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  1. Oh, that's a good idea! See if your characters can go Gladiator, Paladin, Fighter-Mage (Armamentalist), Sage, Ranger, or Luminary!
  2. Hmm... And you can't find them via the stars in the Class Change prompt, right? The one that pops up when the guy's asking if you wanna change classes?
  3. Do ask if anything needs to be cleared up, alright? Will be helpful for the walkthrough!
  4. There would have to be strategies laid out for different versions, making it a gargantuan task, which part of the reason I haven't done it yet. Plus I have noe xperience making guides so maybe I'm not the person to do it Nah, nah, you won't know till you try. Just find a guide you like, and imitate it in structure; That's what I'd suggest. Course, I'd stick to the version you're used to, for now. Do that first, then write the SNES version guide, then see if the two can be reconciled.
  5. Nope. I've played through the DS, Android, and working on the SNES version. Hmm... the SNES is a pretty different beast from the remakes, though. Much easier, for one... and also the 3 PC cap. Wonder how a walkthrough would account for it AND the remakes?
  6. Well, if you end up needing a walkthrough, I just completed mine. It beats Nokturnus with everyone at LVL 31-35 (except Lizzie), for an idea of how fast and efficient it is.
  7. I'm excited to announce that I've fully completed this 1+ year long project, complete with all of the relevant information provided by Ignasia! https://strategywiki.org/wiki/Dragon_Quest_VI:_Realms_of_Revelation/Table_of_Contents This walkthrough was written to accommodate all three versions of the game (SNES, DS, & Mobile). You can expect to find... -------------------- 1) How to beat the game quickly, with minimal grinding (you'll notice the "recommended levels" are usually fairly low) 2) Detailed strategies & extensive technical information on every boss fight in the game. Thanks again, Ignasia! 3) Detailed recommendations for which vocations to take for which characters, at various points in the game 3a) Also boss strategies for those who hadn't followed the guide that closely. 4) Every Mini Medal & Dreamscape in the game, in the most efficient order I could think of getting them. 5) Maps, mostly from this site, with all the treasures labeled accordingly (including those changed from SNES to the Remakes) 6) How to easily clear the Best-Dressed Contest, as well as the Slimopolis. -------------------- So if any of you are starting this game for the first time, or just playing through it again, feel free to use & critique my guide! I've even proposed that Ignasia join it to his own FAQ, though I dunno if he'll agree or not. Either way, I'd love to hear what you guys think!
  8. Actually, I like both the NES and the Modern versions. And I do like the Modern terms better, excluding one or two names that were cooler in the NES version.
  9. https://www.romhacking.net/utilities/615/ I wanted to do a "name modernization patch" for the NES version, but, when I tried renaming all the monsters, spells, and items, the game crashed when I loaded up the game. So I wanted to know if anyone had ever worked with this utility; and if so, if they knew how to work it in a way that doesn't make it crash. That, or if anyone's ever done such a patch! If anyone has, could anyone link it to me? Thank you very much, and God bless you!
  10. That's alright. Personally, I'd just do something like "here's the short version; you can't be any higher than this or that level in these areas", give the long version at some point, and then just have the "Area Level Caps" just be the maximum level that one can be. So instead of this: Weaver's Peak (DW): Area Level Cap of 0 (but those up to LVL5 can gain EXP in the SNES/DS versions, and LVL11 in the iOS) I'd just have something like this: Weaver's Peak (DW): Area Level Cap of 5 (11 if playing on the iOS) Makes things easier I think.
  11. Yeah; it looks like the increase is +6, not +10. Because the quote here is: (1) Your level is area level + 10 or less   (yourself level in DS version < area level + 5) So basically, instead of having to be lower than Area Level + 5, you can be AT the Area Level + 10; so basically 6+ extra levels of leeway.
  12. Would you mind linking me? I actually know a tiny amount of Japanese, so I might be able to help you out!
  13. I've been trying to grind up vocations in my Mobile playthrough, and found an unpleasant discovery while doing so. It seems that the Mobile version does NOT increase the level caps of every area by 10 (or at least, not any of the ones I tested). Instead, the actual number seems to be 6. My testing wasn't that thorough, but I found that Milly (at LVL 13) lagged behind Nevan (LVL 12) when vocation grinding at Haggleton (cap of 7 in the SNES and DS versions). And I also found that the Hero (LVL 14) got vocation points for every fight he got near Wellshire (cap of 8 in previous versions), but did NOT get job points from near Guardsbane Tower (cap of 7 in previous versions). I don't know for sure, but I'm starting the think the Mobile designers used 6 as their number, in reference to this being the 6th entry.
  14. I've always been dissatisfied with every version of the "World of Demons" theme, EXCEPT for the one that played on the original SFC. For some reason, every remade version of the song (from the Symphonic Suite, to the DS release, to the iOS release, and etc.) increased the pitch by 2 semi-tones, increased the tempo, changed the instruments, and took out the reverb. So instead of the intimidating, oppressive atmosphere of the SFC, we have something that sounds more sophisticated and regal. And while both takes have merit, the song is used in places where it seems like the player should be feeling threatened (like just before major boss fights). So instead of THAT version, I'd like something that sounds more like this (if it's not an inconvenience): http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm9553832 But with iOS quality MIDI's. Because as it turns out, there's someone who knows how to edit music files on the iOS version, and replace them. It's a petty thing, I know; but that was seriously my favorite song in the SNES version. So if at all possible, I'd like it if someone could make a remade version of this song for the iOS. Don't feel obligated of course. Like I said, I know it's a petty thing. It'd just be really nice to have.
  15. I'm beginning to notice that, while the script is mostly the same, there are some very unexpected changes in a few places. Most notably (just from what I've seen so far; note that the first example only applies to the second campfire scene)... DS Milly (the second time around the campfire): "The time is almost at hand. Now, where did he get to? He went to check the path ahead, but that was some time ago." iOS Milly (the second time around the campfire): "The time is almost at hand. Now, where did that muscle-bound lump get to? He went to check the path ahead, but that was some time ago." And also... DS Captain Blade (when the King calls him Rusty): "It's interesting the way that name reverberates through my mind..." iOS Captain Blade (when the King calls him Rusty): "I like the sound of that name for some reason..." Does anyone know of any other instances where dialogue was changed from the DS version? And why some of the text might be different?
  16. Oh of course! That's what I wanted; I just showed that DS video as an example.
  17. In this case, it's incredibly simple. Just download Audacity, get "World of Demons" and "Wandering Through Silence (the theme that plays when you sailing under water with Lorelei's Harp), convert them into MP3 files to port into Audacity, and just lower them both by three semi-tones (should be approximately a -15.9% change for both). That's literally all you have to do in terms of music editing !
  18. Huh. How easy is it to make? I wouldn't want to hassle you if it's something I could easily do myself; especially since I'd also like to pitch down the Underwater Theme.
  19. I've always been dissatisfied with every version of the "World of Demons" theme, EXCEPT for the one that played on the original SFC. For some reason, every remade version of the song increases the pitch higher than it was originally intended; from the Symphonic Suite, to the DS release, to the iOS release, and etc. So what I'd REALLY like to do, if it's possible, is to take what's in the base iOS game, and change it to sound like this instead: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=11D6m_X_m3k It's a petty thing, I know; but that was seriously my favorite song in the SNES version. It's sad to me that no other version of it, IMO, does the original song justice.
  20. Well guys, I've been doing a LOT of updating since the last reply. I'm all the way up to Greedmore Valley now! Go ahead and check it out when you have the chance!
  21. Yeah...searching is tough when you don't know much of any Japanese. I at least have rudimentary knowledge thanks to Japanese 1, and I know of an awesome online Japanese Dictionary... http://jisho.org/ So I probably am slightly better equipped than you would've been. But still...yeah; it's a struggle
  22. Well, more digging around; and I think I found the so-called "2004 version". This was programmed for a Japanese smartphone called N900i, and came pre-installed on said phone. I couldn't actually find a lot of gameplay footage for it, but, here's one clip I found... The graphics are mostly the same as what we got, but the colors are much more washed out. In addition, the sound quality is significantly lower. It more-or-less sounds like the GBC version, but with an echo added to all the songs. Most importantly, all of the changes I listed above are exclusive to this version. So...pretty interesting I'd say; not sure how great it is to actually play, but, I'd be interested in giving it a try if I ever get the chance.
  23. I just found something really interesting while trying to find some speed runs of this version of the game. I finally found one with a time of 1 hour, 56 minutes, and 41 seconds, and it seems to be on a 2004 version of the iPhone game. But, the runner also shares some really... interesting information on some of the "supposed" differences between it and the other remakes. To paraphrase (because this came from Google translate originally)... 3. The main differences between the SFC version  3-1. An increase in EXP requirements. The following Experience values are necessary for learning each spell, including Sizz, Repel, and Midheal. So now I have no choice but to grind south of Garinham until I learn Sizz. I also need Holy Waters before entering the Dragon Lord's castle, since I don't have Holy Protection when entering it. In addition, I have to grind in Mercado for a longer period of time. SFC App EXP Multiplier Heal 23 17 0.74x Sizz 47 73 1.55x Sleep 450 450 1x Glow 1300 1700 1.31x Fizzle 7500 2450 0.33x Evac 4000 4250 1.06x Zoom 5500 5500 1x Holy Protection 10000 18600 1.86x Midheal 17000 24200 1.42x Sizzle 25000 29800 1.19x  3-2. Strengthening of Swamp Dragon and Dragon Lord The Swamp Dragon and 2nd Dragon Lord are stronger than they were in the SFC version, which means they need a different strategy to beat. The Swamp Dragon requires Holy Waters, while Midheal's Level requirements have been increased to account for 2nd Dragon Lord's power up. Swamp Dragon - Around 250 HP [for reference, the original SFC dragon was exactly 153 HP] 2nd Dragon Lord - Around 500 HP, coupled with 175-180 Resilience [the SFC version was 350 HP and 150 Resilience]  3-3. Decreased EXP and Gold values from enemies On the other hand, most monsters give less EXP and Gold; usually about 80% of what they gave in the SFC version. There are exceptions, however. SFC App EXP Multiplier Swamp Dragon 950 840 0.88x Golem 2500 1800 0.72x Red Dragon 350 306 0.87x This, along with the increased spell learning requirements, forces the player to grind for much longer.  3-4. Sleeping characters always attack immediately Sleeping characters will always attack on the same turn they wake up. This makes the Golem fight completely different, as the player can no longer sleep lock them like they could in the SFC version. Beating him at low levels has become quite difficult. And what does that all mean for a speed run? Well, it means a lot, actually; but what interests me most is this:  2-3. Splits0:00:00 power ON0:07:28 Lv.5 acquired0:13:33 Rocky Mountain Cave0:17:27 Rimuldar Armor0:29:36 Escape from Garin's Grave0:35:20 Lv.11 acquired0:40:35 Dragon defeated (1)0:54:44 Dragon defeated (4)1:00:16 Golem defeated1:06:42 Erdick's Armour acquired1:15:26 Dragon Lord's Castle (1st trip)1:36:48 Lv.22 reached (Holy Protection Acquired)1:37:00 World of Darkness (he says Yes to Dragon Lord's offer; this way he gets his MP refilled while starting at Rimuldar instead of Tantegel)1:50:35 Lv.24 reached (Midheal)1:53:48 Dragon Lord defeated1:56:41 THE END I don't know about you guys...but this sounds like a very different game than the one I ended up playing on my iPad. Notice how there's absolutely no mention of ANY changes to the name stat generator system! Players in our version seem to be limited to only two sets of stat growth patterns, but that doesn't seem to be the case in the version this runner played. So I checked a Japanese video of the 2014 version...and it looked like it was about the same as the version we got. Therefore, I have to conclude that all of these changes are exclusive to the 2004 version. Rather interesting, eh guys?
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