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  1. I wish I could do this but my WiFi key is not compatible with the game.
  2. I whent to GameStop to pick up DQM Joker 2 today, and thay did not have it! The same thing happened when i whent to go get DQ6. (Thay told me to come back tomorrow!)
  3. I Was just on nintendo3ds blog.com, and I saw this... http://nintendo3dsblog.com/dragon-quest-monsters-terrys-wonderland-3d-is-coming-to-the-3ds
  4. X is going to be AWESOME! I can't wait to see more!
  5. I've been working a lot... I'm going to try to be more active.(but school just staretd too)
  6. -This is a link to my old AMV channel on Youtube http://www.youtube.c...er/XtheDRAGON45 It has AMVs and fan trailers of (mostly) Dragon Quest. I don't make AMVs anymore because Youtube kept taking them off because of the music. But the ones that are still up are my favorites. -THIS Is MY BOX O' DRAGON QUEST / WARRIOR!!! Inside lies: 1. All my Dragon Quest/Warrior games. The list is: Dragon Warrior. (NES) Dragon Warrior 1 & 2. (GBC) Dragon Warrior 3. (GBC) Dragon Quest 4. (DS) Dragon Quest 5. (DS) Dragon Quest 6. (SFC) Dragon Quest 6. (DS) Dragon Warrior 7. (PSX) Dragon Quest 8. (PS2) (My Favorite) Dragon Quest 9. (DS) Dragon Warrior Monsters. (GBC) Dragon Warrior Monsters 2, Cobi & Tara (GBC) Dragon Quest Monsters Cravan Heart (GBA) Dragon Quest Monsters Joker. (DS) Slime Mori Mori. (GBA) Rocket Slime. (DS) Dragon Quest Swords (Wii) Dragon Quest Wars. (DSi) Itadaki Street. (PSP) 2. I Got Dragon Quest 6 in japanese, because after 9 I thought it would not be released in North america, so i got the japanese version even though i don't understand japanese And I got it in the box!... Same with craven heart and Itadaki Street. 3. An envelope that i kept from Slime Knights (Still miss Slime Knights!). In The envelope was Dragon Quest Dia No Daibouken Anime Manga Vol. 12 4. Signed Poasters They were signed by King Slime from Slime Knights 5. My Key Chain Village (I have a lot more.) 6. Dragon Quest 9 promo items Never remove a sticker!!! I framed the poaster. 7. Nintendo Power 8. Dragon Quest 8 soundtrack I love the music in these games, I'm going to get the live Symphonic Suite.
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