https://www.play-asia.com/dragon-quest-x-all-in-one-package-version-1-4/13/70c221 , is it possible to play? I understand that I need VPN and Japan Square-Enix account. I googled around and only saw about playing the trial. Is there a guide to set up to play the full game? Thx.
  2. Apparently they want us to be vocal and send letters and emails to get them to localize DQ games to justify doing it. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/square-enix-testing-the-waters-for-dragon-quest-11/1100-6440937/ Quote from article "They are also hoping that fans who want localized versions of Dragon Quest games are more vocal, so they can legitimize the work going into localization."
  3. If anyone interested in trying out NEStalgia on Steam but thought $14.99 was too expensive, it is on Humble Flash Bundle right now for $6 along with 4 other games including Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures https://www.humblebundle.com/flash
  4. Saw NEStalgia was released on Steam today. I heard of it before but I never played it so I thought I would give it a shot. Its 25% off at $11.24 USD. http://store.steampowered.com/app/249550/ http://silkgames.com/nestalgia/
  5. New video. It's been awhile. http://retrowaretv.com/16-bit-gems-33-dragon-quest-iii/ I've also updated original post.
  6. Updated original post with a new video on DQVIII http://retrowaretv.c...quest-viii-ps2/
  7. He does make nice videos, you can check his other ones here His earthbound video is really good too. http://retrowaretv.c...ound-a-history/ http://retrowaretv.c...und-the-review/ Also worth a watch. I'll post a link to his new dq vids when he releases them.
  8. March 17, 2012 Roo from retrowaretv made a great video about the history of the rpg and how dragon quest started it all. http://retrowaretv.c...-rpg-a-history/ You should check it out. April 01, 2012 Dragon quest VIII http://retrowaretv.c...quest-viii-ps2/ New Video June 12, 2013 http://retrowaretv.com/16-bit-gems-33-dragon-quest-iii/
  9. Even grotto floors with nothing but gem slimes? Easy money. It takes about 3 minutes to get 32000 something through alchemy. If you kill 3 Gem Slimes you get about that much. If you kill 3 PKJ you get 720000 EXP. In my opinion... in the same amount of kills I would take the EXP over the Gold in a second. Edit: Although I do like the colour of the Gem Slimes slightly better. But that isn't enough to put them over the top of the EXP from PKJ.
  10. I think it would also be kinda neat to keep track of what the DQVC store is eack week. Like one week was alchemy campaign week, this week is summer wear week. I forget the first couple weeks were. If someone knows they can post them.
  11. My greeting is Who likes Puff-Puffs?... I like Puff-Puffs.
  12. That is a mighty big list. I guess because kids from any country/ethnicity could connect to anyone, they had to come up with every swear word or bad slang from every language, and internet terms like pr0n. Although I'm sure if someone really wanted to put something that wasn't allowed though, they'll find a way. They would keep trying to change it slightly until they found something they could put in.
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