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  1. The giant sofubi Killer Machine is brand new unopened, and worth about $70 in Japan, but sells for $100+ in the US (http://www.amazon.com/Dragon-Monster-machine-lottery-Special/dp/B003OB18JE). I'll also accept $65 for this, but shipping isn't included in that price due to it's size. ENIX, I haven't posted here in awhile, but I am interested in the big sofubi killer machine. Send me a PM if it is still available for sale.
  2. Me too. The Gamestop guys promised me the giant poster, but they ended up cutting the bottom off of it(and I didn't get it). What really sucks, is that I might have to throw it away soon. It's getting old and I have nowhere to put it. Throw it away? Oh no, send it to me. I'll take it off your hands, unless you're totally joking.
  3. ENIX, Were those killing machines the same one as this? I can't find them anywhere online, so I'm kinda sad. http://cgi.ebay.com/...T#ht_2793wt_786 Also, I just got my latest haul in the mail today:
  4. How big is that killer machine? Where can I find one? Looks awesome!
  5. ENIX: Your collection is the best! Puts me to shame! I'm unworthy. lol Thanks for sharing! I almost have the full set of the sofubi monsters. I haven't kept up with my collection recently, but might do so now that I have more free time. Everything is still boxed up from my previous move. Please update your collection with newer pictures when u get a chance? I'll try and do the same.
  6. I don't think the translators are worried about that, unless it completely breaks your game...
  7. I'm playing Dragon Quest I+II SNES remix over again and it turns out if you attempt to cast a spell on an enemy that was already killed, it will cast the spell onto the next enemy. EDIT: I also found this part of the game at Dharma kinda disturbing, but funny!
  8. This thread is making me want to start a new DQ3 SNES game over again! I always remember targeting those stupid Voodoo men first. You must be in the cave with all those treasure chests along the path. I forgot the name.
  9. Oh that door! I never even bothered trying to open it because all I saw was the innkeeper. Spare him the pain of getting robbed lol!
  10. Can you post a screenshot? Are you talking about the red door at the inn in the lower right southeast corner? It should open... I don't remember having any problems opening it after I got the Thief's key.
  11. How far into the game are you? The "normal" doors are always unlocked, and as Dwaine B. mentioned, if it's a red or silver door, then they should be locked.
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